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"Our very first night here, when I still wasn't sure — I was almost sure it was her, but I thought I must be mad, and I couldn't let myself sleep because what if she did the same thing to me that she did to Crane? And then in her sleep, she muttered, 'Killing is easy enough.' That's when I knew. She's a murderer and she won't stop until someone does what I failed to do."
— to Moonwatcher about Icicle, Moon Rising

Sora is an adult female MudWing who was introduced in The Dragonet Prophecy. She served as a soldier under Moorhen during the War of SandWing Succession, and formerly attended Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Gold Winglet. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, as she is on the run as a fugitive with Umber.


Sora has brown scales[1] and eyes.[2] She looks similar to Marsh.[3]


Sora is described as being shy, difficult to talk to, and extremely introverted. Clay calls her the least offensive dragon.[4] She is quiet and shy.[5][3] According to Reed, she spoke more often prior to the untimely death of her sister Crane, an event that led to her deep hatred of Icicle. She was described to be mentally fragile by Darkstalker and uses a calming ritual in which she imagines pouring mud over all the bad thoughts in her mind. Sora spent a lot of her time at Jade Mountain Academy in the library, as Moon had seen her reading a scroll about IceWings. Similarly to Moon, she enjoys reading. She was described by Umber as being knowledgeable and smart.

Sora is incredibly loyal to her siblings, which is a very typical MudWing trait. She shows little regard for other dragons' lives during the events of Moon Rising, saying that they are just 'collateral damage,' and is willing to go to any lengths to avenge the death of her sister, Crane. However, Sora became increasingly insecure and fragile throughout the series, especially after she unintentionally killed innocent dragons upon avenging her lost sister. Sora is shown regretful and greatly affected, and the pressure eventually forced her to leave the school to avoid any more harm done to any other students. Before her escape with Umber, she shows remorse for her actions and finds the guilt unbearable. Despite her guilt, she repeatedly tried to kill Icicle.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Clay meeting his siblings

Sora encountered Clay and Glory just as they were leaving the Mud Kingdom. She, along with the rest of her siblings, stopped them as they were about to leave, and was overjoyed at seeing their true bigwings for the very first time. Sora was the most defensive of Reed's role as the group's bigwings but also begged Clay to stay. However, Clay made peace with them and decided to go with the dragonets of destiny, on the basis that if he stayed, it would challenge their loyalty to Reed. Reluctantly, Sora and her siblings allowed Clay to go to fulfill the prophecy.
The Hidden Kingdom
Sora was mentioned by Glory when she thinks about where the dragonets would go after the prophecy.
The Dark Secret
In the prologue, Sora said that she believed that Clay will stop the war. She had great faith in him, which worried Reed that Clay would be a better bigwings for them and that Crane, their dead sister, would have survived the IceWing ambush if Clay had been there. She and her siblings then debated on joining the Talons of Peace but they later decided against it.
The Brightest Night
Sora and the rest of Clay's siblings were seen when Sunny and Clay went to the MudWings to send a message to Burn. She was torn to go along with the MudWings' planned attack on the IceWings since she felt that one of her siblings might die.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Upon the opening of Jade Mountain Academy, Sora was placed in the Gold Winglet, where she shared a room and classes with Icicle. The schools' founders did this in an attempt to prevent Icicle from killing anyone within the first week of school, as they thought Sora was not likely to make the IceWing angry, being quiet and nice. After a short time, Sora unsuccessfully attempted to kill Icicle with a dragonflame cactus explosion in the history cave, killing Carnelian and Bigtail in the process.

After the cave explosion, Sora became so anxious that she was tranquilized and left to recover in the infirmary. Later, Sora tried to kill Icicle with the stalactite that hung over the IceWing's favorite part of the prey center by scratching at its base until it was ready to fall when touched. Icicle survived, realized that it was Sora who was trying to kill her and set out for revenge.

Sora was found in the infirmary by Moonwatcher, Qibli, and Umber. Sora explained that Icicle had killed her sister, Crane. She agreed to run away with Umber, who swore to keep her safe, and thought that he would keep everyone else safe from her as well. As she leaves, she tells Moonwatcher that Icicle talked about killing in her sleep, which made her sure that Icicle had killed Crane.
Winter Turning
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Escaping Peril
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Talons of Power
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Darkness of Dragons
Qibli noticed that the Gold Winglet had been 'equally decimated' by Sora's assassination attempts.



Sora despises Icicle after she killed her sister, Crane, during the Great War. During her time at Jade Mountain Academy, Sora dedicated her time to conducting Icicle's murder, both attempts of which failed. She is afraid that the princess would kill her one day, just as she did with Crane.


Sora loves and is very protective of her siblings, trying to avenge Crane by killing Icicle. She is extremely loyal to Reed, their bigwings, and follows his orders, and she thought about her sibs while away from them during her brief time at Jade Mountain Academy.

Family Tree

Unnamed DragonsAshaCattailUnknown


"Besides, the war will be over soon. Clay is going to end it."
― to her siblings (The Dark Secret, prologue)

"Then she'll be dead, dead, dead."
― thinking about Icicle (Moon Rising, page 257)

"She killed Crane. I saw her. I saw her. She's the one who killed our sister."
― to Umber, about Icicle (Moon Rising, page 264)

"And then everyone was looking at me. Everyone was thinking about me and how awful I am and how much they hate me. They could see right through me, I know they could."
― to Moon (Moon Rising, page 265)

"Our very first night here, when I still wasn't sure — I was almost sure it was her, but I thought I must be mad, and I couldn't let myself sleep because what if she did the same thing to me that she did to Crane? And then in her sleep, she muttered, 'Killing is easy enough.' That's when I knew. She's a murderer and she won't stop until someone does what I failed to do."
― to Moonwatcher, about Icicle (Moon Rising, page 268)


  • Tui has hinted the possibility that Sora may be a protagonist for a future Winglets book.[event 1]
  • Sora, along with Umber, will most likely make another appearance in the series.[event 2]



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