"I'm sorry, Umber. I didn't mean for anyone else to get hurt."
—Sora to Umber about the history room explosion, Moon Rising

Sora is a shy, small brown female MudWing dragonet with brown eyes[1]. She is one of Clay's six siblings, as well as the fourth-hatched dragonet of Cattail, and is a former student at Jade Mountain Academy in the Gold Winglet. Sora has a tendency not to talk much, and she spoke even less after the death of her older sister, Crane, who was killed by Princess Icicle in the battle between IceWings and MudWings shortly before Clay and Glory arrived at the Mud Kingdom. She was responsible for the deaths of Bigtail and Carnelian, though both of them were accidental (what she described as "collateral damage") while trying to kill Icicle for revenge of the death of her sister. She was the one who, unknowingly, provided the final match and helped Moon realize that Icicle was the one helping Scarlet to kill the Dragonets of Destiny. As of the end of Moon Rising, she is on the run with Umber, one of her brothers. It is unknown where they are going, but Tui confirmed they were going to return in the third arc. She was described by Umber to be "the smartest" of Clay's siblings.

Personality Edit

Sora is described as being shy, hard to talk to, and extremely introverted. She was described to be mentally "fragile" by Darkstalker and has a "calming ritual", where she "pours mud" over all her thoughts, which could be similar to Moon's raindrop method to clear her mind. When she was trying to kill Icicle, she didn't want to feel guilty about it, so she buried her thoughts in imaginary mud, unknowingly blocking her thoughts from Moonwatcher. Sora tended to spend a lot of time at Jade Mountain Academy in the library, as Moon had seen her reading a scroll about IceWings. Similarly to Moon, she likes to read, though their tastes vary considerably.

She, like most other MudWings, loved her siblings greatly. She even went as far as to attempt to murder Icicle to avenge her sister, Crane, whom Icicle killed in battle. She was likely mentally traumatized at watching her sibling die and her experiences in war likely mentally scarred her. She may have been mentally unbalanced being Icicle's clawmate, knowing she killed Crane. She seemed to have no regard for other dragon’s lives, as she was willing to risk other dragons being in the history cave when setting a dragonflame cactus bomb off. However, she later showed remorse for her actions, as she was shown to find the guilt unbearable, causing her to run away from Jade Mountain Academy with Umber. Her current location is unknown.


The Dragonet ProphecyEdit


Clay meeting his siblings

Sora encountered Clay and Glory just as they were leaving the Mud Kingdom. She, along with the rest of her siblings, stopped them as they were about to leave, and was overjoyed at seeing their true bigwings for the very first time. Sora appeared to be the most defensive of Reed's role as the group's bigwings, but also begged Clay to stay. However, Clay made peace with them and decided to go with the Dragonets of Destiny, thinking that if he stayed, it would challenge their loyalty to Reed. Reluctantly, Sora and her siblings allowed Clay go to fulfill the prophecy.

The Dark SecretEdit

In the prologue, Sora said that she believed that Clay will stop the war. She had great faith in him, which worried Reed that Clay would be a better bigwings for them and that Crane, their dead sister, would've survived the IceWing ambush if Clay had been there. She and her siblings then debated on joining the Talons of Peace but they later decided against it.

The Brightest NightEdit

She and her siblings were seen when Sunny and Clay went to the MudWings to send a message to Burn. She was torn to go along with the MudWings' planned attack on the IceWings, since she felt that one of her siblings might die.

Moon RisingEdit

Sora was put in a cave with Icicle, the dragon who Sora suspected killed her older sister, Crane, during the War of SandWing Succession. The dragonets did this in an attempt to prevent Icicle from killing anyone within the first week of school. Ironically, this resulted in the opposite. As the pressure built, Sora attempted to kill Icicle with a dragonflame cactus explosion in the history cave, which failed and killed Carnelian and Bigtail by accident, also injuring Tamarin. Sora had a severe bout of anxiety, and Moonwatcher said that she was given sleeping darts and was put in the infirmary. Later, Sora tried to kill Icicle with a stalactite that hung over the IceWing's favorite area of the prey center by scratching at it until it hung by a thread, and when Icicle's wing brushed it would fall. The plan failed, and when Moonwatcher found out Sora was guilty, she felt terrible, claiming that Icicle was the only target and that she hadn't known that Bigtail and Carnelian would be in the classroom. Overall, Moon wouldn't have suspected Sora because she was as nervous as her and the strange "calming sessions" in Sora's mind made it impossible to read her thoughts. Afterward, she was forced to flee with her brother, Umber. She told Moon that Icicle had been mumbling about killing dragons in her sleep, not realizing it was really her who communicated with Scarlet with the dreamvisitor.

Family Tree Edit

Unnamed Siblings
Clay (Bigwings)


"Besides, the war will be over soon. Clay is going to end it." - to her siblings in the prologue of The Dark Secret

"And then everyone was looking at me. Everyone was thinking about me and how awful I am and how much they hate me. They could see right through me, I know they could." - to Moon

"Are we safe; miss Reed; I saw her; can't sleep; not safe anywhere; oh, Crane, I wish you were here." - Sora's thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Umber. I didn't mean for anyone else to get hurt." - To Umber, explaining what she'd done.

"Don't you know who she is?" - About Icicle

"Then she'll be dead, dead, dead." - Thinking about Icicle.

"I saw her. I saw her. She's the one who killed our sister." - To Umber, about what Icicle did to Crane.

"Thank you. It was self-defense too. Beware of Icicle, Moon. She talks about killing all the time, even in her sleep." - To Moon talking about Icicle.

"Our very first night here, when I still wasn't sure - I was almost sure it was her, but I thought I must be mad, and I couldn't let myself sleep because what if she did the same thing to me that she did to Crane? And then in her sleep, she muttered, 'Killing is easy enough.' That's when I knew. She's a murderer and she won't stop until someone does what I failed to do." - To Umber, Qibli and Moon, about the first night.

Trivia Edit

  • A sora is a species of bird that lives in marshes or wet places. Sora is also the Japanese word for "sky".
    • However, Sora's name likely refers to the bird instead of the word sky.
  • She was said to speak less often prior to the death of her sister, Crane. 
  • Sora seems to have a liking towards scrolls, perhaps due to the fact that she can let herself free when reading.
  • She seems to be a cautious dragon, shown by her actions of making sure that Icicle was the one who killed Crane, and her attempts to only target Icicle but not others.
  • Sora uses imaginary mud to bury her worries and troublesome thoughts away.
    • This is similar to Moonwatcher's calming method by using the rain to drown out thoughts.
    • It seems that this was able to block Moon from seeing her plans and worries.
    • She, therefore, wasn't suspected to be the one attempting to kill Icicle by Moonwatcher until later on in Moon Rising.
  • Tui has hinted the possibility that Sora may be the protagonist for a future Winglets book.
  • It was suggested that she suffered from PTSD.
  • She seems to be mentally unstable, due to traumatic events during the War of SandWing Succession.
    • Moon says she is "too fragile for the things she's been through."
  • Sora, along with Umber, will most likely eventually make another appearance in the series.[2]



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