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"You can't be the most cowardly dragon on Pyrrhia right now. Remember, you've read over all the history scrolls you could find about famous battles. Now use that knowledge. It's time to prove that you really do belong in this prophecy."
— Starflight's thoughts prior to the NightWing invasion, The Dark Secret

Starflight is an adult male NightWing and the main protagonist of The Dark Secret. Along with being a dragonet of destiny and a founder of Jade Mountain Academy, he aided the ending of the War of SandWing Succession. After being caught in a volcanic eruption on the NightWing island, Starflight was permanently blinded, and he currently resides at Jade Mountain Academy as the head librarian.


Starflight has midnight-black scales[1] with glints of purple and deep blue in them.[2] The silver scales on the underside of his[3] black wings[4] spray outward, like a splash of water.[5] He has a black head[6] and claws,[7] as well as sinewy shoulders.[8] He wears a white blindfold[9] over his green eyes,[10] and has long burn scars[11] streaking across his scales and snout.[12]


Starflight is often nervous,[13] but he is determined and is willing to fight for his students.[14] He has been described as being a studious dragon. He is extraordinarily intelligent and is considered a know-it-all by his friends. Moonwatcher describes his thoughts as constantly busy, ticking through all the things he needed to do to get the library completely ready.[15] However, Starflight can sometimes be annoying, according to the other dragonets of destiny, as he tends to regard academics very seriously. He was also often regarded as cowardly and meek, avoiding confrontation and usually preferring the easiest, most peaceful solutions. In The Dark Secret, Starflight frequently felt ashamed of his cowardice and wished that he could have a braveness similar to Tsunami's. However, he eventually forced himself to move past his fear in order to rescue Deathbringer and Splendor from the NightWing dungeons. He cares strongly about his friends and is affectionate towards his loved ones.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Starflight was given to the Talons of Peace as an unhatched egg by Morrowseer, the NightWing prophet who delivered the prophecy. Unlike most of the other dragonets, his egg was not stolen, but given to the Talons of Peace by the NightWings; hence the line in the prophecy "Wings of night shall come to you." He was hatched and raised by the guardians: Kestrel, Dune, and Webs, along with the other dragonets, Clay, Tsunami, Glory, and Sunny. He was slightly smaller than the other dragonets (except Sunny), and he loved scrolls and the stories told by their guardians, mainly Dune, thus becoming the subject of the dragonets' jokes and taunts they loved to make. While he was born with three full moons in the sky, Starflight received no NightWing powers because he hatched in a cave, where the moonlight could not reach his egg.

Starflight was very literal and serious but turned out to be an exceptionally bad fighter. However, he was very intelligent, enough so that the other dragonets considered him to be "the smartest dragon in Pyrrhia." When Morrowseer arrived again, he proclaimed that the RainWing, Glory, was an unworthy substitute for the deceased SkyWing. Due to this, Starflight gave Clay some lifesaving advice during his attempt to escape. Starflight also had a private meeting with Morrowseer, whom he feared would discover he had not discovered his powers yet. He was shown helping Tsunami escape from the chains their guardians used to stop her from preventing Glory's murder. He and Sunny contributed to their escape attempt by burning the scrolls as a smoke signal to Clay and Tsunami, which led to him and the rest of the dragonets getting captured by Scarlet.

Tsunami and Starflight refusing to fight each other

Chained to a rock spire away from his friends, Starflight despaired of ever escaping. He was often seen with his wings tented over his head, refusing to speak or interact with other dragons. Due to his pathetic skills in battle, Clay volunteered to fight in his place multiple times to keep Starflight from being killed. This led to Clay facing Fjord instead of him, which led to Fjord's death. He instantly became distrustful of Peril and stayed far away from her. After Clay's attempt to communicate with Peril through song, he was also taken to Peril's room by Scarlet and Burn, who had arrived the previous day. Starflight managed to figure out how to escape using Peril, but was betrayed due to her obsession with Clay. He also was the one to confirm Clay being immune to fire.

Starflight being taken by Morrowseer and the other NightWings

He was eventually pitted against Tsunami in a gladiatorial style battle, of which Scarlet was fond of. He and Tsunami refused to fight each other, however, so Scarlet released four scavengers for them to battle. After the fight in which two of the scavengers were killed, Queen Scarlet declared that they would have to face off against all eight of the IceWings. However, Morrowseer and a squadron of NightWings came to Starflight's rescue before having to fight. He protested, stating he could not leave his friends behind, but either Morrowseer did not hear him shouting, or he just did not care.

He later met up with the dragonets outside the Mud Kingdom, with the orders to convince the group of dragonets to choose Blister as part of Morrowseer's plot to make her the queen of the SandWings.
The Lost Heir
At the beginning of the book, Starflight constantly made warnings about the SkyWings hunting for them, telling his friends they should hide under the trees. Tsunami thought he was trying to take her place as the dragonets' leader when he offered to take Sunny, and told them all to do something other than something Tsunami wanted. He was with the other dragonets when Commander Shark ordered Clay to be chained. During their stay, he awkwardly supported Blister's side of the war, the result of an order from Morrowseer. However, he eventually went against Morrowseer's plan and told Coral that Blister killed Kestrel, wanted Webs dead for her own reasons, and did not care about Tsunami, much to Blister's anger. Following this, he was imprisoned along with the other dragonets by Blister and Queen Coral. Starflight helped Tsunami escape the cell to release them. Starflight was also shown to hate raw fish.
The Hidden Kingdom
Starflight was very helpful to Glory as she tried to unravel who was kidnapping the RainWings. Glory observed that he'd probably been hopelessly in love with Sunny his whole life. He also showed a bit of humor not seen since the first book; he played a prank involving a melon on Clay while he was sleeping and joked that they should bring back the fruit for Tsunami. After Deathbringer's failed attempt to assassinate Blaze, he revealed that Morrowseer had told him to convince the other dragonets to pick Blister. In the end, Clay told the dragonets that Starflight had disappeared, and said he might have gone to warn the NightWings, which was later seen to be untrue.
The Dark Secret
Starflight remembered that a NightWing knocked him out while he was guarding the tunnel and brought him to their kingdom. He woke up in a small cave. A few NightWing dragonets were watching him sleep. One of them was his half-sister Fierceteeth, who wished she was the prophesied dragonet. Morrowseer then came in and brought Starflight to see the queen. He was taken to a cave and pushed onto a pillar of rock surrounded by lava. The cave was filled with around forty council dragons, and on the wall across from him was the NightWing heir to the throne, Princess Greatness. Greatness listened to and spoke for her mother, Battlewinner, who was behind the wall submerged in lava because of an Icewing's frostbreath. When the NightWings demanded information regarding the RainWings, Starflight panicked and said that Glory was planning an attack. Deathbringer was then brought in by Vengeance, who claimed that Deathbringer was a traitor and conspired with the RainWings. However, Greatness ordered Vengeance to be thrown into the lava for endangering the tribe by letting Glory in and for irritating the queen.

Morrowseer takes Starflight hunting, also to get more information. After Starflight figures out why other NightWings can safely eat infected carrion, Morrowseer realizes who Starflight's father is and brings him to see him. Fatespeaker finds them and decides to tag along as she tells Starflight she is the NightWing dragonet of destiny. This leads Starflight to realize he is being replaced. They find his father, Mastermind, in the lab of the palace and meet him. His father takes him to show them an experiment. In a small room, a RainWing is chained to the wall. When Starflight asks for her name, she says it is Orchid, prompting Starflight to tell her Mangrove is looking for her. Starflight then realizes that the NightWings are planning to steal the RainWings' home.

Morrowseer came in and brought Starflight to meet the false dragonets of destiny, whom he soon assigned to kill Starflight. Starflight fled to the RainWing prison, and two of the False Dragonets of Destiny were caught by NightWings guarding the area. However, Fatespeaker found him and promised she would not kill him, and they both returned to the cave. During the night, Fatespeaker brought Starflight to explore the palace, and they found the old treasury, where Starflight found a dreamvisitor. He went back to his bed and attempted to use it but failed. The next morning, Morrowseer brought the false dragonets and Starflight southward to a remote outpost belonging to the SkyWings. He instructed them to make the SkyWing guards inside switch alliances to Blister. When Starflight was not able to get them to switch, a group of NightWings killed the SkyWings. Starflight suspects that this would have happened no matter what they convinced the guards. Squid stated he wanted to quit and Morrowseer tells him to leave, resulting in the SeaWing to say he was lying. However, Morrowseer forced him to fly away, alone.

The following night, after returning to the island, Fatespeaker found Starflight in the dormitory. She prompted him to wake because Flame was leaving the dormitory and she wanted to follow him. They followed Flame down to the prisons where Deathbringer was being held. Flame asked Deathbringer tips on how to be an assassin. Flame thought what Deathbringer told him was useless. When he was gone, Fatespeaker asked him where to find the queen. Deathbringer told them, and they found her in a cauldron full of lava. Starflight and Fatespeaker were both extremely shaken. Starflight tried to figure out how this was possible. The queen then explained to him that while fighting an IceWing, the IceWing shot its frostbreath into her mouth. In order to counteract the ice forming inside of her body, she was confined to a pool of lava. They explained to her Morrowseer's plan but she refused to help. After returning to the dormitory, Starflight attempted to use the dreamvisitor again. He succeeded, entering Glory's dream and explaining to her what happened, and she prepared her army.

The next day, Morrowseer ordered Flame to fight Ochre. After Ochre attempted to surrender, Morrowseer pointed out that on a battlefield, that would not happen. Fatespeaker stood up for Ochre, and Morrowseer ordered Flame to attack her instead. Viper asked to join the bout, which was approved by Morrowseer. As Viper was about to stab Fatespeaker in the neck with her tail, Starflight joined in and shoved the SandWing away from Fatespeaker. Viper accidentally scratched Flame's face with her tail and fell into the lava. Morrowseer brings Flame to the healers, and Starflight realized the false dragonets were not born on the brightest night when Ochre was unwilling to save Viper, yelling "I have no idea if my egg was blood red, and I don't plan to risk my life finding out!"

Starflight later developed a plan to escape from the Night Kingdom. Fatespeaker and Starflight took Flame and brought him out to the tunnel to the rainforest, claiming to have been ordered by the NightWing queen to take the SkyWing to the RainWings to be healed. After successfully tricking the guards, they met up with Glory, Tsunami, and Sunny. He told them about the NightWings' plan to take over the rainforest. Glory decided to attack the NightWings, leading to the NightWing Exodus. In case he did not survive the battle, Starflight decided to tell Sunny he loved her. They visited Queen Battlewinner and said that the NightWings could live in the rainforest if they made Glory their queen. Battlewinner was enraged by this, and attempted to attack them, but as she jumped out of the lava, the ice within her killed her. Greatness agreed with their plan and came with them.

Starflight being hit by lava

Fatespeaker, Glory, and Starflight freed the RainWing prisoners, and the volcano started to erupt. They continued to free the prisoners along with Splendor and Deathbringer, and most of the NightWings declared Glory their queen after Mightyclaws started a chant. As the volcano erupted, Morrowseer told them he and Battlewinner made up the prophecy in an elaborate plot to steal the RainWings' home. The volcano erupted, most likely killing Morrowseer. When Starflight was severely injured, Clay protected him from most of the blast with his fireproof wings and brought him back to the rainforest. Though Starflight still sustained burns on his body and his eyes, he believed he felt Sunny's talons press against him, but also heard Fatespeaker's voice. Starflight was then shot with a sleeping dart and plunged into unconsciousness, described to be "as black as a NightWings' scales."
The Brightest Night
After Starflight came out of the NightWing tunnel, he was injured with burns from the eruption. He wore a bandage over his eyes while he healed. When Sunny disappeared, Fatespeaker started taking care of him.

When Sunny returned, Starflight, the other dragonets, and Deathbringer met to discuss the Eye of Onyx and who would be the next SandWing queen. He mentioned that they did not have to be the ones who stop the war, as anyone could if they had the Eye of Onyx. Fatespeaker said that it definitely did not have to be Starflight and that he had done enough. Sunny suggested gathering all three sisters at the SandWing stronghold. Starflight stayed behind while the other dragonets sent messages to the three sisters.

He was present when the meeting was held outside the stronghold. Blister mentioned a gift sent to Burn to "mend fences" and "reunite the family." However, Burn knew that the present was a dragonbite viper and was meant to kill her, and intended to have it bite Blister. Starflight told Fatespeaker what a dragonbite viper is when Burn first mentioned it. There was a second viper in the box who leapt out and bit Burn. The dragons at the meeting panicked and took flight. Fatespeaker and Sunny tried to hold Starflight up. Clay was bitten while he sent the three of them backward in his effort to save them. Peril arrived, saving Clay's life by burning out the poison, scarring Clay's thigh in the process, and leaving him with a permanent limp.

When Blister attacked Blaze to start a fight for the throne, he said that Blister would win, but Sunny and the other dragonets followed Flower's instincts and dug up the bones of Queen Oasis. The SandWing treasure was discovered to be in her mouth, where Sunny found the Eye of Onyx. Sunny gave it to Thorn as the new SandWing queen, but Blister snatched the Eye in an attempt to be queen. The enchantment turned her to dust, and Thorn took her place as queen of the SandWings. Starflight was later seen with Sunny in the rainforest, discussing why they would not work out as a couple, and Sunny told him that Fatespeaker liked him as well and that he should like her too. Starflight was seen discussing the school for all tribes that they would build, and it was then confirmed that he was blind.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Starflight is the librarian at Jade Mountain Academy and ensured that the library was built in such a way that he could get around it, and know where different scrolls were located by feeling carved nameplates and stamps. He was first introduced when Moonwatcher went to the library to borrow a scroll on animus-touched objects. Starflight gave her a library scroll. Moonwatcher senses that he initially had fears about whether he'd be able to do a good job as a blind librarian, but had gotten over them for the most part. Starflight also seems to know dragons just by the sound of their footsteps. Starflight was also shown to know how to read a carved script.

When Moon asked for a scroll involving dreamvisitors, Starflight asked her if she was visited. When Moon said no and asked why, Starflight said he was worried that Ex-Queen Scarlet would try to scare the students through her dreamvisitor, though he knew that was not all she could do.

Starflight was later shown reading a carved stone tablet with his talons, and even later, was seen spending time with Fatespeaker, who was reading to him, and Sunny, who was helping sort scrolls.

Icicle tried to murder Starflight shortly after Sora tried to kill Icicle. She attacked him for Queen Scarlet, who had contacted Icicle using a dreamvisitor. Moonwatcher realized that she would attack him because his blindness and lack of fighting skill made him an easy target, so she went to the library to witness Icicle creeping up behind Starflight. Qibli and Winter helped fight her off, and she escaped, leaving Starflight alive and for the most part, unharmed, although temporarily unconscious. Icicle wanted to kill Starflight to please Queen Scarlet and to get her brother, Hailstorm, back.
Winter Turning
Starflight is first mentioned when Winter remembers how Scarlet asked for the dragonets of destiny's lives in return for Hailstorm's. Winter then thinks to himself that Starflight had been one of the dragons who had confirmed that the NightWings had no more powers.
Escaping Peril
Starflight was heard talking when Peril and Turtle were spying on the conversation with Queen Ruby. He mentioned never being able to trust Peril and was shown to be slightly sarcastic. He was later seen in the epilogue talking about the feeling of Darkstalker escaping and making an earthquake with Anemone.
Talons of Power
Starflight was in the library when Tsunami and Turtle came in to learn about Darkstalker. However, before he could start teaching, Darkstalker himself poked his head in through a window, and after some discourse, asked him to get scrolls on Clearsight and Fathom. Afterwards, Turtle turned to look back through the window and saw Starflight hurrying around, slipping scrolls out of their place, putting them back, and every once in a while, marking the scroll's title on a slate and handing it to Fatespeaker.
Darkness of Dragons
Starflight was talking to the IceWings about where Darkstalker went. He was shown to be scared of them, and sidled up next to Sunny for comfort.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen
Turtle mentioned him in the prologue saying, "Right before Qibli came to get us, Anemone was telling me about a spell she tried to restore Tamarin's sight. I've been thinking of trying one for Starflight's, so we were comparing notes." Tsunami stated that she and her friends had solved plenty of problems without animus magic.
The Poison Jungle
Starflight was mentioned by Tsunami when she was in the SapWing village.
The Dangerous Gift
Snowfall thought how Tsunami's "gang of righteous do-gooders" would have used animus magic to help if it was working. Later, Lynx talked about the War of SandWing Succession and how the dragonets ended it.


Young Starflight appeared unnamed when Wren and Sky were observing him and the other dragonets of destiny. Wren noted how the brown dragonet (Clay) got along poorly with the older red dragon (Kestrel). Wren mentally noted Starflight's neediness for books or scrolls. Later, Cranberry and Rowan mentioned that they had to fight a "blue dragon and a black dragon." The black dragon is Starflight.


Fierceteeth complained to Saguaro about how she should have been the dragonet of the prophecy, not Starflight, who she described as "a walking tragedy." A scene later showed Fierceteeth arguing with her mother, Farsight, who refused to leave Starflight's egg, which she believed would be a female. Morrowseer then arrived to take Starflight's egg, which was when Fierceteeth offered him to take her instead. Morrowseer declined the offer.



Starflight and Clay are good friends since they have known each other since hatching. Clay is often annoyed by Starflight's constant lectures, although he sometimes appreciates them. Starflight felt very annoyed when Clay called the Scorching "the Scalding," and in The Hidden Kingdom, Starflight seemed jealous of Clay when the MudWing called dibs on sleeping next to Sunny even though he was only joking and likely wanted to keep warm in the IceWing's territory. In The Dark Secret, Clay shielded Starflight with his fireproof scales from the fire coming from the volcanic explosion, saving him from getting horribly burned or even killed. However, he was not fast enough to save Starflight's eyes from being burned, rendering Starflight blind. The two also share a teasing relationship at times, as shown when Starflight once used Clay as a testing object by shoving fruits in front of Clay's snout while he dreamed. Clay mentions that he sees Starflight giving him lectures in his dreams.


When Starflight's egg was still on the NightWing island, Farsight did not care about anything but his egg. She would refuse to leave the egg, insisting that they were her last moments with her dragonet. Farsight also believed that Starflight would be female.


In The Dark Secret, Fatespeaker and Starflight become close friends. When he is chased by Ochre and Flame, she is in the cave right next to his hiding spot and promised that she was not going to kill him. They snuck away to talk to Queen Battlewinner and figured out her secret together. Fatespeaker chose Starflight to do this, making it seem like she trusts him. Starflight likes Fatespeaker better than all the other NightWings. Fatespeaker has a crush on him but he currently likes her as a friend, as when Starflight is confessing to Sunny he glances at Fatespeaker to think about how his feelings for her could never be the same as his affection towards Sunny. Even if Starflight's feelings are not romantic, they are still good friends.


Fierceteeth is Starflight's older[16] half-sister.[17] Fierceteeth views him as sappy, tragic, and disappointing;[18] however, she believes she would show mercy towards him if she ever became queen of the NightWings.[16]


Glory, like the rest of the dragonets (not including Sunny), was always very annoyed by Starflight's lectures. She has made blunt remarks about his tribe to his face, but nevertheless seems to care about him. They seem to trust each other since they have known each other since their hatching day. Starflight seems to admire Glory's way of remembering things easily and making plans. This is demonstrated when Starflight used the dreamvisitor to appear in her dreams, and while the other dragonets believed that Starflight was just a part of their dream, Glory immediately knew that he had found a dreamvisitor. In The Dark Secret, they work together to unite the RainWings and the NightWings along with the help of the dragonets.


Starflight was afraid of Kestrel and her short temper. He would hide in the shadows if the SkyWing was nearby, and would often get burned by Kestrel just like all the other dragonets. He did, however, stand up to her by helping Sunny melt the chains Kestrel put on Tsunami.


Starflight shares many traits with his father, including scale patterns and extreme intelligence. At first, Starflight wanted to have a good relationship working with his father. But, when he learned what Mastermind was doing to the RainWings, he felt horrified. He still helped his father but was wary of him. Mastermind was very impressed with Starflight and wanted him to be his assistant. After The Dark Secret, Mastermind was put into prison and Starflight wanted little to do with him after the incident with the RainWings. It is unknown how Mastermind currently feels about this, or if he even knows how Starflight feels about him.


Starflight seemed to be terrified of the larger NightWing, as shown when he "froze like a stalagmite" when Morrowseer first visited the dragonets under the mountain. During The Dark Secret, Starflight did his best to impress Morrowseer and was very scared of Morrowseer exposing him as not a real NightWing due to his lack of powers. Morrowseer hated Starflight for being "weak" and a "spineless failure."


Starflight fears Peril, and refused to speak to her when tethered to his rock spire in The Dragonet Prophecy. Later, though, when the dragonets were trapped by a wall of fire, Starflight addressed Peril, asking her if she was hurt by fire, but this may have been out of desperation since if they did not escape, he would be forced to battle in the SkyWing arena. When she answers, he comes up with the idea of Peril moving the black rocks in order for the dragonets to escape. During the time when she was out of earshot, he and Tsunami point out to Clay of her crush on him. Peril lost Starflight's trust when she betrayed the dragonets to Queen Scarlet. However, by the end of The Brightest Night, he feels slightly indebted to her for saving Clay's life. In Escaping Peril, that seems to have changed, as he was worried he was going to wake up on fire one day. He also was thinking about finding a scroll about sociopaths, which might mean that he thinks Peril is one. He also gets uncomfortable when he senses Peril near his scrolls. Regardless of his personal opinion of her, he is still aware of Peril's crush on Clay and tolerates her at Jade Mountain Academy as long as she stays out of the library.


Starflight is thought to admire Sunny's joyful personality but does not interact with her much in the first book. It is thought that he did love her then, too, for when Tsunami said to Peril that Sunny was like a little sister to all of them, Starflight acted like he considered Sunny differently. However, he does stand up for her against Tsunami, Glory, and even Morrowseer. In the second book, he is noticed to want to do everything in his power to protect her. In the third book, Glory is near certain he has had a crush on her for his entire life. Starflight has known Sunny and the other dragonets since hatching. Sunny seems to have the most positive attitude about Starflight and his lectures. In the fourth book, he is directly stated throughout the story to be in love with Sunny. He finally admits it to her, but in The Brightest Night, it is shown that Sunny is unclear and confused about how she loves Starflight. At the end of The Brightest Night, Sunny ultimately decides that she loves him as a brother, which he reluctantly accepts. Starflight also mentally pleads to Sunny that she does not judge him for the terrible things that the NightWings have done.[19] He is comforting and reassuring towards her.[20]


Tsunami and Starflight have known each other since hatching. Like the other dragonets (with the exception of Sunny), she is annoyed by Starflight's lectures, and she often shushes him. Despite this, they seem to care for each other, shown when they refuse to fight each other in Scarlet's arena. Tsunami once had a slight crush on Starflight, before realizing how annoying he could actually be, due to the ongoing endless lectures. Starflight often wishes he had Tsunami's "crazy-brave" courage, and Tsunami believes that the reason he studies so hard and reads so much information is so he can be an asset to the group.

Family Tree


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"Easy. It's because we have all these special powers, and we don't want to make regular dragons feel inferior […] You know. Telepathy? Precognition? Invisibility? Hello?"
― To Clay, about the NightWings (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 105)

"I'm sorry he took me. I wanted him to bring me back right away, but he wouldn't. He said they couldn't afford to lose any NightWings, even — even peculiar little ones."
― about Morrowseer's abduction of him (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 297)

"Shouldn't we stay under the trees? What if a patrol spots us? I mean — We must stay under the trees. All right. Yes. Everyone back into the trees right now."
― to the other dragonets of destiny (The Lost Heir, page 1-2)

"Um. But. We think you, of course — I mean, obviously you — er — you'd make a great, uh, queen. Of the SandWings. That is. The other two — hardly any competition — really, it's, um, a clear, so to speak, sort of, um, choice […] I'mjustsayingshe'dbeallright."
― to Blister, about the Dragonet's choice of princess (The Lost Heir, page 198)

"What if I can fix everything? This is the chance you wanted. You asked Glory to let you talk to the NightWings. You wanted to give them a chance to explain themselves — you wanted to find a peaceful solution, so you wouldn't have to pick sides in a war."
― thinking (The Dark Secret, page 18)

"Crazy-brave is the opposite of me. Crazy-brave is Tsunami. Crazy-brave would have been turning around to fight all four dragonets at once, which is what she would have done. Sitting in a dark hole? Waiting for someone else to deal with my problem? She's right about one thing: that does sound like me."
― thinking about Tsunami (The Dark Secret, page 83)

"Perhaps that's one downside to staying isolated. They keep themselves separate to seem more powerful, and yet they're cut off from so much potential knowledge. If they didn't feel superior to all other dragons, maybe they'd be better at listening to them, and maybe they'd learn something new."
― thinking about the NightWings (The Dark Secret, page 199)

"There's no time to be afraid. This is the only thing you can do. And you must do it."
― thinking about saving Flame and warn the RainWings (The Dark Secret, page 215)

"[…] We're only dragonets. We shouldn't be leading anyone to their deaths. But this is happening no matter what we do. We have no choice now. […] You can't be the most cowardly dragon on Pyrrhia right now. Remember, you've read over all the history scrolls you could find about famous battles. Now use that knowledge. It's time to prove that you really do belong in this prophecy."
― thinking about the invasion of the NightWing island (The Dark Secret, page 234-236)

"No, I mean- you're all I think about and I want to be near you and it hurts when I'm not, and everything I do, I think, what would Sunny want me to do? And I think you're the only dragon who sees me the whole way I am and likes me anyway … And I had to tell you, in case something happens to either one of us today, although if anything happens to you I don't know how I'd be able to breathe or think or do anything ever again."
― professing his love to Sunny before going through the tunnel (The Dark Secret, page 239-240)

"It's royal SandWing business now. They'll fight and Blister will win, but the important thing is that the war is over. There will be a queen on the SandWing throne, and no one else has to die."
― to his friends after Burn's death (The Brightest Night, page 287)

"I promise. You won't have done anything wrong, Icicle. You can still go home now, but if you kill me, Queen Glacier might not take you back."
― to Icicle while she is attempting to kill him (Moon Rising, page 271)

"Blaze is literally the least intelligent royal dragon in the world. She can't be right, by definition. If she thinks this school is doomed, then it is definitely going to be wonderful."
― to Sunny about Jade Mountain Academy (Darkness of Dragons, page 37)


  • Before escaping the underground caves, Starflight would read a scroll entitled Tales of the NightWings whenever he was stressed or upset.[21]
  • Starflight has a tenor singing voice.[22]
  • On the cover of The Dark Secret, Starflight's tongue is red,[23] although NightWings are said to have black tongues.[24]
  • On the cover of The Dark Secret, Starflight lacks small silver scales on his neck plates,[25] even though it is a typical NightWing trait.[26]
  • After his experiences in the SkyWing Arena, Starflight has nightmares about scavengers.[27]
  • Starflight is in the process of creating fireproof scrolls for Peril to read, and becomes "hilariously twitchy" when he senses her near his papers.[28]
  • Turtle states that he was in the process of writing an animus spell to restore Starflight's eyesight.[29]
  • Starflight's eyes appear twice as light blue instead of green.[30]
  • In the graphic novel he is portrayed with bright green eyes, though they are dark green.[event 1]
  • Despite being blind, Starflight has the ability to read carved letters by running his talons over them.[citation needed]
  • Starflight is the character that Tui can most relate to out of the dragonets of destiny.[citation needed]



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