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"Being as wealthy as dragons won't make us as powerful as dragons."
— Stone to Heath, Dragonslayer

Stone is an adult male human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He is Heath and Rose's brother, Ivy's uncle, and the true killer of Queen Oasis.


Stone has a beard[1] and was the biggest of his siblings.[2] He has a rusty voice.[3]


Stone is said to be sad all the time,[4][page # needed] overprotective,[5] broody, and judgy. He dislikes talking about the death of Queen Oasis. Boar describes him as a lost cause even though he is the human who killed Oasis.[6] He seems to not want too much attention, as he let Heath take the credit of killing Queen Oasis. He is stubborn[7] and insistent, willing to risk his life alone in the SandWing stronghold so that he would not lose another family member to the palace.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Although not mentioned by name, the dragonets discuss the human who killed Queen Oasis many times.
The Lost Heir
More information flying in soon...
The Hidden Kingdom
More information flying in soon...
The Dark Secret
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The Brightest Night
Stone appeared in the prologue with Heath and Rose, when Oasis caught them stealing the SandWing treasure.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons
Stone briefly appeared in the prologue with Heath and Rose as they were headed towards Oasis' palace.


In the prologue, Stone goes out with his younger brother, Heath, and his younger sister, Rose, to go steal treasure from Oasis. The idea was Heath's, but Stone was convinced to come along with them and is given the job of transporting the treasure. At the time the prologue takes place, Stone and Heath are waiting outside for Rose, who is grabbing more treasure. Stone argues with Heath about the treasure making them powerful, but Heath denies his ideas. Eventually, Rose comes out of the treasure room with the extra treasure, and the trio begins to go back to Valor. However, they are interrupted when Oasis attacks them. All three of them fight, but Stone eventually kills Oasis by stabbing her in the eye with his spear. After Oasis's death, Stone realizes that Rose has gone missing. However, Heath's pride and the threat of incoming dragons stop Stone from looking for Rose, but he still worries about Rose after he is long gone.

Stone is mentioned again by Ivy's mother when Ivy asks her about the Dragonslayer, and why her Uncle Stone was yelling at him about running away from Valor. Ivy theorized that Stone wanted the Dragonslayer to slay all the other dragons, but Lark responded by saying that she would tell her why when she got older.

A few years later, Stone had a dream that Rose was still alive, and so he left Valor to try to find her. He ended up in a dragon city, and he gave up and headed back home. He used his invisibility chain from the SandWing treasure to ride an ice dragon back to Valor, where he was found by the Wingwatchers. He explained what he had been doing, and when Rose was brought up, Ivy asked who she was.

Stone brought Ivy and her friends to his cave and told them about Rose. Daffodil asked where the treasure was, and he admitted that he did not take any, except the invisibility chain.


Stone was indirectly mentioned when Queen Oasis was found dead.

Family Tree



"We're a perfect dragon's dinner, […] just sitting at their front door, like we're asking to be eaten. No other creatures in Pyrrhia walk right up to the dragons like humans do. They must think we're the dumbest prey on the planet. Maybe we are, if we really think we can steal their treasure and get away with it."
― A thought about killing Queen Oasis (Dragonslayer, prologue)

"Being as wealthy as dragons won't make us as powerful as dragons."
― to Heath (Dragonslayer, prologue)

"I can't go home like this. If I return to Father carrying bags of treasure instead of my sister's body … […] And when they catch us …"
― A thought (Dragonslayer, prologue)

"I had a dream that Rose was still alive, and so I went looking for her, but the desert nearly killed me, and then I ended up in a dragon city, which took me forever to escape, and the whole expedition was a disaster, and I don't know what I was thinking. She's been dead for almost twenty years. There's no way she could have survived even a day out there among the dragons, on her own."
― to the Wingwatchers about where he had gone to (Dragonslayer, page 183)

"I didn't see what happened to her, […] Heath said he did, but he didn't give me any details. We were too busy running and hiding. But that's why I thought-- when I had that dream, I thought maybe he was wrong. Maybe she survived somehow. I'm such an idiot, chasing a dream of a dead girl into a dragon city."
― to Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet on trying to find Rose (Dragonslayer, page 203)

"Doesn't quite fit the happy heroic ending, does it? […] I bet you don't hear much about the scorched villages or the dragons' vengeance either."
― to Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet (Dragonslayer, page 204)

"My brother destroyed the world, […] And I helped him do it."
― to Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet (Dragonslayer, page 204)

"No, not like this, […] I remember how it was, and when I start to forget, I read the old stories, the ones they won't give you in school anymore. People used to live aboveground, in ordinary towns, all over this continent. Occasionally someone would get eaten, but the dragons rarely burned whole villages. Not until we stole their treasure, killed their queen, and gave them something to be really vengeful about."
― to Ivy, Daffodil, and Violet on the consequences of killing Queen Oasis and stealing the treasure of the sand dragons (Dragonslayer, page 205)


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