"I'm not the right dragon for Thorn. Perhaps I never was. There's nothing I can do. I did all the wrong things … a long, long time ago … and nothing can change that."
—Stonemover to Sunny, The Brightest Night

Stonemover is an adult male NightWing who was introduced in The Brightest Night. He is the father of Sunny. He is an animus and was formerly in a relationship with Thorn.

He lives in Jade Mountain, and is known by some of the academy's students as the "Ghost of Jade Mountain."


Stonemover has gray[1] and black scales[2] that have partly turned to stone, including his back legs, his shoulders, and the edges of his wings, as well as his tail, which flops heavily along the ground behind him.[3] He is stated by Thorn in The Brightest Night to Sunny that his 'scales were the color of the desert sky at night time.' The scales on his tail look like dark pebbles, sinking into the skin beneath.[3] He has deep lines etched into his face, as if he is in pain,[3] and he has black,[1] unreadable eyes.[4] His voice is deep and serious, and his mouth almost doesn't move when he speaks.[3] He is bigger than Thorn, but not as enormous as Morrowseer.[3] Moon notes that he looks weighted down.[1]


Thorn described him by saying "he was always nervous, in a sweet, worried way, like no other dragon I'd ever met … He wasn't pretending to be scarier and meaner than he really was. He was just himself. And he was very smart … He really, really cared about saving his tribe." Wheny Sunny met him, she felt somewhat disappointed by his dull and depressing personality. When Moon met him in the caves she remarked that he does not have much to say and think.[5] He is described by Moonwatcher to have very slow thoughts[6] in addition to his slow, halting speech. Stonemover appears to not trust himself, saying his scales turned to stone for his own good. Moon and Sunny are both annoyed by his pessimistic attitude. He is also scared about ruining his soul through animus power, which is why he turned himself to stone.


After the first eruption of the NightWings' volcano, Stonemover used his animus magic to create a series of tunnels to allow the NightWings into the Rainforest Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Sand (later used by the dragonets of destiny to meet Blaze). It was here where he met a young SandWing named Thorn. The two met in secrecy while Stonemover gathered the magic needed to create the tunnels, and over time they fell in love. However, Stonemover's animus curse began to take effect, and he left Thorn without her noticing about the curse. This prevented him from learning that they'd conceived a single egg. He made his way to Jade Mountain and managed to turn his animus magic against itself. This way, instead of losing his soul to insanity, his body would gradually turn to stone. He tried sending a message to Thorn to tell her how to find him, but the message was intercepted by Burn's army, and didn't reach her until the events of The Brightest Night.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Kestrel tells the dragonets and Peril that, if they ever needed her help, there was a dragon at Jade Mountain who could help locate her. This means Stonemover has had some contact with the Talons of Peace somehow or can use something animus-touched to locate them.
The Lost Heir
In the prologue, Webs mentions to Crocodile that maybe he could locate the "dragon in Jade Mountain" to help hide from the Talons, which can be assumed to be Stonemover.
The Brightest Night
During the assault on Burn's stronghold, Sunny and Thorn discovered the message Stonemover had sent with his location. However, she was still mad at him for leaving and refused to seek him out. Instead, Sunny traveled to Jade Mountain to ask her father for help. He was at first amazed to learn he had a daughter, but quickly became somber after hearing Sunny's plan to end the war and find the Eye of Onyx. He also confirmed that the Dragonet Prophecy was written by Morrowseer and explained that no NightWing has had powers in over a century. One month after Thorn was crowned queen of the SandWings, she finally came to Jade Mountain and was reunited with Stonemover.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
When Moonwatcher, Sora, and Kinkajou were first visiting the Jade Mountain library, Kinkajou exclaimed that she heard of a ghost who lived in the academy. But Starflight said that the ghost was really Stonemover, who would enjoy a polite conversation, which Kinkajou thought sounded boring. When Moon heard of this, she thought that maybe he was the voice in her head, which she later found out was wrong. She later visited and asked him about NightWing powers, but all Stonemover said was that they are long gone and that they'd ruin your life.
Escaping Peril
Sunny briefly mentions him when she, Clay, Peril, Turtle, and Queen Ruby are talking about who Scarlet's animus might be.
Talons of Power
Stonemover is mentioned by Flame, who says that the animus refused to heal the scar on his face, left by Viper. However, after Darkstalker healed it for him, Flame tries and almost succeeds in killing Stonemover. Stonemover is saved by Darkstalker, who enchanted a stalactite to heal him and turned him back to a normal dragon. However, Stonemover started screaming that these weren't his talons (perhaps referencing that Darkstalker was taking control of him) and that his talons were monsters that should never be set free. Stonemover didn't want his animus magic to do bad things to the world so Darkstalker then turns him back to the way he was. Stonemover is later shown at the end of the book with Darkstalker, Turtle, and Anemone, all of the animus dragons in Pyrrhia. Darkstalker asks him how many dragons were in that room since Turtle was hidden, and Stonemover replies "four," therefore giving away Turtle's presence.
Darkness of Dragons
While Qibli is searching for Ostrich, he blunders into Stonemover's cave. Stonemover is shown desperately trying to avert his eyes from Flame, who is trying to escape the prison Darkstalker made for him. Qibli notes that it is a worse punishment for Stonemover than for Flame before moving on. Qibli also questions several times throughout the book that he thinks Flame may have been enchanted by Darkstalker to kill Stonemover, either to get rid of competition or to make himself look good.



Stonemover is Thorn's first partner and loved her upon their first meeting. He also gifted her with the moonstone necklace before his sudden disappearance. He was amazed to learn about his daughter.


Sunny is Stonemover's only dragonet. He expressed surprise at her existence and noted how he hoped for a daughter.

Talons of Peace

It has been hinted that Stonemover has some contact with the organization, as Kestrel referred to him if the dragonets ever needed help. He describes them as nosy.

Family Tree



"I turned the magic on itself, […] The curse appears in my scales now instead of taking my soul. […] Too late anyway."
― to Sunny, about his animus curse (The Brightest Night, page 172)

"We had eggs? […] I thought she'd given up on me."
― to Sunny, about Thorn (The Brightest Night, page 173)

"I'm not the right dragon for Thorn. […] Perhaps I never was. […] There's nothing I can do. I did all the wrong things … a long, long time ago … and nothing can change that."
― to Sunny, about Thorn (The Brightest Night, page 174)

"I can't believe I have a daughter. […] I used to dream — I would think about what our dragonets would look like, if Thorn and I ever — but I thought it was too late."
― to Sunny (The Brightest Night, page 176)

"These aren't mine. No. No, I gave mine up. My talons are gone. These are monsters clawing their way out of the earth and they will rend the sky and crush the wings of small dragons and I won't I WON'T I CAN'T LET THEM BE USED AGAIN!"
― panicking, after healing spell took away the stone-scales curse. (Talons of Power)


  • Strongwings thinks that Stonemover did something to the Obsidian Mirror before he disappeared. It is possible that he enchanted it.
  • Tui T. Sutherland may do a Winglet about him.[citation needed]
  • He suspects he is dying as stated in The Brightest Night. This could just be over-dramatizing his situation, or it could be true.



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