"Tell me about the Summer Palace."
—Tsunami, asking Riptide about her current location in The Lost Heir.

The SeaWing Summer Palace is hidden on an island in the Bay of a Thousand Scales. Supposedly, the SeaWings used to be the only dragons who know it's location. The palace is hidden by a thick canopy of trees, vines, leaves, and flowers enchanted by Fathom and Albatross to hide the palace. The only entrance is an underwater tunnel of unknown length, with breathing holes at various intervals specifically made for Blister and the SeaWings' allies rare visits. A twelve-level stone pavilion built by Prince Albatross was located near the center. He enchanted the pavilion to grow into the shape made of coral and other natural materials found in and by the sea. It took a length of ten years to complete, and the extreme use of his animus powers drove him mad. The palace is described as spectacular and beautiful and there are caves for guests, waterfalls, wading pools, and lavish decorations of pearls, emeralds, and other precious gems on the pavilion.

Designer and Appearance Edit

Albatross had designed it so the royal dragons could escape to it so that they could enjoy the warmest weather of the year. Fathom tried to help with the design, but most of the ideas he gave to Albatross were changed a lot so Fathom couldn't even tell he had drawn the design. It had been growing for seven years when Fathom first sees it in Darkstalker (Legends).

Feasting Hall Edit

The Feasting Hall is where the SeaWing tribe eats. The food is prepared by chefs. The SeaWings sit at long, oval tables while eating their food. The Queen of the SeaWings sits on the highest chair, and if there is an honored guest, he/she sits next to the queen, on a seat not much lower.

Council Pavilion Edit

The SeaWing Council has their meetings at the Council Pavilion. On the pavilion are small pools each with a name inscripted on it: Defense, Communication, War, Secrets & Spies, Magic & Publishing, Treasury, Dragon Health, Hunting, Justice, Aquaculture, and, of course, Queen. Each council member sits in the pool labeled for the section they are in charge in. There is also a pool for Dragonet Care, where dragonet daughters who are with Coral (Like Anemone or Auklet) sit in and wait while the council discusses it's plans.

Dungeon Edit

The dungeon is where Queen Coral places her mediocre threats, but mostly she uses it to punish a SeaWing once they have done something wrong. Usually though, the SeaWing is allowed back out after, at most, a day of inprisonment.

Electric Eel Prison Edit

Real-deal captured threats and criminals are held in this prison. Instead of cages, it has a different style of making sure prisoners don't escape: electric eels. On the top of each cell are long holes as "wide as a dragons tail" that pour down saltwater. The water is poured down on each four corners of a cell, trapping the prisoners inside. Inside the water are electric eels. The eels are very big and likely a special dragon killing species, like the Dragonbite Viper, since their shocks are so strong it is supposed to be able to kill a dragon. If the prisoners try to jump through the water, the eels will shock them and they will perish. This happened to Whirlpool the SeaWing.

History Edit

The Summer Palace was build around the time of Darkstalker, with the magic of Albatross. When Albatross first showed the palace to Fathom, the green SeaWing described it as "ringed with forbidding-looking rocks and presenting only a high, sheer cliff face on all sides. The top was a "rioting jungle". He wasn't sure why anybody would want to live there.

After the SeaWing massacre, Queen Pearl decided to use the palace because nobody would ever want to go back to the Island Palace after the traumatising incident. The SeaWings fixed some parts of the palace, then settled in.

The Summer palace was used for the next two thousand years. The palace was decided to be kept hidden from other tribes, with a few exceptions like using it to house allies in wars. Blister, in the War of SandWing Succession, new the location of the palace and was allowed to go there.

The Summer Palace hiding place was so good that it was thought that it could never be found and destroyed by enemy tribes. This was not the case, however. A smart MudWing named Crocodile, (a Talons of Peace spy), was able to earn the trust of Webs, convince him to go back home, and then track him down in secret to the Summer Palace. Soon after, Crocodile led army of SkyWings and MudWings to the location of the palace and it was destroyed by using Dragonflame Cactus and flaming logs. After the attack, the SeaWings fled to the Deep Palace.
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The SeaWing Summer Palace was mentioned to be being rebuilt in Darkness of Dragons. This new Summer Palace was said to be not hidden away but instead more open to other tribes and hoped to be the center of diplomacy, trade and art in all of Pyrrhia. The palace architecture is being worked on by Queen Coral, Queen Glory, and Queen Moorhen.

Trivia Edit

  • The location of the ruins were not plotted until the publication of Moon Rising by Starflight, because that was when the guide and map were updated.



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