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"You seem surprised. I thought you were 'expecting us.' Didn't your precious Book tell you I'd be a LeafWing?"
—Sundew to The Librarian in The Lost Continent.

Sundew is a young female LeafWing and the main protagonist of The Poison Jungle. She was first introduced in The Lost Continent and was one of the first of her tribe to be introduced in the series. She is a member of the LeafWing rebellion under her parents Belladonna and Hemlock, and is currently on the run in Pantala with Blue, Bumblebee, Cricket, and Swordtail.

Appearance Edit

Sundew has a small[2] and wiry[3] body and a face similar to Belladonna's. She has forest green scales[3], with small gold scales speckled along the edges of her wings, talons, and across her snout. She wears several small pouches that contain numerous plants and bugs, most of which come from the Poison Jungle. The pouches are woven from long grass and fashioned from waterproof leaves[4].

Personality Edit

Sundew is irritable, grumpy, and snarky. Often aggressive and short-tempered, Sundew is a fearsome dragon. It was noted in The Hive Queen that Sundew usually wears a scowl on her face; additionally, although snappy and sarcastic, she is rarely loud or boisterous. She is a good planner with a strategic and thoughtful mind, and is very knowledgeable on which plants and insects can help her gain an advantage in sticky situations. She believes in justice and in doing what she believes is right, but her anger and bitterness can overshadow her reasoning in some situations, such as when she created a plan to execute almost every HiveWing in The Hive Queen.

Sundew seems to also value dignity, and dislikes embarrassing herself in front of others, namely those she respects or wants to impress. She is hard on herself and seems to expect perfection in most things that she does, becoming angry at herself if she fails or shows weakness in any given situation. Likewise, Sundew has high standards for other dragons, even referring to the SilkWings as "subservient worms" for letting Queen Wasp control them. Sundew also has great capacity to be open-minded, however; as seen near the conclusion of The Hive Queen, Sundew's resentment towards the HiveWings lessened when she realized that they could be better if they weren't under Queen Wasp's lies and mind-control.

Although she wouldn't like to admit it, Sundew is actually extremely compassionate beneath her sarcasm and moodiness. Although it was already established in The Lost Continent that Sundew hated most HiveWings, she took care to make sure that an unconscious HiveWing guard who was guarding Queen Wasp's greenhouses was well away from them before Blue set fire to the greenhouse's plants in The Hive Queen.

Biography Edit

The Lost Continent Edit

Sundew appeared in the late half of the book, asking for her mother's permission to kill Blue, Cricket and Swordtail, then leave their bodies someplace outside the greenhouse, stating, "That will really scare those worms in the Hive." Her mother, Belladonna, immediately disagreed as this would alert the HiveWings that some intruders were in the area.

Sundew willingly accompanied Blue and Cricket to the Temple of Clearsight to help them steal the Book of Clearsight. She used flower dye and wing-shaped leaves to disguise herself as a SilkWing, though the disguise was imperfect. It was still better than Blue's cracking paint, however. Before entering Wasp Hive, she defaced a carving of Queen Wasp, and as described in the book, "raked her claws across the queen's elegant snout." Cricket protested that the vandalism was unnecessary, but all Sundew said was, "Wait till I get to her actual face," implying that Sundew intends to rake off Wasp's face when they meet. In the Temple of Clearsight, she paralyzed several HiveWing guards from a distance with blow-darts similar to HiveWing nerve toxin. Sundew later fought the Librarian while the HiveWing was under Queen Wasp's mind control. Although the Librarian was bigger and stronger, Sundew broke her arm and nearly killed her before Cricket intervened. Sundew then freed the Librarian from mind control using bullet ants to bite the dragon, causing unbearable pain to her, and by extension, Queen Wasp, making her leave.

After the Librarian's room was surrounded by mind-controlled HiveWings, Sundew threw a smoke bomb made of waxy leaves to to distract Wasp and obscure her, Cricket, and Blue's escape with the Book. Instead of helping the wingless Blue fly away (relegating the job to Cricket and the Librarian), she fought against Wasp's drones with her organic weapons to buy them time.

In the ensuing chaos, Blue lost track of Sundew and didn't know if she or Cricket had escaped the Temple with the Book. However, they later made contact with Blue again, and Sundew revealed that she had escaped, and, using a tunnel system made by LeafWings, originally to find a way into the Hive from below, could rescue Blue and Luna, which she did by rapidly growing a plant and using its roots (proving she had the LeafWing ability to control plants) to punch a hole in the wall. She then led them through the tunnel to the sea.

When talking, Sundew said that she would probably go back to the LeafWings, to form a new plan to take down the HiveWings. However, when Luna and Swordtail were discovered by HiveWing soldiers, she bravely leaped into the fight to protect them and ended up fighting alone. This was the last Blue saw of her before entering his Metamorphosis.

The Hive Queen Edit

Sundew first appeared when Cricket heard the sounds of another dragon in the caves where she and Blue, still in metamorphosis, were hiding. Cricket was terrified that the dragon could be another HiveWing, or worse, a mind-controlled one, but her fears were unfounded. Cricket was relieved and asked Sundew what had happened above ground. Sundew explained she led the HiveWings "all the way to Lake Scorpion" before losing them and taking the long way back to the caves. She didn't find Luna, but she did find Swordtail, having likely hit a rock and passed out, and dragged his unconscious, seaweed-covered body into the cavern (Possibly the seaweed is how she carried him, as Swordtail is larger than her).

Sundew mentioned that she understood his devotion to Luna, since she "has a one true love herself", but ignored Cricket's questions as to who and continued that Swordtail did leave her fighting two HiveWings alone. Sundew eventually snapped at Cricket, irritated by all the questions, so Cricket offered to get some water for Sundew's injury to make peace. She agreed and gave Cricket a kind of absorbing moss. Cricket was intimidated by the LeafWing's "scowly" expression and decided that "it would be safer to back away for a little while." Sundew then had Cricket use a berry from one of her pouches to wake up Swordtail, who she claimed was in no state to still be looking for Luna.

When Cricket and Swordtail were talking about Blue's flamesilk status, Sundew admitted her motives with Blue; to use him and his silk to burn down the Hives. Sundew, Cricket, and Swordtail then had a long argument about whether it was the right thing to do, with Swordtail taking sides with the LeafWing.

Sundew called the Book of Clearsight "completely useless" because it couldn't tell them the future (as the predictions had gotten over a thousand years ago before the Tree Wars), and then told the others that she would rather have Luna with them as Luna would have jumped to the idea of burning down the Hives and that she'd settle for using Blue to destroy the HiveWings. Sundew believed that all the HiveWings (except Cricket, as she might have been growing fond of her) deserved to be killed for what they did to the LeafWings and their home. Sundew then tried to get more information about The Chrysalis out of Swordtail, who explained it was an organization of SilkWings who are "fighting (the HiveWings) for (their) freedom.”

She agreed to go looking for the Chrysalis after Blue finished his Metamorphosis and try to find a way to defeat Queen Wasp's mind control powers. Eventually, the four reach the decision to find out how to stop Queen Wasp's mind control instead of slaughtering innocent dragons.

Sundew then went to talk with her parents to tell them where she’d been and what to do with the book. She requested more time to create a less violent plan of destroying the HiveWing kingdom than the one in effect (mass slaughter and destruction). After much argument, Belladonna and Hemlock relented, giving Sundew, Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail two days to make a plan.

Cricket suggested going to Jewel Hive to look for clues, as it was the closest Hive to the group, and the laid-back rules and security would allow them to remain undetected for longer. Once they arrived, Sundew once again disguised herself as a SilkWing (much to her chagrin) using gaudy fabrics. During their stay, the four made the water tower near Cadelle's house their seat of operations.

At midnight on their first day, Sundew and the others met with The Chrysalis's Jewel Hive branch (though only three members were there, TauMorpho, and Cinnabar), much to their surprise. Sundew told them about the LeafWIng plan to destroy the Hives, and they jumped on the idea, to Cricket's distress.

Near the end of the book, Sundew met up again with Cricket. She watched Bumblebee hatch, and discerned what Queen Wasp's poison was made of by the dragonet's eggshell; a plant from the restricted greenhouse she and her parents hid in days earlier. When Bloodworm Hive was attacked by LeafWing forces, she used the chaos and destruction as a cover, having Blue destroy the greenhouse and thus Wasp's source of mind-control poison.

The Poison Jungle Edit

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Relationships Edit

Cricket Edit

Although Sundew claims to hate all HiveWings, she seems okay with Cricket and has actually expressed friendly affection for her at various times. She has mentioned that Cricket is "different" from the other HiveWings, possibly due to her insatiable curiosity and immunity to Queen Wasp's mind control powers. Cricket's company also seems to relax Sundew, as she seems more friendly and open than she did in The Lost Continent.

Bumblebee Edit

Sundew dislikes Bumblebee, although she can't seem to stop the dragonet from clinging to her and messing with her, likely since she imprinted on Bumblebee due to being present at her hatching. It is possible the dragonet considers her, Blue, Swordtail, and Cricket her "parents". It's also possible she looks up to her for her just being a "big dragon", or like an older sibling.

Blue Edit

Blue, like Cricket, believes that while Sundew may seem fierce on the outside, she really is sweet and kind on the inside. Sundew is constantly surprised by Blue, from his sister being a flamesilk to him standing up to Queen Wasp. She knows that Blue understands everyone (or at least tries to) and tries to hide her feelings from him that she believes are wimpy (for example, guilt and fear) to show that she is tough. Blue is her friend but tends to side with Cricket on many things, for example, like not setting all the Hives on fire, or painting Jewel Hive with messages of Wasp lying about the Book of Clearsight.

Swordtail Edit

Sundew considers Swordtail to be quite rash, yet has respect for him as of The Hive Queen. They tend to share the same destructive mindset and are similar in terms of personality. She understands his devotion to Luna, as she also has a lover.

Willow Edit

Sundew mentions Willow several times. Sundew is revealed by Tui T. Sutherland to have a crush on Willow. However, Willow is not aware of this and thinks of Sundew as her best friend[5].

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Quotes Edit

[citation needed]

"We wouldn't. As if we'd tell you anything! Tree killers!" - To Blue

"To THINK about it? ARRRRRRRRRRRGH." - Her reaction to Blue's request to think about their plan.

"Of course you can, you ungrateful beetles! We're not lying, conniving HiveWings! We're LeafWings! We're honorable!" - Yelling at Swordtail after he says he is not sure they can trust the LeafWings.

"Are you seriously making small talk with me right now?" - To Blue

"You're just like I always pictured SilkWings. Subservient worms." - To Blue after he shows her proper SilkWing posture.

"How many trees had to die to make this place?" - To Blue about the Temple of Clearsight.

"I heard rumors that the HiveWing queen could control her subjects. But I thought they were just stories the old ones made up to frighten us." - Sundew about Queen Wasp's mind control

"You seem surprised. I thought you were 'expecting' us. Didn't your precious Book tell you I'd be a LeafWing?" - Sundew mocking The Librarian.

"That may be, but I'm guessing that's because you've never been bitten by a bullet ant before." - To the Librarian about the pain Queen Wasp can suffer before she leaves a mind-controlled dragon.

"I don't have any more blow darts. Or enough bullet ants for everyone in the whole Hive, although that would be my kind of revenge."

"You sat around in a greenhouse and then followed me into a tunnel. I'm not sure you qualify for a statue in your honor just yet." - To Swordtail

"You sure took your time growing those flappers." - To Blue after he broke out of his cocoon.

"And to drive out the LeafWings. Queen Sequoia wouldn't agree to step down without seeing the Book first, which of course Wasp wouldn't allow. Our queen said if she'd seen it in Clearsight's own handwriting, she might have considered it. Which I think is insane in the first place. We don't need anyone else to be our queen!" - Talking about how Queen Wasp lied about the Book of Clearsight.

"He's alive. I found him like this on a rock in the bay. He's lucky found him instead of a HiveWing, although I was pretty tempted to leave him there." - About Swordtail

"Want me to drop a mango on her?" - About Cadelle

"No, you acorn. It's a metaphorical mango." - To Swordtail

"Also, it's a little bright. If I must wear something ridiculous, I'd prefer it in black or dark green or midnight blue if absolutely necessary." - About the cape she was given.

"Oh, good, you used up our resources and moved on to exploiting a different tribe." - To Cricket about making books from silk instead of trees

"I perhaps should have mentioned this sooner, but I rather intensely dislike small dragonets." - To Cricket

"No. I'm just wondering where they are, that's all! I don't need them! Let's go kill some plants! Oof, no, I don't like the sound of that at all. Let's go destroy some HiveWing stuff! That's much better." - About her parents.

"Listen here. We are on a STEALTH HORTICULTURAL MISSION and you are going to be ABSOLUTELY SILENT until we are done, do you understand?" - To Bumblebee

"I feel like you're mocking me." - To Bumblebee

"I like the way you think. But they're centipedes, you dingbat." - To Swordtail

"Wil - my tribe would fall over laughing at me right now." - When she complains about her disguise

Trivia Edit

  • Sundew is named after the carnivorous sundew plant, and the only known LeafWing in her family who is not named after a poisonous plant.
    • Sundew is also a brand of alcoholic beverage, however Sundew is not named after this.
  • Sundew will be the first LeafWing PoV in the series.
  • Sundew is the first character who has demonstrated the "unusual control over plants" that some LeafWings were rumored to have.
  • Sundew claims not to "do sparkles" despite the fact that she's covered in gold flecks, which are compared by Cricket to sparkles.
  • In the cover of The Poison Jungle, Sundew is depicted without her numerous pouches which are filled with many harmful insects like the bullet ants that stung the Librarian.
  • The LeafWing page in Guide to the Dragons of Pantala says LeafWings can be green or brown, but Sundew has some gold scales.
  • Sundew is the first named dragon known to have an exercise program, as she performs a series of stretches every morning. Another group of unnamed dragons was a group of MudWings in The Dragonet Prophecy who were performing a series of stretches.
  • It has been confirmed that Sundew has a crush on Willow, making her one of seven confirmed LGBT+ characters (the others being Anemone, Burnet, Silverspot, Snowflake, Snowfox and Umber, as well as the first LGBT+ protagonist in the main series, and second overall, after Snowflake.

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References Edit

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