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"You save us. You safe now, too."
— Sunstreak to Clearsight, The Lost Continent

Sunstreak was an adult male BeetleWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. He lived over 2,000 years before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, and after Clearsight moved to Pantala, she saw a possible future where they fell in love, were married, and had at least four dragonets together.


Sunstreak had iridescent gold scales layered over metallic rose and blue. Clearsight believed that he was quite beautiful, and his tone when speaking was peaceful.[1]


Clearsight considered Sunstreak to be kind and funny. Upon first meeting her, he gave the NightWing a small smile and spoke to her gently. He seemed to be very proud to call Pantala home.[1]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Immediately after Clearsight arrived on Pantala, she was greeted by two dragons, one of which was an unnamed LeafWing, and one of which was Sunstreak. The NightWing tried to speak to them in Dragon, and surprisingly Sunstreak responded in a largely influent form of Clearsight's native language. Relieved, she attempted to warn Sunstreak and his LeafWing companion about a devastating hurricane due to strike Pantala in the near future. Sunstreak seemed unconcerned, but Clearsight managed to explain that she had precognitive powers and knew for certain that the storm would kill many dragons if they did not move inland. Sunstreak spoke with the LeafWing in Pantalan, and they agreed to heed Clearsight's warning and relocate the dragons living along the shores of Pantala.

Once the relocation was complete, Clearsight had a vision of her and Sunstreak falling in love, marrying, and having four dragonets together: Commodore, Jewel, Orange, and Tortoiseshell.

Family Tree

3 DragonsShadowhunterEclipseFierceclaws

    = Possible timeline


"The old language."
― to Clearsight (The Lost Continent, prologue)

"Some little, […] Much old."
― to Clearsight (The Lost Continent, prologue)

"Whyer you here down?"
― to Clearsight (The Lost Continent, prologue)

"See that."
― to Clearsight, after she warns him of an incoming storm (The Lost Continent, prologue)

"Move all. We will do."
― to Clearsight (The Lost Continent, prologue)

"You save us, […] You safe now, too."
― to Clearsight (The Lost Continent, prologue)

"Your rootplace, […] Where?"
― to Clearsight (The Lost Continent, prologue)

― to Clearsight, telling her where she was (The Lost Continent, prologue)


  • Clearsight and Sunstreak grew close enough that Clearsight spoke about her previous life in Pyrrhia and her former love and soulmate, Darkstalker.[event 1]


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