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"I am useful, […] I have many uses. I am smart and I know things and I can fight HiveWings and I am in the Chrysalis, hello, which everyone seems to forget, secret revolutionary over here, and I am also, by the way, extremely good company."
— Swordtail to Sundew, The Poison Jungle

Swordtail is a male SilkWing introduced in The Lost Continent. Before becoming a fugitive, he worked in a construction crew under Grasshopper. He is a part of the Cicada Hive Chrysalis.

He is currently under the othermind's control. He is the brother of Io and is in a relationship with Luna.


Swordtail has dark blue scales with a small pattern of white triangles along his spine and snout.[1] He has dark blue eyes,[2] deep blue wings,[3] and a long, orange and blue tail.[4] He is dotted all over with orange splotches, as though someone melted a sunset in a cauldron and flung it over his wings. He is often covered in dirt, with fragments of treestuff caught between his claws and tangled between his long, elegant horns.[5] He normally wears a grim expression,[6] and is slightly bigger than Sundew.[7]


Swordtail is known for causing trouble, as he is a dragon with wild ideas who speaks a little too freely.[8] Blue considers his ideas as unpopular opinions.[9] He was placed in Misbehaver's Way several times before being assigned to a construction crew, a profession that is not highly regarded in Pantalan culture. Before becoming a fugitive, Blue often worried that Swordtail's rebellious ideas, such as believing that the SilkWings should have a queen of their own, or that the collapse of a Hive tower being caused by shoddy construction rather than LeafWing sabotage, were a bad influence on Luna. Blue described Swordtail to have "impulsive courage," and considers him one of the bravest dragons he knows. Other dragons often think Swordtail's ideas and plans to be long-winded and too optimistic.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Swordtail was mentioned in the first few chapters as someone known for being a troublemaker. He first appeared at his girlfriend Luna's Metamorphosis, displaying his trouble-making skills. When Luna had woven her cocoon, and the guards began to get closer, Swordtail jumped down from the balcony to attack the HiveWing guards and protect Luna. He was put in Misbehaver's Way for this, where Cricket later freed him with a stimulant that inadvertently gave him super strength, extra energy, green eyes, green silk, and extremely hyper behavior. He and Cricket flew away to the safety of a sinkhole in the savanna not far from one of the Hives, while he carried a wingless Blue using his super strength. The symptoms wore off a little while later, so to get Blue out, he had to shoot silk webs under him. They then traveled towards Wasp Hive, where Swordtail suggested his "plan," in which he would storm in, knock over the guards, and demand to know where Luna is. They eventually agreed to hide in a greenhouse near Wasp Hive, which had a sign saying no one but the queen was allowed in. However, the three were captured by a trio of LeafWings, Belladonna, Hemlock, and Sundew, and to not be killed. They were forced to help steal the Book of Clearsight. They discussed whether or not to abide by their captors' wishes. Swordtail did not know of Cricket and Blue's idea to pretend to agree and escape later, so he voiced his own opinions. Cricket and Blue left him behind with the two older LeafWings while they traveled with Sundew to steal the book. Later, he teamed up with Cricket and Sundew to rescue Blue and Luna from the flamesilk cavern. The two were able to escape, and Swordtail reunited with his lover. They fled the hives and ended up on a beach, where he flew with Luna to test out her new wings. Suddenly, a patrol group of HiveWings arrived and fought him, Luna, and Sundew. Luna tried to protect herself with her flamesilk but accidentally created a sail which allowed her to be blown out to sea. Swordtail flew after Luna, trying to rescue her, but was unable to find her.
The Hive Queen
Swordtail is mentioned briefly by Luna in the prologue, who stated that he must be losing his mind without her.

Later, he is dragged into the cave unconscious by Sundew, who had Cricket crush reddish plants under his snout to wake him up. After he woke up, he flew all around the bay, stopping only for sleep in short bursts. He discusses with Cricket and Sundew about the Chrysalis and shutting down mind control and gathers fruit and water for Blue once he breaks out of his cocoon. Swordtail watches as Blue comes out and admires his wings, although scrutinizing them for being "not as handsome as mine, of course, but pretty cool." He flies with them to Jewel Hive, and spends the night in the market with his friends. They steal jewelry in the market, but Blue leaves flamesilk to pay for it.

More information flying in soon …
The Poison Jungle
Swordtail was one of the dragons who flew to the Poison Jungle along with Sundew, and shortly after arrival, was trapped and almost eaten by a dragon-trap. Blue attempted saving him by shooting flamesilk at the plant, but this only resulted in a fire. Sundew had to use her leafspeak to put it out, which resulted in the freeing of Swordtail. Sundew had previously predicted Swordtail would be eaten first, as she had said to him: "Yeah, you will probably get eaten."

After Sundew secretly helped Mandrake, her ex-fiance, with defeating a panther, Swordtail was introduced to him and his father, Wolfsbane, and Mandrake's sister, Nettle. He was described by Wolfsbane as "unnecessary" and retorted with the fact he was with the Chrysalis and was good company.

When they had arrived at the PoisonWing village, he shared a nest with Blue for sleeping. Later on, when Swordtail, who went as a 'guest,' visited the SapWing village in the presence of Sequoia, he sees the two dragons from Pyrrhia, previously revealed to be Tsunami, Turtle and a strange purple SilkWing that Swordtail identified as Io, his sister. They were reunited for a brief moment before the Queen told everyone about the mind-control plant, the breath of evil.

Swordtail was also present to hear about the Legend of the Hive, the legend Queen Sequoia told Sundew, Cricket, Hazel, and everyone else present, including Swordtail, about the breath of evil.

Swordtail was not present in Sundew, her fiance Mandrake, Cricket, Willow, and Nettle's quest to find an antidote for the breath of evil.
The Dangerous Gift
Swordtail wakes up to find himself surrounded by HiveWings. He has brief memories of him and Blue under the othermind's control, destroying the Poison Jungle. He tries to leave with Blue but the othermind stops him.



Blue is one of Swordtail's closest friends, and they have known each other for a long time. They care for each other, despite having radically different views. Swordtail seems to be defensive of Blue, even going to the extent of fighting several HiveWing guards to allow him to escape.


Bumblebee seems to think that Swordtail is funny. When he told her to be quiet, she fell over giggling. More of this relationship is seen in The Poison Jungle. When she said "Snabble poof," she was likely referring to Swordtail disappearing in the Venus dragon-trap.


At first, Swordtail does not trust Cricket due to her being a HiveWing. However, once she proves to be on their side (and once he discovers she and Blue have feelings for each other), he begins to see her in a more positive light, complimenting her several times and listening to her points.


Io appears to support her brother, as she attended his girlfriend Luna's Metamorphosis on her own accord and helped his friend escape the HiveWings at her own risk. They were overjoyed when they found each other in the Poison Jungle, and Io appeared sympathetic when Swordtail became distraught over not finding Luna.


Swordtail and Luna seemed to be in a long-time relationship. He looks to her for guidance and seems indecisive and anxious when she isn't around, fretting about every decision and continuously saying that he wished she would help him. He cares deeply about her, fighting off multiple HiveWings on several occasions to protect her and her brother. He also refused to eat or sleep during his search for her. Swordtail believes that he will always find his way back to Luna.[10]


Although initially distrustful of her, Swordtail grew to find that he and Sundew shared many ideals, including the destruction of the HiveWing tribe. Swordtail agreed to follow Sundew once she revealed her plan to burn the Hives, sometimes referring to her as "the boss." Even when he has not entirely thought it out yet, he is quick to take her side, such as agreeing to destroy the Hives before Cricket reminds him of all the SilkWings that would perish. Sundew thinks he is slightly slow.[11]

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"He didn't. I finished all my work and asked — yes, very politely, Blue, I promise — and he still said no. So I snuck off when he wasn't looking."
― to Luna and Blue (The Lost Continent, page 39)

"Hey, GRASSHOPPER! Look how hard I'm working! Are you happy NOW?"
― to Grasshopper (who was not present) (The Lost Continent, page 123-124)

"TO THE MOONS! […] Get it? […] Because Luna is like lunar, which means moons, so 'to the moons' is like 'to Luna' but in code, so, awesome. I thought that was clever."
― to Blue & Cricket (The Lost Continent, page 125-126)

"I just want to hurt them. […] I want them to feel what it's like to be powerless. I want them to be stabbed with nerve toxins and have their loved ones ripped away."
― about the HiveWings (The Hive Queen, page 37)

"Oooooo. […] That sounds super dangerous! Touch me not — or you will DIE!"
― to Sundew and Cricket, about Touch-me-nots (The Poison Jungle, page 10)

"You're like a monkey. I mean — in a good way — like a — very fast — jumps — good jumps — not foodishly — I mean, not in a dinner way — just, so fast."
― to Sundew, about how she climbs (The Poison Jungle, page 11)

"I wouldn't say you have a flamesilk, […] I mean, he is a flamesilk and he's here, but he has himself. No one else has him, I mean. He is not for having. He's his own dragon!"
― to Nettle, Mandrake and Wolfsbane about Blue (The Poison Jungle, page 33)

"I am useful, […] I have many uses. I am smart and I know things and I can fight HiveWings and I am in the Chrysalis, hello, which everyone seems to forget, secret revolutionary over here, and I am also, by the way, extremely good company."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 34)

"No, […] You guys burned down Bloodworm Hive, and good riddance. Good riddance to all of them."
― to the LeafWings (The Poison Jungle, page 41)





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