"He didn't. I finished all my work and asked, yes, very politely, Blue, I promise, and he still said no. So I snuck off when he wasn't looking."
—Swordtail to Blue about Grasshopper in The Lost Continent.

Swordtail is a young male SilkWing that appears in The Lost Continent and The Hive Queen. Luna hoped to be partnered with him in an artist's cell when she grew her wings. He formerly worked in a SilkWing treestuff construction crew under a HiveWing named Grasshopper. He is said to be rebellious, and always talking back to the HiveWings, which is what likely earned him his position on a construction crew. He has a sister, Io, who seems to like Blue. Swordtail is currently in a relationship with Luna.

Appearance Edit

Swordtail has dark blue scales with a small pattern of white triangles along his spine and snout[1], dark blue eyes[2], and deep blue wings[3]. He is dappled all over with orange splotches, as though someone had melted a sunset in a cauldron and flung it at his wings, and is roughly as large as Sundew. Ever since he was assigned to a construction crew after his metamorphosis, he is often covered in dirt, with splinters of treestuff caught between his claws and tangled between his long, elegant horns and antenna.[1].

Personality Edit

Swordtail is known for causing trouble, as a dragon with wild ideas who talks a little too freely, and he's spent a lot of time on Misbehaver's Way before being assigned to a construction crew. Blue worries that he might have been putting rebellious ideas in Luna's head, such as the SilkWings having a Queen of their own or the collapse of one of the towers being the fault of shoddy construction instead of LeafWing sabotage. Blue describes him as having 'impulsive courage', and one of the bravest dragons he knew. Despite his crazy ideas, Swordtail doesn't think he is a danger to the Hive.

Biography Edit

The Lost Continent Edit

Swordtail was mentioned in the first few chapters as a troublemaker. He first appeared at his girlfriend Luna's Metamorphosis, displaying his physical trouble-making skills. When Luna had woven her cocoon with her flamesilk and the guards began to get closer, Swordtail jumped down from the balcony to attack the HiveWing guards and to protect Luna. He is then put in Misbehaver's Way, where Cricket frees him with a green stimulant that gives him super strength, extra energy, green eyes, green silk, and extremely hyper behaviour. He and Cricket fly away to the safety of a hole in the ground not far from one of the Hives, while he carries a wingless Blue using his super strength. The symptoms wear off a little while later, so to get Blue out, he has to shoot silk webs under him for Blue to successfully climb out of the steep hole. They then travel into the Wasp Hive, where Swordtail suggests his 'plan' in which he storms in, knocks over the guards, and demands them to tell him where Luna is. They eventually agree to go to a greenhouse near Wasp Hive with a sign saying that no one except the queen is allowed in. They decide to hide there, but things don't go according to their plan. The three of them are captured by a group of LeafWings, Belladonna, Hemlock, and Sundew, whom they thought were extinct. In order to not die, they are forced to steal the Book of Clearsight, so they discuss whether or not to abide by their captors' wishes. Swordtail doesn't know of Cricket and Blue's plan to agree and escape later, so he voices his own opinions. Cricket and Blue leave him behind with the two older Leafwings while they travel with Sundew to steal the book. Later, he teams up with Cricket and Sundew to rescue Blue and Luna from the place where flamesilks are kept. Blue and Luna are able to escape, in which Swordtail reunites with his lover. They escape the hives and end up on a beach, where he flies with Luna to test out her wings. Suddenly, some HiveWings show up and fight him, Luna, and Sundew. Luna was drifted off to sea by her flamesilk, separating them. At the end, Swordtail flies after Luna, trying to rescue her. 

The Hive Queen Edit

Swordtail is mentioned briefly in the prologue by Luna, who stated that he must be losing his mind without her. 

Later, he is dragged in the cave unconscious by Sundew, who has Cricket crush reddish plants under his snout to wake him up. After he wakes up, it is said that he flew all around the bay stopping only for sleep in short bursts. He discusses with Cricket and Sundew about the Chrysalis and shutting down mind control. He gathers fruit and water for Blue once he breaks out of his cocoon. Swordtail watches as Blue comes out, and admires his wings although scrutinizing them for not "as handsome as mine, of course, but pretty cool".  He flies with them to Jewel Hive, and spends the night in the market with his friends. They steal jewelry in the market, but Blue leaves flamesilk to pay for it.

More flying in soon...

Relationships Edit

Blue Edit

Blue is one of Swordtail's best friends. They have known each other for a long time. They are close but tend to disagree on many things, such as the LeafWings' plan to burn down the Hives.

Cricket Edit

At first, Swordtail does not trust Cricket, but then becomes more friendly around her. However, he disapproves upon Blue and Cricket's relationship.

Luna Edit

Swordtail is currently in a relationship with Luna. He seems to care about her very much, as he is very worried about her when she was blown to Pyrrhia.

Sundew Edit

Swordtail first met Sundew while with Cricket and Blue, and he was quick to not tell Belladonna his name. Belladonna dismissed his arrogance and Sundew bared her teeth at him. They coexisted with each other during The Lost Continent, but they rarely talked, and when they did, Sundew usually snapped at him for being sappy.

Swordtail remarks that he wants to make the HiveWings pay and agrees to follow Sundew and sometimes refers to her as "The boss." Along The Hive Queen, Swordtail occasionally says that he agrees with Sundew and even Sundew tells him that she likes the way he thinks, although scolds him when she has to, letting the "Classic Sundew" shine through.

Family Tree Edit


Quotes Edit

"Yes. To save her! That is the most me thing to do. I am most definitely coming with you."

"Hey, GRASSHOPPER! Look how hard I'm working! Are you happy NOW?"

"TO THE MOONS! Get it? Because moons is like lunar, which is like Luna, so it's like me saying 'to Luna' but in code. I thought that was clever."

"I feel bigger! I feel FASTER!"

"Disguise ourselves as grass? Disguise ourselves as shrubs! DISGUISE OURSELVES AS ELEPHANTS THAT'S IT LET'S DO IT."

"Or I can build us a web! A giant web! And we can hide underneath it and they'll think there must be some massively enormous spiders colonizing the savanna! THIS WILL TOTALLY WORK."

"I love you, Luna,"

"You have a MANGO?" 

"I just want to hurt them. I want them to be stabbed with nerve toxins and have their loved ones ripped away."

"I don't see how metaphorical mangoes are going to do us any good."

"You DID have mango!" - To Sundew after she gave Bumblebee a piece of dried mango.

"Blue! Wow. I can't believe it's you! I mean, it's amazing that it's you. You here, all kinds of amazing. That is, I mean, of all the dragons I might have expected to come rescue me, you and a strange little HiveWing are probably the last on the list. But thank you. Did I say thank you? I've been thinking thank you very loudly, probably should say it a few times." - Swordtail to Blue The Lost Continent, pages 120-121

Trivia Edit

  • Swordtail is named after the swordtail butterfly, a colorful species of butterfly found within south and southeast Asia.
    • It is also the name of a fish.

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References Edit

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