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Talisman is a human settlement on Pyrrhia, located in the mountains south of the SkyWing palace.


Talisman is located near the Diamond Spray River, south of the SkyWing palace. It is described to be a reasonably small town, only protected by the dragonmancers.[1] Talisman has bell towers built a ways up the mountain, deliberately far away so the sound would not draw dragons to the village.[2] Buildings in Talisman have shelters where the humans hide from approaching dragons,[2] and the safest shelters were built to protect the schoolchildren. The rooms are stocked with pallets and water barrels, in case any human was trapped underground for too long.[3]

There are many rules in Talisman, limiting the actions of the villagers very often.[4] Yelling,[5] slaying dragons,[6] and the act of insulting the dragonmancers are all strictly forbidden.[1] Colors that do not stand out against the environment are preferred in the town, with orange being considered a dangerous color for clothing.[7]

Trout's Study

Trout's study was a lair where Master Trout kept the blueprint to the SkyWing palace[8] and the books to the dragonmancers' secrets. No one was allowed inside the study except for the dragonmancers. The door was always locked, except when Trout uses the room.[9]

The lair was dark and shadowy. The only window was covered with a thick curtain, and all lamps were out. The lair smelled like cinnamon-dusted mold, one sharp, pleasant scent scattered over a deeper, wetter, more rotten odor. A small cage with a coiled snake inside sat on a desk full of papers.[10]

Bookshelves lined two walls, though they were only about a quarter full of books. The rest of the shelf space was taken up by many oversized artifacts that previously belonged to dragons, most of them gleaming with gems. These included a tall diamond-studded hourglass, a loop of metal with a ruby embedded in it, a giant copper cup etched with symbols in Dragon, and a heavy gold paperweight shaped like an eye.

A large, tripe-padlocked safe stood behind the desk. There is a deep scratch arching out from the bookshelf, as though it had been dragged back and forth several times.[11] There were piles of paper all over the floor.[12]




Talisman was one of the main settings of Dragonslayer, and it was first shown as the home of Leaf and Wren. At the beginning of the book, Wren was taken to be sacrificed in an area close to the Diamond Spray River, but she soon left with Sky, never wanting to return to the village. In part one, all of the chapters from Leaf's perspective took place in Talisman. In part three of the book, Wren, Leaf, and Ivy traveled to the village to reveal the dragonmancers' secrets and force them to step down from power.


  • Talisman villagers formerly hosted Dragonmancer Appreciation Day celebrations,[13] where they hold feasts and talk loudly about how wonderful the dragonmancers are.[14]
  • Grove speculated that Talisman begun as a treasure smuggler's den, built close to the SkyWing palace so that they always have access to large amounts of treasure. The treasure smugglers eventually became the dragonmancers, who ruled the town.[15]


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