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Talisman is a scavenger city on Pyrrhia, located in the mountains south of the SkyWing Palace. It is one of the four scavenger cities known by name alongside Valor, the Indestructible City, and Safe Harbor, although Safe Harbor has most likely been destroyed. In Dragonslayer, it is Leaf and Wren's birthplace and former home.


Talisman is located near the Diamond Spray River, south of the SkyWing Palace. The village was ruled by dragonmancers until they were overthrown by Wren; the current leader or leaders are unknown. It is described to be a fairly small town, only protected by the dragonmancers and with little inhabitants [citation needed].



Talisman was a main settings of Dragonslayer, and it was first shown as the home of Leaf and Wren. At the beginning of the book, Wren was taken to be sacrificed close to Talisman, but she soon left the area with Sky, never wanting to return to the village. For the first part of the book, all of the chapters from Leaf's perspective took place in Talisman. At the end of the book, Wren, Leaf, and Ivy travelled to the village to reveal the dragonmancers' secrets and force them to stop down from power.


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