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"We're the new law and order in this town, and soon in the whole kingdom. I had them looking into these heartbreaking attacks and the dreadful mess Thorn has made of investigating. We discovered who's responsible and we'll bring them to justice. I call them my Talons of Power."
Vulture to Qibli, Darkness of Dragons

(This is the page for the organization. You may be looking for the book titled Talons of Power or the ceremony instead.)

The Talons of Power are a large organization of SandWings who reside within the Scorpion Den. They were founded by and are currently led by Vulture, and they form a substantial part of the Scorpion Den underworld, specializing in organized crime.

Signals & Communication

The Talons of Power can be summoned by banging a metal sheet within Vulture's compound that makes an eerie, coppery noise when struck.[1]

Goals & Description

The Talons of Power specialize in organized crime. They are an antagonistic group, posing a danger to the economic and social stability of Pyrrhia. In Darkness of Dragons, their goal was to kill Queen Thorn and replace her with a dragon of royal blood: Onyx, the long-lost daughter of ex-Prince Smolder.

All known members of the Talons are SandWings. They are adorned with black hoods that cover their faces and gold medallions, emblazoned with the shape of a vulture, around their necks.[1]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Moon has a vision of Qibli shouting at his family, who were wearing medallions etched with "some kind of bird," believed to be the medallions worn by the Talons of Power. The bird was most likely a vulture, heed after Vulture.
Escaping Peril
When Turtle and Peril await Turtle's friends in Possibility, Peril watches as a SkyWing merchant and two SandWings, wearing hoods and medallions, argue with each other. One of them eventually kicks a dragonflame cactus, which rolls into Peril's talons, exploding in her face. Luckily, since Peril has firescales, she did not die but was in pain for the next several minutes, and nobody else died either. These two SandWings are part of the Talons of Power, most likely buying bombs and other weapons for their organization. Tui confirmed that the two SandWings were Rattlesnake and Sirocco.
Talons of Power
In the epilogue, it is stated that in the Sand Kingdom, three explosions, timed to go off simultaneously, started every dragon panicking, and black-hooded dragons wearing medallions — members of the Talons of Power — were seen fleeing the scenes.
Darkness of Dragons
After Ostrich is mysteriously kidnapped by who looks to be Onyx, Qibli seems to know who is behind it: his grandfather, Vulture, leader of the Talons of Power. He and Winter travel to the Scorpion Den to confront Vulture, but Vulture captures him instead. The crime lord then reveals the Talons of Power's goal: they want to kill Thorn and replace her with a dragon who actually has royal blood: Onyx, Smolder's long-lost daughter. Vulture is also behind the bombing attacks (as seen in the epilogue of the Talons of Power book), but lies to Qibli that he is trying to stop them and blames the dragon deaths on Thorn for not doing something. Bog, a MudWing that Vulture also "captured," says that the MudWings were behind the explosions, but it is later found out that Bog is lying and is secretly Peril's dad, Chameleon-in-disguise.

Vulture then shows Qibli his mother, Cobra, chained in an oubliette with snakes and crocodiles surrounding her. Vulture says that she was put down here ever since Qibli left as a punishment for her selling him to Thorn. He orders Cobra to be taken out and gives Qibli a piece of paper saying to write Queen Thorn's secrets on it for them, such as lock codes, stronghold weak-spots, secret treasure vaults, etc. Cobra is there beside him, whipping all her anger and pressure on him because he was the dragon who got her sent in the oubliette. After nightfall, however, Cobra decides to try and escape with Qibli and Winter. With a little help from Turtle's leftover magical items, they escaped after taking a quick detour for Cobra to raid Vulture's treasury and Winter to rescue some scavengers. Qibli and his new team decide to fly to Thorn's Stronghold and warn the queen about Vulture, but when they get there, Qibli realizes the Talons of Power's master plan: make it seem like they imprisoned Cobra for years, then make them escape and go to Thorn so Cobra could kill her with ease. He tells Thorn to arrest Cobra.

With their master plan failed, the Talons of Power fly over to the stronghold with Onyx, and she challenges Queen Thorn to a royal challenge. Thorn accepts. Qibli, afraid the Eye of Onyx will choose Onyx over Thorn since she is of real royal blood, uses Anemone's weather bracelets to conjure a sandstorm and delays the challenge. The Talons of Power then flee in the chaos.

Known Members


  • Vulture thought that the Talons of Peace was too good a name for that group of dragons, and says his organization was much better, with a different name.[2]