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"Most dragons don't realize how much I can figure out from their tone of voice, or the little huffs they make between sentences. She thinks because I can't see her, I won't be able to tell when she's rolling her eyes or making fun of someone. Sometimes she'll sneak in and out of our cave, because she doesn't want to have to talk to me, and she thinks I don't notice."
— Tamarin to Sunny about Onyx, Darkness of Dragons

Tamarin is a female RainWing dragonet who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. Before attending Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Gold Winglet, Tamarin worked as a flower gardener in the Rainforest Kingdom. She is blind and navigates her environments using other senses and a mental map of her surroundings.


When not displaying any particular emotion, Tamarin is shown to have blue-and-gold scales.[1] She has odd light blue eyes,[2] and several scars on her wings and neck, including one twisting across her underbelly.[3] She is small,[2] but larger than Pike,[4] and wore a garland of red, pink, and purple flowers around her shoulders[5] before attending Jade Mountain Academy. After the explosion in the History Cave, her scales were covered in bandages, and she wore a poultice of damp leaves tied over her eyes.[6] She has a limp[7] and several scorch marks across her scales.[8]


Tamarin is kind, quiet, and determined. In The Hidden Kingdom, she refused to let Glory down during her contest for the RainWing throne. Tamarin was hatched blind, but she never let her disability stop her from doing the same things as other dragons. She kept this mentality later on as well; after the explosion at Jade Mountain Academy badly injured her, she recovered quickly and refused to let her wounds stop her from attending classes or socializing with other students. She also never allows anyone to push her around. As shown in Talons of Power, Tamarin seems to prefer independence, as she probably feels pitied for something she doesn't want pity over, refusing Pike's offer to support her as she walked in the halls of Jade Mountain Academy. She is quite thoughtful and shy. Tamarin is also highly observant, being able to analyze others based on their actions.


Tamarin worked in the royal gardens, where she took care of the flowers ruined year after year by Fruit Bat, who used the flowers to try and make perfume, much to Tamarin's annoyance. She is completely blind, although her other senses have been sharpened because of that. She memorized every section of the Rainforest Kingdom and can sense anything out of the necessarily ordinary, such as flowers. If she were told to change her scales red, for instance, she would be unable to, but if she relaxes, then her scales could automatically change to the color around her. She also has exceptionally sharp hearing, and that helps because of her being blind. Tamarin's underbelly, legs, and wings are scarred from previous attempts to learn how to navigate and fly blindly as a young dragonet.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
Tamarin was mentioned by her close friend Kinkajou when she was talking to Glory about the current queens and how

Tamarin winning the flower-search competition

Fruit Bat drove them. When she was picking her team to battle for the crown, Glory chose Tamarin (not knowing that she was blind) to join her team. As the team conferred about who would do which contest, Tamarin offered to do the flower one, insisting that she was knowledgeable in the field. Tamarin competed in the flower hunt for Glory during the challenge for the RainWing throne and won, defeating Fruit Bat, and making excellent use of her excellent sense of smell, even when Glory doubted her skills. Tamarin nearly lost as Fruit Bat followed her to the hidden flower, but Tamarin managed to grab the hidden flower just in time.
The Brightest Night
Although she did not make a formal appearance in the book, she was mentioned to be helping Starflight adjust to flying blind, with guidance, and avoiding obstacles. In the epilogue, Glory suggested that Tamarin and Kinkajou should be students at the Jade Mountain Academy to have a real teacher, not the "scraps of time" Glory had for them.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Tamarin was present when the Jade Winglet and Gold Winglet had a history class together. Kinkajou introduced Tamarin to Moonwatcher, and Tamarin introduced Kinkajou and Moon to Onyx. Later, Tamarin was accidentally injured by a dragonflame cactus, an explosive variety of cacti, set off by Sora, Clay's sister. Clay took Tamarin to one of the underground lakes with Onyx and Pike, and then she was brought to the medical wing to recover from her burns. Shortly after Sora tried to kill Icicle in the prey center, Sora visited Tamarin, who was unconscious and wrapped in bandages from her wings to her tail. Moon, Umber, and Qibli arrived to see her crying beside Tamarin's bedside, apologizing for her injuries.
Talons of Power
Having recovered from her injuries, Tamarin was shown with Anemone and Pike when Turtle came to warn them about Darkstalker. She anxiously asked about Kinkajou, to which Turtle responded that "she was alive when I [Turtle] saw her last." Pike then showed some kindness towards her. Then Anemone left to impress Darkstalker, and Pike asked Turtle to walk her to the infirmary. Once he left, Turtle admitted to Tamarin how Kinkajou was really doing, as the RainWing pressed. Tamarin said she disliked secret faces and knew that Turtle and Pike were making them. Then, Tamarin told him she didn't know Anemone was an animus, and when Turtle realized that, he asked her to keep it secret. After that, she shared her thoughts on animus power, talking of how if animus RainWings made all the medicine appear in the healing hut, they'd never find new remedies. When they got to a fork in the tunnel, she said she could go on her own from there and limped off.
Darkness of Dragons
Tamarin was in the history cave (not the one blown up by Sora) and asked Qibli if he smells smoke, saying that she could only smell smoke since the explosion. Tamarin was also one of the students requesting a history on Darkstalker to Webs in the History Cave. In the epilogue, Tamarin was also mentioned doing a presentation on Darkstalker's history with Pike and Fearless, and when Kinkajou told Turtle that Anemone has a crush on her.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen
Turtle mentions Tamarin when he explains that Anemone had tried to restore her sight with her animus magic but failed due to animus magic mysteriously not working anymore, which Turtle describes as "Qibli 'breaking' animus magic."



Anemone has a crush on Tamarin. She casually shows up everywhere Tamarin is, offering to read her scrolls and leaving her small gifts of flowers or unusual fruit.[9] However, Tamarin does not seem to return Anemone’s affections, but still cares for her.[citation needed]


Kinkajou and Tamarin are good friends.[9] Tamarin shows concern for Kinkajou upon learning about her condition, saying that she wishes she could go to her. Tamarin thinks that Kinkajou is a little impulsive; however, she expresses that opinion in a way that indicates concern. Moonwatcher was sure to allow Tamarin to know as soon as Kinkajou was awake and healing.[10] Kinkajou cares very much for Tamarin's safety.[9]


Tamarin and Starflight appear to be on friendly terms, as Tamarin helped Starflight after he lost his sight. She taught him how to fly without someone guiding him, how to sense unexpected obstacles, and how to ask for help.[11]


"If it's about flowers, I can do it."
― to Glory (The Hidden Kingdom, page 261)

"But who gets to decide what's a good thing? […] Dragons would always be asking for spells or telling you your choices are wrong. And sometimes it's hard to tell what's good and what's just easy."
― to Turtle about animus dragons (Talons of Power, page 25)

"It depends. […] For instance, an animus dragon might think, I'll make all our medicinal herbs appear magically in the healer's treehouse, so we never have to go looking for them again. That seems obviously good, right? But then we'd stop learning how to look for them, and we might stop experimenting with new ones to see how those might help dragons in different ways. We'd stop thinking about it at all, because everything would be too easy. Don't we lose something when everything is done for us?"
― to Turtle about animus magic (Talons of Power, page 25)

"So do I, normally. But I haven't been able to get the smell of smoke out of my nose since the explosion."
― to Qibli about her sense of smell (Darkness of Dragons, page 18)

"No, she's always nice to my face. Most dragons don't realize how much I can figure out from their tone of voice, or the little huffs they make between sentences. She thinks because I can't see her, I won't be able to tell when she's rolling her eyes or making fun of someone. Sometimes she'll sneak in and out of our cave, because she doesn't want to talk to me, and she thinks I don't notice. It's not personal though. I think she doesn't particularly care about any dragons unless they can help her get what she wants."
― to Sunny about Onyx (Darkness of Dragons, page 35-36)


  • Tamarin has an excellent sense of smell.[12][13]
  • Tamarin explained to Qibli that she could only smell smoke since the explosion.[13] It is unknown if this is a permanent result of her injuries.
  • In the minigame Speed Wings on Scholastic's Home Base, Tamarin is a playable character.
    • In this minigame, her eyes are mistakenly depicted as green.




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