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"Well, son of a starfish."
— Tempest's last words, Assassin

Tempest was an adult female SeaWing who was introduced in Assassin. She was a commander of the SeaWing army under Coral. She was killed by Deathbringer during a diplomatic meeting with several MudWing leaders. Her death ultimately caused the MudWings to leave Blister's alliance and join Burn's army.


Tempest was enormous and powerfully built, with turquoise scales. She was described as being as large as Morrowseer, with broad shoulders, gleaming teeth, and a healing burn scar on her neck. She had a long trident strapped to her back and a big, jovial voice. She had a startling, booming bark for a laugh.[1]


Tempest was stoic, yet cheerful. She brought a jovial, determined attitude to war planning, as seen when she jokes around with Gill, Swamp, and Blister during their meeting. She seemed to take pride in serving her tribe and queen, and enjoyed fighting. She was informal and unafraid of her superiors, talking informally to her king and commanders.

Tempest was also quite intelligent and an expert in battle strategy. According to the NightWings, with her help, Blister's side could win the war in a week. She was one of the top-ranked officials in the SeaWing army. However, she does not revel in killing, and seemed excited about the prospect of ending the war peacefully.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dark Secret

Deathbringer mentioned her indirectly to Starflight when he asks if Starflight noticed that if a side was winning the war, her top general would mysteriously disappear, indirectly mentioning the death of Commander Tempest.



Commander Tempest arrived at Blister's secret camp along with King Gill and Piranha, the council member in charge of warfare. They met with several MudWing officials, including General Swamp, to formulate battle strategies and plans. After a full day of planning, they were leaving when a MudWing spear thrown by Deathbringer pierced Tempest's heart, killing her. Her last words were "Well, son of a starfish," as she fell to the ground, dead.


"Blister! We're here! Let's get this over with!"
― to Blister (Assassin)

"Ha, […] The queen has her own kingdom to run. She won't ever have to meet with you as long as I'm here to handle our strategy summits. But she did send her husband, Gill."
― to Blister about Queen Coral (Assassin)

"And this is my third-in-command, Piranha, […] I left my second watching the troops, of course. Make sure they don't have too much fun, ha!"
― to Blister about Piranha (Assassin)

"Would be fine by me, […] I mean, I love being the war commander and all, but it's a messy business, aren't I right? Ha!"
― to Blister and Gill about considering peace by negotiation (Assassin)

"You're right, you're right, […] Between our three armies, this plan could work. I'm real tempted by this idea of a peace accord, though — aren't you, Swamp?"
― to General Swamp (Assassin)

"Well, son of a starfish."
― her last words, as she dies from being impaled by a spear (Assassin)




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