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(This is the page for the graphic novel adaptation of "The Brightest Night." You may be looking for the book or the actual night instead.)

The Brightest Night is a graphic novel confirmed at the Rochester Children's Book Festival by Tui to be in the works. It was released on December 28th, 2021.[1] It is the comic adaptation of The Brightest Night and is written from the point of view of Sunny.


For Wyatt — talented artist, expert Minecrafter, and hilarious friend

— T.T.S.

For Tui, Barry, Rachel, and Maarta — I'm incredibly honored to be a part of this team!

— M.H.


The graphic novel adaptations of the #1 New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series continue to set the world on fire!

One will have the power of wings of fire …

Sunny has always taken the Dragonet Prophecy very seriously. If Pyrrhia's dragons need her, Clay, Tsunami, Glory, and Starflight to end the war, she's ready to try. She even has some good ideas how to do it, if anyone would listen to her.

But shattering news from Morrowseer has shaken Sunny's faith in their destiny. Is it possible for anyone to end this terrible war and choose a new SandWing queen? What if everything they've been through was for nothing?

Buried secrets, deadly surprises, and an unexpected side to scavengers are all waiting for her in the shifting sands of the desert, where Sunny must decide once and for all: Is her destiny already written?

Or can five dragonets change their fate and save the world … the way they choose?



Twenty years prior to the events of arc 1 (books 1-5), Queen Oasis had a hunch about the SandWing royal treasure and decided to check the SandWing stronghold treasury. She bumped into Blister and Blaze on the way, with Blister deciding to follow Oasis. Oasis and Blister found the SandWing treasury empty via a group of scavengers. Oasis decided to send Blister to wake Burn while she fought the humans to reclaim her treasure. Oasis' final thought before being sent to her death was "After all... what's the worst thing that could happen?"

Part One: The Shifting Sands

Picking up where The Dark Secret (graphic novel) left off, Sunny, distraught from Morrowseer's revelation that The Dragonet Prophecy is a farce, runs from the exploding NightWing island into the Rainforest Kingdom, which is now packed with NightWing refugees. Glory addresses the RainWings about living in the Rainforest when Tsunami and Clay emerge from the tunnel with Starflight using his claws to cover his burned-away eyes. As Sunny tries to head for her friends, Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter suddenly drag her into the forest.

The NightWings planned on taking Sunny hostage until they made Fierceteeth queen of the NightWings. Sunny told them that her friends would not exchange anything for anything and that she is a useless SandWing. The NightWings used the Obsidian Mirror to spy on the rest of the Dragonets of Destiny. Glory, Clay and Tsunami were making sure that Starflight was fine and the rest of the NightWings were being checked on. Tsunami spilled the news to Glory that the prophecy was fake, which makes Glory mad. Clay told them that Sunny was upset that the prophecy was fake to which Tsunami replied saying that she will get over it soon.

Strongwings commented on how her friends do like her, but do not value her as a dragon. The NightWings realized that Sunny would not make a good exchange. They move on to their next option, the SandWings. They decided that Burn had the best army and that it would not take long for them to deliver Sunny to Burn. Sunny, not wanting to be captured by Burn, bit Fierceteeth's tail which allowed her to escape. Sunny hid in a nearby tree and eavesdropped on the three NightWings. Though frustrated that they allowed Sunny to escape, they were still determined to carry on their plans. They knew that they could give Burn information on where the Dragonets of Destiny were hiding.

Sunny wanted to tell her friends about the NightWings, but she knew that they would not listen. So she decided to leave and follow them herself. After some time following them, she caught up to them while they were asleep. Sunny realized she could steal the Obsidian Mirror for herself. She managed to steal the Mirror before hearing Preyhunter mutter in his sleep. She worried that they would think it was her who stole the Mirror so she left an ominous message to scare them off. Afterwards, she decided to use the Obsidian Mirror to spy on Starflight. There she saw him resting at the RainWing healer's pavilion with two RainWing healers. They talked about Sunny's disappearance which caused Starflight to wake up. They knocked him out again with a sleeping dart.

She spied on Blister next to find out what she was planning. Blister knew that she was going to win the war without the Dragonets of Destiny. She plans on killing them after she wins the war. Sunny decided to spy on Fierceteeth and the others, where she heard them realize that the Obsidian Mirror had been stolen. Strongwings suggested that whoever stole it must have been someone called "The Darkstalker". Fierceteeth brushed it off as just a ghost story and told them that they needed to get to the Kingdom of Sand first.

Sunny followed after them once more. After the NightWings went to sleep again, Sunny decided to look around at her surroundings. She came across the ruins of a city before she realized that it was a scavenger city. The NightWings decided to head for the Scorpion Den, so they could send a messenger to Burn instead of going to the SandWing Stronghold themselves. Sunny followed them in hopes of encountering her parents. The NightWings were unfortunately stopped by one of the Outclaws, Six-Claws, who were guarding the entrance to the Scorpion Den. The NightWings pleaded to be let in, but Six-Claws did not fall for them and decided to send them to Thorn. Sunny knew that the SandWing would take the Mirror as soon as he saw it, so she hid in the sand, hoping that it would not be found again.

Six-Claws stopped Sunny from entering as Thorn would want to know why she was following those NightWings. Sunny gave in to his demands and allowed him to lead her. On their way to Thorn's tent, Sunny saw many wanted posters with the faces of Dune and Morrowseer. A dragon named Addax asked who Sunny was before Six-Claws brushed him off, though Sunny had a strange feeling about him. Then a hungry dragonet stumbled in front of them asking for food. Six-Claws told the guardian of the dragonet to send the dragonet to the oasis to get a free meal. The guardian was unsure at first before Six-Claws told her that they would not do anything to the dragonet.

They soon arrived at Thorn's tent where they saw the three NightWings before them. Thorn arrived and asked them if they knew about Morrowseer's whereabouts. Preyhunter told her that Morrowseer had died a few days ago which caused Thorn to lash out and kill him as a result. Sunny knew that she could not let Starflight's sister die so she outed herself. She told Thorn that Morrowseer had indeed died a few days ago, to which Thorn responded with confusion to who Sunny was. Thorn asked if she was here for the reward and Sunny replied that she did not know about any reward and that she was here to stop those NightWings. The NightWings responded saying that Burn would have paid them handsomely and that Sunny was one of the Dragonets of Destiny. Shock from the other Outclaws suddenly filled the tent. Thorn brought her to a separate room to further interrogate her. There she showed her wanted posters of Dune and Morrowseer. One of the Outclaws, Qibli, came in to make sure Thorn was ok, despite Thorn's rebuttals against him being there. Sunny told Thorn that Dune had found her egg in the sand several years ago. Thorn furiously responded saying that Dune did not find her egg, he stole it. She then revealed that she was Sunny's real mother and the two embraced in a hug.

Thorn decided to hold a party for Sunny's arrival, to not only to celebrate Sunny's return, but to accomplish three things: relieve tensions, to let everyone know that Sunny is her daughter, and to make it clear that Sunny was under Outclaw protection. Suddenly, news of a Dragonbite viper near the orphanage broke out to Thorn. Thorn went out the handle the problem. Qibli stayed behind with Sunny and lectured her about how the Outclaws worked. Sunny slowly fell asleep during his lecture. She later woke to Six-Claws eating a piece of meat and she asked him where her mother was. He told her that Thorn was still out there, restoring the peace of the Scorpion Den. The same dragon Sunny had seen earlier, Addax, arrived in front of Sunny and Six-Claws, holding Six-Claws' daughter, Ostrich hostage. Addax asked for Six-Claws to simply meet his demands; trade his daughter's safety in exchange for Sunny. Sunny agreed to go with Addax and told Six-Claws to lie to Thorn, saying that Sunny had gone back to her friends and is safe.

Part Two: Burn's Stronghold

Addax and Sunny arrived at Burn's Stronghold. Sunny saw a dragon in the Stronghold and mistook him as one of the SandWing sisters before realizing that he was not one of them. The dragon introduced himself as Smolder, the brother of Burn, and brought Sunny with him, leaving Addax without any reward. Smolder decided to keep Sunny alive for now and decided to put her in Burn's weirdling tower. They arrived at the weirdling tower and only to hear the voice of Ex-Queen Scarlet, calling out for a bucket of water. Smolder suddenly called out to someone named "Flower" and Sunny was surprised to see that it was not a dragon, but a scavenger. Smolder explained to Sunny that Flower was one of the scavengers that killed Queen Oasis on that fateful night. Burn had initially wanted to put Flower's head on a spike, but luckily for Smolder, he had the backup of his siblings to convince Burn otherwise.

They walked all the way up the tower, where Scarlet was kept. Scarlet had left a mess of the place while Burn was gone, which included ripping up a stuff NightWing Burn had. Scarlet caught a glimpse of Sunny and recognized her as "her dragon". Scarlet threatened Sunny, saying that once she was free, Glory would be dead and that she had friends who would rescue her soon. They left Scarlet alone and flew up near the top of the tower. There were a pair of chains, waiting for Sunny. Sunny questioned if she had to stay there and after some thought, Smolder told Sunny that he would allow her to be free at midday, under the condition that she did not try to escape. Sunny then noticed a box near them and asked what the contents of the box were. Smolder explained that the seller of the box claimed that the thing inside the box would die if the box was opened, so he decided to wait for Burn to decide what to do with the box. Smolder left, leaving Sunny in the chains.

He came back after some time, to let Sunny have her walk as promised. He took Sunny to the stronghold's treasury to help him solve a mystery relating to the SandWing stolen treasure. Smolder explained the events of the night when Queen Oasis died. They had found dead Oasis' body and knew none of the SandWing sisters had killed her. They found out the scavengers had done it when they found Flower trying to hide. As a result, they followed the hoofprints left by their horses back to their den and scorched their city to the ground. Sunny guessed that one of the SandWings sisters must have stolen the treasure instead of the scavengers, since they stayed behind at the stronghold. Smolder, however, refuted her point, saying that the war would have been over by now.

Sunny then guessed whatever the secret royal treasure was, must have been animus-touched, given Smolder's clue. She gave a few guesses to Smolder on what the item might be, before she landed on the Eye of Onyx. Suddenly, a messenger breaks in saying that General Sandstorm was dead and that the stronghold was under attack. They had no idea who was attacking the palace. Sunny guessed that it may be Scarlet's friends and told Smolder that he should send guards to stop any escape attempts from Scarlet. Smolder then told the messenger to guard over Sunny and flew off to take care of the threat. Sunny and the messenger, whose name was Camel, flew up to the top of the stronghold to see who was attacking, before she realized that it was the Outclaws who were attacking. Sunny did not want to lose her mother like this, only after she just got to meet her, but she did not know how to stop the fighting. Then she noticed something moving through sand underneath them before realizing that it was Peril.

She goes and talks to Peril and Peril asks if all the dragonets are there. Sunny tells her they are not, and Peril tells her that Queen Ruby has banished her from the Sky Kingdom. Sunny tells her she is sorry and Peril reveals that she has come to free Queen Scarlet. Sunny asks why and Peril says that Scarlet was a better mother to her than Kestrel. Peril asks if Sunny has seen her mother and Sunny regretfully informs her that Kestrel is dead. Peril is heartbroken and Sunny tries to convince her not to save Scarlet. Peril is adamant on saving Scarlet however she agrees to help stop the fight.

Peril managed to stop the fighting and scare all the SandWing soldiers away. In the meantime, Sunny reunited with her mother. When Peril and Smolder landed next to them, Thorn asked Smolder if they had any NightWing prisoners which Smolder replied no to. Sunny then mentioned the stuffed NightWing they had in the weirdling tower which startled Thorn. She immediately demanded to see the stuffed NightWing right now and Smolder led them all the way up to the tower. They reached where Scarlet held and she reacted hostilely to them. Thorn asked her to give the NightWing to her, but Scarlet refused and continued to put up resistance, even to Peril. Peril threatened to leave without her which caused Scarlet to finally give in to the demands, throwing the NightWing head to Thorn. Thorn realized, after further examination that the NightWing was not the NightWing she was looking for.

They all decided to get out of the weirdling tower. Scarlet asked where Peril was going before Peril replied saying that she would let her out as soon as Sunny was gone. Scarlet then proceeded to taunt her, saying that no one would ever love her and only she loved her. Sunny told Peril that it was not true and that Peril was capable of becoming a better person. Peril replied saying that she was ok and that she was going to wait until they were gone. Smolder suggested that they should head to Burn's library as someone had sent a letter to Thorn. As they were on their way to the library, Sunny asked Thorn what the NightWings had to do with all of this. Thorn explained that she was looking for a particular dragon, an animus named Stonemover. Sunny was confused for a minute before Thorn explained the reason that Sunny looked weird was because she was half-NightWing. She continued, explaining how they met eight years ago and fell in love with each other. Sunny realized that Stonemover was the animus that made the two tunnels that lead to the NightWing island and Kingdom of Sand respectively.

She asked Thorn about what happened to Stonemover to which Thorn replied saying that Stonemover had just disappeared one day. She had an encounter with Morrowseer instead, who told her that Stonemover was gone and that it was her fault. Thorn had been afraid that the NightWings would come after her egg after hearing about her forbidden relationship with Stonemover. She buried Sunny's egg in the sand and had asked Dune to protect the egg. Little did she know, Dune had been a member of the Talons of Peace and had decided to steal Thorn's egg for the prophecy.

As Thorn finished her story, Smolder opened the door to the library and they started searching for Thorn's letter. As they were searching for the letter, two SandWing soldiers who were passing by told Smolder about Burn's possible arrival. Smolder, afraid of being severely punished by Burn, decided to lock the door on Thorn and Sunny, trapping them. Sunny, quickly found a way to escape from the library and Thorn had found the letter Smolder was talking about. The letter was from Stonemover, telling Thorn that he cannot keep using his powers or else he would go insane. The letter ended with him asking Thorn to meet with him at Jade Mountain. Thorn was outraged that Stonemover had not told her sooner and had not tried harder to communicate to her. The two of them realized that they needed to get out of the library soon. They encountered a few SandWing soldiers on their way, but were quickly able to escape from them. They found the rest of the Outclaws still fighting the SandWing soldiers, looking for Thorn. They managed to escape the stronghold before Burn saw them. Sunny decided that she needed to head back to her friends to warn them about Scarlet. Despite Thorn's protests, Sunny refused, insisting that she had to go. She tried to head back as quick as could to the rainforest, but the weather had been unexpectedly windy and rainy, so she had to rest at a cave in Jade Mountain for a while. Sunny ventured deeper into the cave, hearing weird breathing noise before running into a NightWing resting on the stone floor. She asked the dragon if he was Stonemover and he answered yes. Sunny asked why he was turning to stone and Stonemover explained that he had put a curse on himself so instead of losing his soul, his scales would turn to stone instead.

Stonemover then asked who Sunny was before she revealed to him that she was his and Thorn's daughter. Sunny told him that Thorn did care for him and did not know where he was until yesterday. Suddenly a fox with prey in its mouth arrived in the cave and at first Sunny tried to shoo it away. Then Stonemover explained that he had enchanted the fox, which he named Dinner, to give him food every so often. Sunny continued to talk to Stonemover about herself before she mentioned the prophecy. Stonemover told his daughter that the prophecy was fake and he had seen it being made. Sunny, distraught at this, decided to take sleep at Jade Mountain and wait for the storm to blow over. Suddenly, she found herself back at the Stronghold, before realizing that it was a dream. In the dream, she saw a scavenger which she never saw before. She looked closer at the scavenger to realize that it was holding a dreamvisitor. Sunny was puzzled as to why the scavenger had a dreamvisitor before realizing that this scavenger must have had the rest of the stolen SandWing treasure. She tried to call out to the scavenger, but the scavenger had managed to leave Sunny's dream before she could have a chance to catch it. Sunny thought for a minute, recalling the glimpse of the scavenger's surroundings she had seen before she left. Sunny realized that the scavenger must have been in the same ruins of the scavenger den she had seen earlier. She woke up in the morning and told Stonemover that she had to go. She wondered if she should go back to the rainforest or to the ruins. She chose to go check out the scavenger den as it could be her chance to stop the war.

Part Three: The Eye of Onyx

She hid in a tree near the ruins and waited for any scavengers to out themselves. She had to wait the entire day for any scavengers to appear and carefully approached them. The two scavengers noticed her and started to run away before Sunny managed to catch them. She called them Holler and Fluffy respectively. She asked them for the dreamvisitor, drawing a picture of the dreamvisitor, and to her surprise, Holler listened and gave her dreamvisitor. She then asked for the rest of the treasure and Holler and Fluffy argued to each other on what to do. Sunny decided that they could both be set free under the condition that Fluffy brought the treasure to Sunny. While Fluffy ran off to get the treasure, Holler kept pointing at Sunny's shoulder with Sunny mistook as meaning that she wanted to ride on Sunny. They flew for a while before Fluffy came back with the treasure.

Sunny inspected the treasure Fluffy brought, but could not find the Eye of Onyx. She tried to ask the scavengers about the Eye of Onyx, but to no avail, so she took off towards the rainforest. When she got there, she started to search for Glory and ran into Ochre whom she had mistaken for Clay. At the healer's pavilion, she reunited with Clay and Starflight. Sunny found Tsunami trying to train some RainWings and brought her to the healer's pavilion where she met up with Glory. Sunny explained to the rest of the dragonets about what she did the last few days. Bewildered, the dragonets congratulated Sunny for being so brave. Afterwards, they all discussed how they should stop the war and who they should pick. Sunny did not want to kill any of the SandWing sisters and suggested that they should let the SandWings pick for themselves. Though the others were hesitant, they agreed to Sunny's plan to gather the SandWing sisters together.

Tsunami and Sunny decided to contact the Talons of Peace in order to get to Blister. They had to bring Ochre with them as he was the only false dragonet that agreed to go with them. They finally encountered the Talons of Peace and landed to have a chat with them. The Talons agreed to send Blister a message to arrive at the Stronghold ten days from then. Tsunami and Sunny left Ochre and Flame, who had followed them in secret, with the Talons of Peace. When it came time to contact Blaze, Glory decided to send Jambu and Mangrove to send the message to Glacier. The group then travelled to the Mud Kingdom to see Queen Moorhen's face so that they could dreamvisit her, and then she could send the message to Burn. They talked to Clay's siblings and learnt of the planned attack on the IceWings. Sunny dreamvisited Queen Moorhen and told her to send the message to Burn, and also to not attack the IceWings. After dreamvisiting Moorhen, she dreamvisited a few more MudWings, so that they would know it was not just ordinary dreams. The MudWings then started singing the dragonet song, which filled Sunny with hope. Clay and Sunny returned back to the rainforest afterwards and they learned that the message to Blaze failed, due to Glacier not allowing Blaze to leave her fortress. They decided to make Sunny dreamvisit Blaze in order for her to get the message.

The night of the big meeting has arrived and the sky was swarming with dragons from all tribes. The three SandWing sisters finally arrive, each one of them believing that they had been picked. Sunny explained to them that she wanted them to settle this peacefully before Burn mocked and threatened to kill her. Burn then order Smolder to retrieve the box that Sunny had seen earlier in the weirdling tower. It turned out that Blister had sent the gift as a supposed gift to reunite the family. Burn opened the box and revealed that there was a Dragonbite viper in the box. Burn told Blister that she knew there was a Dragonbite viper in the box and threatened Blister with the snake. Unbeknownst to Burn, there had been a second viper in the box, which had slithered out the bit her on the ankle. She managed to kill the snake which had bit her, but it was too late and Burn succumbed to the venomous bite.

Burn had dropped the other viper she was holding and it was heading straight towards Starflight and Sunny. Before it could reach them, Clay blocked it and took the blow from the viper instead. In a moment of disbelief and shock, the dragonets of destiny came to Clay's side and tried to think of a way to save Clay. Suddenly, a blur of copper scales intercepted them and Sunny realized it was Peril. Peril believed she could burn the venom out of his system and held her talons over the bite wound. The rest of the dragonets and Thorn held Clay in place while Peril burnt the venom out. Thorn did not believe Clay would survive with such a big burn, but Sunny believed he might. Peril managed to burn all the venom out of Clay and Clay thanked Peril for saving his life, before he passed out. Peril managed to kill the second viper before it got to Sunny.

Blister decided to challenge Blaze for the throne before she decided on what to do with the dragonets. While Blaze and Blister fought, the dragonets were unsure on whether they wanted Blister to become queen of the SandWings. Sunny asked Smolder if there had been any other heirs to the throne and Smolder replied that there were no other heirs. Flower suddenly started tugging on Sunny's foot. Puzzled by what the scavenger was trying to say, Sunny let Flower lead her to Queen Oasis' grave. Flower started digging Oasis' grave up and Sunny helped her dig. Sunny's friends were initially puzzled before joining her. They dug until they came upon Oasis's skeletons, which held two bags of treasure, one of them holding the legendary Eye of Onyx. Sunny gave Thorn the Eye of Onyx, believing that she deserved to be queen. Blister, outraged by this, ran towards Thorn and snatched the Eye of Onyx from her. Suddenly, bolts of lightning shot out of the Eye of Onyx, exploding Blister into a pile of dust. Thorn took the Eye of Onyx back and accepted her new position as queen.


Clay, Sunny, Tsunami, Starflight, Fatespeaker, Glory, and Deathbringer are planning out a school for young dragonets. Sunny looked out over Jade Mountain and asked her friends to picture a school there and whether or not it was perfect. The group agreed and pitched in their ideas about what to do with the school. Deathbringer mentioned Moonwatcher, a NightWing dragonet whose mother hid her egg in the rainforest. Sunny told Starflight that she loved him as a brother and that he should be with Fatespeaker. Clay mentioned that Scarlet went missing after Peril rescued her. Tsunami said that Anemone and Auklet could come, although only Anemone ended up coming, and the group flew off into the sky.

Variation from novel

  • Sunny says the line, "Don’t be a rotting tooth if you want this prophecy fulfilled and this war stopped, you’ll help us, so shut up" instead of Tsunami.[2]
  • Scarlet's line, "It sounds to me like you’ve forgotten who your queen is"[3] is removed, similarly with Peril's line, "It sounds to me like you’ve forgotten who has the scale-melting talons here",[4] which is also removed.
  • After Scarlet gives in to Peril's demands, Peril says "The NightWing", even though Thorn was originally the one who said the line.[4]
  • In the epilogue, Tsunami is the one saying that she does not like the idea of Scarlet being out there instead of Sunny.[5]


  • On page 41, a scavenger (most likely Ivy) can be seen watching Sunny near the middle-left of the page.
  • On page 112 of the graphic novel, during the scene where Smolder leads Sunny and Thorn into the SandWing palace library, several letters can be seen that are labeled to unknown recipients - Sage, Boil, Swelter, and Ash. It is unknown if these names were added randomly or will be future characters in Wings of Fire (series).


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