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The Dangerous Gift is the fourteenth book in the New York Times bestselling series Wings of Fire and the fourth book in the third arc. It will be released on December 1st, 2020.[1] While the summary of this book has not yet been revealed, the protagonist was disclosed to be Queen Snowfall.[2][3] The title The Dangerous Gift was released at a Barnes & Noble's Wings of Fire Fan Fest on March 7th, 2020.

It is preceded by The Poison Jungle and will be followed by Book Fifteen, which is currently unnamed.


An excerpt was read to fans at Barnes and Noble's Wings of Fire FanWing Fan Fest. The excerpt below of the first chapter was recorded by a fan and transcribed from that, so it may not be entirely accurate. However, another fan stated that it covered all the main points.

Snowfall was going to be the very best queen of the IceWings ever. THE BEST. She was going to keep all of her dragons safe. They were all going to be healthy, and prosperous, and safe — and no one was going to die of any more evil magic plagues, like the one that killed the previous queen. NO ONE. NOT ON HER WATCH!

Queen Snowfall had a plan.

Or, at least, she had a firm death grip on an idea that was kind of like a plan.


No more getting involved in other tribes' STUPID wars! No more summits with queens who talked down to her, or eyed her, like she might be the one to start the next war! No more interactions with the NightWings — ever! None of this inter-tribe, peace-talk empathy-building, drum-circle nonsense!

IceWings were a GREAT tribe! They didn't NEED any other tribes! Those subjects of hers who wanted to go explore, to meet other dragons, and study in their perilous, flammable schools? They needed to be stuffed into igloos until they came to their senses!

(She hadn't actually imprisoned anyone in an igloo YET. Just to be clear. It was only an idea. For now, she let a few dragons go to the Jade Mountain Academy, because of all the grumbling, and whining, and alarming enthusiasm at the idea. But she was hoping they would come back with stories about how TERRIBLE it was! And by then, all the other curious IceWings would have forgotten about ever wanting to leave.)

No, in Snowfall's vision of her reign, all IceWings would stay IN the kingdom, where she could keep an eye on them. Other dragons would stay out of the kingdom and there would be NO MORE dealing with tribes that weren't them. Not unless she said so.

It was a good plan. A straightforward plan. A nice, safe, brilliant plan.

Except for the problems. Problems like queens who kept sending her messages about alliances, and trades, and building more schools like Jade Mountain Academy. (Shut UP, Queen Ruby! Go AWAY, Queen Glory! Deal with your OWN stupid dragons, Queen Thorn!) Problems like the IceWings on her own council who wanted to meet with the NightWings and try to "build a bridge" over "centuries of violence and hatred" after that blasted magic empathy spell that had ended their last battle. Problems like not knowing exactly where everyone was, and having to wonder where the missing dragons in question had left the Ice Kingdom! Or were still lurking around somewhere? Maybe plotting some cold-blooded murder.

Most urgently, the problem of the fact that hundreds of strange dragons were apparently flying towards her shores at this very moment.

More flying in soon...


The #1 New York Times bestselling series continues!

"In the newest installment of the Wings of Fire series, tensions are higher than ever as we prepare for a fight for the survival of dragonkind!" [4]


More flying in soon...



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