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"When Scholastic asked whether I'd be interested in adapting my Wings of Fire series into graphic novels, I might have gotten a little bit enormously tremendously excited. To see my dragon characters and the world of Pyrrhia appear like this, in pages and pages of full-color art, is just so incredibly cool. There's the littlest dragonet, Sunny, staring down their ominous visitor, giant Morrowseer! There's Clay and Tsunami escaping their cave to fly in the open sky for the first time! There's Scarlet's arena where dragon prisoners fight to the death! It feels as though all the pictures that have been fluttering around my head since I started writing the series are coming to life. I can't wait for the first Wings of Fire graphic novel adaptation, The Dragonet Prophecy, to be out in the world. I hope current readers will love seeing the dragons' story in a new way, and I hope new readers discover this dragon universe and want to come play in it, too."
Tui T. Sutherland

(This is the page for the graphic novel adaptation of The Dragonet Prophecy. You may be looking for the book instead, or for the prophecy itself.)

The Dragonet Prophecy (graphic novel) is a comic adaptation of the first Wings of Fire book, The Dragonet Prophecy. The art is done by Mike Holmes. The book is written from the point of view of Clay. It was officially released on January 2nd, 2018.


Not every dragonet wants a destiny …

Clay has grown up under the mountain, chosen along with four other dragonets to fulfill a mysterious prophecy and end the war between the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. He's not so sure about the prophecy part, but Clay can't imagine not living with the other dragonets; they're his best friends.

So when one of the dragonets is threatened, all five spring into action. Together, they will choose freedom over fate, leave the mountain, and pursue their destiny— on their own terms.

The New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series takes flight in this first graphic novel edition, adapted by the author with art by Mike Holmes.



The MudWing's egg of the dragonets of destiny is hatching, but Dune objected, saying that only four eggs were present. Kestrel jokes with him, saying that he should explain why to the egg. Webs then bursts in, yelling that he has the fifth dragonet egg, but it is a RainWing egg instead of a SkyWing egg. Dune calls Webs a "brainless salamander," but Webs explains that was all he could get and puts it with the other eggs. Kestrel also insults Webs, saying that he does not understand the prophecy, and Webs counters her by saying that Queen Scarlet destroyed all the SkyWing eggs that would have hatched that night.

Dune then tells the others that the MudWing had hatched. Webs comments that he thinks it is kind of cute and a little blobbier than he expected. Kestrel says that she thinks the MudWing looks dim, which was exactly what she expected. At that same moment, the SeaWing egg starts to break open, and the newborn MudWing notices the SeaWing's struggle to get out of her egg. The guardians decide over a name for the MudWing, and Dune comments they need a muddy name for the MudWing.

They end up naming him Clay. Clay then tackles the SeaWing dragonet, who they later name Tsunami, and attempts to free her, but Dune takes it the wrong way and thinks that Clay is attacking her. Kestrel quickly picks him up and stares at him. Dune asks Kestrel what's wrong with Clay, but Kestrel says nothing is wrong with him and that Clay is just what they need; a little monster.

Kestrel shouting at Clay during a training session.

Part One: Under the Mountain

Six years after the introduction, Kestrel and Clay face off against each other in the training cave. Kestrel is taunting Clay and ordering him to fight, but Clay is pleading against it all. In a fit of rage, Kestrel knocks Clay against the wall and pins him down, but then Tsunami steps in, telling Kestrel to stop picking on the MudWing after biting her vulnerable spot on her tail. In response, Kestrel reminds Tsunami that she is defending the dragonet who "tried to kill her." Tsunami responds that she knows they were there to save him and that she gets to hear about the story constantly. Kestrel leaves the room after that, claiming that they were already done, and Tsunami begins talking to Clay, trying to cheer him up by telling him when she is the queen of the SeaWings, she will take care of the grumpy SkyWing.

Tsunami and Clay briefly share their questions about their origins and whether their parents are still searching for them. Then, Tsunami expresses her "readiness" to save Pyrrhia as a prophecy dragonet, while Clay says he is not sure. Their discussion is interrupted by cows' mooing, which means dinner for them, and they race together. Clay makes it to the study cave and thinks about how the only good thing about growing up under the mountain is his friends, Sunny, Starflight, Tsunami, and Glory. The graphic novel explains their personalities and abilities with a lot of detail so that its readers do not get confused. They then act out how the War of SandWing Succession started, with Sunny playing Queen Oasis, Clay as the scavenger who killed Queen Oasis, Tsunami as Burn, Glory as Blister, and Starflight as Blaze. Starflight complains that he had to be Blaze the last time they did this, but Tsunami tells him to stop complaining. The book explains how the war began by describing how the dragonets act it out.

After they finish acting it out, Starflight explains Blister, Blaze, and Burn's alliances and personalities. They then think about which one they should pick, but the dragonets are not sure yet. Clay asks which side the NightWings are on, but Starflight explains that they're not involved in the war, and Tsunami says it is because they're so mysterious and so powerful. Clay says if the NightWings can see the future, they would know who wins the war, and the war could stop right now. Tsunami says that the NightWings should just tell everyone already so they can go home. Clay asks about the RainWings being in the war, and Starflight says they're not involved in the war either. Glory gets angry and says that nobody would want them as allies because they're too lazy and stupid. Clay and Sunny try to reassure Glory, and everyone looks at Glory with a sorry type of glance. Then Tsunami distracts Sunny by asking her to find the weird bug she had caught at dinner, and then Sunny leaves the studying cave to find it.

Tsunami and the other dragonets talk about how they want to escape, then they hear the entrance boulder crash closed. The dragonets then run off to figure out what is going on. Starflight and Glory hide in the shadows near the cave, and Tsunami and Clay hide in the river. They then see Webs, Kestrel, and Dune talking about Morrowseer, and shortly after, Dune tells them that Morrowseer has arrived. The dragonets of destiny come out of their hiding spots to see Morrowseer, and Clay worries about how Morrowseer will react to them and if he can genuinely read minds. Tsunami then goes up to Morrowseer and asks if he can get them out of the caves. Kestrel then looks harshly at Tsunami, calling her an ungrateful lizard. Morrowseer then sees Glory and gets very upset, talking about her with a disgusted tone. Kestrel explains that there was an accident and that they lost the SkyWing egg, and then tells Morrowseer that Webs brought Glory here. In defense, Webs says at least they have five dragonets, and that's what matters. He looks at Sunny and comments that it is more like they have four and a half dragonets. He then asks if Sunny is supposed to be a SandWing and if she even eats enough. The other dragonets besides Glory stand up for her. Tsunami says she eats and that she is a good fighter, and Starflight says it is not Sunny's fault that she is small. Then Clay comments that Glory is a good fighter too.

Morrowseer then tells them to stop talking, and they stop and stare at him fearfully. Morrowseer says that something went very wrong, and Tsunami butts in saying that something did indeed go very wrong and that they are kept like prisoners in the caves, and how it does not make sense to know how to save the world if they have not even seen it. Dune then tells Tsunami to hold her tongue. Morrowseer says he has had enough with Tsunami and then whips her in the face with his tail. Clay then jumps on top of Morrowseer, trying to protect Tsunami, and then bites him, but Morrowseer's scales are too hard to deliver any damage. Morrowseer then quickly shifts, knocking Clay off his back, and Tsunami scratches at Morrowseer's underbelly. Tsunami then falls off of Morrowseer, and she fiercely faces him while Clay tries to recover. Clay tries to think of a strategy to stop Morrowseer, but Sunny sneaks around Morrowseer and bites him in the weak spot near the tip of his tail. Morrowseer is surprised at her intelligence.

Clay then thinks that Sunny is a good fighter, fierce and brave, possibly thinking that Morrowseer will hear him. He then wonders why the guardians did not try to help them. Morrowseer picks up Sunny and, when she lets go of his tail, sets her down. He says that Clay and Tsunami are acceptable, and he will have to see if Sunny is acceptable. Then he looks at Starflight and tells him he assumes he used his powers to see that he was not going to harm Tsunami and that he would take him into the next cavern for a private conversation. Clay looks nervously at Starflight, and Starflight looks sad. Morrowseer then tells the guardians that they will talk about Glory later. Then Morrowseer and Starflight go into a cave, and then Kestrel scorns Tsunami by saying: "How dare you complain about us?" Tsunami then says she was only telling Morrowseer the truth. Then Kestrel says if it were not her job to keep her alive, she would have strangled Tsunami herself a long time ago. Then Kestrel leaves. Tsunami sarcastically says that Morrowseer was a great help. In the background, Tsunami jumps into the river.

Clay asks if Glory is all right, and Glory says she is. She says that they all knew that Morrowseer would hate her, saying that the guardians have not talked about how awesome she is the whole time. Sunny then asks why Glory did not fight Morrowseer because if she did, then Morrowseer and the guardians would know how brave and fierce she is. Glory says, "Why bother?" and that it was obviously a test as her scales shift from purple and yellow to blue. Clay asks if it was, and Glory confirms it to be true and that she failed it the day she hatched as a RainWing. Clay then says he does not care what the prophecy says or what Morrowseer thinks of her and that she is their fifth dragonet. Glory says that what he said is sweet and then says she will take a nap and heads off to a nearby cave. Sunny asks if taking a nap is a good idea at the time, and Glory says that Morrowseer and the guardians think she is lazy anyway and that there's nothing she can do change that. Then she tells them to wake her if anything exciting happens, but not if it is exciting according to Sunny. Clay then wonders why the prophecy did not include Glory. Then Sunny says, "Hmph!" and says that she does not think everything is exciting and that they just do not think enough things are exciting. Clay then asks Sunny how she would feel about running away. Sunny says they could not complete the prophecy without the guardians because the Talons understand what to do and that everything will be okay as long as they follow the prophecy. Clay says that she is probably right but then wonders if the prophecy is wrong.

Then Morrowseer and Starflight come out of the cave they were in, and Clay calls him over and asks if he is all right and what Morrowseer said to him. Starflight says he is not supposed to talk about it, and then he goes into a cave with some scrolls in it, including his favorite scroll. Starflight tells Clay that Morrowseer said to him that he has a lot to learn. Clay then says that Starflight already knows everything and that he is the smartest dragonet in all of Pyrrhia. Clay notices that Starflight is looking for his favorite scroll and then points it out to him, and Starflight opens it and starts to read it. Clay then remembers that Starflight likes to read his favorite scroll when he is really upset.

Clay then tells Starflight that he thought that Morrowseer thought he was better than any of the other dragonets and that he said that Starflight is a great and noble dragon that he must be because he is a NightWing. Starflight then says that that was precisely what Morrowseer told him. Clay asks if Morrowseer told him when he would get his powers, but Starflight says he needs to study. Clay asks Starflight about what Morrowseer said about Glory, and Starflight says that Morrowseer did not say much except for that he would "take care of the RainWing." Clay asks what that means, and Starflight says he is not sure, but she might be able to go home. Clay believes that Morrowseer and the guardians would never let that happen. All of a sudden, they hear Sunny yelling out, saying: "Stop! You don't have to do this!"

Clay and Starflight then quickly come out of the cave and see Dune and Webs tying up Tsunami to a rock column using chains. Morrowseer has wrapped his tail around Sunny, restricting her from trying to stop them. Sunny then cries out: "What are you doing? Let her go!" Kestrel breathes fire on the chains to melt them together. Sunny asks why the guardians are doing this, and that Tsunami is wonderful, and that if anyone can save the world, it is her. Morrowseer then tells her that the dragon she should follow is Starflight and that NightWings are natural leaders. Tsunami then rages at Kestrel, about to say about what her family would do if they heard about how the guardians treated her, but Kestrel quickly cuts her off, saying that Tsunami's hopes for a wonderful family are far too high and that nobody cares about her, and that when it is time to fulfill the prophecy, she will be alive, the Talons of Peace will have her, and that's all that matters. She then tells Tsunami that a little time away from the river will teach her to be more grateful for what she has. Morrowseer then lets go of Sunny and then tells the guardians that he will be back tomorrow to make sure everything has been "dealt with." Kestrel says she understands, and then Morrowseer leaves. Sunny then begs the guardians not to leave Tsunami chained up, saying she knows they're not that mean. Webs then says it is for their own good and that they only want to keep them safe. Webs is about to say that it might not be the perfect way, but before he says more, Kestrel cuts him off by telling the dragonets to go to bed and that she does not want to hear a squawk out of anyone until morning. Tsunami then taunts Kestrel, telling her: "Really? What else are you going to do to me? What if I feel like singing all night?" Then she begins to sing the Dragonet Prophecy song. Glory complains, Dune tells Webs that it is his fault for teaching them the song, Sunny sings along, and Clay hums along. Kestrel interrupts Tsunami's singing by threatening to chain up her friends, sarcastically saying that Clay would like to spend the night hanging from a stalactite. Tsunami stops singing, and Kestrel says: "Much better." Kestrel and the rest of the guardians leave the room, and Kestrel says to the dragonets that they were all acting vile and that they're lucky that she did not chain them all up.

Clay tries to free Tsunami afterward, but Tsunami tells him to stop, saying he has to find out what the guardians are planning. He overhears their plot to kill Glory to appease Morrowseer. After much thought, the group frantically decides to send Clay down the freezing underground river to escape to the outside and return to free them.

Clay navigates his way through the underground tunnel into a cavern full of glowworms. Clay approaches a waterfall but gets swept across by the current, holding a ledge on the waterfall before he meets up with Tsunami.

The pair then flies out of the mountain and rolls around the mud, realizing it has healing qualities to him and then encounters a scavenger with treasure, who runs away at the sight of Clay and Tsunami, dropping his sack of treasure. Tsunami asks aloud whether they can keep the treasure before Scarlet appears and replies with, "Certainly not. Unless you want to fight me for it." When Clay tries to return the treasure, she twists Clay's talons, then tries to get them to return to her palace with her. Then Tsunami impales Scarlet's tail to the ground to escape, and they flee towards the peaks. Afterward, they see the smoke signal from the other dragonets to locate the caverns they were trapped in and go to rescue them. However, the signal also attracts Scarlet, and the SkyWings take the entire group (minus Dune, who is killed by Queen Scarlet, and Webs, who escapes) hostage.

Part Two: In the Sky Kingdom

Clay wakes up on his sky prison. He looks around and spots Peril flying in circles above his head. Clay and Peril start talking, and Peril explains the arena and the fights for the queen's entertainment. Then Peril flies away, saying she needs to prepare for the battle. A while later Horizon, the SandWing besides Clay, is dropped into the arena. Vermilion announces that the fight starts, immediately Horizon tries to escape. Peril blocks all his escape routes. Finally, Horizon launches himself onto Peril, burning himself to death.

Clay wakes up that night to see Peril flying overhead. This time he is more cautious; he keeps his distance, though they still talk. At the end of the conversation, Peril notes that the Scarlet is craving to see Starflight fight. Clay panics and tells Peril to tell the queen to let him fight instead of Starflight.

The next morning Clay wakes up and sees two SkyWing guards, un-chaining him. He is confused and starts talking. The guards grunt and tell hint to stop talking, and they fly through the palace and meet with Scarlet in her throne room. Clay enters and sees Starflight bowing. He imitates his friend. Queen Scarlet starts to talk when a couple of guards drag in Tsunami. Scarlet insists that one of them fights in the arena today, Tsunami and Clay both volunteers. Scarlet picks Clay.

Clay is dropped onto the arena and faces an IceWing named Fjord. First, Clay tries to talk to the hissing IceWing. A few boos sound from the crowd. Fjord snarls and shoots his frostbreath straight at Clay. Clay ducks but still gets injured. Fjord prepares to shoot his frostbreath again, but Clay breaths fire into his mouth just in time.

More information flying in soon …

Variation from novel

  • The prologue takes place during Clay's hatching instead of Hvitur's death.[1]
  • Hvitur is never shown nor mentioned.
  • Tsunami has a serrated bottom jaw instead of white teeth.[2]
  • Tsunami's claws are supposed to be gray, but are sometimes blue.[3][4][2][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21]
  • On the cover and pages 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 30, 35, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 53, 58, 59, 63, 67, 68, 91, 92, 95, 96, 99, 103, 132, 133, 135, 137, 139, 142, 143, 144, 145, 147, 152, 166, 168, 170, 171, 172, 174, 175, 178, 182, 184, 185, 189, 190, 191, and 192, Tsunami's chin tendrils are gone.
  • The elbow membrane on the SkyWings,[22] MudWings,[23] SeaWings,[24] SandWings,[25] NightWings,[25] RainWings,[26] and IceWings[27] is removed.
  • In the novel, all the dragon tribes had their legs connected to their wings. However, in the book, the MudWings do not have this connection.
  • Burn and Blister[28] were not described in the book to have armor, as shown in the novel.
  • The NightWing Guide to the Tribes was removed, instead replaced with an illustrated version of the Dragonet Prophecy.
  • SeaWings are presented with three crests on their forehead in the Graphic Novel, contrary to the NightWing Guide to the Tribes, which shows SeaWings as having one crest on their head.
  • All dragons are shown with three talons on each limb, instead of five talons on each front limb and four on the hind limbs.
  • Clay has amber eyes instead of brown.
  • Glory's eyes were depicted as changing colors with her mood, similar to her scales, although this is never mentioned in the original book.
  • Tsunami's royal SeaWing pattern is missing.
  • Tsunami has blue-grey eyes instead of green.
  • Tsunami's horns change shape and size multiple times.
  • Starflight's tongue is pink sometimes instead of black.
  • Starflight's eyes frequently change from dark green to blue.
  • In the book, Sunny's fierce hunting cry is "Aha!"[29] However, in the graphic novel, she says, "Rawr!"[25] In the novel, she does this when Clay enters the study cave, but in the book, she surprises him in the hallway leading to it.
  • Sunny's tongue is sometimes colored black.
  • Instead of being on her palms,[30] the burn scar Kestrel received from Peril is on the right side of her face.
  • Instead of getting scarred from picking Peril up, Kestrel got her burn scar from Peril touching the right side of her face.
  • The scene where Tsunami wants Clay to jump into the river was cut out, and instead, they went right to their conversation about escaping.
  • Sunny never tells Clay, "Don't really hurt me!" when he is holding the stalagmite as a scavenger's "claw" and playing the scavenger.
  • The scene where Kestrel interrupts the dragonets' play and scolds them for not studying properly is cut.
  • Glory never describes Sunny as "sort of" a SandWing.
  • Tsunami asks Sunny to leave to show Starflight a bug she caught at dinner, but she is asked to go and put the scrolls in their sleeping cave in the book.
  • Dune has all four of his legs, with only a claw scratch wound on his right foreleg. His wing membrane is also only slightly torn instead of being ripped apart completely.
  • The word "bar" was cut out of one of Dune's lines,[31] making him say: "I told you not to teach them that horrible song."[32]
  • Morrowseer comes right after the guardians finish talking about him, and not the next evening.
  • Since Morrowseer comes at night, Clay and Tsunami get out of the river to see him. However, the guardians do not notice or do not care. This entire scene is not in the original book.
  • The scene where Clay and Sunny discuss a weird white crab found in the river is cut.
  • The rock Dune uses to open the boulder entrance is described as a key instead of a rock.
  • It was Starflight's idea for the smoke signal instead of Clay's.
  • The scene where Tsunami tells Clay her glowing scales are for attracting mates is cut.
  • In the glowworm cave, instead of the river continuing course, it ended at a giant waterfall that Clay was pushed off of.
  • Tsunami does not dislocate her shoulder. The scene where Tsunami falls out of the sky then Clay catches her was taken out, along with the scene where Tsunami tries to run into a tree to fix her wing and the scene where Clay shoves the bone back into place.
  • Clay never goes hunting for a boar.
  • Scarlet never kills Mushroom.
  • Clay does not encounter the white acidic goop when exiting the river. He also does not pass out by hitting his head on a rock and get saved from drowning by Tsunami.
  • Queen Scarlet never sets alight Starflight's sack of scrolls.
  • Clay never threw up over the side of his prison.
  • Clay dreams of Sunny trapped,[33] Glory intoxicated,[12] Tsunami killed,[12] Kestrel killed,[12] and Starflight pinned down.[33] These dreams were not mentioned in the book.
  • Clay never spends an entire night talking to Peril.
  • Instead of releasing the scavengers in the arena with Tsunami and Starflight, they release the IceWing prisoners.
  • Instead of Queen Scarlet saying they should bow before the queen in her throne room, she says no one speaks before the queen in her throne room. However, Starflight is still seen as bowing.
  • Tsunami is said to have caused bruises and injuries on her SkyWing guards when taken to the throne room in the book, but the guards that brought her seem unscathed.
  • A bucket of soapy water is never dropped on Kestrel.
  • In the book, Clay is completely fireproof. He does not get burned then heal quickly.
  • There were a lot more guards that carried Tsunami in.
  • The inside of the wires holding the SkyWing prisoners was described as a weird pink substance, which Clay banged against other wires to make music, but no pink material was shown.[34]
  • In the book, Clay removes his broken wire and hides it under his wing when Burn and Scarlet yell at the prisoners. He also tries to fight the guards as a distraction so that they overlook his unchained talon. Both scenes were cut from the graphic novel.
  • In Tsunami's fight with Gill, Tsunami does not mistake Vermilion as her opponent. He is also not on the ground but a ledge above it.[35]
  • In the book, it said after Tsunami killed Gill, some dragons tossed gemstones to Tsunami. However, the novel never shows this.[36]
  • The book said that the IceWing blood was dripping off the IceWings' platforms after being killed, but the IceWings in the graphic novel were taken off their platforms before killed.[37]
  • Four IceWing prisoners were supposed to fight Tsunami and Starflight,[38] instead of eight.
  • When Scarlet is about to use Peril's room to hold Clay, Tsunami, and Starflight, Queen Scarlet's portrait is not burned off the wall. Instead, it is absent altogether.[39]
  • The dragonets and Peril never pass by Queen Scarlet's party, and they never reach the waterfall cave before being recaptured.
  • Instead of having his tail paralyzed by a scavenger, Osprey lost both of his wings during the war.
  • Peril said that Scarlet likes trials because they are dramatic. Not because "it makes her seem like a fair and just ruler."
  • Tsunami is not described as being "completely tone deaf."
  • In the book, Peril sometimes actually bursts into flames instead of her scales being melting hot.
  • Scarlet's throne room has veins of gold shooting across the walls, not cloud shapes. The book described the room having so much gold that it looked like someone vomited gold all over the walls.
  • The short scene where some of Burn's soldiers are looking for the dragonets in the Mud Kingdom is cut out.
  • Glory does not camouflage herself in the Mud Kingdom to see what Clay would do if she were gone.
  • The dragonets get out of the river before reaching the waterfall and look at the battlefield from the edge of the cliff, instead of flying out of the waterfall and hovering above it.
  • Clay never waves at Umber from a distance while walking through the Mud Kingdom.
  • In the book, Cattail says that she was supposed to breed the cows given by the Talons of Peace. However, she never mentions this in the graphic novel.
  • When Clay and Glory get back to their friends, Starflight has already been dropped off by NightWings.
  • Instead of six days like in the novel, Reed says that they lost Crane two days before Clay's arrival.
  • In the epilogue, Kestrel is not forced to go to the island with Blister and Morrowseer. She flies there herself.
  • Kestrel at the end of the book is only stabbed by Blister, not clawed in the throat.


  • In the official graphic novel trailer, in the scene where Tsunami and Clay see their first sunrise, their lines are switched, with Clay talking to himself and saying "Clay! Our first sunrise!" and Tsunami responding, "It's so bright!" Instead of the other way around, as it is in the actual graphic novel and book.[40]


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International Releases

  • French: Les Royaumes de Feu en Bande Dessinée. La Prophétie (September 2019)
  • Russian: Драконья сага. Графический роман. Пророчество о драконятах (January 2020)
  • Korean: 불의 날개와 예언의 시간 그래픽 노블 (April 2022)


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