"The Dragonets Are Coming" is a bar song that is in tune of the song, "99 bottles of pop" and widely known among the dragons of Pyrrhia. The lyrics retell the prophecy, explaining that five dragonets will come and end the war. The song has popped up several times in the first arc.

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The Dragonet Prophecy Edit

Webs taught the song to the dragonets, which was a mistake in the eyes of Dune and Kestrel, as Princess Tsunami sang it to get on their nerves. After Morrowseer visits the dragonets Tsunami sings the song to get their guardians to release her only making her stop singing due to the fact that Kestrel threatened to tie Clay from a stalactite. Later Clay played this song on the metal wires used in the SkyWing prison to communicate with Peril when he hadn't seen her for a while, and needed her to tell him where Sunny was. The other prisoners joined in, revealing the song's popularity among the tribes, but they were stopped by Princess Burn and Queen Scarlet. As they were singing, they left out the 'hooray' at the end, as Clay did when he played the wires.

The Hidden Kingdom Edit

Glory recognizes Deathbringer whistling it as a warning to the other NightWings on their mission in the rainforest.

The Brightest Night Edit

The MudWing soldiers in the camp sing the "eerie” version of the song, the one sang by the prisoners, after Sunny visited Queen Moorhen's dream, telling her to cancel off the IceWing attack as well as to tell Princess Burn to meet in the courtyard of her stronghold to decide the SandWing queen.


"The dragonets are coming,

They're coming to save the day.

They're coming to fight,

For they know what's right,

The dragonets, hooray!"

Trivia Edit

  • The song was made as a symbol of the hope and faith of all six (minus the RainWings and maybe NightWings) dragon tribes wanting the war to end.
  • As of now, the creator of the song is currently unknown.
  • There are only five lines in the song, but the song is sang over and over again endlessly, until you stop.
  • The fact that Dune tells Webs to "not teach them that horrible bar song" implies that Webs was once in a bar (or someone who taught Webs the song was once in a bar) which proves the dragons of Pyrrhia can actually make and enjoy alcohol.

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