The unnamed SkyWing Dragonet of Destiny was stolen as an egg by Hvitur, the IceWing guardian in The Dragonet Prophecy. Kestrel described the dragon as being female. She could have been a royal, since she was stolen from the palace. The egg was smashed by Burn when she threw it over the edge of a cliff. Tui's original plan was that the SkyWing Dragonets of Destiny would be Peril's Brother and Peril herself, but this never made it into the final draft, much like the IceWing dragonet of the prophecy. After the destruction of her egg, she was replaced by Glory the RainWing


Pre-Series Edit

In the prologue of The Dragonet Prophecy, Hvitur was caught by Princess Burn after stealing the SkyWing egg from Queen Scarlet's Palace. Burn toyed with the egg while the chained Hvitur, kept from using his frostbreath, pleaded for its safety. She feigned consideration, then dramatically dropped the egg over a tall cliff, killing Hvitur gruesomely soon after. The prophecy could not have been fulfilled without five dragonets, so Webs, the SeaWing guardian, stole a RainWing egg in order to fulfill the prophecy. However, the guardians always viewed Glory as a replacement afterwards and treated her terribly.  

Kestrel, the SkyWing guardian, later found the corpse of Hvitur and some fragments of the eggshell at the base of the cliff. Kestrel wouldn't have minded if they had this SkyWing, saying she should've stolen it herself, claiming, "They wouldn't have caught me a second time".

Later books Edit

The SkyWing dragonet is mentioned frequently as the dragonets talk about how Glory replaced them. Kestrel mentions that a SkyWing would have been better than Glory many times before her death in The Dragonet Prophecy, and Glory frequently wonders whether a SkyWing would have been better. After the events of The Dark Secret, Sunny wonders why everyone was so mean to Glory about not being the SkyWing dragonet if the prophecy wasn't real.




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