Tortoise was a scrawny, female SeaWing with seaweed-green scales and blue-green eyes[1]. She was the representative for the dragonet care position of Queen Coral's council. Queen Coral brutally killed her for eating an octopus that Commander Shark had given her instead of guarding Auklet's and an unnamed dragonet's egg in the Royal Hatchery, which led to the death of one of Coral's heirs.


The Lost HeirEdit

While Tortoise was guarding the Royal Hatchery, Shark offered her an octopus to eat. As there was a serious rule against eating in the hatchery because the blood would attract sharks, Tortoise left the room to eat the food. In her absence, Orca's animus-enchanted sculpture destroyed one of the eggs and strangled the unhatched dragonet inside.

Queen Coral arrived with Tsunami and Anemone to check on the eggs. When Tortoise saw the Queen, she shrieked and dropped her octopus. One egg remained unharmed (Auklet's), while the other had been destroyed and the dragonet inside throttled. Queen Coral confronted Tortoise, who spotted Shark in the crowd of watching SeaWings and pointed at him, explaining in Aquatic that he had offered her the octopus. Queen Coral violently killed her in front of an audience as punishment for letting one of her unhatched daughters die, first by ripping out Tortoise's teeth one by one, and then clawing open her underbelly and smashing her head against the floor. Tsunami averts her head at that point. Tortoise's remains were later cleaned up by Moray. This lead to Tsunami promising to guard her younger sister in the last egg that hadn't been destroyed, since no one else was doing it. Coral threatened to kill Tsunami just like she did Tortoise if that egg was broken as well.


  • She, like all the other SeaWings, never wanted the job of watching the eggs in the Royal Hatchery. This is probably because if any of the eggs were lost or killed (and that almost always happened, thanks to Orca's enchantment) it would enrage Coral and she would kill them very violently.
  • A tortoise is a species closely related to turtles. One of the differences between a tortoise and turtle is that a tortoise lives in dry areas such as the desert, while a turtle is an aquatic animal, which makes her name extremely ironic.
  • Interestingly enough, the graphic novel version of Tortoise is depicted with yellow wings and yellow bioluminescent stripes, a trait not commonly found in SeaWings, whose colors usually stay in the blue to green range (an exception being Indigo). The only other SeaWing with yellow wings and glow-in-the-dark stripes is Snail.


References Edit

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