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"Are you seriously going to listen to the mad ramblings of a bitter teenager? Everyone knows teenagers are melodramatic and hysterical. Especially the girls."
— Trout to the Villagers of Talisman, Dragonslayer

Trout is an adult male human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He was a dragonmancer from Talisman.


Trout is haughty[1] and has a receding chin.[2]


Trout is greedy and unempathetic, as he killed one of the original dragonmancers so he could get a bigger share of the treasure they and their apprentices stole.[3] He speaks with maddening slowness, as though nobody else could possibly keep up with his brain.[2] He is also a liar, having manipulated the entire town of Talisman to believe he and the dragonmancers had visions of the dragons' will, which he used as an excuse to sacrifice anyone he did not like or to gain more power from the dragon-fearing villagers. Trout hates everything[4] and is cruel to others, always chuckling quietly to himself after being cruel to small children or people begging for help as if he was the only one who had noticed.[2] He also never stopped talking and often switches the topic.[2]




Master Trout first appeared during the Gift for the Dragons ceremony over Wren, although he was only mentioned as "the smug one who always ate all the goat cheese at village celebrations." He was later briefly mentioned in Wren's thoughts when she thought back to them choosing her as a sacrifice to the dragons, where she kicked him in the shins when he scolded her.

Trout is later mentioned when Leaf becomes a dragonmancer apprentice, being assigned to Trout. According to Leaf, the dragonmancer never stopped talking, and would "switch from a boring lecture to imperious orders midsentence, in the same disdainful tone of voice." He was mentioned again by Leaf when Grove asked if he found any secrets in "old Trout's house," having argued with Grove during the village meeting. Trout is brought up again when Leaf and Grove break into his study.

Trout appears again at the end of Dragonslayer when Wren exposes the lies he, Crow, and Gorge told to the villagers of Talisman.


"Now, now. […] Are you all seriously going to listen to the mad ramblings of a bitter teenager? Everyone knows teenagers are melodramatic and hysterical. Especially the girls."
― to the citizens of Talisman, about Wren (Dragonslayer, page 483)


  • Trout is bad at drawing.[5]


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