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"I am so sorry I didn't get here sooner, Queen Snowfall. I am too late for your mother, but at least I can save your life, if you put this on. This plague — it's a spell. It was sent by an animus NightWing named Darkstalker to wipe out the entire tribe of IceWings."
— Typhoon in Snowfall's flashback, The Dangerous Gift

Typhoon is an adult male SeaWing-IceWing hybrid who was introduced in Darkness of Dragons. He was created by Typhoonseawing, who won a charity-based auction that allowed Typhoon to be featured in the canon series. He is a resident of Possibility and is currently studying medicine and disease.


Typhoon has striking cobalt-blue scales, a white and light blue underbelly, and black eyes. He has spikes around his neck like an IceWing and phosphorescent scales under his wings like a SeaWing.[1] He also wears a snail-shell earring in his left ear.[2]


Typhoon is polite[1] and has an excellent straight face.[2] He looked Thorn in the eye when speaking to her[3] and smiled wryly at Qibli.[4]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

After Qibli, Ostrich, Winter, and Cobra escaped from Vulture's compound, Qibli and the others traveled across the Kingdom of Sand and arrived at the SandWing stronghold. After getting past two former Outclaws, Parch and Tawny, guarding the entrance to the stronghold, Qibli went alone to Thorn's tent. Thorn, Smolder, and Typhoon were already there, discussing a strange new illness that plagued Possibility's IceWings. Typhoon realized that the IceWing plague was not natural and stated that, at the same time, every IceWing in Possibility started coughing blood. This happened to be around the same time as Darkstalker's escape. Typhoon said that his father was one of the most ill, and every full-blooded IceWing had fallen to the sickness. The four conducted a plan in which Typhoon would go with enough of Qibli's protection earrings to heal all the IceWings in Possibility and then send them to the north in an attempt to heal the dragons in the Ice Kingdom. Before they started to act, Qibli asked Thorn to arrest his mother for conspiracy against the queen. Typhoon then witnessed Qibli's attempt to force the protection earring onto Winter. Later, when Qibli woke up after Winter attacked and half-accidentally shot frostbreath onto Qibli's arm, they mentioned that Typhoon left for Possibility with the enchanted earrings that Qibli had left.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Typhoon was mentioned to have appeared one day in the Ice Kingdom to deliver Qibli's duplicated earrings. It was then also the first time Snowfall knew that the plague was sent by Darkstalker to kill every IceWing in the Kingdom. He was later mentioned again in Snowfall's thoughts right before she started destroying the Great Ice Cliff.


"Quite all right. I would never want to get in the way of urgent accessorizing."
― to Qibli, with a straight face (Darkness of Dragons, page 135)

"All the IceWings in Possibility are sick. Three days ago, they were healthy and normal. There aren't very many IceWings living in the town yet, so we tend to stay close. And then all of a sudden, every single one of them started coughing blood."
― explaining the IceWing sickness to Queen Thorn, Smolder, and Qibli (Darkness of Dragons, page 135)

"It happened too fast for that. I've been studying medicine and disease for the past two years; I know how fevers like this usually spread. And no one is sick except the IceWings. This isn't normal."
― to Thorn, Smolder, and Qibli explaining the IceWing sickness (Darkness of Dragons, page 135-136)

"Because I think you're the smartest and most capable queen in Pyrrhia right now. And to be honest, you were also the closest. My father is one of the most ill. If there's any chance of saving him, we need someone who can act fast."
― to Thorn (Darkness of Dragons, page 136)

"Three moons, you SandWings are a little intense about your jewelry."
― about Qibli subduing Winter to put an enchanted earring on him (Darkness of Dragons, page 145)


  • Typhoon is a former soldier, according to his creator, Typhoonseawing.[5]
  • Typhoon studied medicine and disease for two years.[6]




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