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"I can't tell him about her. I don't want him to take Wren away from me. But… wouldn't he be thrilled? Wouldn't he be pleased that I could finally be of some use to him? That after all this time of doing nothing, it turns out I could bring him the one person he wants now? […] This would make me the son he truly wants."
— Undauntable thinking about the Invincible Lord, Dragonslayer

Undauntable is a young male human appearing in Dragonslayer. He is the son of the Invincible Lord, making him the Prince of the Indestructible City.


Undauntable has long,[1] slick hair,[2] trimmed eyebrows,[1] and a moon-shaped face.[3] He had one silver earring shaped like a dragon,[3] which he eventually gave to Wren. He often wears pale orange robes and has pale orange scales from Sky embedded in his earring, rings, and necklace.[4] He was originally slightly shorter than Wren,[3] but grew taller than her by the time she was twelve years old.[5]


Undauntable is shown to be very spoiled[6] and arrogant since he thought he could convince Wren to marry him. He seems to be very interested in new jewelry or pretty items, such as Sky's scales.[7] He calls himself the 'Prince of the City' because his father is the ruler, and he thinks that everyone wants to be his friend. Undauntable claims that he does not like waiting.[8] Although, it seems that Undauntable feels as if he is useless to his father and is apparently looked down upon.[4] His father states that he was terrible at lying.[4] He also seems not to be intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment. However, despite these negative aspects, Undauntable seems to genuinely have feelings for Wren. He is shown to care about Wren and her feelings and vows to protect her from his father at the end of the book.[4]



Undauntable appears when Wren almost ran into him and his pet cat, Dragon. Wren quickly deduced talking with him was potentially dangerous, as he was easily bored, rich, and powerful. Initially, he wanted to buy Wren clothes and books, only for a trade. Wren gave him one of Sky's baby scales. Undauntable wanted to find this dragon and take all of its scales, saying if they tracked the dragon down, he could have a whole chest plate made of Sky's scales. Wren was horrified at the thought and tells him that she found it in the swamps, and would bring him one every time she comes by. Undauntable told Wren that he doubted she would survive on her own after Wren said she would come back in a year.

Undauntable and Wren became friends, though Wren thought he "just barely squeaked into the category at all." Wren stated that becoming "just friends" didn't work since two years later, Undauntable asked for Wren's hand in marriage.

The next time Wren visited the Indestructible City, a dragon arrived (General Sandstorm), and the citizens immediately freaked out. Undauntable's bodyguard tried to lead Wren to safety. Wren instead went to save children instead of staying with Undauntable in his hiding spot. Undauntable got slightly frustrated with Wren as there was only enough room for one more, to which Wren says one more child, though Undauntable only wanted Wren with him.

Undauntable is the POV of the epilogue. He was sitting by his window, watching for Wren. He mentioned that it has been fifty-nine days since he proposed to her, hoping that the next time she came back, she would stay. He wondered what would happen if he snuck away with Wren and lived wherever she did. Undauntable also worried about Wren, afraid that she may have been eaten by a dragon. His father called for him to sit next to him in the throne room. There, the spy in Valor, Boar, proceeded to tell them about "the girl who speaks Dragon" which Undauntable realized was Wren. His father, upon hearing the description of the dragon's scale color, asked Undauntable where he gets his scales. Undauntable tried to lie, telling his father that an old woman gave them to him, and he only brings one out at a time, because his father told him that fashion is about timing. His father could tell he is lying and tells him that he would find the girl and would control her. Undauntable promised that he would try to protect Wren for as long as possible.



Undauntable finds interest in Wren after he received Sky's pale orange scale from her. From then on, Wren would come back year after year to trade with more of those scales. He initially treats Wren like a rare dragon scale to add to his collection,[9] having disregarded her privacy and feelings. Undauntable claims that he is bored without Wren [9] and even asked her hand in marriage.[10] Later on, he grows to respect her and wanted to protect her from his father.[4]

Family Tree

Invincible LordUnknown


"Don't touch my cat."
― to Wren, after she ran into him for the first time (Dragonslayer, page 114)

"Are you running away from your parents? […] If you are, I should tell."
― to Wren (Dragonslayer, page 114)

"Oh, […] You're funny. Are you one of the new clowns for the manor? Is that why you're dressed like that?"
― to Wren, about her clothes (Dragonslayer, page 115)

"NO. They think I am PERFECT."
― to Wren, about his parents (Dragonslayer, page 116)

"It's NOT terrible, […] I AM Undauntable! What's your so-great name, then?"
― to Wren, after she insults his name (Dragonslayer, page 116)

"Even when I'm not perfect, I have something no one else has."
― thinking about his dragon scales (Dragonslayer, epilogue)

"I can't tell him about her. I don't want him to take Wren away from me. But… wouldn't he be thrilled? Wouldn't he be pleased that I could finally be of some use to him? That after all this time of doing nothing, it turns out I could bring him the one person he wants now? […] This would make me the son he truly wants."
― thinking about Wren (Dragonslayer, epilogue)

"Wren would hate being Father's puppet. She'd hate being trapped here, or working for him. She'd hate me for giving her to him. And he would crush her."
― thinking about Wren (Dragonslayer, epilogue)

"I'm sorry, Wren. I'll try to protect you as long as I can."
― thinking about Wren (Dragonslayer, epilogue)


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