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aka Myra

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  • I live in My little corner where homework can’t find me
  • My occupation is Writer and nerd
  • I am Playing Xenoblade Chronicles DE, and will be for the next 900 hours
  • Bio "The goal isn't to live forever; it's to make something that does."-Monty Oum
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Hi there!! I’m Ash the SkyWing, but you can call me Ash. Feel free to drop by my wall and say hi!!

I am a Dungeon Master

I craft adventures and stories, building entire worlds out of my own mind. I guide the players through challenges of my own making; I am the monsters, the villains, and the decider of fates. I wear many hats, I am an actor, a referee, and a storyteller. I am a part of a world larger than myself, one made of people just like me, but different. My style of creation is unique, unlike any other. I am the guide, who exists to help the players complete their journey.

I am a writer

I create worlds, journeys, and obstacles, a piece of my soul in each one. To be remembered is not to have others know your name, it is for them to know your spirit. Life is fleeting, but my words are eternal, transporting people to other realms and times, showing them the core of my heart as I send them on their journey.

I am a musician

Simple marks on a page become something new when I string them together, weaving beauty with my instruments and voice. When I play, I am a part of something bigger, of a group of people just like me that works in harmony to create true beauty and a thrill of anticipation about the musical journey ahead.

I am a gamer

I am a hero of worlds, a legend in the making. I am a warrior, a strategist, a mentor, a chosen hero. I do not die, but, rise up and try again. I build, I forge friendships, I traverse through lands most can only dream of. Lag and poor connection are the only things that can stop me, as I build an inventory, an arsenal, and become an entire army all on my own. I travel across seas and over mountains, I cast spells and battle monsters. I am a protector, a destroyer, an unstoppable force on a journey to save my world.

Here's some stuff about me



Animal-Horse, but I love dogs

Book-Yeah, I'm not choosing

WoF character-It's close, but I love Sundew, Willow, Tsunami, and Moon (during book six, after that she has no personality)

Video Game-It depends, but either the Xenoblade Chronicles games or the Legend of Zelda

YouTuber-MatPat, from the Game Theorists, Film Theorists, and GTLive

Extra stuff:


Chaotic Good


Avid reader

I ride horses and do karate

I love D&D and Magic the Gathering, so if you want to nerd out with me, let me know!

Also, PJO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love mythology of any kind, and Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors.

Some of my OCs:


Ash, colored by Cat Mental, base by starryprinxe


Starbloom, art by FlappyDragon.

Lyanna by SpaceshipEarth

Lyanna by Spaceship Earth

Pride Badges:

Sister Gang

Congrats if you have this badge! This is for the band of amazing users on here who RP together, hang out on each others' walls, randomly shout inside jokes in threads, and just are all-around fun. You have to deal with Hero's insane plot points, laughing at Alpha's SotS jokes, wait for Fangirl's amazing art, and you know Ash is always stalking, ready to jump out at the perfect moment. Overall, we fit together perfectly and make the perfect gang.

OnLy tRUe mEmBErS wIlL UnDErsTaNd tHe CodE

🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ Activism Squad!🏳️‍🌈

LGBT Flags

If you have this on your profile/wall, it means you are part of the LGBT+ Activism Squad. You've joined the thread. You defend the pride. You stand against homophobia. And, most importantly... you share rainbows of equality and the right to love who you love and without being ridiculed for it!

Kindness Squad

Kindness and support forever! This badge is for the official unofficial spreaders of kind words and thoughts on this wiki. Having a rough day? Life keep shooting you down? No worries! We’re keeping this wiki the way it should be: a safe, supportive place to share your opinions and meet people like you. So Kindness Squad, unite!

Only the kindest and wisest users will know the code.

Bisexual Pride!

Here you go, go ahead and slap this badge on your page if you're awesome, bisexual, and 'ain't afraid to show it!
1823542 safe artist-colon-blackjack42 twilightsparkle alicorn bi bi-dash-pride bisexual bisexualpri

To put this badge on your page, type {{Bisexual Pride!}} in the source code.


LGBT Supporter Being Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi, Pan, Asexual and plus is fine! There's no shame in it! If this is on your page, you are proud to be one of these or you simply support LGBT! To add this to your page put {{LGBT+ Supporter}}! Be Gay do Crimes!

Theorist Pride!

If you have this badge, that means you are a die-hard fan of Film Theory or Game Theory & proud of it! This badge is for loyal theorists who will follow MatPat to the end of the planet!! If you wish to show your theorist pride, put {{Theorist Pride}} Into the source code!


IMG 0534
Writer of Pyrrhia
"If you wish to be a writer, write." -Epictetus. Add this badge to your page if you enjoy to write! Whether it is your own stories, poems, fanfictions, or just journals that allow you to pour out your emotions, then you are a writer! It doesn't matter how bad or great it is, as long as you have a love for writing. As proof that you are a part of this writer's club, type {{WriterofPyrrhia}} in order to place this badge on your page.
We've Gotta Roleplayer Here! There is nothing you like more than a good ole Rp, whether it's a Crossover, Dystopian, or Alternate ending Put this badge on your page to show your Roleplaying pride.

To add it, put {{Roleplayer Alert!}} on your Profile.

IMG 0543
The Rick Riordan Alliance!
Welcome to the Riordan Alliance! This means that you love all the series revolving around the mythologies from this creative author. Even if this is technically a WoF wiki, that doesn't have to stop you from showing your demigod/magician pride! Type {{Riordan Alliance}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Crystaleye's Stalker
Crystal eye

Hello, if you have this badge then that means you stalk the thread mod Crystaleyes the RainWing-NightWing-MudWing, you watch my message wall and contribs. You are not hated by me for stalking me, I don't mind stalkers! Have fun my stalkers!

Just put in {{Crystaleye's Stalker}} in the source code to place this. See ya around!

Nintendo fan club

Welcome to the Nintendo fan club. We are the fans of Nintendo, from the many adventures of Mario, the many creatures we call pokemon, a never ending quest to stop Ganondorf, the hit game Super smash bros, and many more! If you pledge your allegiance to the greatest game developer EVER, add this badge... somewhere. “WE ARE NINTENDO. WE CHALLENGE ALL PLAYERS. YOU CANNOT BEAT US.”


To show your support for the great and almighty Nintendo, put {{We are Nintendo}} on your profile page or message wall!


Friend Badges:

FanGirl’s Amigo!

The One, the Only, the Amazing FanGirl has crowned you a fellow human Fangirl/Fanboy. She loves you for your creative, Weird, Crazy, Hilarious self and will be your friend FOREVER! And she really means FOREVER >:D

To show your fangirl/fanboy-ness on your profile, just type {{Fangirl’s Amigo}} into the source code.

IMG 20190629 102846834

My guinea pig Luna, who you better believe is cute or I'll take this away ARG

Welcome to Hybrids of Pyrrhia!

Welcome to Puddle's little band of friends, I guess! I hope it's a pleasure to you, because it is to me! This badge represents you're awesome, super nice to me, and very enjoyable company for me, a lonely hybrid. It also may be you're super fun to roleplay with. *Takes deep breath* I'm out of nice things to say here. *Throws confetti everywhere* Congratulations! Put Puddle'sBuddy into {{ }} in your source code


Odysseys Friend

Hello, if you have this badge then that means you support Odyssey for taking over the world. Also of course, that you are their friend. Thank you for putting up with my weirdness and my manner of Darkstalker. You have earned my appreciation and respect. :)

To put this badge on your page, type {{Odyssey’s Friend}} in the source code.

Hero's Comrade

Hello fellow soldiers-in-arms! If you have this badge, it means you have put up with me being overdramatic, constantly torturing my OCs, dealt with my nerdiness and have been there for me time after time. Thanks for sticking with me through those tough fights and listening to my rants. I'll always stand by you no matter what and I'll never leave your side. Thanks for being awesome!

To show our friendship on your profile, just type {{Hero's Quest}} into the source code.


harpy’s friend


harpy is your friend if she has given you this badge

be prepared for many dumb messages on your wall

if you have had this badge thrown at you, type in {{HarpyEagle123’s Friend}}.


By Crestfallen-lullaby

Brightslate's fren

Um . . . hi person I somehow made contact with. I guess for some reason I like you so I will give you this. I guess you have handled my fangirl ranting and other stuff so congrats!thanks for being my fren.

Slap this everywhere if your my fren just put, {{Brightslate Besty}}

Nightseekers' Friend!

Congrats! If you got this badge, it means you are a friend of Nightseeker437! A friend is a most precious gift to all of us. We should always understand its importance and give value without having any misunderstanding. Friendship is a relationship where no blood relation exists. It is a limitless relation goes forever without the rule of give and take. It is the special and unique relation of love and affection to any other person in the world. True friendship never sees the caste, creed, religion and color of person; it only sees the internal beauty, simplicity and soul of the two or three people that are going to be involved in the friendship.

To put this badge on your message wall or profile smack {{A friend of Nighty}} into the source code!

Polyps's Friend

Congratsulation! Polyp considers you a friend. You have 1. been nice to me 2. made a cool roleplay 3. other reasons I can't think of.

To place this badge on your profile copy and paste {{Polyp's Friend}} into your profile source code.



Players who have earned this badge |}


Yapp ref by: Snow scales

Yapp's Friend!

Uh, so you got this... um you are my friend I guess? Wait don’t leave! Um ya that’s it. No more script.

Add {{Yapp's Friend!}} to the source code to become my friend!

Awesomegirl's Friend!

Congratulations Awesomegirl1298 considers you a friend! If you have received this badge, then you have put up with my weirdness and my awkward humor.....and my extensive use of '...' ! Good Job!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Awesomegirl's Friend!}} in the source code.

Sab’s Buddy


Hello! If you received this badge, Sab thinks that you’re really cool and nice! She thinks that you’re really fun to talk to, and are a great user!! As a thanks, she gives you this badge. To accept this SandWing’s badge, type { { Sab’s Buddy } } into the source code. Happy flying, and she hopes to talk to you more! :)

Art of Sab/Saburra drawn by Zephyr on the Fanon Wiki!!

Modern's Friend

If you recieved this, that means you are my friend! That means we've RPed together, you've helped me somewhere, or I was just bored and wanted to send someone a badge. Yeet. Um, so yeah. Sorry, you have to listen to a crazy person now. Also, if I gave you this badge before I updated it, that means you have been my friend for a while! Good job.

Put this on you're page with {{Modern's Friend}} !


Sora the MudWing's Friend

Hello! If you have this badge, Sora the MudWing sees you as a friend. You are nice, kind and fun, and seem like a good person in general.

If Sora the MudWing gives you this badge, put it on your profile by typing {{Sora the MudWing's Friend}} into the source code.

Atlantic blue marlin

Blue Atlantic Marlin

Marlin's Friend

If you have this badge, it means that you are a friend to Marlin the SeawingLeafwing! How you managed to become one is amazing, but yes, Marlin considers you a friend!

To show you are Marlin's friend, type: {{Marlin's Friend}} on your page! Only put it if this is given to you from Marlin himself.


Starry Serval’s Friend!

Congratulations! If have this badge, it means that you are Starry Serval’s friend and she thinks you are an awesome person. You have somehow put up with her constant screaming, random gifts, and weird messages on your wall. She also probably stalks you.

To put this badge on your profile, type {{Starry Serval’s Friend}} in the source code, and show off this badge with pride!

Mozzarella's Friend!

HI HELLO GOOD DAY HOWDY!!!! If you are getting this badge that means your my pal, my friend, my BFF, my bud, etc. You put up with my rants about Hufflepuff, My obsession with Whiteout, Kinkajou, and the Anemarin ship, weird roleplays, and my MOZZARELLA OBSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And my extra exclamation points) JOIN THE MOZZARELLA SIDE AND PUT THIS ON YOUR PAGE!!!!!!!(we have Mozzarella!) MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

if you’ve been given this badge, slap it proudly on your page with {{Mozzarella’s Friend}} to SHOW YOUR MOZZARELLA PRIDE!!!!!


Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sass-Parilla's Friend}} in the source code!

Avitar Transparent

Orca, Ponyo100's OC

Ponyo's Friend

Congrats! If you have received this badge, that means that Ponyo100 considers you a friend! This means that you have done one of these things: Roleplayed with her a lot, been nice to her, or know her IRL! Great job!

To show Ponyo100's friendship on your page, type {{Ponyo's Friend}} in the source code.

ʂɛąῳıŋɠʄąŋ22'ʂ ʄཞıɛŋɖ!


Cσɳɠɾαƚυʅαƚισɳʂ! Yσυ αɾҽ α ϝɾιҽɳԃ σϝ SҽαWιɳɠFαɳ22! Yσυ αɾҽ αɯҽʂσɱҽ αɳԃ σႦʋισυʂʅყ LOVE SҽαWιɳɠʂ. Tσ ρυƚ ƚԋιʂ Ⴆαԃɠҽ σɳ ყσυɾ ɯαʅʅ, ƚყρҽ { { SeaWingFan22 friend } } without the spaces between the brackets!

Crystal eye

Crystaleyes friend! Hello, if you've gotten this badge then you're either a good friend of mine, or your a stalker who stole it from someone I gave it to. If I gave you this, then you either listen to my rants about Peacemaker, or have a love of wolves, roleplay, and animals (or of course forbiden love ships!) To add this to your page put {{Crystaleyes friend!}} to either show that I gave it to you, or you're a stalker!


By Forest

Duskseer's Friend!

If you got this badge that means that you put up with my constant odd-ness, bad spelling, or odd choices in role plays. Congratulations! That means you have to go through more!

To show Duskseer's friendship on your page, type {{Duskseer's Friend}} in the source code.

Refract's Partner in Cr- uh, Friend

Hi! So uh //coughs// if you have this badge, you have gained my friendship in some way or another, um mostly by somehow interpreting my awkward pauses and social incapabilities, as well as my bad habit ofputtingthingsoffuntilthelastminuteheh.

Type {{Pineapple Refraction}} to flop this badge on your profile!

You are the official friend of Ryuga. Yay. You get the right to name an OC, Potato, Ryuga, Ldrago, and the right to Assasinwings and Stormwings, and any new tribes I may create. And, a lifetimes supply of enchiladas. Luck you!. Oh, and you can call me potato. to add this anywhere, type {{Potato}}


Starry Serval’s Friend!

Congratulations! If have this badge, it means that you are Starry Serval’s friend and she thinks you are an awesome person. You have somehow put up with her constant screaming, random gifts, and weird messages on your wall. She also probably stalks you.

To put this badge on your profile, type {{Starry Serval’s Friend}} in the source code, and show off this badge with pride!

Hollyzel's Friend

Heyo! If you've received this badge, Marrowfrost - Hazelholly considers you their friend! :3 Maybe I roleplayed with you, did an art request for you (or maybe you did one for me), talked on another thread, or something- I just consider you a friend and enjoy your presence and don't get bored talking to you *shrug*

Calming fruit

Screenshot taken from Miitopia, aka the gayest video game ever created.

Now that you have received this badge, we can take over the world as its benevolent overlords with the power of calming fruit- ahem, Miitopia reference. With this badge, feel free to call me Marrow, Hazy, Marmar, or Hollyzel! To show proof of our friendship/alliance on thy page, type the words {{Hollyzel's Friend}} into the source code so you can share this glorious badge wherever you so choose!


Frost the Icewing's Fren!

Congratulations! If you got this badge, that means the user Frost The Animus Icewing considers you a friend! You will put up with her obsession over dragons, wolves, dinosaurs and everything else!

Type {{Frost The Animus IceWing's Friend}} in the source so you have this badge

20191206 081455

Piers the best pokemon gym leader

*says in baby voice* dweamminds fwend!

so u my fren. Dat means u put up with me constant Splatoon talk, wierdness, and obbsession w/ dat puppet boi. U have also been in alot of my rps! *screams "Instruments of Cyanide" by "DAgames" and that.

{{Dat puppey boi/dreams fwend}} is dat codeeeeee!

Dagga's Fren!

*gasp* YOU GOT A BADGE! AND IT MEANS YOUR MAH FREN! YEE! You've probably roleplayed with me a lot, or I know you irl (highly unlikely, I don't like most of society), or you're just a nice person in general! *whisper* this badge was made by Ponyo!*

Type {{Dagga's Fren}} for the badge


Orchid and Monarch’s friend!

Yay! You are now a friend of Orchid and Monarch the RainWings! If she gave you this badge that means you are kind to her, you have roleplayed with her, and most of all you have been calm about her obsession over being lesbian. Slap this onto your wall if she gave this to you!

To have this badge type, {{Orchid and Monarch’s friend!}} in the source code!

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