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  • My occupation is Writer and nerd
  • Bio "The goal isn't to live forever; it's to make something that does."-Monty Oum
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Hi there!! I’m Ash the SkyWing, but you can call me Ash. Feel free to drop by my wall and say hi!!

Here's some stuff about me



Animal-Horse, but I love dogs

Book-Yeah, I'm not choosing

WoF character-It's close, but I love Sundew, Willow, Tsunami, and Moon (during book six, after that she has no personality)

Video Game-It depends, but either the Xenoblade Chronicles games or the Legend of Zelda

YouTuber-MatPat, from the Game Theorists, Film Theorists, and GTLive

Extra stuff:


Chaotic Good


Avid reader

I love Critical Role, please feel free to discuss Campaign One, Talks Machina, etc, but I’m SUPER behind on Campaign 2, so no spoilers please!

I ride horses and do karate

I love D&D and Magic the Gathering, so if you want to nerd out with me, let me know!

Also, PJO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love mythology of any kind, and Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors.

Some of my OCs:


Ash, colored by Cat Mental, base by starryprinxe


Starbloom, art by FlappyDragon.

Lyanna by SpaceshipEarth

Lyanna by Spaceship Earth

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