Blackout the NightWing

aka funny meme man

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  • I live in a society
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is making memes for the fine people of the Wings of Fire wiki
  • I am inevitable

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Pfp by Nathia Safira

Hello, I'm Blackout the NightWing, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I've been around the wiki for longer than my profile really states, it was closer to September of 2017, as an anonymous user. Anyhow, I'm just your average guy that likes to make memes, play video games, and edit videos. Feel free to leave a message or a report on my message wall.

It’s been since I joined.

It’s been since I got promoted to threadmod.

  • Orange is my favorite color
  • Deadpool 2 is my favorite movie
  • Digital art, video games, writing and videography/photography are a few of my hobbies.
  • I make YouTube videos, feel free to check 'em out.
  • I got promoted to thread mod in this newsletter

Adrenaline's Approval

You have won Adrenaline of the SkyWings's friendship! Wow. I mean, it probably wasn't all that hard to get or anything, but this badge is pretty cool anyway. As an Adrenfren, you are especially welcome to long talks in PM, requesting art (and maybe getting it back in less than three months .o.), and saying ADREN IS MY FRIEND! Also, this badge shows that you mean a lot to me. The people who I give this badge to I consider my friends (even I gave this in return to yours) and you are a beautiful person. My life on this wiki would be different if you weren't here. Thank you guys for your support, and Ily! <3

this is a friend badge

Sprinkle's Friend

Hewooooo! If you have this badge you are my friend! It means you have put up with my craziness (if you have seen me in my crazy mood) but most of all been kind to me! A wise someone I know once said "Friends come and go like ocean waves, but true friends stick with you through the good and the bad like a octopus 🐙 stuck to your face" no words can explain how happy it makes me to have a friend like have stuck with me in the good and bad times so from the bottom of my heart thank you!

To put this on your profile put {{Template:Sprinkle's Friend}} on your page. Again thank you! 💜💜💜

Skyla profile
Skyla's Ally

This badge means that you are OFFICIALLY Skyla's (or Skye) friend and Ally. This means that there is 8% less chance for you to be ever attacked by anyone, a 50% more chance of you knowing a blue eyed Skywing and a 100% more chance of knowing the coolest Skywing princess EVER! You also now have a Pokemon master to cover your back when needed!

If you are given this badge add it by typing {{Skyla's Ally}} in the source code. You are most welcome!

Rawr pfp


Congrats... You are a friend of DD!! That means you have: put up with my annoyingness, delt with my soup obsession, and are probably pretty cool. So yay! Now be prepared for long PM convo’s, hugs, soup..., random drawings, and hugs. Did I mention hugs? You can put this on your very own wall with {{DD friend}}


this was cringe but its still a badge just less cringe woohoo

Randy's Friend

This badge is given to Randy's friends and allies, and lowers the chances of attack from Randy's pet non-existent moose by approximately 88%. No promises though To add this to your page put {{Moose Pie}}

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 6.32.06 PM

Black Veil Brides.

Silverbicide's Friend

This badge means I think you're...uh...(thinks for a minute)... an honorable snowflake. Oh, and she thinks highly of you! Yay? Did anyone cheer? No? Oh. Well, OK. Some downsides: this definitely means Silver will be frequently on your wall posting riddles all over the place, fangirling over Black Veil Brides and Palaye Royale, and potentially turning you into an awkward emo noodle like herself. Sorry, but you should have read the terms and conditions!

To place this badge anywhere, type {{Silverblaze's Friend}} into the source code.

Fathindigo's Friend

Hey! Congrats! Fathindigo considers you his friend! This is most likely the greatest thing to ever happen to you, past, present, or future. ‘Cause, y’know, we all know Fath is the greatest there is… jk but he probably thinks you’re the greatest there is! Or at least one of the greatest! So if ya got this badge (and didn’t steal it) it means Fath’ll be by your side and there for you in whatever you do! Yay! Oh, and he’s super glad and all to have a friend like you, but I mean that’s a minor detail, right?

Type {{Fathindigo’s Friend}} to put this on your profile page.

Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sass-Parilla's Friend}} in the source code!


Thanks for being my companion through the darkness, through sorrow. Thanks for seeing me through and keeping me happy in times where I thought happiness was just a distant memory of a faded past. Thanks for keeping me safe, and helping me defeat my demons inside. Thanks for seeing the broken me inside behind every smile I wear. Thanks for letting me take off my mask around you. Thanks for understanding me. Thanks for dealing with my regular annoyance. Thanks for being there when I needed you. Thanks for making me realized I'm loved. You're the family I need; you're the one I'd choose to stand up for, even if it's the entire world against us. So for that, here's my gift I'll promise to you:

I'll be there to hold you up if you feel weak. I'll be there to listen to you if you're having a bad day, and feel like venting. I'll support you with everything. I'll be there if you just want to talk. I'll cheer you up if you're feeling down, and I'll laugh along with you if you're feeling joy. I'll hold up an umbrella for you if you feel like the whole world's raining down on you.

Wear this badge on by using {{Blake's bestest}} in your source code. Thanks for being my family, and most importantly, being you!

I love you 3000, y'all. <3

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Turtles Friend! Yay!

This must be a VERY important day because you are friends with the one and only PRINCE TURTLE! This friend badge is only earn by the important (like me) and the trustworthy dragons. To show your trustworthy-ness, put {{Turtles Friend! Yay!}} on your page.

44092196ac65125c9089fa574d6a1ad12ba4bb3er1-762-1000v2 hq

Turtle's BFF!

Oh, Hello there young soul...If you have gotten this badge it means YOU ARE TURTLE'S BFF! He will use his magic for you anytime and anywhere, you also don't mind his love for memes, yeeting, and stalking! Also, I PROBABLY WILL NEVER GET MAD AT YOU!!! YAY!! (//cough// Turtlejou forever) Also, You probably have the Turtle Protector badge and is part of THE TURTLE ARMY!

To show you are Turtle's BFF type, {{Turtle's BFF}} in the source code!


~𝔻𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕫𝕝𝕖'𝕤 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕~

Heyo, if you have this badge, you're friends with the local weird gay chatmoderator, Drizzle! Congratulations on earning this, she respects you and wants you to know that you're an amazing person. You can catch her on chat most of the time, feel free to start up a conversation with her! She will try her very best to be loyal to you and to be the shoulder you cry on when you need someone to talk to.

To place this badge in your profile, type {{Drizzle's Friend}} in the source code!

Thank you, Ponyo100, for helping make this badge!

Friend of Yxtqwf
Congrats, Yxtqwf (also known as climbTheStairs) now considers you a friend—you've gained his respect, one way or another! This means Yxtqwf thinks you're a great person and enjoys your company! If he gives you this badge, you can transclude it on your profile (or wherever you want) with the code "{{User:Yxtqwf/Friend}}". Here's some text to make it look like I wrote more since surely no one will bother reading all this with such an illegible font.
Gull by SPOOPl


Happy birthday Blackout!! Turns out I can't do fancy code wizardry like you did to my profile, but I sure can draw a snazzy treat.

Hope you enjoy the cake! I also really hope you like chocolate because I forgot to ask

- Randy

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