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Hello, Anon


Art Gallery

please do not use my art without my permission/proper crediting.

Friend badges
Emerald, MAde by Cuzcats (For Emerald 077)
Emerald's Friend

Congratulations lucky person you have become Emeralds friend this means... your my friend so yeah

To add this to your page put {{Emerald's Friend}} in the source code.

FawntheFurwing’s buddy!

WOW! You have my friend badge! This means that you are my friend! Wether it was: coping with my dragon dragons, complimenting my art/fan tribes, my strange obsession phases, or even taking the time to try to decipher my mind process. Well, whatever you did, you got my badge...and a cookie!


to show that you are my friend, put {{Fawn's Friend!}}

Opal’s Friend!

Look at this it’s all nice and remade

so uh

hi uwu

this is OpalFox’s friend badge. you got it? nice, that means that you’re her friend. and uh she’s really bad at writing sappy stuff so I guess this is all she has to say

//There is the sound of someone clearing their throat from behind the camera.//

oh, right. //pulls out a paper and clears throat// iF yOu HaVe EaRnEd ThIs BaDgE-

//frantic whispering from the camera person// “no no no no wrong one-“

oh yeah


basically if you have this badge it means Opal likes you. and you’re her friend. there’s not really a bonus for this but just be proud of yourself that you can collect another badge

and uh


//screen goes black//

To put this badge on your profile, type {{OpalFox’s Friend}} in the source code of your page!


Unlocked: Animus Trust


Ha! Hey there (Y/N)! You have unlocked a new badge! Animus Trust! You have AnimusDragon123’s trust and friendship! You have made such a big achievement! After all, it’s worth all the hardships you’ve gone through, like, maybe hearing her horrid singing on zoom, her crazy weird personality, screaming Hamilton in some places, maybe getting in eaten sometimes, Animus’ personality in general, just her in general, and the randomness she talks about all day long!

Animus in the background: //screaming Hamilton// I AM THE A N I M U S D R A G O N 123!

If you choose to accept this badge please place it on your profile, message wall or wherever! And type {{AnimusDragon123’s Trust}} and show if off to the world!

Lunar’s Sib!

Hello! Well, this badge is only for my Wiki Sibs! So, that means, that if you have this, you are Lunar’s Sibling. You are amazingly nice, and I can’t believe I met someone as nice as you! Thanks for just being you! And remember, don’t be someone you’re not, because you’re already the best and nothing you do changes that! Also you might be, nice, funny, kind, smart, perky, jumpy, Optimistic, (Loving Harry Potter or being a Hufflepuff,) And overall, you’re the best! I can’t believe I met you! You will never. Ever. Be unkind to me. You follow the wiki rules, and once again, you just are the best. Also, put { {Harry Potter Pledge} } to take the Harry Potter pledage. Congrats on being in this AMAZING FAMIILY TREE!


Starry's Friend

If you got this badge, then congrats, you’re a friend of StarryNight05! Whether you roleplay with her often or just enjoy hanging out, you know that she’ll always have your back. You can deal with her obsession with orchestra and her various rants, as well as her obsession of...well, whatever she's currently obssesed with. Be proud of this badge, and know that you’ll have a loyal friend who’ll hang out with you and support you.

To show your friendship with Starry, put {{Starry's Friend}} into the source code of your page.


Rayna, Queen Of Supernatural Creature

You Human Being, are now Rayna's Friend, but remember, if you get on her bad side, she will bite you and drink your blood....

To add this badge to your page, type {{The Vampire's Friend}} into the source code.

Vampire teeth

[deleted template]

IMG 0176

Friend of Aqua

This badge is only for the friends of Aquamarine! If you get this badge, you get free ice cream and hugs! You also get a very friendly Seawing nurse that you can trust and always be at your side for a crazy adventure or if you need a shoulder to cry on! To put this on your page, put {{Aqua's Friend}} in the source code.



Congrats! You have been chosen as a friend of LightningheartofShadowClan! (Or just Lightningheart) This means you have put up with my lack of patience, crazy shipping, overactive imagination, and I consider you a friend! To put this on your wall of honor, just put "Friend of Lightning" in brackets!

To place this badge anywhere, type {{Friend of Lightning}} Into the source code!


Skywatcher’s family member

Hello! If you got this SkyWatcher thinks of you as a friend! You put up with her Love of Rps and Crazy Characters! She will guard you till the end of time and will always be happy to talk to you or look at your Rps!  ??

To place this badge anywhere, type {{Skywatcher’s family member}} Into the source code!


Salvation's Friend!

If you have this badge it means Salvation considers you a freind! You listen to her rants about random topics, and you accept her weirdness, and, in return, Salvation considers you a companion! Congratulations, friend!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Salvation's Friend}} in the source code.


Echo's Companion!


This badge is for any and all friends of Echo! Display it proudly on your profile to show Echo's recognition of your intelligence, integrity, and other generally great traits!

Type {{Echo's Companion}} on your page to proclaim for all to see!

Tailbite’s Friend

If Tailbite has given you this badge, it means you are a very kind and wonderful person, and Tailbite considers you a great friend. You have put up with Tailbite’s stubbornness and her love of writing, and you totally deserve this badge! Congratulations! You are officially Tailbite’s friend!

Type {{Talibite's Friend}} to put this badge on your page.


Tumblr pb8uil1teP1rp83cro1 400

TerminalMontage Kirby

Deltax's Fren

*happy screeching* If you have the badge, you are mah fren! That means you have probably RPed with me a lot or you're a cool person! Either way, you have the badge and are mah fren! YEEEEEY

Type, {{Deltax's Fren}} to become Deltax's fren!

Crystal eye

Crystaleyes friend! Hello, if you've gotten this badge then you're either a good friend of mine, or your a stalker who stole it from someone I gave it to. If I gave you this, then you either listen to my rants about Peacemaker, or have a love of wolves, roleplay, and animals (or of course forbiden love ships!) To add this to your page put {{Crystaleyes friend!}} to either show that I gave it to you, or you're a stalker!


Dasypoda drawn by ponyo100 and owned by Sass-Parilla

SparkTheHiveWing’s Friend!

Congratualtions! Spark has given you this badge because...

1. You are considered her friend

2. Out accept that she makes too many rps

3. You have played a lot of rps with her!

So yeah, good job!

Type, {{Spark's Friend!!}} to show the world out friendship!

Avitar Transparent

Orca, Ponyo100's OC

Ponyo's Friend

Congrats! If you have received this badge, that means that Ponyo100 considers you a friend! This means that you have done one of these things: Roleplayed with her a lot, been nice to her, or know her IRL! Great job!

To show Ponyo100's friendship on your page, type {{Ponyo's Friend}} in the source code.

Nix's Trusted Ally


Seems you've gotten my badge... or stolen it, either one. If you earned this badge, congratz. If you've stolen it... get a life.

Anyways, onto the point. I only give this badge to people I feel have earned my friendship. I don't hand this badge out to random people... or any of my badges. You have caught my eye and been a pretty good dragon... person... cat? Whatever you consider yourself. You've helped me out, made me laugh, or maybe you've just been a great person to talk to. Either way, your a good friend. Thank you.

Carolinecat1's Friend!

Hello again, fella humans! Human fellas! If you have this badge, it means that Carolinecat1 views you as a friend! That means you've put up with her annoying rants about Claudia from The Dragon Prince, her weird obsession with Glimmer, Scorpia, Catra, and Castaspella from She-Ra, and know almost everything about her cats! Also, you probably ship her OTPs, Sarai x Harrow from The Dragon Prince, and Angella x Micah From She-Ra!

Caro, Cat, or Carolinecat - whatever you call her, she's happy to have you as a friend!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Carolinecat1's Friend!}} in the source code!

Papaya's Friend

In the Amazon there is a rare specie of bird called the orange bellied parrot and guess what your friends with one! If you have this badge it means Papaya thinks of you as a friend. You have been supportive, kind and a good person to talk too. She deeply respects you and will be by your side at all times. Papaya says thanks for being a good friend. SQUAWK!

Type {{Papaya's Friend}} into the source code to place this badge on your profile.



Bread Dog's Friend

Wow! You've done it! You've pleased Shiba enough that she gave you her friend badge. This means you have been very kind to her, probably put up with her ranting about her fanfics, appreciated her awful art, dealt with her newfound obsession with pixel gifs, and so much more! She's decided to accept your friendship. Or... give you her friendship. EITHER ONE! OwO! Just... make sure you spell her fursona's name right. It's REYE, not Rye. She... gets touchy about people spelling her poor doggo's name the wrong way.


Also...don't even try to get that dog hair off of your clothes. It's a lost cause.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Bread Dogs's Friend}} in the source code.


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