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ȶɦɨֆ ʏɛǟʀ, ȶɦօʊɢɦ ɨ'ʍ ʄǟʀ ʄʀօʍ ɦօʍɛ, ɨռ ȶʀɛռƈɦ ɨ'ʍ ռօȶ ǟʟօռɛ. ȶɦɛֆɛ ʄǟƈɛֆ ʄǟƈɨռɢ ʍɛ, ȶɦɛʏ ӄռօա, ȶɦɛʏ ӄռօա աɦǟȶ ɨ ʍɛǟռ.



Seany's Friend

Yay, if you have this badge you are offically a friend of the mad and fish-loving SeanyCorny! This means you are crazier that Kinkajou and nicer that Moonwatcher...and more positive adjectives...dang it I'm running out of ideas for this template... Nevermind, just add this template by putting {{ Seany's Friend }} in the source code.

moonwatcher beauty's friend! (´∧ω∧`*)
heyas! moony here! i'm just here to let you know that you have officially been bestowed with the honor of bearing my badge. it's a major accomplishment, so feel proud, smol human bean. hugs! ((also, hey, have a cupcake uwu.)) to put this wherever you please, just slap the text { {Songbird Beauty's Friend!} } in the source code, without the spaces between the brackets!

Fathindigo's Friend

Hey! Congrats! Fathindigo considers you his friend! This is most likely the greatest thing to ever happen to you, past, present, or future. ‘Cause, y’know, we all know Fath is the greatest there is… jk but he probably thinks you’re the greatest there is! Or at least one of the greatest! So if ya got this badge (and didn’t steal it) it means Fath’ll be by your side and there for you in whatever you do! Yay! Oh, and he’s super glad and all to have a friend like you, but I mean that’s a minor detail, right?

Type {{Fathindigo’s Friend}} to put this on your profile page.


Ally of the Stars

This badge is only for the friends of Starlight the triple-hybrid dragon! This means you have put up with all of Starlight/Snowy's craziness and hugs, and it also means that you have a loyal friend who loves birds, orchestra, Wings of Fire, and cupcakes. Having this badge means you will have less of a chance to get yelled at by Starlight. To put this on your page, put {{Allyofthestars}} in the source code.

Blackout's True Friend Edit

If you are getting this badge, you've done it. You've really made an impression on me, and I don't know what I'd do without people like you. They say true friends are hard to find, and in my life experience, they really are. But you are one. You've made me laugh, you've helped me when I've been sad, gotten me through bad situations and generally just been the family I'd want to have. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm all ears. If you're feeling sad, I'll try to cheer you up. If you just need some company, I'll be there! Thank you for being my friend. I don't give this badge out to many people, only ones who I really think should get it. If you have had the rare chance of getting this, type {{Blackout's True Friend}} into your source code.

Midnights’s Friend


To have this badge means that Midnight (not the admin) is your friend and she trusts you with this badge! Also, it means that you have put up with her capital letter writing, and often bad grammar. You may have earned this badge by RPing with Midnight, stalking random pages with Midnight, or even randomly/casually talking with Midnight. The possibilities are endless! But, most importantly this badge shows that you are a great person (dragon)! :) To show you are Midnight's friend, post this badge on your page!

To add this fine badge to your page, put the code Midnight's Best Friend! inside these {{}}!

Blake considers you a friend!
If you've received this badge, then you've put up with my constant terrible sarcasm and still was kind towards me. Thanks! You've earned my trust and friendship!

I consider you my family, a special part of my wiki family! So whenever life is rough towards you, I will be there for you (that is considering if I am online XD). I don't have much to say, except, thanks for being nice towards me!

Remember, {{It's Blake}} here!

Shkataplah's Friend

Shka’s buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal friend pal home slice bread slice dawg. Or just buddy chum pal, whatever works.

ᴛᴏ ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴛʜɪs ʙᴀᴅɢᴇ ᴏɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴏғɪʟᴇ ᴘᴀsᴛᴇ {{Shkataplah's Friend}} ɪɴᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴏғɪʟᴇ sᴏᴜʀᴄᴇ ᴄᴏᴅᴇ.
this is a friend badge



Great pic made by Oceans Of Twilight

Resized by nath

Another picture, Thanks Nath!

Herro... I don't know what to say here, hence the title, but... Thanks for being my friend, and has a good day, night, week, month, hour, minute, whatever at this time. Hmmmmmm..... oh yea. You now (even if you might have before) have permission to call me friend. HAIL KHORNE

To add this badge, put {{I don't know}} in the source code!

IMG 20190629 102846834

My guinea pig Luna, who you better believe is cute or I'll take this away ARG

Welcome to Hybrids of Pyrrhia!

Welcome to Puddle's little band of friends, I guess! I hope it's a pleasure to you, because it is to me! This badge represents you're awesome, super nice to me, and very enjoyable company for me, a lonely hybrid. It also may be you're super fun to roleplay with. *Takes deep breath* I'm out of nice things to say here. *Throws confetti everywhere* Congratulations! Put Puddle'sBuddy into {{ }} in your source code

Serval Squad!

If you have this badge, it means you are now officially part of the Serval Squad! That means you have befriended the amazing VioletclawstheSeaWingIceWing! Congrats! You deserve a cookie! :)
To put this on your wall, type in {{Serval Squad!}} in the source code, and show off this badge with pride!

ʂɛąῳıŋɠʄąŋ22'ʂ ʄཞıɛŋɖ!


Cσɳɠɾαƚυʅαƚισɳʂ! Yσυ αɾҽ α ϝɾιҽɳԃ σϝ SҽαWιɳɠFαɳ22! Yσυ αɾҽ αɯҽʂσɱҽ αɳԃ σႦʋισυʂʅყ LOVE SҽαWιɳɠʂ. Tσ ρυƚ ƚԋιʂ Ⴆαԃɠҽ σɳ ყσυɾ ɯαʅʅ, ƚყρҽ { { SeaWingFan22 friend } } without the spaces between the brackets!

SleetTheHusyLover's Friend

Heylo!! If you have this badge you are Sleet's FRIEND!!!!!! YAY!!

To put this badge on your profile copy {{SleetTheHusyLover's Friend}} and paste it into your source code.


Sleets squad

Hi, you have somehow managed to get into the best squad on Earth, the sleet squad, in order to have received this badge you have to be one of my bestest friends. This is sort of a thank you badge, because if you receive this badge, you have been a great friend and I am honored to hang with you. This is awkward. Peace out.

Type {{Sleets squad}} to put this badge on your page.

Arthur-front large

Cheetah's Friend!

You are now a friend of Cheetah, who now considers you an ally, a bud, and an amigo! This is not very honorable, but it's great to him, So he hopes you have more great conversations to come. :). (Ps, Don't eat any more of his virtual waffles.)

To express your friendship, type {{Cheetah's Amigo}} in the source code!

Friend of Yxtqwf
Congrats, Yxtqwf (also known as climbTheStairs) now considers you a friend—you've gained his respect, one way or another! This means Yxtqwf thinks you're a great person and enjoys your company! If he gives you this badge, you can transclude it on your profile (or wherever you want) with the code "{{Stairs}}". Here's some text to make it look like I wrote more since surely no one will bother reading all this with such an illegible font.
Gull by SPOOPl
44092196ac65125c9089fa574d6a1ad12ba4bb3er1-762-1000v2 hq

Turtles Friend! Yay!

This must be a VERY important day because you are friends with the one and only PRINCE TURTLE! This friend badge is only earn by the important (like me) and the trustworthy dragons. To show your trustworthy-ness, put {{Turtles Friend! Yay!}} on your page.

44092196ac65125c9089fa574d6a1ad12ba4bb3er1-762-1000v2 hq

Turtle's BFF!

Oh, Hello there young soul...If you have gotten this badge it means YOU ARE TURTLE'S BFF! He will use his magic for you anytime and anywhere, you also don't mind his love for memes, yeeting, and stalking! Also, I PROBABLY WILL NEVER GET MAD AT YOU!!! YAY!! (//cough// Turtlejou forever) Also, You probably have the Turtle Protector badge and is part of THE TURTLE ARMY!

To show you are Turtle's BFF type, {{Turtle's BFF}} in the source code!

Harpy’s Friend

Hello! If Harpy’s given you this badge, that means you have earned her friendship!

This means you will get lots of messages from her, random pictures of plants and things, and a free package of cherry tomatoes every Sunday.

Also, she might throw some art gifts at you from time to time. Be ready for this.

Have a great day!

If you have earned HarpyEagle123’s friendship, type in {{HarpyEagle123’s Friend}}.

Hope's Wing


Look at that, you've been offered the friendship of a maniacal person. You can either take the gift of friendship, or you can reject it and the yellow bird will kill you. To put this badge on your page type { {Hope's Wing} } into the source editor!"

Cim's Friend!!!!!🦄

//Walks onto the stage// //pics up mic// Testing 1...2! Ok so if you got this ding dang dong badge,this means your....drumroll please.....Cim's friend!! Yay! You deserve it!

  • Isn't Cim just annoying? Why do you wanna be her friend?*

Wait! Who be that?

  • Who do you think?*

I have no clue. Anyways...... //drops mic with// //walks off stage//

To add this, put {{Cim's Friend!}} in the source code!


Nix's Badge of Honor

I’ll redo this later


So if you get this put {{Nix’s Badge Of Honor}} on your profile in the source editor (If you want, not needed)



Lemonshrike's Randomness Friend Badge

Hello there.

So, since I've been making new badges based on old templates, and since my old badge is outdated, and I'm learning HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, I thought that I may as well make one from scratch. So today (16/06/2019 AUS), I did. I know this isn't the best, and as I get better, I'll update this

If you have this badge then it means that the citrus trees have accepted you as their own, and will never give you to the berries! You are one of us, and you may get shipped with and nicknamed some form of citrus.

You are most likely a fan of at least one of: Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats, Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed, Riftwar Cycle, Belgariad, Star Wars, Summoner, Book of Lies, Deltora Quest, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Land of Stories, so be prepared to discuss those. You also probably dislike spoilers, wish you could read more, and lament being at school, or learning, or at least suffer from chronic procrastination. You almost definitely like Music, Last Post Wins, Writing and coding in at least six different languages, most commonly HTML4, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C++ and Python. You also say that anything even remotely long is a novel, when in fact you often read 100,000+ word books and not only know the difference, but know and enjoy exaggerating. Science is probably one of your loves, along with English, Mathematics and History.

And on that note, thanks for accepting this novelty novel badge with: {{Lemonshrike's Randomness Friend Badge}}.


Drizzle's Friend

*LE GASP* Congrats on becoming my friend! I shall defend you in any way possible. Do you have any idea what this means??? If you get this badge, you shall get an endless supply of hugs! :D I love every single one of my friends and I also appreciate every one of them, remember that, friendo!

To place this badge in your profile, type {{Drizzle's Friend}} in the source code!

Credit to Ponyo100 for making this badge!

Cotton's Ally

If you have recieved this badge from Cotton, it means that he thinks of you as a friend! You have probably been kind to him, and he thanks you for being there for him. He will protect you, call artillery strikes on your enemies , attempt to make you laugh with his weird jokes, call artillery strikes on your enemies , comfort you when you are down, call artillery strikes on your enemies , let you rant in his Private Messages, call artillery strikes on your enemies , and call artillery strikes on your enemies . Thank you for being Cotton's friend! :D

Put {{Cotton's Ally}} in the source code of your page to show off this special badge!

Welcome to Fortune's Family
Fortune's pfp

Fortune is a magnet

He will stick with you forever

Figuratively and physically

Cherish it :3

To put this badge on your profile, add {{Fortune's Family}} in the source code and wear it with pride!

Lorikeet’s Friend

Hello there! If you are seeing this then that means that you are Lorikeet the RainWing’s friend! If this is true, then you are allowed to call her Lori. This lovely little dragonet loves singing, food, books (especially Wings Of Fire), and chatting online with people. If you are Lori’s friend, this means that you have braved the wild bird obsession and her horror obsession. Lori wants to thank you for taking the time to read this. She also wants to mention that she doesn’t know why she is talking in the 3rd person, it is just fun.

So, what are you waiting for (except for Lori to stop talking to you)? – put {{Lorikeet’s Friend}} on your profile in the source editor.

Infinity's Ally

You now have a loyal ally. Infinity. I will protect you to Infinity and beyond now that you have earned an InfinityWing's trust. Now I hope you will be my ally too? Thanks!

To add this badge to your page type {{Infinity's Ally}} into the source code.

Swifter. Faster. Better.

Congratulations! You have earned a StarburstWing's friendship, now I will keep you safe (and eat your scavenger!)!! Id anyone tries to hurt you I will whip them with my tail!! Type {{Swiftmind}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Burn's Ally

If you get this badge, you are one of my friends. What this means is that you have my friendship, and my support to keep. This also means you don't mind my opinions and hate of moonwatcher. If you receive this badge type Burn's ally in the source code with two brackets on either side.

If you receive this badge type {{Burn's ally}} into your profile source code.


Heron's Sibworthy!


Heron just wants to thank you for being her friend, and to tell she and her sibs will welcome you into her troop at any time with open wings! Heron will also acknowledge that she is talking in the third person for some reason... hmm. Anyway, to add this too your page type 'Heronssibworthy' with two brackets before and after!

May the Force be With You
Atra du evarinya ono varda, fellow living being. If this badge has randomly appeared on your screen, you're in luck. It means that you have made an ally/friend of MistydaAwesomeSeaWing! This means you have somehow come to stand her vast quirkiness, her love (and totally not obsession) with Cleril,
Star Wars, and baby dragons, and will not get murdered the second you mutter the obscenity "Pertle". Earning this badge is a curse stooky honor, totally.

You're free to rant, scream, fangirl, and write with moi anytime. But, you have been warned: you are entering a danger zone of shipping and grammar-soldiering by becoming my friend.

May the odds be ever in your flavor! (No, I never have typos. What are you talking about.)

To get this badge, type {{Misty's Fellow Jedi}} in the source code.

23's Friend

CONGRATS!! You have earned this badge and have helped me through tough times, made me smile when i was at my lowest, and have always made me laugh. You have dealt with me being annoying. You have made me feel like an actual friend.

If you have earned this badge then you are true friend of 23suttet's!!!! Type {{23Suttet's Friend}} into your source code to add this to your wall!

Wingsoffire forum logo
Glow's friend

If this badge shows up on your profile, it means you are a great friend to Glow. She will protect you, love you, and comfort you when you are sad. Prepare yourself for tons of hugs and tackles from this loving little dragon. If you are given this badge add it to your page by typing {{Friend of Glow}} in the source code.

The Warden's Shield 🛡️

„If you have this badge you are a true friend of the Warden, he will Protect and Defend you with his Life”

„My sword is at your service”

„If my flame should one day flicker and die let it be to set your path ablaze”

To add this badge to your page type {{The Warden's Shield}} into the source code.

Warden colored transparent

Sprinkle's Friend

Hewooooo! If you have this badge you are my friend! It means you have put up with my craziness (if you have seen me in my crazy mood) but most of all been kind to me! A wise someone I know once said "Friends come and go like ocean waves, but true friends stick with you through the good and the bad like a octopus 🐙 stuck to your face" no words can explain how happy it makes me to have a friend like have stuck with me in the good and bad times so from the bottom of my heart thank you!

To put this on your profile put {{Template:Sprinkle's Friend}} on your page. Again thank you! 💜💜💜

IMG 20191024 195140467-gradient-2019 10 25 21 45 41.jpg

mAh bootiful face

Fallow's Buddy!

Oh hello! It's me, Fallow! And I now knight thee my buddy! I love to roleplay with you, chat with you, and you in general (IN A FRIEND-WAY). You tolerate my weirdness and UwUness, and stalking *cough* I mean observationssss. Enjoy! //Throws confetti everywhere// Add this to your page by typing {{Fallow's Buddy}}

Destinychooser’s Friend

Hello! I’m Destinychooser but you can call me Destiny or Dest. If you get this card, it means you have been really nice to me and I would like you to be my friend if you can deal with shyness and nervousness. I am a princess in the NightWing and LoyalWing tribe. My sisters are is Queen Glow and Aurora the Hybrid. I am a General in my sister’s army. I hope to talk to you soon.

“This is my quote, The willing, Destiny guides them. The unwilling, Destiny drags them.” ~ Destinychooser

Type {{Destinychooser’s Friend}} to put this badge on your page.


Thea's Friend!


If you received this badge, it means that you are friend of mine! To place it on your profile capy and paste {{Thea Aishi's Friend}} into your profile.


Toaster's Owner(s)


Hi! The Toaster Council has approved of you being Midnight Toaster 2.0's Owner(s)! You have been kind to her(I think), laughed at her HILARIOUS jokes, and treated her well! Congratulations! Being her owner means unlimited toast whenever you want it! You are now protected by The Toaster Empire. If you need someone or something incinerated, Midnight Toaster 2.0 will always be there. Unless it's burning herself. That's not nice. So she won't do that. But she can incinerate your enemies, homework, anything you wish.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Toaster's Owner(s)}} in the source code.

Papaya's Friend

In the Amazon there is a rare specie of bird called the orange bellied parrot and guess what your friends with one! If you have this badge it means Papaya thinks of you as a friend. You have been supportive, kind and a good person to talk too. She deeply respects you and will be by your side at all times. Papaya says thanks for being a good friend. SQUAWK!

Type {{Papaya's Friend}} into the source code to place this badge on your profile.


Grain's Bestie

Seawing Avatar

Hey peoples it's me Grain. You probably got this badge for sticking with me and being kind to me and also putting up with my quirkiness and my love of SeaWings! I respect you and you're an amazing and great person!

Type {{Grain's Bestie}} into the source code to put this badge on any page.

WindFaith's Friend!

Congratulations! You are now a friend of WindFaith, which means you put up with my endless obsessions with memes, Broadway musicals, art, music, Star Trek TNG, and more! I will give you recaps in Roleplays, help you when you need it and always have your back as a friend. You can ask for art whenever you want and can count on me to be a kind friend. Consider yourself lucky to have this badge!

To place this badge anywhere, type {{WindFaith's Friend}} into the source code!

Thumb 1b5a5cc3-85a4-4c70-bafa-0b1748860b57
Shadows Freind!
Hiii! If you happen to have this badge that means i consider you a freind! You should be honnered and if bad? Aaanywa for those of you who are excited this means you get extra hugssss, possiby cupcakes..idk though...and someone to protect you. If you want to show off the AWESOME AMAZING pride of being my freind then add Shadows Freind! in two curly brackets on each side.

Samkre27's Friend!

Yay! You are now Samkre27's friend. Yes,this is her second friend badge but she needed an update on it.

//Confetti flys everywhere//

You probably meant Samkre27 somewhere and talked with her or even roleplayed with her.You've gotten through her bad spelling,love for Pokemon,and her rants.You've also gotten through her love of Glorybringer.But yes congratulations cause you are now Samkre27's friend!

To show off this badge put {{Samkre27's Friend!}} in the source code.

Lunar’s Sib!

Hello! Well, this badge is only for my Wiki Sibs! So, that means, that if you have this, you are Lunar’s Sibling. You are amazingly nice, and I can’t believe I met someone as nice as you! Thanks for just being you! And remember, don’t be someone you’re not, because you’re already the best and nothing you do changes that! Also you might be, nice, funny, kind, smart, perky, jumpy, Optimistic, (Loving Harry Potter or being a Hufflepuff,) And overall, you’re the best! I can’t believe I met you! You will never. Ever. Be unkind to me. You follow the wiki rules, and once again, you just are the best. Also, put { {Harry Potter Pledge} } to take the Harry Potter pledage. Congrats on being in this AMAZING FAMIILY TREE!


Sunset Has Befriended you!

I want to be your friend. Accept my Friendship request Por Favor!!! I is a great friend and I will try my best to solve what ever problem you need I will be the best friend possible! I is kind once you get to know meh!(Unless I was always kind to you *hint hint* Then you must be my friend) Have a good life!! SE HABLA ESPANOL!!!!!

To show our friendship on your profile, just type {{Sunset's Firnd Hotline}} into the source code (Credits to Slush for making this beautiful badge!!!!!!).


Hi there friend! If you are getting this badge, you are a friend of mine! This means we have interacted a lot and you have put up with my nonsense. and BTW if you didn't already know this is Nightscale's badge X3 If you have this badge, I will protect you. (Not that I don't already) This also means that if you need a shoulder to cry on, you can come to me, and I won't complain. To put this on your page, just put Midnight Approval in {{ }}

Skyla profile
Skyla's Ally

This badge means that you are OFFICIALLY Skyla's (or Skye) friend and Ally. This means that there is 8% less chance for you to be ever attacked by anyone, a 50% more chance of you knowing a blue eyed Skywing and a 100% more chance of knowing the coolest Skywing princess EVER! You also now have a Pokemon master to cover your back when needed!

If you are given this badge add it by typing {{Skyla's Ally}} in the source code. You are most welcome!

Fireflies Friend

Congratulations! you have befriended firefly! this is a big acomplishment for you because firefly also likes to give out free stuff!

Put {{Fireflies friend}} in the source code of your page to show the world!

Hivewing Sigil

Oakley's Companion!!

Howdy! If you receive this badge, that means you are as mindful as I about your past, present, and yes, most importantly, your future! This also means you except people (and dragons) for who they are. Even if you don't have these qualities, I still like you anyway! Also, feel free to request me for art or do an art trade with me! So yay!!! *happy dances* To add this to your page, put "Oakley’s Companion!!" with two curly thinga-ma-bobs in your source code!

Cormorants Fren!


By a nonfandom fren

AYYyyYyYyYYyyy look at this! I got cha something or you already have it idk. Having this badge probably means I say AYYYYYyYYyYyY to you more often. Or I just don’t hate you more than when my sister kicks meh out of Spotify (trust me I hate that). If ya moi fren I will give you some facts I probably haven’t expressed, I like rap, tbh I don’t have a clue why pppl love glory like insanely I believe Tsunami is better YEET I should stop rambling if I has given you this type (YA IK I HAVE A NEW USER) {{Frostbreakers friend }} On your page! in the source code.

Cuttlefish’s Friend

Oh! Hello friend! Here is a badge! If you have received this badge you have become my friend, and automatically my friend Blade’s friend. It also means you have put up with:

1) my animus magic

2) my over-protection

3) my obssesion with WHALES!

Have a good day! If you don't have this badge from me on your profile already, paste {{Cuttlefish’s Friend}} into your profile source code.

Untitled drawing (6)

Art by MidnighttheNightWingandSandWing

Tern's Best Friend!

This exclusive badge can only be given by Sahei77 (aka Tern the IceWing) if she thinks you're really friendly to her and can understand and sympathize with her many worries and burdens! Congrats! Type in "Tern's Best Friend!" in your wall (with {{}} to display it.

Hurricane's Friend

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 2.42.55 PM

Hello friend! If you have received this badge, you have tolerated me being a picky guy, a Minecraft player, being a novice at pretty much everything, and not clicking save. You truly are a remarkable person/dragon! To put this badge on your page type { {Hurricane's Friend} } into the source editor! I was helped by the mastermind that is DarkstalkerDeathbringer to make this badge.. Thanks for the help!

B̪͎̔̌͗L̢͗͏͛A͔͚̾C͈̋͡K̮̉̇̀͏̡̹̈́̏̈́P̭̮̜͈̽ͥͫḪ̷̟̄͗ͧ͆̆ͯO̵͙̫̽ͤͬE̡͚̝͓ͧ̆ͬ̎͏̬N̵͖͇̿͗ͤ̇̚Í̧̾̐ͣX͞ ̸̫̀̏̆̊̔͟ ̸̫̭̀̏̆̊̔͟AͨL̬͖̪͛̆̐͂̓͢L̶̹͑͋̂Ĩ̲̬͈̂̑͒͜A͍̿ͣ͂̽͟N̾C̖̼Ë
Congratulations! Blackphoenix the aroace, genderfluid, soulless, sarcastic SkyWing NightWing has considered you worthy of her/his time, protection, and friendship. This also means that you have put up with their complete and utter randomness, so congrats to you. You have probably endured long fangirling/fanboying sessions (especially over Silver coughcough), book talks, rants, emo song lyrics, screaming, shipping dramas, randomness, and just her/him being a vexatious and idiosyncratic person in general. Yes, to compensate for all of the fandom horrors she/he has inflicted on you, Blackphoenix will give you this badge!!


-makes a hurricane of black glitter as welcome to the black parade plays in the background-

But there are a few perks about getting this badge:

1. You get Blackphoenix's approval. Why not?

2. You get to put this on your page. Isn't that awesome? You can fill the empty hole in your heart by slapping this badge onto your page (jk lol)

3. If someone dares be mean to you, Blackphoenix will immediately go into angry emo edgy dragon mode™ and relentlessly hunt down the bully (aka protect you from the meanness)

4. Although Blackphoenix is terrible with emotions, she/he will be there if you need comfort or help and stuff.


6. You get to use her/his trademarks like deathsthetic™, angry emo edgy dragon mode™, and more without being attacked by a ferocious OC

7. oh yeah you also get to visit his/her profile without being attacked by OCs

8. If you get this it means that Blackphoenix genuinely appreciates your companionship and loves to talk to you

9. Oh look more debates/rants/fangirling/fanboying/randomness

10. Dude Blackphoenix is your friend now what more do you want (jk)

also this means that you're allowed to play with blackphoenix's shapeshifting genderfluid asexual panromantic pet rock (aka Yeet McYeeterson Jr) without being accidentally stabbed by a blunt fork or attacked by one of Blackphoenix's insane haywire homicidal brooms


congratulations on getting this badge btw

To put this badge on your page, type { { {Blackphoenix Alliance} } without spaces.

Bye now! -magically yeets self out in a dramatic whirl of black-

This badge might get a few more images put in it. Idk. But I am afraid, my friend, that today is not that day.

Fancy's Pal/Buddy/Friend

Congrats! You are a official friend of the lovely ferret next door named Fancy! There will be randomness, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, and other stuff. Fancy will also happily build a pillow fort for you in case there's danger! Fancy may protect you with either a magical bubble, or something else. This humble ferret will be at your side at all times. Type the magical source code {{Fancy's Friend!}} to prove that you're a friend of ferret lover!



Firesand's friend!

Hey!! you have gotten FireSand's friend badge! Now you are less likely to be burned by her firescales and you have dealt with her craziness and THAT'S QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT and another thing is that she will try to protect you and try to get on chat to chat with you when ever she can!! =3to have this badge put {{HOi u r FireSand's friend} }

Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sassy's Ally}} in the source code!

Moonivy’s friend

Congrats you are Moonivy’s friend. That's bassicly it, you a nice person and my friend. [Insert another nice comment here]. To add this to your page put {{Moonivy's friend}} in your source code.

JungleFrost Forever

Hello! This badge is only given to loyal ColdWings, Undertale fanatics and my FRIENDS!!! It means that you are worthy of my friendship!! Yay! You will also get MASSIVE SHOUTOUTS on my page.

Congratulations if you have earned this badge put {{JugngleFrost Forever}} into intoo source code to have this magical badge!!! (^-^)


Queen Shore's Friend


If you earn this badge it means I like you and think of you as a friend. You should feel honored to have this badge. To add this badge to your page, type {{Queen Shore's Friend}} in the source code.

CONGRATULATIONS! Miraculouslazulitheseawing (or Miraculous for short) considers you a friend! This is only possible if you put up with the constant Steven universe, warriors, Harry Potter, miraculous ladybug, and Pokémon; as well as not daring to insult sundew or cleril. If she gives you this badge, type {{Miraculous' Friend}} to add it to your page.

Bud's Friend Badge

You’re Bud’s friend now! Congratulations! To put this badge on your page, type {{Bud’s Friend Badge}} in the source code!

Blackjacket's Friend

Congratulations! If you received this badge, that means that you are officially one of my friends! That means you've tolerated my little knowledge of things on the wiki, been a great person, and been kind to me! You are awesome!!!

To place this badge on your profile type {{Blackjacket's Friend}} into the source code.


Demoncat's friend

Hooray, Demoncat1100 is your friend! This means you are allowed to call her Jeepa and not get smacked in the face with an eel! Yay! (Hopefully you don't mind her constant EC fangirling)

To put this on your page, add {{Demoncat's friend}}.

Congrats! You've befriended Multiple Mysteries!

Hello! You've just befriended Multiple mysteries! Put { { MM's comrade } } without the space in between the brackets.

Solstice's Friend!

Solstice and axis

If you received this badge, congratulations! You are now one of Solstice the Icewing's allies and get to tolerate her obsession with Icewings and scroll reading. Your requests for her mediocre art will also become her first priority! Yippee.

To add this badge to your page, put {{Solstice's Approval}} in the source code!


You are Buttercup's friend! What an honor! You enjoy either Warriors, Subnautica, Wings of Fire, IceWings, SilkWings, or ice cream and Skittles! Or you just like to talk and joke with your sense of humor. If you are sent this badge, put {{Buttercup's Friend!}} on your userpage!

Remains of NH's Friend!

if your seeing this your now a friend of NH, WHO CELEBRATION ESKETIT anyways now that you have this you have put up with my weirdness long enough to be my friend yay

Put {{RemainsofNh's Friend}} in the source code of your page to show the world!


Hero's Comrade

Hello fellow soldiers-in-arms! If you have this badge, it means you have put up with me being overdramatic, constantly torturing my OCs, dealt with my nerdiness and have been there for me time after time. Thanks for sticking with me through those tough fights and listening to my rants. I'll always stand by you no matter what and I'll never leave your side. Thanks for being awesome!

To show our friendship on your profile, just type {{Hero's Quest}} into the source code.


Featherflight's Squad!

This badge means you are considered a friend by Featherflight The SkyWing, or Feather, for short! She obviously likes you very much if you are offered this badge. You must be able to put up with her strange sense of humor and her obsessions, which include, but are not limited to: Maned wolves, Carnelian, ice cream, Listener, dogs, Winter, Warriors, Ostrich, cute anime dragons, SkyWings, Queen Glacier and smiley faces! :) You probably also don't mind that she is talking about herself in third person, which is kinda weird, don't you think? Oh well, if I (er, she, yes,) offers you this badge, you can officially consider yourself apart of Feather's Squad! YAY!!!! Add this code if you want to join the squad! {{Featherflight's Squad!}} .

♥Fallow's Best Friend Badge♥

Are you ready? This is epic

20191026 143541
You are now one of my rare BEST friends! Quite the upgrade, right? You are a very awesome frendo who I have known for a while, and you are super nice and fun, and you can withstand meh weirdnoness and UwUness and all that bootiful "special" stuff about me. Celebrate! //Throws confetti//
IMG 20191024 195140467-gradient-2019 10 25 21 45 41.jpg

mAh bootiful face

Post this by snacking { {Fallow's Best Friend} } onto your wall without Dem spaces OwO

Now you are officially promoted


IMG 20171224 153858 018-1
The Darkmoon Friend Award

If you have this badge, Darkmoon is your friend. Yay! This means that you share her love of cupcakes and chat, or she thinks you are awesome (maybe both). Either way, you now have a loyal friend who is always ready to give cupcakes or advice. Type { {Darkmoon’s Friend} } without the spaces in the brackets in order to place this badge on your page.

Dragonets of Prophecy BFF Award!
Congratulations! You've been given the BFF award by Obsidian the IceWing! It's a very special award, and only given out by Obsidian the IceWing to Obsidian the IceWing's very best friends!

To add this to your page, just use the code {{BFF|Your friend's username}}.

Hi if you get this you earned Shootingstars trust.

That means when you need her she'll be there for you. If you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to talk to use my message wall to talk and say you need a pm. I will talk to you all day if you need. And if you do get this badge you will have me at ur back, side or whatever you want.

You are welcome to ask for a drawing or anything when it comes to friendship.

Type {{The Badge Of Trust}} to put this on your page!
SeaWing Might

Congratulations! You have gained a great honor if you receive this-you are a friend of Aquarius the Seawing Prince! This means I think you are cool and a good friend; it also means I will protect you with my powers and you have the seawing army watching your back. Again, congrats! You should feel honored for this award! To add this to your page, just type { {SeaWing Might} }

Dawn Reference
by BrisingrWolf the SkyWing
Dawn's Friend

Congratulations! You are the friend of a Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson, and How to train Your Dragon lover, and a total scroll-worm. You will get a lot of hugs, and she will always be there as a should to cry on. Now she can talk to you about anything, including her love for Sunnyflight. To add this to your page put {{Dawn's Friend}} in your source code.

SeagullCropped Seagull's Buddy!

Heylo! If you get this badge, that means you have earned my trust, are on my wacky side, and are random enough for me! You also know my weirdness. Also, you get to be my dragon friend! To add this badge to your page, type {{Seagull's Buddy!}} in your source code.

Ariah's Friend

Hello. If you have this badge it means that your my friend, that means you have up with my saltiness and my random obsessions with Rainwings, pop songs, chocolate, disney movies, and Justin Timberlake. So if anyone hurts you, they will be dead by the end of the day. Oh and also there is a 50% more chance that I wont kill you. Thx for being a generally sweet person.


Mothrefldt thanks heron

Thanks heron! This is my oc

Moth's Friend

Congrats! You're Moth's friend! You're smart, artistic, or sweet, or Moth just likes you for who you are. If you get this badge it mreans you have been accepted by her, and to show it put {{Moth's Friend}}


Wolfwhisker's buddy


Wolfwhisker the Silkwing-Nightwing gives you this badge, this means you have been incredibly kind to her, and she considers you one of her best buddys! This is only possible if you've put up with her asking too many questions and shipping crazy ships. If she gives this to you, add it by typing { {Wolfwhisker's buddy} } without the spaces in between the { and }s.


Tailbite’s Friend

If Tailbite has given you this badge, it means you are a very kind and wonderful person, and Tailbite considers you a great friend. You have put up with Tailbite’s stubbornness and her love of writing, and you totally deserve this badge! Congratulations! You are officially Tailbite’s friend!

Type {{Talibite's Friend}} to put this badge on your page.



Member of the Skeleton Clique!

Are you a member of the Skeleton Clique? Die-hard fan of twenty one pilots?

Well, you're in luck, buddy, because this badge is for you!

If you love twenty one pilots and their music and will support them eternally, place this badge on your page by writing {{Skeleton Clique Member}} in the source code.

I respect the puppies


If you love the eternally-running doggos on, and want to show your respect and support for them, put this badge on your page by typing {{OMFGDOGS}} in the source code.

Succulent Support Group

Do you like succulents? Not just cacti, but MANY kinds of succulents? Well, you're in luck! If you love succulents and treasure them deeply, this badge is for you! If you wish to join the Succulent Support Group, use the code {{Succulent Support Group}} to show your allegiance!

The most bootiful thing


Is he not the most bootiful thing you've ever seen? Don't you just love him? Doesn't he make you not hate mosquitoes? He's just bootiful, and thats that. To show his bootifulness, put { { The most bootiful thing } } in the source code of your page.

Oi! Puuuuuuuuuuuy

This is a special badge for the memeber of puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy shhhhh this badge code is a secret for only the special puuuuy squad.


t u b e

The t u b e
C o n g r a t t. If you have give hav e. h a v e this badge. It means that you are a proud t u b e r. Everything is a t u b e. T h e t u b e i s a l m i g h t y

To add this to your page, use the code that is given to you by a fellow t u b e r.

Lick Our Lemon Squad

Tumblr p4qd5aX7ZJ1rbqaavo2 400

Sooo... there is this phrase humans use.. it is called lol. But what does lol really mean, you may ask? Well I'm here to tell you. Lol in all truth stands for "lick our lemon... and its counterpart, lel, stands for lick EXTREME Lemons.. how has such an extraordinary acronym been created? Well you see... 3 friends were randomly lollygagging around on some wall threads.. being stalky stalkers... when DD saw something funny. Naturally, she went to type "lol" although BOOM, out comes "lick our lemon", from the auto-correct.. which lead to an extremely long chain of lemon dumping by the millions, and some serious pro lemon licking madness..There is a code for this badge.. although it is revealed only to those who have experienced the lemon licking.. but if you do know the code, place this badge on your page (or your face) to show your lemon-licking pride!


Guardian of Wings of Fire Wiki

This is a template (Badge) of Honor. The wiki thanks you for your service as an Admin and/or Moderator. You are a true guardian, as you have Watched over, Protected, Improved, Expanded, and/or Keep Peace in the wiki. Thank you.

If you are given this in a message, type {{GuardianOfWoFWiki}} on your Profile, Message Wall, etc.


Part of the HugWing Fam!

Put this badge on your page if you love to give or receive hugs! {{Part of the HugWing Fam!}}

The Xtra Devious Club

We all know the most commonly known version of XD. The one that most people use alongside of lol. But do we know the other side!? Very few people know of the other meaning of XD, which is... XTRA DEVIOUS!

Just copy and paste {{The Xtra Devious Club!}} to show that you know the new meaning of XD, and have joined the club!

341-3419684 xd-png-icono-1024-x-1024
Avitar Transparent

Orca, Ponyo100's OC

Ponyo's Friend

Congrats! If you have received this badge, that means that Ponyo100 considers you a friend! This means that you have done one of these things: Roleplayed with her a lot, been nice to her, or know her IRL! Great job!

To show Ponyo100's friendship on your page, type {{Ponyo's Friend}} in the source code.

Welcome to Da Fam
YAY!//bakes cupcakes// if u have this that means u are apart of my wiki fam! yyyeeeeyyyy! u must work super hard to earn this and u only get it if i feel u earned it, and you did! i will now always protect oyu and u will get cupcakes even more now! I am sooo happy for u and i cant wait to be a big happy fam!

– Shadowhunter the NightWing

{{Welcome to Da Fam}}


Yummies :3

Free Special Milkshake!!!

Congratulations! If you got this from the one and only FancyFerret, you have the permission to get a free special Milkshake from Fancy's Many Milkshakes! (Note that you have to be a customer and also stalking Seany's Marketplace 2 in the Fun and Games Forum) type {{ Free Milkshakes! }} to get a free milkshake today! Milkshakes 4Ever!

Lucky Post
CONGRATULATIONS! If you have this badge on your page, it is proof that you won one of the rounds of Last Post Wins! Looks like you managed to snag the title among the other 499 posts. Maybe you even won multiple rounds—stealing that lucky post from others and taking their chance of glory for your own. Place this badge in your page as proof of your success. Type the code {{Winner}}!



Hey! If your getting this you’re under the protection of The Kitten Queen! Good for you! I’m glad to call you my friend and my family OwO! I shall protect you till death o_O enjoy it! To put this badge on your wall copy and paste {{Deal with it}} xP

MWS Society Member

"MWS Society? What's that?" you may ask. Well, the MWS Society stands for the Message Wall Stalker Society. Our organization stalks the message walls of various users on the wiki, but do not be alarmed, we are not doing so for a bad cause. We cannot spill out everything, however. If you must know more, you'll have to find us...

If you are a proud {{MWS Society Member}}, place this badge on your page.


Spork Squad!

Hello! If you have the honor of placing this badge on your wall, then you are officially a member of the Spork Squad! This means you’re awesome, a spork, a spork worshipper, and all around just sporky. We’re so excited that you’ve joined our cult, THE SPORK SQUAD! Here in Spork Squad, SPORK IS OUR GOD! GO SPORK SQUAD! SPORK! SPORK! SPORK! SPORK! ALL HAIL THE SPORK GOD! WE WORSHIP THE HOLY SPORK! To place this wonderful badge, type { {Spork Squad} } in the source code to slap this beautifully awesome gloriousness on you wall to show off your sporkiness.


Iu-138 NF FAN

You love NF? Well good you have brains! NF is a amazing rapper and guy if you see this badge and Don't know who NF is go check him out! REAL MUSIC 4 LIFE! To show you are a fan, type { {NF FAN} } without spaces between brackets to place this on your page.

Badge design by SleetTheHuskyLover or SleetTheNFSuperFan

Badge made by Seagull theSkyWing-SeaWing </nowiki>


LGBT Supporter Being Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi, Pan, Asexual and plus is fine! There's no shame in it! If this is on your page, you are proud to be one of these or you simply support LGBT! To add this to your page put {{LGBT+ Supporter}} to show you should not flee if someone is LGBT!

I Ship... Everything!

If your'll ship anything from dragons to rocks to dirt, then this is the badge for you! If you don't apprectiate any ship, then you can't have this badge. Dun dun, I know, sorry- but moving on! Type {{IShipEverything}} to add this to your wall! Keep shipping 4eva!

Congrats! You are now Ashtheflamewing's friendo! This means you are an AMAZING person who puts up with my mood swings. Thank you! Display this badge with pride! WARNING: IF YOU STOLE THIS I WILL TRASH YOUR WALL!

To add this to your page, just type in the code {{Ashtheflamewing's Amazing Friendo!}} .
Hamilton Fan!
This is the Wings of Fire fandom, but that doesn't mean you can show your love for the musical Hamilton about the first US Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton! So if you love listening to or watching this musical, don't hesitate to put this badge on your profile, by typing {{Hamilton}} in the source code.
Don't throw away your shot!

Heathers Fan

''Heather, Heather, Heather and Veronica! Even though this may be the wings of fire wiki This badge is for anyone that is a fan of Heathers the musical. From singing the songs non stop to constantly listening to the soundtrack your obsessed! If you put this badge on your profile it shows you are a true Heathers fan it will also be very Beautiful


To put this badge on your profile, type{{Heathers fan}} to place it on your page.


IMG 0533
Art by TheWisestDino
Darksight Supporter!
This pairing was really fated to happen. After all, it is not everyday you get to meet your soulmate! This pairing was absolutely adorable and these two NightWings belonged together. Despite all their flaws, you loved this pairing with all your heart and wish somehow you can get them back together. Show your love and support to this pairing! Type {{Darksight Supporter!}} in order to place this badge on your page.
Imagine Dragons

Hey there! You! Yes, you, the one reading this badge. Do you love Imagine Dragons? Okay, better question, can you name some of their songs not on the radio? If you can, great. If not, go listen to some, go! Now, if you will happily blast their music and sing along to every word, put {{Imagine Dragon Lover}} and show off your pride!

Whiteout headshot by Windshear1
Whiteout Support
This badge is for those of you who support Whiteout and everything about her, and will defend her against those evil people that may call her "weird" or "annoying" or any other of those frustrating comments. If you love Whiteout, you can add this template by putting {{ Whiteout Support }} in the source code.
Wings of Fire Pledge

Click Expand to see the pledge!

I promise to remember Glory

when somebody hides their emotions.

I promise to remember Clay

when someone can eat great proportions.

I promise remember Tsunami

when somebody is bossy and takes the lead.

I promise to remember Starflight

when someone can memorize everything they read.

I promise to remember Sunny

when somebody is cheery and kind.

I promise to remember Blaze

when someone thinks they are so pretty and divine.

I promise to remember Blister

when somebody is clever and sly.

I promise to remember Burn

when someone likes fighting and dies.

I promise to remember Webs

when somebody steals an egg.

I promise to remember Dune

when someone lost their leg.

I promise to remember Kestrel

when somebody is loyal to their queen.

I promise to remember Morrowseer

when someone is scary and mean.

I promise to remember Riptide

when someone has secrets and lies.

I promise to remember Stonemover

who couldn't even fly.

I promise to remember Anemone

when somebody fears their powers.

I promise to remember Smolder

for his scavenger Flower.

I promise to remember Whirlpool

when one starves for riches and to be king.

I promise to remember Peril

for thinking she was a dangerous thing.

I promise to remember Thorn

who became the Sandwing queen.

I promise to remember Deathbringer

who, in the Ice Kingdom, was seen.

I promise to remember Fatespeaker

when someone proclaims about visions.

I promise to remember Kinkajou

for making brave decisions.

I promise to remember Foeslayer

for taking a forbidden chance.

I promise to remember Arctic

for falling in love at first glance.

I promise to remember Indigo

for always loving and protecting her best friend.

I promise to remember Fathom

who used his magic only twice in the bitter end.

I promise to remember Clearsight

when someone worries about everything

I promise to remember Darkstalker

who became the only NightWing king.

I promise to remember Moon

for always trying to see the good.

I promise to remember Winter

who was once misunderstood.

I promise to remember Turtle

who tried to blend in from behind.

I promise to remember Qibli

who made the right choice in mind.

Thank you, Tui Sutherland, for all the adventures.

Thank you, Wings of Fire, for all the fun.

Yes, I promise to remember everyone

in Wings of Fire till my days are done.

Type {{Pledge}} in order to place this badge on your page.


Credit: mysteryreader6626

Kleki (2)


Hey,you're a shipper, right?

If you have known Fancy enough to know about her c̶o̶m̶p̶a̶n̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶ son, Pokey, then you might know that Slipkey has been born on [[1]]. Okay, Storytime's over. If you're a shipper of Silpkey, which is SilverXPokey (Thank you Shkataplah for the shipping name). Anyways, I will say the magical code later. If you think that sloth snakes hybrids should exist and the shipping between a lovely sloth and a happy snek is your otp, type this magical source code {{Slipkey Shipper}}to show your love for the ship!

Template:Supporter of Thea x NH

Warlow Support

Hey look! It's a badge to show that you support the AMAZING and CRAZY ship of Warden and Glow! Yaaay!! You get a cookie. One with purple and green sprinkles, of course. :3 If you support Queen Glow and her King, or maybe even think that it is a super, duper awesome relationship, add this badge to your page by typing {{Warlow support}} in the source code and wear it with pride!

Harry Potter Pledge

Hello! If you like Harry Potter, Press Expand, to see it. Take this pledge!

Please, take the {{Harry Potter Pledge}}, put it on your profile or message wall, WE DON’T CARE! As long as you wear it with pride, and mean it!

I will remember Hermione, when someone hates to break rules.

I will remember Ron, when someone is protective of their family and loved ones.

I will remember Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, when someone is a little short tempered, but brave, and kind in the end.

And remember...


“In this House,

We solemnly swear we are up to no good,

because we are members of the DA,

as brave as Gryffindor, 

as intelligent as Ravenclaw,

as loyal as Hufflepuff,

and as cunning as Slytherin.

Together, we have something worth fighting for.

We have become the masters of all the Deathly Hallows,

we know answers can be found on page 394.

We remember happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,

because in this house, WE DO HARRY POTTER”








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