Drizzle the SeaWing Quadbrid

aka ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chat moderator
  • I live in Your imagination
  • I was born on May 22
  • My occupation is Loving Coral more ùwú
  • I am A piece of trash

If you haven't met me (yet): my name is Drizzle. (if you prefer you can just call me Drizz or any of the other many nicknames I have, as long as I approve of it.)

Before I start, here are my alts:


-Drizzy the Spooky Skeledragon

-Ghost of Drizzle 

-Drizz the Irrelevant

-Drizzle The SeaWing1

(I'll keep you all updated with alts if I make any more)

My sona ref was made by Heron!

Pfp by Huffytun

Feel free to share art with me, I'd love to see it. You'll find me on the chat most of the time. You can come to me anytime you would like if you sad, need comfort, or even if you simply want to talk! 


Oh, want to see more? These are specially picked quotes from each month of the year. Each year it starts over.

*"MAY MEMES REIGN OVER OUR COMPUTERS" -Orange, January 1st, New Years, 2020.*

"Drizzle the SeaWing Quadbrid was defeated in the SkyWing Arena by Seaweed the Seawing888." Seasaw, banning me, January 2020

"Frost you shouldnt steal lesbians" Chara, February 2020.

Click "Here!" If you've visited my profile before!

The poll was created at 20:17 on January 28, 2020, and so far 33 people voted.

​​​​​Right here, frens, are the wonderful well-made badges people have so kindly given me (or have been found) OwO.

Cocopuff2018's Friend

if you got this Bage you are a friend of Cocopuff2018, (:

To put this badge on your page, type {{Badge name}} in the source code.

Viserion's Friend

Viseron dragon finale

Thank you so much for being my friend. That means a lot to me. if you get this badge that means you are so nice and kind. I am hard to be friends with so GOOD JOB If i have ever had a bad day you have always been there for me. Thank you all SO MUCH for being my friend.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Viserion1243's Friend}} in the source code.

Lightfury Lover

The moment you saw the Lightfury, you immedietly screamed "YES TOOTHLESS! DO IT!". This badge means that you are COMPLETELY obsessed with the beautiful Lightfury in the Hidden World and believe that her and Toothless are beautiful together.

Just type {{Lightfury Lover}} to show that you are a fan!



Galaxydew Friendo!

Oh. Hello. Uhh.. looks like your my friend! Good for you. You’re lucky to have this :)

Rainwing nightwing hybird by jmyq davb1dn-fullview

If you have this badge, it means you have met me in a role play, stumbled across my message wall and talked, or anything else. You have also dealt with my weird love for roleplays! So. We’re friends. You get free hugs, get to use my OCs, and get 9% more likely to get thrown a party than people who are not my friend. So yeah, go brag to your friends now or whatever.

To put this on your page, use code { {Galaxydew Friendo!} } and now you shall always be my friend! Bye!

Nerd's friend

Hello!If you got this badge it means you are my friendo. You can deal with my typos and “heh” strings along with me being really random and forgetful, not to mention late. To everything. If you stole this I probably won’t know, but stealing is a crime and frowned upon in all 50 states. Anyways, have a good one, and cya on chat! -Poptart

To put this badge on your page, type {{Nerd's friend badge}} in the source code.


My Fwen?

Hooray! Your my friend! Here's free donuts! You also don't judge judge me! UwU, huggs! Yay!,you are also noice! We're friends forever! Ok?

To put this badge on your page, type {{Ark's Fwendo!}} in the source code.


Kashi's Buddy!

If you have this, you are one of Kashi's best buddies! This could mean you cheered her up, joined her RP, or you just are a really cool dude! 😍. Now, you have to deal with my excessive amount of hugs, love, and my obsession with Kakashi! Now, enjoy this badge, and live your life!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Kashi's Buddy UwU}} in the source code.

Rawr pfp


Congrats... You are a friend of DD!! That means you have: put up with my annoyingness, delt with my soup obsession, and are probably pretty cool. So yay! Now be prepared for long PM convo’s, hugs, soup..., random drawings, and hugs. Did I mention hugs? You can put this on your very own wall with {{DD friend}}

Harry Potter Pledge

Hello! If you like Harry Potter, Press Expand, to see it. Take this pledge!

Please, take the {{Harry Potter Pledge}}, put it on your profile or message wall, WE DON’T CARE! As long as you wear it with pride, and mean it!

I will remember Hermione, when someone hates to break rules.

I will remember Ron, when someone is protective of their family and loved ones.

I will remember Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, when someone is a little short tempered, but brave, and kind in the end.

And remember...


“In this House,

We solemnly swear we are up to no good,

because we are members of the DA,

as brave as Gryffindor, 

as intelligent as Ravenclaw,

as loyal as Hufflepuff,

and as cunning as Slytherin.

Together, we have something worth fighting for.

We have become the masters of all the Deathly Hallows,

we know answers can be found on page 394.

We remember happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,

because in this house, WE DO HARRY POTTER”

Warlow Support

Hey look! It's a badge to show that you support the AMAZING and CRAZY ship of Warden and Glow! Yaaay!! You get a cookie. One with purple and green sprinkles, of course. :3 If you support Queen Glow and her King, or maybe even think that it is a super, duper awesome relationship, add this badge to your page by typing {{Warlow support}} in the source code and wear it with pride!

Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sassy's Ally}} in the source code!

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 6.32.06 PM

Black Veil Brides.

Silverbicide's Friend

This badge means I think you're...uh...(thinks for a minute)... an honorable snowflake. Oh, and she thinks highly of you! Yay? Did anyone cheer? No? Oh. Well, OK. Some downsides: this definitely means Silver will be frequently on your wall posting riddles all over the place, fangirling over Black Veil Brides and Palaye Royale, and potentially turning you into an awkward emo noodle like herself. Sorry, but you should have read the terms and conditions!

To place this badge anywhere, type {{Silverblaze's Friend}} into the source code.

Sundew's Friendo

YASSS! YOU ARE MY FRIENDO! If you have this badge on your profile, I consider you as an AWESOME friend! As my friend, you can talk to me whenever you want, I'll give you lots of hugs and you've earned my loyalty...but MOST IMPORTANTLY, you'll have an unlimited supplies of MONGOES! Your a great friendo who doesn't mind that I'm weird and sometimes not very bright.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Sundew's Friendo}} in the source code.


Lemonshrike's Randomness Friend Badge

Hello there.

So, since I've been making new badges based on old templates, and since my old badge is outdated, and I'm learning HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, I thought that I may as well make one from scratch. So today (16/06/2019 AUS), I did. I know this isn't the best, and as I get better, I'll update this

If you have this badge then it means that the citrus trees have accepted you as their own, and will never give you to the berries! You are one of us, and you may get shipped with and nicknamed some form of citrus.

You are most likely a fan of at least one of: Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats, Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed, Riftwar Cycle, Belgariad, Star Wars, Summoner, Book of Lies, Deltora Quest, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Land of Stories, so be prepared to discuss those. You also probably dislike spoilers, wish you could read more, and lament being at school, or learning, or at least suffer from chronic procrastination. You almost definitely like Music, Last Post Wins, Writing and coding in at least six different languages, most commonly HTML4, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C++ and Python. You also say that anything even remotely long is a novel, when in fact you often read 100,000+ word books and not only know the difference, but know and enjoy exaggerating. Science is probably one of your loves, along with English, Mathematics and History.

And on that note, thanks for accepting this novelty novel badge with: {{Lemonshrike's Randomness Friend Badge}}.

Destinychooser’s Friend

Hello! I’m Destinychooser but you can call me Destiny or Dest. If you get this card, it means you have been really nice to me and I would like you to be my friend if you can deal with shyness and nervousness. I am a princess in the NightWing and LoyalWing tribe. My sisters are is Queen Glow and Aurora the Hybrid. I am a General in my sister’s army. I hope to talk to you soon.

“This is my quote, The willing, Destiny guides them. The unwilling, Destiny drags them.” ~ Destinychooser

Type {{Destinychooser’s Friend}} to put this badge on your page.


Sprinkle's Friend

Hewooooo! If you have this badge you are my friend! It means you have put up with my craziness (if you have seen me in my crazy mood) but most of all been kind to me! A wise someone I know once said "Friends come and go like ocean waves, but true friends stick with you through the good and the bad like a octopus 🐙 stuck to your face" no words can explain how happy it makes me to have a friend like have stuck with me in the good and bad times so from the bottom of my heart thank you!

To put this on your profile put {{Template:Sprinkle's Friend}} on your page. Again thank you! 💜💜💜


Ravenclaws Unite!

The Sorting Hat has spoken! Did you get sorted into Ravenclaw house? Well, congrats and welcome! This badge signifies the sorting of you into this amazing house. This means that you are smart, witty, and are a very diligent worker. If you want to show that you a proud Ravenclaw member, put {{Ravenclaw Pride!}} on your message wall!

And remember: Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure!

Hufflepuff Pride!

If you’re a Hufflepuff, slap this on your profile, to show you pride! We are proud Hufflepuffs, and this badge proves it! We are patient, loyal, and very nice! Listen, if this is on your profile, you are a proud Hufflepuff and as the Sorting hat says, “You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true And unafraid of toil!” Let’s go Hufflepuffs!

Show your {{Hufflepuff Pride}} by putting this on your profile!


Xisa's Friend

If you have received this badge you are Xisa's friend you have been Nice to him and you have been nice to everyone You have put up with him being a Nerd and listening to him thank you for being best friendo!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Xisa friend}} in the source code.

Moon-Kun Gacha

Icyhots companion

Oh, look! You have achieved the rank of Icyhots companion, otherwise known as Moon-Kun! Every time you see this little trams guy, you have an urge to not kill him! Wow! You must have RPed with him or been super nice, because he is antisocial and it's quite amazing! You also can deal with his Canadianess! Thank you so much for being his friend and being there for him! It really means a lot!

To proudly show this off to the world, type {{Icyhots companion}}

A friend of OrangetheRainWing

Congratulations! If you receive this badge, you are Orange's friend! Everyone deserves a friend.Download.jpg.2.1

Note: Wearing this badge will not guarantee tribute from scavengers, as always. Type {{Orange's Friend}} to use it.


CacturneGaming's Friend

Heyo! If you got this badge it means YOU DON'T JUDGE ME! I'm weird, and so are you! Now JOIN MY CLUB OF FRIENDS AND REPOST THIS ON YOUR PAGE!

To put this badge on your page, type {{CacturneGaming's Friend}} in the source code.


Parkour's Friend



If you earned this badge, congratulations. You are now officially my friend. Why did you get this badge? Could be a variety of reasons, but I can tell you that anyone who earns this badge has one thing in common with everyone else who earned this badge: You are kind, respectful, and generally pleasant users to be around.

With that said, thanks for putting up with my constant mood swings, my weird obession with Liana, and my even weirder obession with rainbows. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being a nice person in general.

Now, enjoy this overdecorated badge that's completely unnecessary and just makes me look like I'm gay.


Free hugs
I get to annoy you
You get to lag up whatever page you put this badge on
I will hug you. Again.

Use {{ParkourFriendBadge}} to use this template. If you steal it for no reason whatsoever, get a life.


If you get this badge, that means you are part of Drizzes Thank Cult. Now with this, if someone says "Thank you" of any form you have to correct them with "Thank*". The story behind this is that Drizz was at church one time, the priest said: "Have nice day" then Drizzle responded with: "Thank". Epic.

If you have this badge, that means you will correct any ‘Indy 500’ or ‘indeed’ or ‘indoox’ or whatever they say with indeex. You will even correct other indeexes with indeex, because that’s just how correct indeex is.

To get this badge, type {{Indeex}}.

Droodle Army

You have this badge because you love the almighty Drenny! She was da awesome chat mom. We, the Drenny Noodle Army, have come together to support our friend Adrenaline. We will always remember how responsible and nice she was, and we shall forever stand in her army.

To show that you are part of the Droodle Army, type {{Droodle}} in the source code!


Hello! This badge is practically a reward for dealing with my sarcasm, and bad memes. AKA, congratulations! You are god-tier enough to be added to my imaginary list of friends! This is actually not that honorary because all of my real-world friends have preformed Top 10 Anime Betrayals and getting online friends is easy. Not you though! Ive got ONE thing, to say to you. Nothing rofl. Not to disrespect you, but Im not creative at all so I cant come up with a half decent compliment. (Rip me)

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 12.12.32 AM

Sf's Friend Badge

Ey, You got my friend badge. I don't have many friends so you are one of few. Thanks for being my friend!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Sf's Friend!}} in the source code. Don't steal please

Volcano's Friend

I'm Volcano and I give you this badge in recognition for being one of my friends! With this badge you can: Talk to me whenever you want, I'll protect you always and most importantly I will give you hugs! (Who doesn't like them?)
Volcano the NightWing

To put this badge on your page, type {{Volcano's Friend}} in the source code.

Drenny Is Da Best!

Everybody knows that Drenny is a very good noodle. So show your support for her! She is really awesome, and DRENNY HUGS ARE THE BEST!!! Of course, you already know that, but spread the word for Drenny!

Show your support for Her Good Noodliness with this badge! Type {{Drenny Is Da Best}} in the source code on your profile and message wall!

Skyfire's Friend

Hiii! If you got this badge then that means that we are friends! I feel like you deserve this badge because I think you are awesome and super nice! Thanks for being a kind dragon friend!

Note from Artifice: Your badge used stolen art so I deleted it. feel free to edit back with non-stolen art anytime.
To place this badge on your profile copy and paste {{Skyfire's Friend}} into your profile source code.



To put this badge on your page, type {{YEET!}} in the source code.


Dogwood Lover!

If you have this badge, it means you are a friend of Woof/Tree! You've probably done some weird stuff in the chat with her, and she appreciates you!

To become Woof/Tree's friend, type: {{Dogwood Lover!}} into the source code!

IMG 20191024 195140467-gradient-2019 10 25 21 45 41.jpg

mAh bootiful face

Fallow's Buddy!

Oh hello! It's me, Fallow! And I now knight thee my buddy! I love to roleplay with you, chat with you, and you in general (IN A FRIEND-WAY). You tolerate my weirdness and UwUness, and stalking *cough* I mean observationssss. Enjoy! //Throws confetti everywhere// Add this to your page by typing {{Fallow's Buddy}}

Quetzal's Friend

If you received this badge, this means that Quetzalcoatl has found you worthy of being his friend, and that you are honored among the priests of the Aztec god of life and forgiveness. He will always help you whenever possible if you are feeling sad or lonely or just need a friend to be there for you. To add this to your wall, put Quetzal's Friend between {{}} in source mode.


Moth's Friend


If you received this badge, that means Blackice has invited you to his group of spies and trusts that you know how to keep secrets, this is a huge step in his team so feel glad that you get to be a part of it. He will help you out in every way possible, so don't be afraid to explain something terrible.

To add this badge to your page type {{Moth's friend}} into the source code.


You have been made officially my friend

'Hi! I have met you in RPs and Chat. I'm now officially making you my friend. Pass it along to others that I know, like: Buzz the HiveWing. And actually I am Sweetknower. So you are promoted to being my friend!

Type {{Sweetknower's Friend}} to place this badge on your page.


Iu-138 NF FAN

You love NF? Well good you have brains! NF is a amazing rapper and guy if you see this badge and Don't know who NF is go check him out! REAL MUSIC 4 LIFE! To show you are a fan, type { {NF FAN} } without spaces between brackets to place this on your page.

Badge design by SleetTheHuskyLover or SleetTheNFSuperFan

Badge made by Seagull theSkyWing-SeaWing </nowiki>

Razz's Friend

Congrats on befriending a potato! This potato thinks you're the greatest friend ever. The Potato is lucky to have a friend like you cause you can put up with her weirdness, annoying habits and her mama noot meme addiction so she's Very lucky to have you!

If Razz has given you this badge type {{Razz's Friend}} to place this badge on your profile.

Me ememes

Dawns Cronies

Your welcome! You have earned the badge Dawns Cronies for being sweet, and awesome too me when we meet on the chat. You have put up my nonsense and by awesomeness!! I will stand by your side in arguments and protect you from bullies! Thank you!

To place this badge on your profile paste {{Dawns Cronies}} into your profile source code.


Cuttlefish’s Friend

Oh! Hello friend! Here is a badge! If you have received this badge you have become my friend, and automatically my friend Blade’s friend. It also means you have put up with:

1) my animus magic

2) my over-protection

3) my obssesion with WHALES!

Have a good day! If you don't have this badge from me on your profile already, paste {{Cuttlefish’s Friend}} into your profile source code.


Fathindigo's Friend

Hey! Congrats! Fathindigo considers you his friend! This is most likely the greatest thing to ever happen to you, past, present, or future. ‘Cause, y’know, we all know Fath is the greatest there is… jk but he probably thinks you’re the greatest there is! Or at least one of the greatest! So if ya got this badge (and didn’t steal it) it means Fath’ll be by your side and there for you in whatever you do! Yay! Oh, and he’s super glad and all to have a friend like you, but I mean that’s a minor detail, right?

Type {{Fathindigo’s Friend}} to put this on your profile page.

SleetTheHusyLover's Friend

Heylo!! If you have this badge you are Sleet's FRIEND!!!!!! YAY!!

To put this badge on your profile copy {{SleetTheHusyLover's Friend}} and paste it into your source code.

Tumblr meo6t6lCVX1rxsdduo1 400
Kit's Tomodachi

Congrats! You are a friend and/or ally of TheKitsuneandNeko, that means we have a lot in common. GUESS WHAT, many boops and cookies in the future. Warning: you have friended an Otaku. Notice: DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR PAGE IF I DID NOT GIVE IT TO YOU!!

To show how proud you are put {{Kit's Tomodachi}} in the source code.

23's Friend

CONGRATS!! You have earned this badge and have helped me through tough times, made me smile when i was at my lowest, and have always made me laugh. You have dealt with me being annoying. You have made me feel like an actual friend.

If you have earned this badge then you are true friend of 23suttet's!!!! Type {{23Suttet's Friend}} into your source code to add this to your wall!

Wingsoffire forum logo

Nightshade the NightWing

Hello friend! If you have this on your message board it means that I am your friend, you want to be my friend and I have accepted, or I want to be your friend.

If i say that you can be my friend put, {{Nightshade's Friend}} in your source code!

Avitar Transparent

Orca, Ponyo100's OC

Ponyo's Friend

Congrats! If you have received this badge, that means that Ponyo100 considers you a friend! This means that you have done one of these things: Roleplayed with her a lot, been nice to her, or know her IRL! Great job!

To show Ponyo100's friendship on your page, type {{Ponyo's Friend}} in the source code.

Infinity's Ally

You now have a loyal ally. Infinity. I will protect you to Infinity and beyond now that you have earned an InfinityWing's trust. Now I hope you will be my ally too? Thanks!

To add this badge to your page type {{Infinity's Ally}} into the source code.


Hope's Wing


Look at that, you've been offered the friendship of a maniacal person. You can either take the gift of friendship, or you can reject it and the yellow bird will kill you. To put this badge on your page type { {Hope's Wing} } into the source editor!"

Frosty's pack!

You're a cool friend to have and that's what I like! to add this to your page type { { Frosty's pack } } in your profile source code!


You have befriended Razz, She is very lucky to have you and she hopes that you will stay forever. She has already lost so many friends and doesn’t want to lose any more. Especially you. You are funny, amazing, kind, and above all else perfect for Razz.

No curly things because you will receive this on you’re wall.

Thank you for putting up with me even if I have been really annoying. //gives cookie//. Thank you for being such a good friend. I hope this is enough for you but anyways here ya go. gives favourite thing in the world. Thank you!

Put it on by using {{Luna's fwend!}} in your profile source code.

Friend of Prince Polar

Hello! If you have this, it means you are a friend of Prince Polar of the Icewings! You get to hang out with him and listen to him nerd out, and you get to hear his overrated opinions on music! Thanks for being a good friend!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Polar's Friend}} in the source code.

Glow's friend

If this badge shows up on your profile, it means you are a great friend to Glow. She will protect you, love you, and comfort you when you are sad. Prepare yourself for tons of hugs and tackles from this loving little dragon. If you are given this badge add it to your page by typing {{Friend of Glow}} in the source code.

LoyalWings for Life

This is for all LoyalWings, those who will protect Queen Glow with their life. They think that she is a fair, just, and wise ruler. She will love, care for, and protect them. She gives her life to being friend and queen of these amazing, loyal Wings and Soldiers. If you are a LoyalWing, put {{LoyalWings for Life}} in the source code and wear this badge with pride!

<center>Welcome to Fortune's Family</center>
Fortune&#039;s pfp


Fortune is a magnet

He will stick with you forever

Figuratively and physically

Cherish it :3

</center>To put this badge on your profile, add {{Fortune's Family}} in the source code and wear it with pride!

Fern the leaf

Fern's Friend

Congratulations! You have received this badge of protection and friendliness! I will protect you in any way! You have shown your snazziness, and have withheld through my craziness and love for Wings of Fire! You have been there for me, and I will be there for you!

To add this to your profile, please enter {{Fern's Friend}} into the source code!

UwU u r Unknown's fwendo

Im still a piece of garbage

Congrats! If this was given to you, you haz become mah fwend :3 uwu You haz dealt with my serious problems ;-; weird cringey personality and yep .-. welpo.. thx for actually putting up with meh ;-; ggooooddd joobbb XD *hands a cheap plastic trophy* there its all urs

If you've been given this bootiful badge put{{You are Unknown's fwend UwU}} into wherever you keep ur badges ;-; enjoy ur trophy


If you have this badge that mean so you are part of the #RazzReviveSquad, this means you have the power to revive Razz when she is killed. she will reject anyone trying to revive her except you.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Razz'sReviveSquad}} in the source code.



Hello. If you have this badge, you have been blessed by blep. Blep is a powerful cosmic force that defines nature, science, the world, the universe, and time itself. Being blessed by blep is a great honor. However, there is a catch. You must send this badge to three other people, passing the blessing on to them, or blep shall turn its cosmic bleppy eye away from you.


blep blep blep blep blep blep

To use this badge, type {{Blep}} anywhere.

Bright's Buddy

If you have this badge, it means you have dealt with my weirdness and anxiety. That means you are my friend.

If you have recieved this badge on your message wall, Please do not hesitate to add it. You have earned it. Thanks for being my friend.


Meow Supercats's pal!

If you got this badge, it means you are a random human that i stumbled upon one day and became friends with. You put up with my Steven Universe obsession, my Warriors rants, and so much more. My weirdness doesn't bother you, and you are understaning of my oddness. Congrtulations. This means you have to put up with even more.

Put this on your page if you are {{Supercats's pal!}}

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