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  • I live in the sky, the infinite plane, in my dreams
  • My occupation is trying to escape, send help
  • I am evaporating

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I don't regularly check the wiki, so if you need me to respond quickly, my discord is CWV#2417.

Are you on my page? If so, please check yes. If not, check no.

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Ever heard of the user Fishy, aka DeepSeaFishy? Well if you haven’t they are one of the kindest users on this wiki! For example, They spend hours on end moderating live chat and writing ‘Fishy's Corner’ in the newsletter which just proves they are a very committed to their jobs. They also are very helpful, if you ever need someone to talk to they are always there to help you out! You must be wondering, "Where are you going with this?", well, a lot of users have been asking if Fishy could be promoted to admin and this badge is used to show our support for our friend Fishy. And fingers crossed in the next promotion Fishy WILL be promoted to admin. FISHY FOR ADMIN!

Fish are my favourite animal - Fishy

To support the campaign type in {{Fishy For Admin}}!


Kinkajou 2.0
Kink's V.I.P
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey Congratulations... You... Kinkajou either considers you as her Friend, Or you stole this from who knows where. You are now no longer at risk of assassination, can request assassination, but are now at prone to memes and surprise animations. Type {{Kink's V.I.P}}

in order to place this badge on your page.


My favorite Pokémon

Toaster's Owner(s)


Hi! The Toaster Council has approved of you being Midnight Toaster 2.0's Owner(s)! You have been kind to her(I think), laughed at her HILARIOUS jokes, and treated her well! Congratulations! Being her owner means unlimited toast whenever you want it! You are now protected by The Toaster Empire. If you need someone or something incinerated, Midnight Toaster 2.0 will always be there. Unless it's burning herself. That's not nice. So she won't do that. But she can incinerate your enemies, homework, anything you wish.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Toaster's Owner(s)}} in the source code.

Friend of StarspeakerofTheNightWings!

If you've been given this badge it means Starspeaker considers you a friend. If this badge appears on your profile know that you have one more ally on your side!

Thanks to Lunar the Animus SilkWing for providing a badge making tutorial!


Hi if you get this you earned Shootingstars trust.

That means when you need her she'll be there for you. If you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to talk to use my message wall to talk and say you need a pm. I will talk to you all day if you need. And if you do get this badge you will have me at ur back, side or whatever you want.

You are welcome to ask for a drawing or anything when it comes to friendship.

Type {{The Badge Of Trust}} to put this on your page!

Slush's Sib!

CONGRATS! You've made it one step further! Slush now considers you a true sib! She trusts you now and thanks you for being an amazing friend! You have a great personality and strikes Slush as a great person to talk with! Congratulations on being amazing!!!!!

To add this badge on profile type {{Slush's Sib}} into the source code


Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sass-Parilla's Friend}} in the source code!


Sprinkle’s Best Friend

It has been said that real friends are hard to find. The ones that stay when times are tough. Real friends, the lasting kind. As I have traveled through this life, I have found this to be true. I will never find a better friend than the friend I’ve found in you. You’ve made me laugh when I’ve wanted to cry - and that is no small miracle! You’ve talked me through a bad situation more times than I can count and you did it simply by reminding me how loved I really am. So please know that when I call you my best friend, it’s because you’re my flesh and blood, no matter who your parents are. YOU are the family I choose...and there is no one I’d rather have by my side in the rain, hail, or sunshine than you. You’ve changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me. I can’t imagine what things would be like if I hadn’t met you.

Now here is my promise to you: If you need to talk, I’ll listen. If you need to cry, I’ll hold you. If you feel lost, I’ll help guide you. If you need to be angry, I’ll let you. If you’re feeling afraid, I’ll comfort you. If you’re feeling attacked, I’ll be your defense. If you need to lean awhile, I’ll give you a shoulder. If you’re feeling unsure, I’ll be you’re confidence. If you’re feeling alone, I’ll be the one who won’t leave you. If you need to learn to trust again, I’ll prove to you that you can. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being my best friend.

To place this badge anywhere, type {{Sprinkle’s Forever Friend}} Into the source code.



Hello! This badge means that Eco thinks of you as a nice homo sapien and considers you a companion. Even though she can be a bit weird (and has RADICAL eco puns), this means that you look past all that, and to that, she says thank you! She hopes that from now on, the ecosystem you live in is as peaceful and lovely as a ladybug.

To show our friendship on your profile, just type {{Eco-Friendly}} into the source code.


Bud's Friend Badge

You’re Bud’s friend now! Congratulations! To put this badge on your page, type {{Bud’s Friend Badge}} in the source code!

Fathindigo's Friend

Hey! Congrats! Fathindigo considers you his friend! This is most likely the greatest thing to ever happen to you, past, present, or future. ‘Cause, y’know, we all know Fath is the greatest there is… jk but he probably thinks you’re the greatest there is! Or at least one of the greatest! So if ya got this badge (and didn’t steal it) it means Fath’ll be by your side and there for you in whatever you do! Yay! Oh, and he’s super glad and all to have a friend like you, but I mean that’s a minor detail, right?

Type {{Fathindigo’s Friend}} to put this on your profile page.
Giphy (3)1234567
Stardust's Friend



A person who always listens, doesn't judge, sticks with you through thick and thin, and somehow manages to make anything all right.

Thank you for cheering me up when I felt down. Thank you for tolerating my weirdness and exceedingly long posts. Thank you for always listening to me rant and rave about my various obsessions. Thank you for always being here for me. Thank you for everything.

I love you. You know, platonically.

To slap this badge on your profile, type {{Stardust's Friend}} into the source code.

Adrenaline's Approval

You have won Adrenaline of the SkyWings's friendship! Wow. I mean, it probably wasn't all that hard to get or anything, but this badge is pretty cool anyway. As an Adrenfren, you are especially welcome to long talks in PM, requesting art (and maybe getting it back in less than three months .o.), and saying ADREN IS MY FRIEND! Also, this badge shows that you mean a lot to me. The people who I give this badge to I consider my friends (even I gave this in return to yours) and you are a beautiful person. My life on this wiki would be different if you weren't here. Thank you guys for your support, and Ily! <3

Lunar's Galatic Friend

Hey peeps! If you’re getting this badge, consider this a big honor, first because you’ve put up with my random talk and stalking, and I’m a NightWing, SeaWing, and SilkWing tribrid... with maybe a LITTLE bit of MudWing blood. So, this badge has Water, Space, Earth, and Silk combined together to make an unstoppable force! I wanted to say huge shout out to you, and thank you sooooo much for being a nice, cool, amazing friend! Keep it up!

Over and out,




Hello! If you have received this badge, you have been selected as a friend by Enderfiretheanimusdragon, aka Enderfire. This means that you have a 50% less chance of being attacked by random Naganadel (check out my prof pic) and/or the Ender Dragon. This also means that you have a 100% more chance of getting nerded at for hours. Just warning you! Anyway, you now have a (possibly draconic?) guard with a Naganadel to answer to behind her.

If you have received this badge, type {{EnderClan}} in the source code.

Thea/Clearnight’s Friend!


Hey, you’re the queen’s Friend! This means you have put up with my craziness and my bad leadership. And I’ve probably shiped you (sorry about that if I have :D). But hey I love you, you’re my Family! So Rock on my army! You are {{Queen Theanight’s Friend}}!

Rawr pfp


Congrats... You are a friend of DD!! That means you have: put up with my annoyingness, delt with my soup obsession, and are probably pretty cool. So yay! Now be prepared for long PM convo’s, hugs, soup..., random drawings, and hugs. Did I mention hugs? You can put this on your very own wall with {{DD friend}}



Hey! If your getting this you’re under the protection of The Kitten Queen! Good for you! I’m glad to call you my friend and my family OwO! I shall protect you till death o_O enjoy it! To put this badge on your wall copy and paste {{Deal with it}} xP

Nix's Best Friend

Hello Again. Or for the first time, depends on if you've gotten my first badge, or your too good for that first badge and have gotten his one instead. Or again... have stolen it.

Anyways, this badge is a special one only for special snowflakes like you. So... what makes you a special snowflake?

You've truly accepted or understand who I truly am, even if I don't know who I truly am. You've stuck by my side through thick and thin, are perfectly fine with my random mood swings, are ok with my interesting, vivid imagination and quirks, my love for animals, roleplaying, drawing, writing, animating, and gaming, my love for helping others, and most importantly; my identity. Even if I'm unsure about my identity, whether male or female, my purpose in life, your fine with, well... me.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being my friend. May life be in your favor.

Thea/Clearnight’s Friend!


Hey, you’re the queen’s Friend! This means you have put up with my craziness and my bad leadership. And I’ve probably shiped you (sorry about that if I have :D). But hey I love you, you’re my Family! So Rock on my army! You are {{Queen Theanight’s Friend}}!

moonwatcher beauty's friend! (´∧ω∧`*)
heyas! moony here! i'm just here to let you know that you have officially been bestowed with the honor of bearing my badge. it's a major accomplishment, so feel proud, smol human bean. hugs! ((also, hey, have a cupcake uwu.)) to put this wherever you please, just slap the text { {Songbird Beauty's Friend!} } in the source code, without the spaces between the brackets!



Great pic made by Oceans Of Twilight

Resized by nath

Another picture, Thanks Nath!

Herro... I don't know what to say here, hence the title, but... Thanks for being my friend, and has a good day, night, week, month, hour, minute, whatever at this time. Hmmmmmm..... oh yea. You now (even if you might have before) have permission to call me friend. HAIL KHORNE

To add this badge, put {{I don't know}} in the source code!

Fireflies Friend

Congratulations! you have befriended firefly! this is a big acomplishment for you because firefly also likes to give out free stuff!

Put {{Fireflies friend}} in the source code of your page to show the world!

Hivewing Sigil

Twilight’s Friend!


Congratulations! You have earned Twilight's trust and he will now show you lots of loyalty! Be prepared for craziness and weird messages! Twilight will always be willing to help you no matter what! Now, good luck! You'll need it! ;) You are officially {{Twi’s Friend!}}

Plactro’s Friend

Hello there (General Kenobi)! If you have received this badge, you have earned the friendship of Plactro! This means you put up with all Plac's misunderstandings as to how the wiki works, the English language (Hey, it is pretty confusing at times), and more, and have fun rp-ing, discussing, or other things with this math-science-sci-fi-WoF geek. To add this to your page, type {{Plactro's Friend}} in the source code. Thank you for being a good friend to Plactro!

Shard's Friend

Hello there! If you are getting this you are now my friend yay so expect random pms and MEMES!

To put this on your profile, type {{Shard's Friend}} in the source code!

Jade's Friend Badge

If you have received this badge you are now a friend of Jade the Silkwing! You may now call me friend or buddy! To put this badge on your wall put {{The_Queen_Of_Foxes}}

Welcome to Fortune's Family
Fortune&#039;s pfp

Fortune is a magnet

He will stick with you forever

Figuratively and physically

Cherish it :3

To put this badge on your profile, add {{Fortune's Family}} in the source code and wear it with pride!
Ocean Approved

If you have received this badge, it means that Ocean thinks of you as a friend! Now you can help her to do things like seek the ocean! You can also enjoy talks with Ocean and joking around with her!

To add this to your page, type { {Ocean Approved} }

Shiver's Friend

Hi everyone! This is Shiver here. If I've given you this badge, it means I think of you as a friend! It also means that I would probably trust you with my life and that you have a warrior cat OC named after you! Feel free to vent to me or tell me about your troubles, because I will always back you up (and i have a habit of listening to the WEIRDEST stuff without judging anyone)! Put this badge on your page to let everyone know you've put up with my weird habits and general peculiarity!

Type {{Shiver's Friend}} to put this badge on your page.



Congratulations! You are now Yum's friend on chat and anything in the world of WOF! If you have earned this badge, type {{Yum's Friend}} in your profile! You're a great friend. Congrats! :D
Glow's friend

If this badge shows up on your profile, it means you are a great friend to Glow. She will protect you, love you, and comfort you when you are sad. Prepare yourself for tons of hugs and tackles from this loving little dragon. If you are given this badge add it to your page by typing {{Friend of Glow}} in the source code.


If you see this badge that means... You are a friend to Lunar the Animus SilkWing! Thanks for bing on the wiki! Lunar will ALWAYS welcome you to her wall! Nice chatting with you! Peace out! XD

To add this badge on profile type {{E-Friends Forever}} into the source code


Nix's Badge of Honor

I’ll redo this later


So if you get this put {{Nix’s Badge Of Honor}} on your profile in the source editor (If you want, not needed)


Hoshi's Tomodachi

if you have this bade on your page, congrats! that means hoshi considers you to be an extremely valid and amazing person! you may put this on your page if you consider me a friend!

to show how proud you are put {{Hoshi's Tomodachi}} in the source code.

Butterfly Wings

Hi! This is BFD speaking, and if you have been given this badge it means that I consider you a friend on this wiki. It means that I'm open for questions, discussions, debates, roleplays, or even just a friendly chat! Thanks for always being there and a great person to be around. This means I may also go space-nerd on you sometimes (maybe 15% percent chance?). See you around, BFD out! (Throws confetti) To stick this on your page (or anywhere), add { {ButterflyWings} } in your source code!

Jesse Quick
Leederlee's Friend!

You have a new friend... ME! And I think that I'm a pretty good friend to have! Sure, I may not be good at fighting or protecting others... BUT, I think that I may make pretty good company and I guess I could annoy your enemies?

To shove this beautiful badge onto your page type {{Leederlee's Friend!}} into the source code!

Sprinkle's Friend

Hewooooo! If you have this badge you are my friend! It means you have put up with my craziness (if you have seen me in my crazy mood) but most of all been kind to me! A wise someone I know once said "Friends come and go like ocean waves, but true friends stick with you through the good and the bad like a octopus 🐙 stuck to your face" no words can explain how happy it makes me to have a friend like have stuck with me in the good and bad times so from the bottom of my heart thank you!

To put this on your profile put {{Template:Sprinkle's Friend}} on your page. Again thank you! 💜💜💜

Plasma Headshot Plasma's Friend!

Oh, WOW! If you have this badge on your page then you must be very important to Plasma the Hybrid! It means you have put up with her crazy weirdness, her love for all musicals ever, books, coding, shipping and fangirling. You have impressed Plasma with your amazing tolerance for her! SLAP {{Plasma's Nerdy Friend}} ON YOUR PAGE.

Lunar’s Sib!

Hello! Well, this badge is only for my Wiki Sibs! So, that means, that if you have this, you are Lunar’s Sibling. You are amazingly nice, and I can’t believe I met someone as nice as you! Thanks for just being you! And remember, don’t be someone you’re not, because you’re already the best and nothing you do changes that! Also you might be, nice, funny, kind, smart, perky, jumpy, Optimistic, (Loving Harry Potter or being a Hufflepuff,) And overall, you’re the best! I can’t believe I met you! You will never. Ever. Be unkind to me. You follow the wiki rules, and once again, you just are the best. Also, put { {Harry Potter Pledge} } to take the Harry Potter pledage. Congrats on being in this AMAZING FAMIILY TREE!


Starchaser's Friend

Congrats! You have befriended Starchaser! We are now companions on chat and threads. And elsewhere on the wiki...

If you have earned this badge, type {{Starchaser's Friend}} in the source code.
Wave's Companion
That means you have to put up with their obsession with books, Minecraft, the unwanteds and wings of fire. This also means that you are an honorary SeaWing.
To put this badge on your page, type {{Wave's Companion}} in the source code.
Crystal eye

Crystaleyes friend! Hello, if you've gotten this badge then you're either a good friend of mine, or your a stalker who stole it from someone I gave it to. If I gave you this, then you either listen to my rants about Peacemaker, or have a love of wolves, roleplay, and animals (or of course forbiden love ships!) To add this to your page put {{Crystaleyes friend!}} to either show that I gave it to you, or you're a stalker!

Ace of Spaces

Congratulations! You are my friend! Thank you for making this Fandom a better place for everyone.

I've removed all cringe from this badge finally

Have a nice day!


U are meh HOMEY


SkyWing-NightWing Hybrid by ImaginationDrawings

Yo to whoever-has-gotten-this! You are now a friend of Skyfire da Night-SkyWing! If you have this badge YOU are now my homey! Gooooo SkyWing-NightWings!

To show our friendship on your profile, just type {{HOMEY OF SKYFIRE}} into the source code.

Moonlight's Buddy
Hello! Moonlight here. If you're reading this, you've been an amazing friend and a wonderful person to talk to. Thank you so much for the fun times we have had over the years. <33


meowing intensifies

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