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Hello there, fellow wikian! I am Fang, also known as 73. I was an anonymous FANDOM User before some chaotic incident caused us anonymous users to not be able to type on here anymore. I since then have been using an account on here. Anyways, I love to talk to people. So I'm always open for a conversation!

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Facts about me:

- I am an introvert

- My Zodiac Sign is a Virgo, and my Chinese Zodiac is a Dog

- My favorite colors are pastel pink, yellow and blue.

- My lucky numbers are 32, 4, 7, and 73.

- My friend group is DaSquad

- My favorite animals are Llamas and cats and anything cute or fluffy

- My favorite hobbies are drawing, writing, reading, gaming, and coming up with creative ideas that I'm to lazy to act upon

- I'm pansexual. I am a demi-girl who goes by she/they

Wings of Fire Fun Facts about Me:

- My favorite character in the 1st arc is Queen Scarlet and Tsunami

- My favorite character in the 2nd arc is Kinkajou

- My favorite character in the 3rd arc is Lady Scarab

- My favorite villain is Queen Scarlet

- My least favorite character is Whirlpool

- My favorite character is Queen Scarlet and Kinkajou

- My top 3 ships are ScarletxBurn, MoonxKinkajou, and QiblixWinter

- I love creating WoF adopts

- My top 3 favorite book of all was Legends of Darkstalker, The Dangerous Gift and The Brightest Night

- My favorite tribes are RainWings and LeafWings

My Friend List!

OceanicReflectionsSong, my amazingly kind and creative girlfriend <3

PhantomtheNightmarewing, my brave fnaf-obsessed friendo

MintytheLeafWing, my hilariously funny leafwing friend (inactive)

Stardream the Nightwing, the extremely kind and huggable child (inactive)

MissNeonLLama, my awesome trans sis :)

Wutguycreations, the dude with amazing memes and dress-obsession

Windchaser, one of my first friends!

Chaostheanimuswing, my amazing animus friend

autumntheskyleafwing, super caring and loyal <3

Starflowerlight, my super ebic pan friend

Some of my Art!!!!

Asexual Snowfall!! <3

Lesbian Sundew!! <3

Hawthorn fanart


Mother's day Mink and Glacier!

Evil AU Turtle

Charlie from Hazbin Hotel as a dragon

My HiveWing OC

Fang, Sona