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Hi there, Anon ! I'm Halxq, but just call me Crow, Hal, or Winston (or Hallelujah if you are exclusively Moone (Moonery) /lh. You can also call me Win or Winny if you are a friend of mine!

I go by any pronouns, although I prefer he/him and xe/xem pronouns. Feel free to contact me with any form of reports, thanks! <3

if you want to make contact with me, just message me on this wiki, I’ll reply.


The one and only, LordHalxq <3 love u my beautiful clone

I have been on this wiki for November 9 2020 00:00:00 . 
I joined on November 9th, 2020
I have been a threadmoderator for March 26 2022 00:00:00 

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Yonyon's Buddy!

Hey! This is a badge of honor that indicates that Yonyon appreciates you so, so much and believes you're a good buddy of hers! This doesn't mean that other people don't have this privilege, or that you're more valued by Yonyon than others, this simply means that you've helped her in so many ways and she appreciates it, and this is a gift involving that appreciation! <3

It doesn't matter to her if your feelings aren't returned, if you don't believe that you've earned this privilege, or even if you don't use this gift! What matters to her is that she thinks you deserve it <3

To people who have not received this gift: please don't be upset, as none of this is meant to discourage you - this was simply meant to be something that Yonyon gifts to others, and you'll probably get your fair share of another badge or gift!

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Triggers/Uncomfortable Topics/Terms

  • Jokes of Divorce
  • Videos/Pictures of Slugs
  • Discussion (or Content) of Boyfriends Webtoon
  • The Name "Mia" in Some Contexts' (name of a person who really messed me up, to say the least)
  • The Name "Tommy" (In certain contexts'