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I am the Riptide

The warrior for good, the keeper of hope, the protector of honor. I swear I will fight evil to my last breath and I will live by the Code until that day comes. I will never forget my Oath, and I will forever remember the scars on my soul. I hold my sword with pride, I remember the legacy I protect and those who fought hard for it, I am one of the Dragonhearted. I am not only a survivor; I am a warrior, protecting the Code of Honor. I march to the rhythm when others can't; I never fight a losing battle, but I turn the odds; I remember why I fight when the battle seems hopeless. I will forever hold my sword in my hand with my trident-emblazoned wrist, using it to protect the backs of my siblings-in-arms. It is in this way that I will never die; we are immortal.

I am a gamer

I have many lives. I don't die; I respawn. No, the game ending does not mean it's over, it just means to try again on a harder setting. Games don't make me and my friends violent; it's the lag or what we're trying to escape by entering our world. When I'm gaming, I'm not a high school student. I'm a hero, a vigilante, a calm commander, a sword-wielding, confident warrior. As a gamer, I live many lives, all of them meaningful in one way or another. I run through war-torn villages, I survive with the resources I have, I create what I want, I kill those trying to take our freedom, I fly through what people only dream of. I build, I destroy, I kill, I save, I laugh and run freely. I am immortal. 

I am a writer

I create universes. I write characters, all of them part of me. These characters shape who I am, and I shape who they are. They are a small part of my soul, and the universes they live in let me see parts of this world I never have. I challenge things no one wants to think about and I show a new part of the world, one untouched. I say all the things no one can, I think into the parts of the universe no one wants to, and I create places that will last longer than me. They are immortal.

I am a tennis player

When I step onto the court, all that matters is me, my opponent, the ball, and my racket. My life fades into the background as the exchange between players begins. There is no time for strategy, only instinct. Both doubles and single strategies have become second nature, and the dozens of things I need to remember when hitting my shot melts into one, fluid movement. The game never stops; even between points, the game is all I think about. Calling the score has become a song all players must know, a balance between making yourself heard and not breaking the delicate balance we have created. With each swing of my racket rests the entire point, yet with each hit experience is gained. In everything I have learned, there is a part of every tennis player that has struggled through learning the game. We will never be forgotten.

I am the Riptide. The Riptide lives forever in my heart. 


Here are my alts;


Do bear in mind that I do use a watermark, so if you take my art I can prove it's mine. Some of my art is not up for use, so if you would like to use it and it and it does not have any directions for use, either don't use it or ask me

WoF Art

Video Game-based art


Riptide's Gallery

Yes, my sona has a gallery dedicated to her. This is all art done by others of Riptide, the user who drew it is linked in the description of each drawing and you can get to their profile by clicking the image

Leaf's Gallery

This is a gallery for Leaf (aka Sunlark) to put whatever random crap she wants


Ash’s Friend

Friends are the greatest things in the world. They laugh with you, are honest with you, and support you. They stand by you through thick and thin, and they never give up on you. If you receive this badge, it means that Ash the SkyWing2486 is your friend, and will always help you out. Thanks for being awesome! To add this badge to your page, type into your source code {{Friend of Ash}}.

Sharon-mccutcheon-Jv oD5CuVfw-unsplash

Alpha's Packmate
Hey, you!
If you have this badge, it means Alphawolf8091 considers you a close friend! Having this means I consider you part of my 'wolf pack,’ and that I will always have your back and defend you. You've likely put up with my random craziness, obsessive roleplaying, and all-around wolfishness. Thanks for being you! To put this badge on your page, just type {{Alpha's Packmate}}.

FanGirl’s Amigo!

The One, the Only, the Amazing FanGirl has crowned you a fellow human Fangirl/Fanboy. She loves you for your creative, Weird, Crazy, Hilarious self and will be your friend FOREVER! And she really means FOREVER >:D

To show your fangirl/fanboy-ness on your profile, just type {{Fangirl’s Amigo}} into the source code.


you know what this is about

Steve Dance

you're slightly cooler. or maybe not :/ i have very poor judgement.

Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sass-Parilla's Friend}} in the source code!

Unlocked: Animus Trust


Ha! Hey there (Y/N)! You have unlocked a new badge! Animus Trust! You have AnimusDragon123’s trust and friendship! You have made such a big achievement! After all, it’s worth all the hardships you’ve gone through, like, maybe hearing her horrid singing on zoom, her crazy weird personality, screaming Hamilton in some places, maybe getting in eaten sometimes, Animus’ personality in general, just her in general, and the randomness she talks about all day long!

Animus in the background: //screaming Hamilton// I AM THE A N I M U S D R A G O N 123!

If you choose to accept this badge please place it on your profile, message wall or wherever! And type {{AnimusDragon123’s Trust}} and show if off to the world!

Crescent's Friend!

Hi! If you have this badge, it means LynxCrescent the IceWing-SilkWing considers you a friend. Yay! We may have met in a roleplay, a message wall, or some other thread. Also, you can officially call me Crescent, or Mayhrie, whichever you like.

To show proof of our friendship, type {{LynxCrescent the IceWing-SilkWing's Friend}} in the source code.

Shrike's Friendship

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller

Congratulations! If you have this badge, I. (ShriketheIceWingSkyWing) considers you a friend! Who knows where we met, but thank you so much for being nice, cheering me up when I'm down, and generally being an awesome user. The above quote is what I'd like to say to you, my friend.

To use this badge, the source code/magic spell is {{Shrike's Friendship}}! .

Zacian's friend

If you have this badge, you have dealt with my obsession with King from the Owl House, geese, Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and dragons. You probably know she likes memes, play Animal Jam, love art, and has now adopted the custom of occasionally saying Blep, mlem, or le __. Also, you've accepted she's all for equality, doesn't say uwu or owo, but alternatives such as this cat,^•~•^, and only bows down to the rainbow roach. She wants to called Zac, or Pandora, and loves wolves, foxes, and other predatory animals. Now with all of that out of the way...

Got it memorized?

You are crowned my Friendo as long as you accept that guy over there

LastShadow's Trusted Friend

  • The Sacred Being will protect you
  • Oh my you have Hell-trapta’s blessings

Friends are worth everything-they guide you through the dark, laugh with you, support you, and are always by your side. If you have received this badge, that means you are LastShadowofArctic’s (aka t-posing cow hacker)’s friend and she will always be with you to give trust (oh my trust is not easy), hugs, and support! Also some other stuff but it varies so yea- No, this is not just another friend badge like the Won’t Die badge, only her closest friends have this (although this used to be my only one so like some people I don’t know that well have it BUT THEY’RE STILL MY FRIENDS SO OWO). If you have stolen this, I WILL KNOW. But if you didn’t, type {{LastShadow's Friend}} into the source code!

Credits to ShriketheIceWing-SkyWing for helping me make this! (When I was a new FANDOM baby pensob)

SotS Crew

Hey guys! We all know about SotS-it has a wiki, it was the longest-running RP in the WOF fandom history, and it had a freaking cool story. But...who were the people behind this RP? The users creating those characters, writing that plot and filling those threads? If you have this badge, you're one of the four of the SotS Crew! You were one of the four people creating that amazing story and developing those amazing characters. Riptide forever!{Long live the SotS Crew}!


All Hail Parastorm!

Ever heard of the RP known as Hybird Academy? Well, in that RP there’s a ship between two characters named, Storm and Paradise. And it’s the ULTIMATE OTP. Paradise, a girl from a rich family who couldn’t live a life more different than the struggling Storm who barely survives each day. Somehow, these two become the OTP we know today, Parastorm.

To put this into your source code put {{All Hail Parastorm!}}.


LGBT Supporter Being Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi, Pan, Asexual and plus is fine! There's no shame in it! If this is on your page, you are proud to be one of these or you simply support LGBT! To add this to your page put {{LGBT+ Supporter}}! Be Gay do Crimes!

Homophobic Homosexual Homies (HHH)

We are a collection of homosexuals who are also homophobic. Do not question us or you will suffer our wrath. (Yes, this is a meme, no ban pls.)

To put this badge on your page, type {{Homophobic Homosexual Homies}} in the source code.
don't use this if you're not gay tho please thankx

Lesbian Pride!

Hi! Chuck this badge on your page if you're fabulous, lesbian, and ready to wave those pink 'n orange banners!
Lesbian Pride Dragon

I didn't draw this, credit to unknown artist!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Lesbian Pride!}} in the source code.

Law Enforcement Support


Show support to the great people who put their lives on the line day after day to protect us. Whether blue blood runs through your veins, you have a family member in Law Enforcement, want to join the ranks of noble people that protect us, or simply support them, put this badge somewhere to show you got there six. Law Enforcement!

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