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(My alternate account is CloudyMoonfall)

Helloooooo! I'm Kat, welcome to my mess of a profile!

My Sona Equinox is on my message wall! Should be the recent post on the wall-

Status: online 🐸

Status Key:

💓 Completely active and checking out the posting activity

🐸 on and off the wiki, probably means I'm doing art or on another wiki (but still able to respond pretty quick)

🌓 half-on, half-off. Probably will take a little while to respond

🥀 At school— I won't get back until 4:45 EST

👟 Running an errand or gone for a private reason

🙊 No excuse. Just not on the wiki because I don't feel like it.


Hiya Anon ! I'm Kat! Scroll down to see some info about me, and click here to read my fanfiction work in progress!

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Hi Anon

Welcome to my page! Here's some info-

I love cats, Wings of fire, and making people happy. I do free commissions so ask on my message wall or on my post about it. Please also be aware that I do ot tolerate bullies or inappropriate users and messages. I support LGBTQ+ and feel free to contact

me for anything, I am someone you can talk to. I do art, please check my message wall for the status of my requests, if they are closed, I will decline. I'm sorry, Im just a human like you so I need time and I can't be stressed with that kind of pressure all the time. If love it if you checked out my message wall, even just to say hi! I'm pretty active but I'm not very active on Wednesdays and Thursdays in-person school. I have not read The Dangerous Gift, so NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I would prefer she/her pronouns but it's fine if you mess up my pronouns, I understand it can be hard to remember :) I'm also totally fine with they/them pronouns as well. I have a YouTube channel that only has a few videos, I wanna keep it unknown. I also play Among Us and Minecraft, just so you know.

And as you probably assumed, I love to draw, but like I said, it can get overwhelming. So give me time if I have received a request. I'll try my best. Also, I'd like to just say something to get things straight with any tr*lls or ANYONE with bad intentions for the wiki, or anywhere... I do not accept that.

I am not afraid to report inappropriate users or content. Thanks for stopping by!

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