Hello Anon!

Welcome to my profile. You can learn a lot about me and my work in this wiki here. You can write notes to me if you have any questions or want to talk. Also, I am always available to help you fix badge coding, if it doesn't want to work the way you want!
I wish you a lot of fun reading

Who is she?

I am LittleMew, named after the cat Little Mew. I live in germany together with my two cats Luna and Nami. I am 25 years old and am reading the wings of fire series since the first book was publicated in 2012.
I am more of a shy person and it takes some time for me to warm up. But when you know me better, I am a pretty funny person.

Na großartig. Stopfen wir alle nutzlosen Katzen auf einen Haufen und hoffen, dass ein Baum auf sie fällt!

What does she do here?

To help organizing and keeping the background work clean. Such as redlinks, templates, missing links and similar.

  1. Fixing Redlinks
  2. Categorize Templates

Meine Aufgabe ist es zu heilen. Wenn du Mitleid willst, geh in die Kinderstube.

Which books does she have?

English German
The Dragonet Prophecy (+ Graphic Novel) Die Prophezeiung der Drachen
The Lost Heir (+ Graphic Novel) Das verlorene Erbe
The Hidden Kingdom (+ Graphic Novel) Das bedrohte Königreich
The Dark Secret Die Insel der Nachtflügler
The Brightest Night Die letzte Königin
Moon Rising
Winter Turning
Escaping Peril
Talons of Power
Darkness of Dragons
The Lost Continent
The Hive Queen
The Poison Jungle
The Dangerous Gift (Ordered)
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Von uns allen ist er am wenigsten blind.

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Die beste Beute ist die, auf die man am längsten gewartet hat.

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