aka lesbean

  • I live in your heart
  • My occupation is arguing with fandom users
  • I am a perpetually exhausted nerd
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₳ ₣₳ⱠⱠɆ₦ ⱧɆⱤØ, Ɽł₴Ɇ₦ ₣ⱤØ₥ ₮ⱧɆ ₳₴ⱧɆ₴, ⱤɆ฿ØⱤ₦ ₳₦Ɇ₩. ₮ⱧɆ Ø₦Ɇ ₩ⱧØ ₩ØɄⱠĐ ₦Ø₮ ĐłɆ.
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Tsunami | They/Them, He/Him | INTJ | Ravenclaw | Chaotic Good | NB Lesbian
Member of ~ The Haunted System ~
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  I rant a lot and argue more. My life revolves around collecting pointless information, spending time with my friends, college, and trying not to go insane. Also ponies. Mostly ponies.

@ grim grinning ghosts #0666

ALSO USING THIS ACCOUNT: Glory (She/They), another members of the Haunted system. Messages from them will either be signed accordingly, or contained in curly brackets.
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