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Chat moderator
  • I live in the ugly states
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is chat mod
  • I am non-binary
  • Bio im a loser
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hi, im the dumbest person on the wiki and possibly the planet.

i've been part of this thing for... uh..... August 16 2018 05:01

can't put this on my message wall so it's going here.

this is sorted (almost) earliest to latest

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Burnetspot Shipper!
The cutest moms in all of Pantala! Burnet and Silverspot are a great couple and wonderful parents to Blue and Luna.
Show your support for this ship by adding {{Template:Burnetspots}} to your page!


Blicket is awesome!

If you love this ship a lot, add this badge to your page! You must love this adorable ship between Blue and Cricket and hope that it becomes canon! To add this to your page, put {{Blicket Shipper}} in your source code!

Sunlow Support!

Sundew and Willow by StarryServal

Art by Starry Serval

This badge is for everyone who thinks that Sunlow is the best ship ever! You think that Sundew and Willow are so cute with each other, and how it works so well despite how different they are. SUNLOW FOREVER!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Sunlow Support!}} in the source code.

{{Moonjou Shipper}}

IMG 0550
Art by bobtheflyingpotato
Qinter Pride
Between the choice of Moonbli or Winterwatcher, the obvious choice is QINTER! Why go fight over a girl when the two males fighting would be adorable together? The two are perfect for each other. C'mon all you Qinter fans! Show your support and pride to this pairing! Type {{Qinter Pride}} in order to place this badge on your page.
Which of the three is better, Moonbli, Qinter or Winterwatcher? Can't make up your mind? Why decide when you don't have to? Now you can ship ALL THREE at once! It's a three-in-one deal! Qinterwatcher forever! If you support this three-way ship, slap that {{Qinterwatcher}} in the source code on your page.

Lunawatcher Support!


Lunawatcher by Anthraviolets

Calling all Lunawatcher shippers! Did you read through their scenes together, thinking that they could've been a cute couple? Did you ever wish that this ship had been canon instead of Lunatail and Moonbli? Not to mention the connection between their names is adorable! Slap this badge on your page if you support this ship between the rebellious Luna and the sweet Moonwatcher! To show proof of your support of Lunawatcher on your page, smack {{Lunawatcher}} into the source code!



Moonwatcher Template by Platypus the SeaWing


Lynx Template by Platypus the SeaWing

This badge shows your support of the obvious and real winner of the Winterwatcher vs. Lynxter ship wars, Lynxwatcher. Come on, what isn't there to love about this ship? Imagine it: A kind, sweet, and brave IceWing and a shy, awkward, and smart NightWing together? Forget Winterwatcher and Lynxter when we could've had Lynxwatcher! If you understand and love the beauty of this ship, then smack {{Lynxwatcher!}} into the source code!

{{Sorawatcher Support!}}

Tryot Cricket
Cricket is awesome!
This badge shows your obsession and devotion to the young HiveWing named Cricket. She is the best character ever, really! She is smart, beautiful, and is super special, as she can't be controlled by Wasp. Plus, she wants to help the SilkWings. To show your obsession towards this awesome character, just use the code {{Cricket is awesome!}}.


Sundew is Awesome!

This badge is for anyone who absolutely ADORES the awesome dragon, Sundew! She is fierce and an excellent fighter!

To put this on your profile/wall, type, {{Sundew is awesome!}}


Clovis Hate



Clovis Burning by Indigo the SeaWing-NightWing

If you hate Clovis with your heart, soul, and mind type {{Clovis Hate}} in the source code.

Muffinist Faith

Greetings, good citizen. It has come to my attention that you are in need of an official introduction to the muffinist religion. I will instruct you in the ways of the Great One, however, first you must hear our basic requirements:

-Kind and resilient (looks like you've got that down, check)

-Mature and supportive (Yep, got that)

But most importantly, you must show your devotion to the muffin god by scratching { {Muffinist} } into a stone tablet and placing it with care in your shrine of dedication to the Almighty.

Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy (aka the rp that deserves an Emmy) is an awesome roleplay that gets commented on so fast the sloths can't catch up! You've done a really good job, NemoTheSeaWing! It has awesome ships, attention-grabbing drama, and its really cool!

Slap {{Horizon Academy}} on your page if you attend!

I Am A Proud YEEEA!

Only YEEEA Members themselves know what being YEEEA means, of course! We were there for “art moment,” there for “ooj,” and most importantly, we were there for each other. We don’t need a leader to get along. Fun fact, 60% of the YEEEA are also E-Gangers! Tam is our magical fairy princess in bed, Goldie is our eldest YEEEA, Luna is our thunker who likes to thunk, Gila is our dude uwu, and Starfall is our badge maker “big brain” and according to Goldie, she’s also the “only talented YEEEA,” and though Starfall thanks her, she disagrees. Our group may be small, but we have a whole lot of YEEEA power to spread to the world.

The YEEEA also believe in the Wings of Fire Chat Gods with Tam as the goddess of randomness, couches, snacks, and the image to the left.
Starfall isthe goddess of depression and sadness and, according to her fellow YEEEAs, the goddess of traditional art (though interestingly enough, she herself does not believe this). Gila is the demi-god of Wings of Fire and Gryffindor. Luna is the goddess of failed all-nighter attempts, as she can only make it to about five or six a.m. until she falls asleep. Lastly, Goldie is (ironically) the goddess of gold and queens. There are other gods/demi-gods/etc, but these are the YEEEA gods/demi-gods/etc.

C6A6144F-7469-4F6D-9E97-040D2C459965 35A086AE-00D2-4E96-8231-2695251C1821 B0A834AE-C0FF-43AD-AFDA-2C67D8017407 C0886D61-7B48-4568-9111-B58B93F87174 A7B9F38A-7467-4A4E-A303-FA726B46C20A 03FE11A9-4F5E-4A21-9AC8-FA072841C74D

I am a proud {{YEEEA}} uwowu

                          COLD CAT FOREVER!!!

Looks like you have become Timber's friend. Yayyyyy..... This means you have put up with her constant oofing, bad spelling, and just all around Timberness. If you want this badge on your profile, type in {{Cold Cat}} in the source code.

Darkstalker2013's Awesome Friendo!

Hello meh friendos! If you received this badge that means Darkstalker2013 considers you as a friend! She probably met you while roleplaying or she chatted with you! When you start to feel lonely or sad, just call Darkstalker2013!

Only true friends of Darkstalker2013 know the code.

You're My Friend Whether You Like It Or Not

Hello Homo sapien! This badge means that I respect you for the incredible and friendly person you are. Maybe you sent a message, liked Star Wars, liked LotR, or, I dunno, said you liked my username, but ANYWAYS... this badge means that you are officially my friend. What THAT means is that I will defend you from anyone who dares mess with you, message you often, invite you to other wikis I lurk on, and.... actually, that's about it. I hope you accept my friendship! Also.... NO.FAKE.FRIENDS.OR.I.WILL.HUNT.YOU.DOWN.AND.DEVOUR.YOUR.SOUL. Understand? Great. Now, that we've got that out of the way... if you happen to support Legogorn, the best ship in the history of best ships, then GOOD. You are not blind to the ways of ships. Congratulations.

To put this badge on your page, type {{We.Kill's Friend Badge}} in the source code.

Stronghoof's Friendo If you a

Glacy’s friend

uh hi fren

bye fren

ur a fren

woo good job

To show our friendship on your profile, type {{Glacy’s friend}} into the source code!

Ashtheflamewing's Friendo!

Cool dragon
Congrats! You are Ashtheflamewing's Amazing Friendo! Now you have my permission to trash my wall with badges! Not like I will match that with my new curse badges uwu >:D Ask me stupid questions! Insult me! And now, you may call me by my special nickname: Sleepy Ash!(Divised by Darky) You are now my lifetime friendo, like it or not! Type {Friendo of Ashtheflamewing} with two brackets on both sides! :)

Lynx Friend 

Congrats! You have just got my badge! YAY! You would probably receive lots of junk about axolotl roleplays, dragons, cats, and Japanese White Tit birds. Oh, and by the way, please don't steal this badge because, reasons. Thank you! 

To put this badge on your page, type {{Lynx Friend}} in the source code.

Glacier's Pal!

Heyo! If you have recived this badge, congratulations! Glacier(me) considers you an awsome person and friend! You have probably had to put up with her (my) bad puns and bacon nomming, with an occasional begging for toast(yes mudnighttoaster, im talking to YOU) oh, and lets not forget the message wall spammings, if you havent gotten one yet, you will soon!(run while you can!)

If you've been given {{Glacier's Pal!}} congrads! (Any stealing or illigal reproduction of this badge will result in a direct attack from the illuminati...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

Snowfox by Silverb

by Silverblaze

Crescent's Friend!

Hi! If you have this badge, it means LynxCrescent the IceWing-SilkWing considers you a friend. Yay! We may have met in a roleplay, a message wall, or some other thread. Also, you can officially call me Crescent, or Mayhrie, whichever you like.

To show proof of our friendship, type {{LynxCrescent the IceWing-SilkWing's Friend}} in the source code.

Hello random person who got cursed with my friendship!

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 5.56.29 PM

The point of this badge is to make the friendship official. So, you're Coral's friend (Obviously)

Andddd that means you now deal with.. constant sarcasm, bad puns, typos, and whatever goes on in her head. She will try her very best to be loyal and kind to you, and will always be there if you need her. She loves her friends to the end of the earth and will do anything for them, so good job!

(Or you stole it but uh- I don't care)

To put this badge on your page, type {{Coral's friend}} in the source code.

Leafie's Friend Badge!!!

Hey, it's Leaf! Do you know what this means? If you have this badge, (and you're not just a stalker,) you get my wholehearted support, invites to roleplays, cheering-up talks, unlimited kindness, and a bunch of really horrible requests for free! YOU ALSO GET RANDOM 3-PARAGRAPH TALKS ON YOUR WALL ABOUT HOW A RANDOM CHARACTER IS OVERRATED!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Leaf's Friend!}} in the source code.

Echo’s Friend!

You are officially Echo’s friend! You have survived her Star Wars obsession, stubbornness, annoyingness, bossiness, forgetfulness, and ranting about everything! Congrats! You are truly a wonderful, kind person with an incredible amount of patience. Because she is super annoying!

This means that you are nice and helpful and funny and awesome!!!! You are awesome enough to be Echo’s friend!

You might’ve earned this badge from roleplaying with her, knowing her irl, being super nice and patient, or being a Star Wars fan!

May the Force be with you!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Echo’s Awesome Friend And Fellow Jedi}} in the source code.


By Luna the SilkWing

Queen Gold's Friend

Hi! If you got this badge, that mean that you are Gold's friend! You have either rp with her, or just been nice to her. You will now receive INFINITE HUGS AND CUDDLES AGAINST YOUR OWN WILL (heh). Thanks for being her friend!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Queen Gold's Friend}} in the source code. ANY ILLEGAL REPRODUCTION OF THIS BADGE WILL RESULT IN A DIRECT ATTACK FROM ME....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Congrats, peasant
You are now Minty the LeafWing's friend. You accept that you have been blessed and cursed at the same time. You are now her slave forever and she will never leave your life. Your work starts soon as being under the command of her slavery, jobs title: heckin fwendo uwu. The code for this blessing/curse is {{Minty's Friend}}.
Ash’s Friend

Friends are the greatest things in the world. They laugh with you, are honest with you, and support you. They stand by you through thick and thin, and they never give up on you. If you receive this badge, it means that Ash the SkyWing2486 is your friend, and will always help you out. Thanks for being awesome! To add this badge to your page, type into your source code {{Friend of Ash}}.

Sharon-mccutcheon-Jv oD5CuVfw-unsplash

Hero's Comrade

Hello fellow soldiers-in-arms! If you have this badge, it means you have put up with me being overdramatic, constantly torturing my OCs, dealt with my nerdiness and have been there for me time after time. Thanks for sticking with me through those tough fights and listening to my rants. I'll always stand by you no matter what and I'll never leave your side. Thanks for being awesome!

To show our friendship on your profile, just type {{Hero's Quest}} into the source code.


Dawn's Comrade


I guess you're a comrade now. You probably were before, but now it's official. Only those truly loyal to the motherland know the code.

what no this is not copied off swof what makes you think that-

Refract's Partner in Cr- uh, Friend

Hi! So uh //coughs// if you have this badge, you have gained my friendship in some way or another, um mostly by somehow interpreting my awkward pauses and social incapabilities, as well as my bad habit ofputtingthingsoffuntilthelastminuteheh.

Type {{Pineapple Refraction}} to flop this badge on your profile!

Crazy's Friend


Hello! If you go this badge it means your my friend! If you have this you have either 1) Put up with me 2) Did some of my dares 3) Are cool 4) Just really lucky to have this. You are now my trusted friend, with this badge you get hugs and randomness. You're welcome.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Crazy's friend!}} in the source code.

Equinox’s Friend

Congratulations! You’ve received Equinox’s friend badge! This means you put up with his constant ramblings about his (adorable) pet mice and his obsession with Roman history! Don’t steal this badge because reasons uwu have a nice day XD

To put this badge on your page, type {{Equinox’s Friend}} in the source code.

Equinox’s Best Friend

Yes, I know I have a friend badge already, but this is a best friend badge! Because reasons, idk. So basically if you get this badge you are my best friend! (You would have thought...) you will now receive infinite hugs and beans whether you like it or not. Also you are officially amazing. I’m also being hunted by the FBI so you are now also a wanted fugitive for aiding and abetting a criminal.

To put this badge on your page, type {{Equinox’s Best Friend}} in the source code.



This is for people who have been really really really nice to me. Like, shared my sadness when I'm sad, and you shouldn't be sad but you still are. Or maybe you just give me notifs like hatqueen So, anyways, this is EVEN BETTER than the Twilight77's Fwendo. DIS IS DA ULTIMATE TWILIGHT77 LOVES YOU *sneeze* sorry. *sneeze.* So like, if you have this you're really really nice. Soooooooooooooooooooooo yeah. You're a good person/dragon

To use this badge, type {{DA ULTIMATE FWENDO}} in the source code.

Acrid21's Friend

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.24.20 AM
If you have gotten this badge from me your a friend of Arcid21

You may if you want call me Arctic or James

But if you call me those with out this badge, check if you have a 🔴 on you when you exit a building. Thank you😁

To put this badge on your page, type { {Acrid21's Friend}} in the source code with no spaces in between the brackets.



if i give you this badge youre cool

that’s all

{{Nya’s friend}}

Twilight77's Fwendo

If you have this badge, it means that you have been nice to me when I came to this wiki (unlike some people) and you ship Qinter (if not you ship Glorybringer but that is ok) you HATE Darkstalker, you HATE distance learning you can be very stupid LIKE sort of meeee you are waiting very impatiently for everyone to just stop annoying qinter fans about their beliefs, you just wish Blaze was queen, (ok, FINE probably not) and you really really really really really really really HATE Anemone x Tamarin (hopefully)


-Unlimited me-help-yous

-Unlimited annoyance

-Twilight77 responds to all of your posts

To put this badge on your page, type {{Twilight77s Fwendo}} in the source code. Credits to Massive Qinter Shipper for making this.

Xisa UwU

Xisa's Comrade

The Xisa has friended you probably because you're awesome and nice. You have been a comrade to him and he is your friend uwu. Thanks for being a comrade.

To show you're my comrade on your profile type {{Xisa's Comrade}}in the source code.

harpy’s friend


harpy is your friend if she has given you this badge

be prepared for many dumb messages on your wall

if you have had this badge thrown at you, type in {{HarpyEagle123’s Friend}}.

Chalcid is your friend!

Hi! First off, congratulations! You are officially never getting rid of me. I will now be popping up on your message wall randomly whenever I don't have anything better to do. The messages I leave there will most likely make little to no sense because I constantly guzzle mint tea. I'll randomly make badges of stuff you and your stalkers say. I will also find a way to bring up ramen no matter what. But if anyone is mean to you, I will fight for you, and if you need digital hugs, I have 'em.

To show the world that I'm your favorite jellybean-stealing pirate, put {{Chalcid is your friend}} into your source code.


Starry Serval’s Friend!

Congratulations! If have this badge, it means that you are Starry Serval’s friend and she thinks you are an awesome person. You have somehow put up with her constant screaming, random gifts, and weird messages on your wall. She also probably stalks you.

To put this badge on your profile, type {{Starry Serval’s Friend}} in the source code, and show off this badge with pride!

Zacian's friend

If you have this badge, you have dealt with my obsession with King from the Owl House, geese, Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and dragons. You probably know she likes memes, play Animal Jam, love art, and has now adopted the custom of occasionally saying Blep, mlem, or le __. Also, you've accepted she's all for equality, doesn't say uwu or owo, but alternatives such as this cat,^•~•^, and only bows down to the rainbow roach. She wants to called Zac, or Pandora, and loves wolves, foxes, and other predatory animals. Now with all of that out of the way...

Got it memorized?

You are crowned my Friendo as long as you accept that guy over there

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 12.12.32 AM

Sf's Friend Badge

Ey, You got my friend badge. I don't have many friends so you are one of few. Thanks for being my friend!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Sf's Friend!}} in the source code. Don't steal please


~𝔻𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕫𝕝𝕖'𝕤 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕~

Heyo, if you have this badge, you're friends with the local weird gay chatmoderator, Drizzle! Congratulations on earning this, she respects you and wants you to know that you're an amazing person. You can catch her on chat most of the time, feel free to start up a conversation with her! She will try her very best to be loyal to you and to be the shoulder you cry on when you need someone to talk to.

To place this badge in your profile, type {{Drizzle's Friend}} in the source code!

Thank you, Ponyo100, for helping make this badge!


Hope’s Friendo


Hello fellow friend! You are now dubbed Hope's Friendo! This is a big occasion! You are also being stalked by them too! Place this badge wherever you would like!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Hope’s Friendo}} in the source code.


You are frostbite's friend now whether you like it or not

To have this honor bestowed upon you, you must post award anywhere you like. Type {{FrostwingFriend}} Coding Credits:Jules A526C5D3-C532-43A7-88BE-91624317D2A6

Shrike's Friendship

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller

Congratulations! If you have this badge, I. (ShriketheIceWingSkyWing) considers you a friend! Who knows where we met, but thank you so much for being nice, cheering me up when I'm down, and generally being an awesome user. The above quote is what I'd like to say to you, my friend.

To use this badge, the source code/magic spell is {{Shrike's Friendship}}! .

i'm shiba's friend too, but her badge literally broke my wall.

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