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Genderfluid, Any Pronouns

Guess I'm supposed to put something here

So, where to start? Name's Parkour2906, most people usually just call me Parkour or Park, or Emp if they mainly know me from Discord. Feel free to call me either, but please ask first if you want to refer to me as some other nickname if you feel fancy.

I've been a Fandom User since Feb. 2017, so you can do the math. I'm pretty experienced in things relating to MediaWiki, and I know a bit about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I usually spend my free time playing games, reading, or editing articles across Fandom.

I'm an admin in the Murder Mystery 2 Wiki and the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki, so if you need any assistance for those respective wikis, feel free to contact me on my message wall/talk page. Other than those wikis, you can probably find me across Wings of Fire Wiki or Among Us Wiki occasionally. I'm also a Community Council Member, a volunteer group that provides feedback for upcoming things regarding Fandom under a NDA.


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