aka Peregrinecella

  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is an artist
  • I am Female
Baby HiveWing Base

The prologue and chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 of my fan story, Persimmon's Tree are available to read right now!

Note: There will be errors in writing.

A lot of the Wings of Fire art I do is inspired by Joy Ang. I am in no way associated with Tui T. Sutherland or Joy Ang. Here are some of my Wings of Fire drawings and character profiles.

DeviantArt is Peregrinecella

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Discord is Peregrinecella #4379

YouTube  is Peregrinecella

Time lapse video for Swordtail

Time lapse video for Darkstalker

Some of my Wings of Fire art in a video compilation

Time lapse video for Pantalan dragons 


My Wings of Fire bases are in the order I completed them from (IceWing was first).

Wings of Fire SandWing base process video:

Wings of Fire SilkWing base process video:

Baby HiveWing Base
Baby SkyWing Base
Baby SeaWing Base
Baby SandWing Base
Baby MudWing Base
Baby NightWing Base
Baby IceWing Base
LeafWing Base by Peregrinecella
BeetleWing Base
SilkWing Base by Peregrinecella
MudWing Base by Peregrinecella
HiveWing Base by Peregrinecella
SkyWing Base Peregrinecella
RainWing Base by Peregrinecella
SeaWing Base by Peregrinecella
SandWing Reference
NightWing Base by Peregrinecella
IceWing Base by Peregrinecella
Possibility Cover
Queen Snowfall (2) by Peregrinecella
Sky and Wren cover
Fey Full Cover
Isle of the Lost Cover
Whiteout Cover 20 inches
Poinsettia TCS
Luna Wings of Fire
Persimmon 2
Locust by Peregrinecella
Possibility Front
Wish List Gifts Peregrine
Firefly GN
Water Lily
Gn commission
MLP Poster
Adopts v2
Queen OpalWoF
Sundew - Wings of Fire
Queen Emerald and Sangria
Cricket and Blue - Wings of Fire
Yew - Wings of Fire
Echo - Wings of Fire
Prince Venus
Queen Glacier - Wings of Fire
HawkWing Final Base
Darkstalker GN Style
Xiphactinus WoF
Thrasher WoF
WoF CataclysmicFire
Pantala GN 2
Graphic Novel style art
Bumblebee Ref Peregrine
Loki RainWing
Scarlet Witch SilkWing
Prince Cliff Peregrinecella
Baby Djembe
Baby Kalimba
Glitz Reference
Baby Clairvoyance
Baby Persimmon
Babassu Ref
Cloak Ref
Anatis Ref
Kalimba Ref
Bembix Ref
Citrine Reference
Poinsettia Reference
SeaWing Line Art
Djembe Ref
Clairvoyance Ref
Persimmon Ref Updated
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