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  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on June 25
  • I am Genderfluid, use any pronouns you want R)

Actually somewhat active again, for once ~

All the references I've done so far can be found over here!

Hi there!

I'm the guy whose entire wiki life seems to be dedicated to making articles look nice. That includes a lot of fancy coding and even more fancy character refs - if you need help with either one, feel free to ask!

Do note that I'm in Germany (UTC +1/+2) and therefore usually not online during American evenings, so don't expect me to reply during those times :ß

Non-WoF account I might accidentally edit from sometimes: Sheyffer

(Profile pic by Luster)

What do you make your references with?

I use the transparent lineart for the tribes (check this page and the like for these images) and color it with a program that supports transparency and layers. Paint Tool Sai in my case, but anything along the lines of Gimp, Photoshop, Krita, etc works as well. Just copy the lineart, create a new layer below, and draw on that second layer. Don't use the bucket tool, that gets messy really quickly.

Can I use your references for my own projects/characters?

Feel free to use my refs without permission for anything involving the character in question (such as badges and the like). Credit is appreciated, but not necessary, within the Wings of Fire Canon Wiki, however please credit me if you use the ref outside this wiki.

Please don't use the reference for an original character though, either by straight up using the reference or by recoloring it fully or in part. Thank you.

Are requests currently open?

Please check my message wall greeting for when requests will be open again. Can't promise anything anytime soon, but we'll see.

Why didn't you add (insert accessory/scar/etc) to (insert character)'s ref?

I did most of my refs about a year ago, using only the information on the wiki. This was pretty incomplete in most cases, so I'm currently working with one of the other admins to compile all appearance mentions within the books. I plan on redoing several references once we're finished with that and am most likely already aware of what you're pointing out, so please be patient :3

Other ref-related notes

  • There are only a handful of NightWings with canon underscale colors (Starflight, Fatespeaker, etc), but with more than 50 NightWings, only having refs for such a limited amount is pretty lame. Therefore, all NightWings that have canonically been mentioned to have black scales get a reference, their underscale color being some shade of dark gray. This will of course change if anything is ever confirmed otherwise.
  • I do references for all RainWings that have displayed a particular color without it explicitly being an emotion; their "favorite" color of sorts. Everyone else is too inconsistent to make a ref for.
  • Regarding the graphic novel, most references will be altered to fit the now canon color scheme of the character unless it explicitly clashes with the in-book description (such as a character having a different eye color than in the books), in which case the reference will be the graphic novel's coloring but as close to the book description as it can get.


Ever heard of the user Fishy, aka DeepSeaFishy? Well if you haven’t they are one of the kindest users on this wiki! For example, They spend hours on end moderating live chat and writing ‘Fishy's Corner’ in the newsletter which just proves they are a very committed to their jobs. They also are very helpful, if you ever need someone to talk to they are always there to help you out! You must be wondering, "Where are you going with this?", well, a lot of users have been asking if Fishy could be promoted to admin and this badge is used to show our support for our friend Fishy. And fingers crossed in the next promotion Fishy WILL be promoted to admin. FISHY FOR ADMIN!

Fish are my favourite animal - Fishy

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Untitled drawing (6)

Art by MidnighttheNightWingandSandWing

Tern's Best Friend!

This exclusive badge can only be given by Sahei77 (aka Tern the IceWing) if she thinks you're really friendly to her and can understand and sympathize with her many worries and burdens! Congrats! Type in "Tern's Best Friend!" in your wall (with {{}} to display it.

Moondancer1 Dancing with The Moons

If you have recieved this badge, it means Moondancer considers you her friend! Yay! This means you are now friends with the Goddess of Anime! Feel free to scream about it with me, and cry over the FEELS. Feel free to fangirl or debate with me over Winterwatcher, Umbli, and Turtljou! Forever Otaku and Anime for life! Time to turn up the crazy!!!!!! To add this to your page put {{Dancing with The Moons}}


Oakley's Companion!!

Howdy! If you receive this badge, that means you are as mindful as I about your past, present, and yes, most importantly, your future! This also means you except people (and dragons) for who they are. Even if you don't have these qualities, I still like you anyway! Also, feel free to request me for art or do an art trade with me! So yay!!! *happy dances* To add this to your page, put "Oakley’s Companion!!" with two curly thinga-ma-bobs in your source code!

//badge magically appears//

If this badge magically appears on your message wall, you can consider yourself an ally of Oonbl!
This means cupcakes.
This means overused emoticons.
This means listening to Lindsey Stirling and the Irish Rovers on repeat.
In other words: If you want the random company of Oonbl or art, hmu on my message wall.
To add this to your page type. . .{{ Oonbl's Luck}}
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wow! lucky you, humanoid! Pathy actually thinks you might be a friend and kinda trusts you! post this badge with pride, as this means you actually are decent to her.

prepare for murder. and massacres. and cupcakes. and memes. and insanity. and destruction. and chaos. and really bad puns/jokes. and...//rambles for another 20 min//

aNYWAYS, basically, you're on the "I'm Pretty Sure I Won't Kill Them In Anger Someday" list. that's great! be thankful you're not on the "I'm Trying Super Hard Not To Snap Their Neck Right Now" list,'s pretty self explanatory. good luck, creature.

so what are ya waiting for? other than for me to finish blabbling. add {{Pathfinder's Trust}} to your profile!

Adrenaline's Approval

You have won Adrenaline of the SkyWings's friendship! Wow. I mean, it probably wasn't all that hard to get or anything, but this badge is pretty cool anyway. As an Adrenfren, you are especially welcome to long talks in PM, requesting art (and maybe getting it back in less than three months .o.), and saying ADREN IS MY FRIEND! Also, this badge shows that you mean a lot to me. The people who I give this badge to I consider my friends (even I gave this in return to yours) and you are a beautiful person. My life on this wiki would be different if you weren't here. Thank you guys for your support, and Ily! <3

IMG 1665
Welcome to the Fleet!

Congratulations! You have been granted the highest honor! This badge is given to those (or their OCs) who are shipped with Hammerhead, and guarantees them a ship in his fleet! You can put this on your page by adding {{Welcome to the Fleet!}} in the source code! Welcome to Hammerhead's Fleet, captain!

Lumina's Friend!

Congrats! Now you are a friend of a princess who will fight anyone who dares to hurt you and who will protect you as a big sister!!!means you have get used to the awfull english of this french girl,and her cheerfull and protective personalitie .you know she loves icecream and cookies(and just everything what is good to eat).If you have a problem she will always listen and try to help as good as she can. :3 Expect many hugs from her in the future! . Add this badge by putting {{Lumina's Friend}} in the source code!



either ways that means you’ve got Zero/Des/whatever your name for them is by your side hahah. Feel freed to chat to them about anything on your mind

put {{0dstny}} in the source code.


Msellotape's Loaf
Congratulations! If you have this badge, it means you are a great ally of Msellotape!

(Also, this means you are obsessed with Sellotape)

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Ware this badge with pride!

what are ya waiting for? add {{Sandshifter's Comrade}} to your profile!

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Congratulations, you are officially considered a friend by a strange guy who we think is named Daniel Green. this means pizza. this means... war. just kidding about the last part. unless you are Jack Stark, in which case, all bets are off, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollers. This only applies if you are jack Stark XD. Good Luck. {{Green's Friend}}


Tamed The Memelord/Pokémaniac

Oh hey! This badge is on your page, so it must mean you are friends with the Pokémaniac named Caracal~ Congrats, use this honor wisely, friend.

Put {{Tamed Pokémaniac}} on your page to show your allegiance to the memelord, you earned it!

Pokemon-tcg-dragon-type-symbol.png.pagespeed.ce.YKgL4m9SxC PokéWoF
This badge is for all those PokéWoF fans (Pokémon/Wings of Fire). If you are a PokeWoF fan add the code to your page. {{PokeWoF}}
Let's Be Friends

You are now considered as that one noob's official friend!

To add this to your page put {{Boone's Friend Badge}} in the source code.

Ally of Skyfire
This is getting a redo. Probably. At some point.

Skyla profile
Skyla's Ally

This badge means that you are OFFICIALLY Skyla's (or Skye) friend and Ally. This means that there is 8% less chance for you to be ever attacked by anyone, a 50% more chance of you knowing a blue eyed Skywing and a 100% more chance of knowing the coolest Skywing princess EVER! You also now have a Pokemon master to cover your back when needed!

If you are given this badge add it by typing {{Skyla's Ally}} in the source code. You are most welcome!

Friend of The Awkward Mod
  Congratulations, I think! If you have this badge, you're considered a friend of Scrollreader the NightWong! Now you can say "He's my friend", I guess. Come to think of it, I spent zero time on this badge, anyway (jk this took me forever). Still, you're my friend now! Yay! May the Fancypants be with you. If you would like to add this to your page, just type {{Friend of The Awkward Mod}}  
Deathseer Approved Pic Deathseer Approved

You've been approved by Deathseer the NightWing/SeaWing hybrid. This means you've put up with their Moonbli obsession; and that you don't mind that they don't really like cats. If Deathseer gives this to you, put {{Deathseer Approves1}} in the source code. SO YEAH. Please DO NOT add this to your page if you have not been given this badge!

Hoshi's Tomodachi

if you have this bade on your page, congrats! that means hoshi considers you to be an extremely valid and amazing person! you may put this on your page if you consider me a friend!

to show how proud you are put {{Hoshi's Tomodachi}} in the source code.


Hi there friend! If you are getting this badge, you are a friend of mine! This means we have interacted a lot and you have put up with my nonsense. and BTW if you didn't already know this is Nightscale's badge X3 If you have this badge, I will protect you. (Not that I don't already) This also means that if you need a shoulder to cry on, you can come to me, and I won't complain. To put this on your page, just put Midnight Approval in {{ }}

RoyalRanger's Friend!
If this badge appears on your page then it means RoyalRanger has taken a liking to you. This means that he'll do his best to protect you and help you. Enjoy his friendship! To put this badge on your page { {Friend of RoyalRanger }} without spaces between the {{}}

Fav Pokémon

Dragonets of Prophecy BFF Award!
Congratulations! You've been given the BFF award by Obsidian the IceWing! It's a very special award, and only given out by Obsidian the IceWing to Obsidian the IceWing's very best friends!

To add this to your page, just use the code {{BFF|Your friend's username}}.

Heron's Sibworthy!


Heron just wants to thank you for being her friend, and to tell she and her sibs will welcome you into her troop at any time with open wings! Heron will also acknowledge that she is talking in the third person for some reason... hmm. Anyway, to add this too your page type 'Heronssibworthy' with two brackets before and after!


Tideseer's friend

You are now Tide's friend! yay??? anyways expect a lot of memes epic gifs and lots of RPs and wars and more stuff. NOW GO BRAG TO YOUR FRIENDS. Hang this thing on your wall by putting {{Tide's Friend}} in the source code.


Lorikeet’s Friend

Hello there! If you are seeing this then that means that you are Lorikeet the RainWing’s friend! If this is true, then you are allowed to call her Lori. This lovely little dragonet loves singing, food, books (especially Wings Of Fire), and chatting online with people. If you are Lori’s friend, this means that you have braved the wild bird obsession and her horror obsession. Lori wants to thank you for taking the time to read this. She also wants to mention that she doesn’t know why she is talking in the 3rd person, it is just fun.

So, what are you waiting for (except for Lori to stop talking to you)? – put {{Lorikeet’s Friend}} on your profile in the source editor.

Da Tiger's Friend

Greetings, if u receive this then your officially Tiger041's friend! Yay! Which means u put up with me stalking you (Kidding, or am I?) and my craziness! You have also earned my respect and da Tiger thinks your very nice and full of da awesomeness!

Type Da Tiger's Friend on your profile to show ur my friend.

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If you're receiving this badge, that means I think you're a cool person! You are now open to random PM conversations, art trades and the ultimate status of: epic gamer. My life on this wiki wouldn't be the same without my friends, so thank you for just being you. Stay awesome!

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heyas! moony here! i'm just here to let you know that you have officially been bestowed with the honor of bearing my badge. it's a major accomplishment, so feel proud, smol human bean. hugs! ((also, hey, have a cupcake uwu.)) to put this wherever you please, just slap the text { {Songbird Beauty's Friend!} } in the source code, without the spaces between the brackets!

The First Step!

Oh wow. You managed to make a friend. This friend's name is Gory, am I right? Well, good job. There are still more steps for you to take to get her absolute friendship. But, you have completed the first step, and that is always the most important.

To yeet this on your page, {{The First Step}} in the source code. uwu.



First Circle runaway lacking self-esteem, but will protect his friends with his life

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Truffle

Family: Icewolf (brother), a dead mom, and a father who believes him dead



Cheerful innocent ray of sunshine with dead sibs but a grumpy IceWing substitute

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Reindeer

Family: Some dead sibs, including his bigwings



Murderous creep with visions of the past and future and no social skills

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Platypus

Family: None that he knows of but an ancestor called Soulless


Sun Bear

Actually managed to get kicked out of his tribe for sleeping too much

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Eagle

Family: *shrug*



Animus prince who doesn't believe in magic but will nerd about all kinds of science

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Everseer

Family: Queen Coral's son, so the Royal SeaWing Family. Tilapia's cousin.



Responsibility-avoiding sort-of-prince with a huge ego and a huge crush

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Sun Bear

Family: The Royal SkyWing Family via who knows what relations



Incredibly insecure mess with anger issues

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Mudskipper and Meerkat

Family: The Royal IceWing Family



Survived electric eels, is now a mentally unstable cinnamon roll

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Freeze and Meerkat

Family: Doesn't remember



Assassin who enjoys annoying everyone

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Rainbow

Family: A brother with a similar attitude, but less of an idiot



Thrillseeker with a half-frozen face who's lost count of barely surviving things

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Stealthkill

Family: *shrug*



Coward without self-esteem who'll do anything intimidating ppl want him to do

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Freeze and Mudskipper

Family: Lost track of them during the war, ended up with Freeze instead



Gold-loving merchant cheating at games, trade, and everything else

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Torch

Family: A brother who went to fight in the war. Hasn't heard of him since.



Hotheaded rebel fighting for the freedom of the oppressed. Mostly to boost his ego.

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Scallop

Family: A brother who doesn't really approve of his actions



No-fun strategist with a passion for secret codes and IceWing supremacy

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Gull and Forge

Family: A noble line of IceWing generals... his sister's not one of those



Fierce if need be, but usually just cooking or enjoying cute animals

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Wren

Family: Catfish (sister, see some tabs further)



History nerd who knows too much... especially when it comes to RainWings

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Parrot

Family: Risktaker (brother), deceased. Doesn't like to talk about him.



Likes to sing but no one else does; blissfully unaware of danger

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Knowledge

Family: *shrug*



Fairytale-living romantic searching for her one true love

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Rabbit

Family: An older sister much tougher and more realistic than her



Smells horrible but doesn't care because he can't smell a thing

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Norther and Forge

Family: It's a mess you'd rather not get into



Uses dark humor to cover up his crippling fear of IceWings

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Norther and Gull

Family: Charcoal (brother), whereabouts unknown



Sixth Circle kid who's not as brave as he thinks he is

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Spellbinder

Family: Parents desperately wanting him to be less of a goofball



Very big, very strong. No bad intentions, but loves (play)fighting so...

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Fennec and Crimson

Family: Almost-Bigwings of a group of sibs he loves very much



Animus with frequent use of magic. Nobody's sure if insane or just a weirdo

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Puma

Family: A dad who's just like him, and a little sister who wants to be



Likes looking good and telling others they don't; actually covering up insecurities

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Tilapia

Family: *shrug*



Tiny but smart adventurer who loves riddles and outwitting others

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Warthog and Crimson

Family: A wimpy mute twin brother he'll fiercely protect



Raised in prosperity but has a growing empathy for the poor (thx Fennec)

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Gorgeous

Family: Platypus (cousin), and the rest of the Royal SeaWing Family



Douche who pretends to care for other dragons so the girls (aka Wren) will love him

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Fennec and Warthog

Family: A war-loving general for a dad



He's pretty and that's enough to make him believe he's better than everyone else

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Scarab and Falcon

Family: A dad who shares his good looks



Smarter than average. Shares her sister's love for cute animals though.

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Hardworker

Family: Rabbit (sister), see the other tab



Strong and not afraid to stand up against douchebags. Also loves tinkering.

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Catfish

Family: A mother who's very proud of her



R4dical kid with venomscales that destroy everything she touches. Kinda enjoys it.

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Lionfish

Family: *shrug*



Grumpy loner who's survived a lot more than his now dead friends. Blames himself.

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Coruscant and Falcon

Family: Doesn't really know. Thinks it's better that way.



Might look cute, but really doesn't mind gore or other messed up topics. Mostly harmless.

Gender: Female

Clawmate: Quetzal

Family: Died during the war, all of them. She's gotten used to it by now.



Fast and reckless. Loves the extreme. No real empathy for anything serious.

Gender: Male

Clawmate: Coruscant and Scarab

Family: A mother who's given up on him at this point

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