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  • I live in dunkie d's
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is lol
  • I am coming out of my cage

you either die a hero, or you just die

alts: fetusgaming42069

Friend badges given to me:


Officially Nerd-Approved
If you have this badge, it means that Platypus, Nerd of Nerds, considers you a person worthy of their time. Few have the privilege to be considered a Nerd by Platypus, but you're one of them. Congratulations! Put {{Platy's Pal}} on your page to show everyone that you truly are... a nerd.


Hi there friend! If you are getting this badge, you are a friend of mine! This means we have interacted a lot and you have put up with my nonsense. and BTW if you didn't already know this is Nightscale's badge X3 If you have this badge, I will protect you. (Not that I don't already) This also means that if you need a shoulder to cry on, you can come to me, and I won't complain. To put this on your page, just put Midnight Approval in {{ }}


Sandshifter's Comrade

Congrats chap! if ya see this badge on your message wall it means... You're a Friend of Sandshifter! You are now considered an ally and close comrade in wings!

Ware this badge with pride!

what are ya waiting for? add {{Sandshifter's Comrade}} to your profile!


Cupcake Buddy

Hello! If you have this badge that means that Lumi, considers you a friend! Expect a long, healthy friendship and a lot more singing Hamilton lyrics (If you're a Hamil-Fan) with her! Have a cupcake as a gift.

To show off your badge, put {{Lumi's Fwend}} on your page! :3


Art by Luster/RealTense

Friend of Glacier

Oh, hello! It seems you have earned this badge thing. In all honesty, it doesn't mean that much. I mean, you haven't really won the lottery or anything, but it does have its perks.

This badge means you are considered Glacier's 'Friend', whatever that means, and you get to... go around yelling "I'M GLACIER'S FRIEND"? I don't really know why you'd even want this badge, but ok.

Congratulations, I guess.

If you want to be 'Friends' with Glacier, just put {{FriendOfGlacier}} in the source code of your profile.

Green's Friend
Congratulations, you are officially considered a friend by a strange guy who we think is named Daniel Green. this means pizza. this means... war. just kidding about the last part. unless you are Jack Stark, in which case, all bets are off, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollers. This only applies if you are jack Stark XD. Good Luck. {{Green's Friend}}

Seawing rainwing
Sapphire's Friendship

If you have received this, you are considered acceptable by Sapphire. You may now give her hugz.

To add this to your page put {{Sapphire'sFriendship}} in the source code.

(This next one isn't really a friend badge)

IMG 1665
Welcome to the Fleet!

Congratulations! You have been granted the highest honor! This badge is given to those (or their OCs) who are shipped with Hammerhead, and guarantees them a ship in his fleet! You can put this on your page by adding {{Welcome to the Fleet!}} in the source code! Welcome to Hammerhead's Fleet, captain!



wow! lucky you, humanoid! Pathy actually thinks you might be a friend and kinda trusts you! post this badge with pride, as this means you actually are decent to her.

prepare for murder. and massacres. and cupcakes. and memes. and insanity. and destruction. and chaos. and really bad puns/jokes. and...//rambles for another 20 min//

aNYWAYS, basically, you're on the "I'm Pretty Sure I Won't Kill Them In Anger Someday" list. that's great! be thankful you're not on the "I'm Trying Super Hard Not To Snap Their Neck Right Now" list,'s pretty self explanatory. good luck, creature.

so what are ya waiting for? other than for me to finish blabbling. add {{Pathfinder's Trust}} to your profile!

And my friend badge:

Friend of The Awkward Mod
  Congratulations, I think! If you have this badge, you're considered a friend of Scrollreader the NightWong! Now you can say "He's my friend", I guess. Come to think of it, I spent zero time on this badge, anyway (jk this took me forever). Still, you're my friend now! Yay! May the Fancypants be with you. If you would like to add this to your page, just type {{Friend of The Awkward Mod}}  

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