Sinai the SandWing

Chat moderator
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on May 27
  • My occupation is idk
  • I am male

hey guys it’s me


profile pic is made by Mushrmkng

i like bird also deviantart

feel free to edit anything onto my profile under here lol it'd be funny to see:

Hoilo dere! -Diamond


geelies -Beetle The HiveWing

Have a PSA: Look out for the Bot Gang! - A Drunk Jog (and Niko)

gay -Drizz


Wildew/Sunlow/Wildew/Window is an amazing ship! If you positively despise it with the end of your heart, you should go somewhere else. If you think it might not work, cool! As long as you don’t go and hate it (sorry if that counts as a swear), you can express your opinion in a nice manner. -Seahorse, the sea wing animus.

Harharhar Sundew was here and just just got pranked, gaymer meow - raven night-rainwing


from luna

Cap'n Dan was here


yall eat carrots yall get dat eyesight -Alterra the Obnoxious

Juniper the LeafWing has decided to put their name on this page.


tree was here uwu has a nice day



Frost is here lol.

oh wait. U let me.

AW MAN. - Dragon981 Zucc

Leaf was here, and now she's there, or maybe not? i meean what


I think you know who put this here

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Why am I here? Oh right

I am going to cast a spell on Sinai!! It will be an awesome spell that I learned at Illvermorny.

All in favor say ‘bzui’

You are as godly as Hot Cat UwU - Violetclaws

Gay WELCOME TO MAGIC PURPLE DRAGONS OF CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anndddd now friend badges

Dawns Cronies

Your welcome! You have earned the badge Dawns Cronies for being sweet, and awesome too me when we meet on the chat. You have put up my nonsense and by awesomeness!! I will stand by your side in arguments and protect you from bullies! Thank you!

To place this badge on your profile paste {{Dawns Cronies}} into your profile source code.


Dewy’s Epic Friend

Hey there! If you have received this badge, your life’s purpose has been fulfilled. In other words, you’re friends with me, Sundew. What an amazing achievement! I honestly am surprised you’re still talking to me, after all my horrific jokes. But that’s great, of course. I know you’re a great person, and of course a great friend, no matter why I decided to give you this. Your friendship is truly a treasure to me, and I hope it lasts for so much longer! Thanks for everything you’ve done! I would say you’re pretty epic. Oh, and if you wanted to slap this on your huge pile of badges to clutter your profile even further, put {{Dewy’s Epic Friend}} into the source code. or something.

DriftWing Icon

WolfCaller's Friend!

If you have this badge, it means that you are a friend to WolfCaller! How you managed to become one is gonna be amazing, but yes, Wolfy considers you a friend! Haha, get ready for my bombarding questions on toast or wolves or.... argh, spoilers.

To show you are WolfCaller's friend, type: {{Wolfy's Friend!}} on your page! Only put it if this is given to you from WolfCaller herself, else I WILL hunt you down and bury you in a sand dune.

Now you may enjoy this confusing badge.


Sprinkle’s Best Friend

It has been said that real friends are hard to find. The ones that stay when times are tough. Real friends, the lasting kind. As I have traveled through this life, I have found this to be true. I will never find a better friend than the friend I’ve found in you. You’ve made me laugh when I’ve wanted to cry - and that is no small miracle! You’ve talked me through a bad situation more times than I can count and you did it simply by reminding me how loved I really am. So please know that when I call you my best friend, it’s because you’re my flesh and blood, no matter who your parents are. YOU are the family I choose...and there is no one I’d rather have by my side in the rain, hail, or sunshine than you. You’ve changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me. I can’t imagine what things would be like if I hadn’t met you.

Now here is my promise to you: If you need to talk, I’ll listen. If you need to cry, I’ll hold you. If you feel lost, I’ll help guide you. If you need to be angry, I’ll let you. If you’re feeling afraid, I’ll comfort you. If you’re feeling attacked, I’ll be your defense. If you need to lean awhile, I’ll give you a shoulder. If you’re feeling unsure, I’ll be you’re confidence. If you’re feeling alone, I’ll be the one who won’t leave you. If you need to learn to trust again, I’ll prove to you that you can. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being my best friend.

To place this badge anywhere, type {{Sprinkle’s Forever Friend}} Into the source code.




Ahoy! You have become a valuable asset Of Queen Dawn's Dynasty! Thank you for being awesome, and totally great- You can acquire this badge from three people: Crusty, Sprink, and Dawn herself! You're so amazing, have a great day!

If you want this totally aesthetic badge on your wall, type {{Dynasty Badge}} in the source code.

Gold Star 

YOU GET A GOLD STAR! Good job you good bean! I'm so proud of you- Thanks for being such a good lil bean, Don't forget I love you!

To share your accomplishment on your profile simply, type {{Gold star badge}} in the source code.


Brambleshade2007's Friend!!!

HELLO!!! If you got this, it means that Brambleshade2007 considers you an awesome person, a BFF, her roleplaying-friend, etc (or, of course, you stole this badge from somewhere else!!) Regardless, you put up with her LeafWing obsession, her crazy NightWing names, her Kinkajou, Cricket, and Glory love, and her rants about Qibli! ANY-ways, you are now Brambleshade2007's friend! Congratulations! Go throw a party! Celebrate!!!!!!!

To show proof of our friendship, smack {{Brambleshade's Friend!}} into the source code! You are now even more amazing then before. Yay for you!

this badge was made by Ponyo100!!!

Remains of NH's Friend!

if your seeing this your now a friend of NH, WHO CELEBRATION ESKETIT anyways now that you have this you have put up with my weirdness long enough to be my friend yay

Put {{RemainsofNh's Friend}} in the source code of your page to show the world!


Corals friend :)

The point of this badge is to make the friendship official. So, you're Coral's friend (Obviously)

Andddd that means you now deal with.. constant sarcasm, bad puns, typos, and whatever goes on in her head. She will try her very best to be loyal and kind to you, and will always be there if you need her.

Add this to your page by typing {{Coral's frendo}}

Torrent reference

You are now Samkre's friend

You are now Samkre's friend and she would also want you to have this badge to say so.Congratulations you are also now in the sapphire clud of seawings.And you don't have to be a seawing just a friend.

Type {{Samkre's friend}} in the source so you have this badge

You are Moon's Best Friend!

Hello. It seems you have befriended me! You have either Role played with me, talked on chat and dealt with my weird love for Role playing. I consider you my best friend. Thanks for being nice and kind to me in the best of times!

Want to show off this badge: Then put{{Moon's Friend!}} on your page!


Congratulations, Comrade!


Hey, if you got this, good job. You have befriended someone who is loyal and will never treat you badly! So uh yeah good job.

Blackout's epic gamer certification badge

If you're receiving this badge, that means I think you're a cool person! You are now open to random PM conversations, art trades and the ultimate status of: epic gamer. My life on this wiki wouldn't be the same without my friends, so thank you for just being you. Stay awesome!

If you would like to put this on your profile, put {{Blackout's Bromigo}}


Friend of Aiglos

This badge will say you that Aiglos and all his secret selves will from now on consider you as real friend! Congratulation! He sweared protecting you against any threat. You`re honorable and smart enough to receive his protection and a part of his wisdom. Now you have someone as friend, who is more irritating than Starflight, have a stronger temperament then Tsunami, is smarter than Blister and sometimes crazier then Scarlet and which loves discussing with you and fighting against your enemies. Yay! Feel Honored!

If I gave you this badge put {{Friend of Aiglos}} in the source code.

Fireflies Friend

Congratulations! you have befriended firefly! this is a big acomplishment for you because firefly also likes to give out free stuff!

Put {{Fireflies friend}} in the source code of your page to show the world!

Hivewing Sigil

IMG 2180

Huffy's Frendo 

Heyo! If you got this badge it means that you have withstood my major weirdness! Apparently, its normal for you if i randomly turn into/act like a child. YOU HAVE BARED MY MAJOR MOOD SWINGS therefore you have earned my love and loyalty! You are now considered by me to be family UwU 

To put this badge on your page, type {{Huffy's Frendo}} in the source code.


Parkour's Friend



If you earned this badge, congratulations. You are now officially my friend. Why did you get this badge? Could be a variety of reasons, but I can tell you that anyone who earns this badge has one thing in common with everyone else who earned this badge: You are kind, respectful, and generally pleasant users to be around.

With that said, thanks for putting up with my constant mood swings, my weird obession with Liana, and my even weirder obession with rainbows. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being a nice person in general.

Now, enjoy this overdecorated badge that's completely unnecessary and just makes me look like I'm gay.


Free hugs
I get to annoy you
You get to lag up whatever page you put this badge on
I will hug you. Again.

Use {{ParkourFriendBadge}} to use this template. If you steal it for no reason whatsoever, get a life.

Canvas (42)

Dino Club uwu

Gaso... you like dinos! This badge is for them weird nerdy dino peeps.. c:<

To put this badge on your page, type {{The UwU Dino Club.}} in the source code.

Welcome to Fortune's Family
Fortune&#039;s pfp

Fortune is a magnet

He will stick with you forever

Figuratively and physically

Cherish it :3

To put this badge on your profile, add {{Fortune's Family}} in the source code and wear it with pride!
moonwatcher beauty's friend! (´∧ω∧`*)
heyas! moony here! i'm just here to let you know that you have officially been bestowed with the honor of bearing my badge. it's a major accomplishment, so feel proud, smol human bean. hugs! ((also, hey, have a cupcake uwu.)) to put this wherever you please, just slap the text { {Songbird Beauty's Friend!} } in the source code, without the spaces between the brackets!

Homophobic Homosexual Homies (HHH)

We are a collection of homosexuals who are also homophobic. Do not question us or you will suffer our wrath. (Yes, this is a meme, no ban pls.)

To put this badge on your page, type {{Homophobic Homosexual Homies}} in the source code.
don't use this if you're not gay tho please thankx

Nightdream's Friendo!

Hi there! If you have received this badge, you are a frendo of Nightdream the NightWing! You may have known her when she had her account, and she has never forgotten you, or you have been kind to her when she was a FANDOM user. Either way, you have put up with her obsessions, rants, terrible art, her endless RPs, and overall craziness. She considers you a true friend and she wants you to know that. You have been gifted this friend badge out of love and true friendship. Cherish it forever! <3

To put this badge on your page, type: {{Nightdream's Friendo!}} in the source code.

Congrats, peasant
You are now Minty the LeafWing's friend. You accept that you have been blessed and cursed at the same time. You are now her slave forever and she will never leave your life. Your work starts soon as being under the command of her slavery, jobs title: heckin fwendo uwu. The code for this blessing/curse is {{Minty's Friend}}.

~𝔻𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕫𝕝𝕖'𝕤 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕~

Heyo, if you have this badge, you're friends with the local weird gay chatmoderator, Drizzle! Congratulations on earning this, she respects you and wants you to know that you're an amazing person. You can catch her on chat most of the time, feel free to start up a conversation with her! She will try her very best to be loyal to you and to be the shoulder you cry on when you need someone to talk to.

To place this badge in your profile, type {{Drizzle's Friend}} in the source code!

Thank you, Ponyo100, for helping make this badge!

MDS Lime-Green-2

Ally of MDS

Congratulations on receiving this. Having this means MDS considers you a friend.


Hope’s Friendo


Hello fellow friend! You are now dubbed Hope's Friendo! This is a big occasion! You are also being stalked by them too! Place this badge wherever you would like!

To put this badge on your page, type {{Hope’s Friendo}} in the source code.

Moonyeye’s Fwiend

Well done! You are now me, Moonyeye’s Fwiend! You met me through role-plays, chatting and random stuff. If I gave you this badge, that means I trust you completely, enjoy your company and think you are AWESOME. Don’t worry, I’m a nice Fwiend. Be prepared to be constantly chatting to me and stuff.

In order to be my Fwiend, write {{Mooneye’s Fwiend}} in the source code.

Do not steal this badge or I will hunt you down

Qibli's Friend

Hi! You are now my friend! If you have this badge it means that you are Qibli's friend!!!

If you get this badge, feel free to type {{Qibli's Friend}} in the source code.


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