aka SSE

  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is crashing, stumbling through junior year; being a complete wreck of a human being
  • I am female


she/her • Hufflepuff • Mediator/INFP • Virgo • chaotic good • house Stark 

CURRENT MOOD STATUS: doing fine, but also very not fine, y'know?

Hello! If we haven't spoken before, I'm SSE. I'm an artist, animation enthusiast, character designer, writer, and occasional poet when I'm in the mood for it! I am a morning person, especially when there's coffee involved, and I also enjoy cold weather and plants. In my free time, I love seeing my friends/family, reading, writing, drawing, and being on this Wiki with you guys! Video, card, and board games are a ton of fun too. I love movies, YouTube videos, TV shows, and watching streams on Twitch and YouTube! 

I'd say I'm usually a pretty optimistic person, and I love interacting with people. I'm definitely an introvert and need my alone time, but seeing my friends and family or meeting someone new are what make me happiest. Even chatting with friends and users who need my help on the Wiki makes me happy! I'm super logical when solving problems, but I think I'm really open-minded too and appreciate hearing what other people have to say. 


• marvel

• hazbin hotel/heckuva boss

• resident evil

• horizon zero dawn 

• gravity falls

• wings of fire (of course!)

• spyro

• christmas time

• being a part of yearbook

• school

• rain

• the ocean

• swimming

• summer

• crabs

• cats

• soft things

• art

• attack on titan

• the dragon prince

• hoodies/sweatshirts

• six of crows 

• qibli

• moonwatcher

• glory

• the city

• coffee

• sushi

• snackable seaweed

• my neighbour totoro

• ponyo

• spirtied away

• mean girls 

• the color pink

• music

• animation

• multi-animator projects

• fuzzy socks

• fortnite

• stephen king 

• it (the movie)

• the stand (the book) 

• billie eilish 

• crayator 

• loserfruit

• harry potter

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