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hi there! i'm spaceshipearth, also known as space or sse. i am a bureaucrat here, and i mainly edit articles and solve various problems around the wiki. i also work on making reference templates for the canon characters. if you'd like to offer suggestions on how to improve them, or spectate the process, feel free to join our reference discord server. please don't hesitate to ask me for help!


   discord - spaceshipearth#3412



shows - gravity falls, beastars, watership down, hazbin, helluva

movies - marvel, mean girls, birds of prey, disney, kubo, ponyo, httyd

books - wings of fire, stephen king, six of crows

video games - resident evil, spyro, horizon, a way out


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   profile picture by @dappermouth

   golden dragon by MrfuzzyLlama


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