Hi there, I am Sparky! I love WoF and Harry Potter. So anytime you want to talk about them just shoot me a message.

Sorry for being inactive. I was making a Pokémon wiki with my buddy. If you want the link Leave a message on my wall.

Alts: DJ Sparks   Bright of the SunWings Jolteon Dreamer

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"Just got to feel the music. It makes everything better XD"

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Yo. It is me, SparkyBoi45. I also go by Bright, Sparks, or just Sparky. drop a message on my wall if you like to talk about anything. I am also on the WoF Fanon Wiki if you want to leave me a message there. I am more active there because I am new to this place. I might need help starting out because yeah.

Anyway, be Bright and happy and be sure to smile, otherwise you will find me stalking you, trying to make you laugh.


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If ya consider us frens then plop your name 'ere! :D
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Dawn was here :3


Moonwatcher was here :3

DaWof has captured point

Nightdream the NightWing is still alive and well. And fam with sparky!!

Im sorry I have too, Indigo has arrived and gives smothering huggos :3

Starfall is Sparky’s fwendo uwu

I am here


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