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Welcome to the mess that is my profile,

hi! im starfire and I've been a part of the chaos we call a wiki for January 28 2020 18:53

and, I've been threadmod for March 7 2021 06:54 .

Very old alt here, here, here, here and here

Profile TS (must listen)

I have a roleplaying- themed discord server, but we mostly just chat and goof around. Feel free to join!

Basic Information

  • I am girlflux (they/she) in order of preference
  • I live in New Zealand
  • I play (java), Roblox (username is SkyfirePenguin) and Genshin
  • I roleplay, draw and do a bit of writing

some very old dragon art

more recent human art

Gifts/ art trades

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congrats; you've befriended the chaotic immortal ruby dragon, also known as rose! having this badge on your profile means you are proud to be an ally of the ruby dragon species, and that i trust you! you also have permission to call me ruby if this badge is on your page ;D

me/ my wikisona, drawn by me

(a note; please do not put this badge on your profile if you are not on my friends list, which can be found on my profile page! if you're not sure whether i consider you as a friend or not, feel free to ask me <3)

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