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Formerly Subwaycookieblast
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Welcome to my Profile!

I go by Subway, Cookie, Sub. Please don't call me "Munch," and I use he/him pronouns

Former account: Subwaycookieblast
Alt (used only for testing): GratitudeBread75

I have been with the wiki for March 3 2018 17:00 , though I have only created my actual account for October 15 2020 15:37 .

I have been a rollback for March 23 2021 12:00 and a content moderator for July 28 2021 11:36 . My timezone is that of when most of the wiki would be asleep (usually around 9PM EST to 11:30AM EST) so you probably won't see me around a lot. I do lurk on Discussions however so beware my ghostly presence...

Art requests/trades currently closed because of art block.

Subway's Art Museum

AKA place for random art, wips I'll never finish, and ancient unrelated things

Meet my Sona!

Meet my sona, Summer!