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Welcome to my Profile!

Call me by: Subway, Cookie, Sub. Please don't go by "Blast"

Pronouns: Preferably he/him, but I don't really mind if it's something else

Other account: SubwayMunch
Alt (used only for testing): GratitudeBread75

I have been with the wiki for March 3 2018 17:00 , though I have only created my actual account for October 15 2020 15:37 .

I have been a rollback for March 23 2021 12:00 and a content moderator for July 28 2021 11:36 . My timezone is that of when most of the wiki would be asleep, so you probably won't see me around a lot.

sings in gay

Fatespeaker decides: Which random dragon will meet you today?

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Random Dragon

Fatespeaker herself

My Favorite WoF Books and Characters!

Favorite Books

1.) Darkstalker Legends

2.) Dragonslayer Legends

3.) The Hidden Kingdom, Escaping Peril, Deserter

4.) The Dragonet Prophecy Graphic Novel

Favorite Characters

1.) Soar

2.) Turtle, the adorable magic bean

3.) Albatross, Rose

4.) Some random characters like Vermilion, Listener, and Preyhunter.

5.) Sora, Foeslayer

There is a lot but I'm lazy to put it down hahaha

Colors that are Nice:




Peronal OCs (Main)(WIP section):

He is an old dragon who has dragonbite vipers as pets.

edited Max Meinzold base

She has a burned face from a forest fire.

She can read the future.

Chameleon's SeaWing form, but is not canon and owned by Subway only.

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Subway's Art Museum

AKA place for random art, wips I'll never finish, and ancient unrelated things

Meet my Sona!

Meet my sona, Summer!