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infp-t - neutral good - hufflepuff
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hey there!
i'm riley, a contentmod here. feel free to contact me for deleting files and blog posts, as well as reverting/warning for vandalism. i'm happy to answer any questions you might have, and i'm also totally open for random conversations, i love chatting to people on the wiki!

about me
since this is my profile, i'll put a little information about me: i'm a neurodivergent teen who loves writing poetry and listening to "depressing music" (halsey is amazing and my mind will not be changed on this). i've been on this wiki for a little over a year now (i joined in january of 2020 on my old account- i was a super cringey person back then and i am very pleased to say i've matured!). i'm an unaligned non-binary asexual demiromantic lesbian- my pronouns are listen in the dropdown below but out of all of them i'd say my preferred ones are they/them, ae/aer and 💫/💫s (i'm happy to answer any questions about them on my wall). aconite is my current wofsona (i'll update their page eventually i swear!)

you can contact me at:
discord - nova#3450
hangouts/gmail -
deviantart - supernovaswirls137

✔️ i'm comfortable with this term
❌ i'm not comfortable with this term

✔️ lesbian
✔️ ace (asexual)
✔️ demiromantic
✔️ non-binary

✔️ riley
✔️ nova
✔️ supernova
✔️ astral
✔️ aconite
✔️ nite
❌ buzzie
❌ buzzieoftheskywings

✔️ they/them
✔️ ae/aer
✔️ xe/xem
✔️ star/stars
✔️ 💫/💫s
✔️ 🌌/🌌s
❌ she/her
❌ it/its
(if you're not sure how some of these pronouns work, feel free to ask!)

✔️ enby
✔️ kid
✔️ guy
✔️ dude
❌ girl
❌ boy

❤️ = special interest
💙 = interest

(small note just because i list something as an interest doesn't mean i support all of its messaging or condone all that it represents.)

tv shows
❤️ the owl house
❤️ she-ra and the princesses of power
💙 avatar: the last airbender
💙 his dark materials
💙 the mandalorian

❤️ bridge of spies
❤️ up
❤️ star wars: revenge of the sith
💙 the dig
💙 ratatouille

plays and musicals
❤️ uncle vanya
❤️ educating rita
❤️ cats
💙 pygmalion
💙 hamilton
💙 dear evan hansen

❤️ girl in the window
❤️ the secrets of billie bright
❤️ the poet x
❤️ rules
❤️ black flamingo
❤️ diary of anne frank
❤️ fish in a tree
💙 apple and rain
💙 darkstalker
💙 a mango shaped space
💙 enchantment of ravens
💙 howl's moving castle
💙 unusual chickens for the exceptional poultry farmer

💜 = a character i identify with or project onto
💚 = a character that just generally makes me feel happy

comfort characters

💜 luz (the owl house)
💜 amity (the owl house)
💜 willow (the owl house)
💜 scorpia (she-ra)
💜 adora (she-ra)
💜 entrapta (she-ra)
💜 toph (atla)
💜 ahsoka (tcw)
💜 whiteout (wof)
💜 sunny (wof)
💜 sophie (unusual chickens)
💜 hazel (murder most unladylike)
💚 eda (the owl house)
💚 double trouble (she-ra)
(this list is in no way complete but it's a start...)

👍 = i like this
👎 = i don't like this

👍 sunny
👍 whiteout
👍 tamarin
👍 kinkajou
👍 listener
👍 clearsight
👍 indigo
👍 wren
👎 darkstalker
👎 deathbringer
👎 winter
👎 whirlpool
👎 kestrel

👍 sunnyspeaker (sunny x fatespeaker)
👍 aroace sunny
👍 moonjou (moonwatcher x kinkajou)
👍 moonality (moonwatcher x a personality)
👍 wildew (willow x sundew)
👍 thoughtout (thoughtful x whiteout)
👍 aroace snowfall
👍 daffiolet (daffodil x violet)
👍 wrenvy (wren x ivy)
👎 cleril (clay x peril)
👎 ripnami (riptide x tsunami)
👎 glorybringer (glory x deathbringer)
👎 winterwatcher (winter x moonwatcher)
👎 darksight (darkstalker x clearsight)

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