aka Vin

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in the shadows
  • My occupation is lesbianism
  • I am intolerant of intolerance
Vin by julian

lesbian king ( he / she )




system acc: # / alter accs: #, # / (all inactive)

nonbinary lesbian pride


Officially Nerd-Approved
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Homophobic Homosexual Homies (HHH)

We are a collection of homosexuals who are also homophobic. Do not question us or you will suffer our wrath. (Yes, this is a meme, no ban pls.)

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don't use this if you're not gay tho please thankx

garfield lover



Ever heard of the user Fishy, aka DeepSeaFishy? Well if you haven’t they are one of the kindest users on this wiki! For example, They spend hours on end moderating live chat and writing ‘Fishy's Corner’ in the newsletter which just proves they are a very committed to their jobs. They also are very helpful, if you ever need someone to talk to they are always there to help you out! You must be wondering, "Where are you going with this?", well, a lot of users have been asking if Fishy could be promoted to admin and this badge is used to show our support for our friend Fishy. And fingers crossed in the next promotion Fishy WILL be promoted to admin. FISHY FOR ADMIN!

Fish are my favourite animal - Fishy

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Platy for Admin 2k17
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SSE for bureaucrat

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or i will steal your soul

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Or I will steal your left kidney

Vin for bureaucrat

Vote VindictiveKnight Crat! *dabs*

Flub-Sahel the sandwing

Flub for Admin 2020


To add this type {{FLub for Admin 2020}}

i also support crystal for admin but her badge breaks my dropdowns :(

WoF Ships

Sundew x Willow
Qibli x Winter

Other ships I support:
Moonwatcher x Kinkajou
Peril x Sunny
Sunny x Fatespeaker
Qibli x Winter x Moon
Blaze x Glacier
Cobra Lily x Tsunami

Popular ships I hate:
Moonwatcher x Qibli
Sunny x Starflight
Riptide x Tsunami

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