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  • I live in that cold country above yours
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is disagreeing with you
  • I am a Posadist comrade
  • Bio Hello comrades, welcome to my profile! Here's a bit about me:

    I edit mostly on the Wings of Fire Wiki, the former Warrior Cats Answers Wiki, or mess around with code on my own testing wiki, but you might be able to find me occasionally on some other communities.

    I am interested in many book (and movie) series:

    * The Lord of the Rings/The Silmarillion (and other Tolkien books)
    * Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and other Riordan books)
    * Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
    * Wings of Fire
    * Seraphina/Tess of the Road
    * Ranger's Apprentice
    * Seekers/Bravelands/Warriors
    * Septimus Heap
    * The Chronicles of Narnia
    * The Adventures of Tintin

    The games I play include:
    * Polytopia
    * Plants vs. Zombies
    * Brawl Stars/Clash Royale
    * Epic Summoners
    * chrome://dino
    * .io games:

    Politics greatly interests me; my coordinates on the Political Compass are (-8.36, -4). I support Bernie Sanders in the upcoming 2020 election. I stand for the values of environmentalism, equality, and freedom. I support VHEMT and antinatalism and believe that the existence of humanity is immoral and harmful. I vehemently support republicanism and oppose monarchy totally. Most of my views are left-leaning; I am a democratic socialist, an passionate environmentalist, and (generally) socially progressive. While I despise the current system of capitalism and neoliberalism, socialism and/or communism are too radical and not viable solutions. I'm also a civil libertarian who supports free speech, drug legalization, criminal justice reform, and upholding individual liberties and opposes capital punishment and war. I do hold some rightist views, as I am a cultural nationalist and detest mass immigration that destroys our culture. Radical social justice and identity politics is degeneracy. I am an agnostic theist.

    I like programming and web design. I know the languages of HTML/CSS and Python quite well, and I'm also learning JavaScript and a bit of Java.

    I enjoy chatting or debating, so if you want, feel free to message me so we can have a conversation or an argument on anything listed above!

    You can find me on other platforms:

    * DeviantArt: @Grudgeholderr
    * Discord: climbTheStairs#2951
    * Email:
    * Instagram: @climbthestairs
    * Reddit: u/climbTheStairs
    * Twitter: @yxtqwf
    * WeChat: @climbthestairs
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"Darkness of Dragons is a terrible book. Don't read it ! It's awful!"
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This user stands with the othermind.
This user supports the Scorching.
This user is a supporter of the true ruler of the NightWings, King Darkstalker.
This user is a proud asexual.
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This user believes Blister should have been queen.
This user doesn't like Clearsight.
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This user ships Claynami.
This user ships Sunnyflight and thinks Fatespeaker is annoying.
Peace was never an option
This user wants Kinkajou dead for what she did to our king.
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I have another alt account, FallOffTheStairs.
I have been a part of this wiki for April 07 2017 03:01 !
July 30 2015 17:07 have passed since my first post here!

Here is a list of friends and other users I respect.

Here are all the badges I have made. If you'd like a badge, feel free to request one from me on my wall, and I'll gladly make one for you!

Here are some interesting things I've seen on the wiki.




Read my Bio up in my profile masthead.


Other platforms

DeviantArt: @Grudgeholderr
Discord: climbTheStairs#2951
Instagram: @climbthestairs
Twitter: @yxtqwf
WeChat: @climbthestairs



Friend of Yxtqwf
Congrats, Yxtqwf (also known as climbTheStairs) now considers you a friend—you've gained his respect, one way or another! This means Yxtqwf thinks you're a great person and enjoys your company! If he gives you this badge, you can transclude it on your profile (or wherever you want) with the code "{{User:Yxtqwf/Friend}}". Here's some text to make it look like I wrote more since surely no one will bother reading all this with such an illegible font.
Gull by SPOOPl
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Created by climbTheStairs
YXTQWF, aka stairs or Grudge, is the worst user ever! He reverts your edits, hates the good characters, has the wrong opinions, rickrolls you even though it isn't funny anymore, never replies...... The list goes on and on. This arrogant, annoying guy said he would leave, so why is he back?
His names are all so stupid too. Grudgeholderr is so edgy, and why is there an extra r? This moron corrects others' grammar, yet he himself cannot write? And what kind of names even are YXTQWF and climbTheStairs?!
To show your disapproval and hate (or if you just want another cool badge to line your neatly formatted row of badges) for stairs, type {{User:Yxtqwf/StairsYouSuck}} on your page.

Elite of the Elite

You may be wondering, what is this badge? Didn’t Mystery already give me a friend badge? Well, congratulations! This isn’t just any friend badge! If you receive this badge, that means Mystery enjoys talking to you the MOST out of most fellow Wikians! Take a bow! You are part of the Elite of the Elite!

Type {{Virtual Hugs}} in order to place this badge on your page. If you got this badge, it means Mystery thinks that you are part of the main reason why she enjoy Wiki so much. Thank you for everything and she hopes you enjoy her company just as much.

Blue flower
Mystery's Companion Award!
Congratulations! This means you are considered a great pal of Mystery. That means you put up with her craziness or enjoy talking to her, whether it is in chats, threads, or RPs. You (somehow) are able to keep up with this RainWing/NightWing hybrid! It is a miracle you got this far. This badge proves Mystery loves your company and of your long suffering of her wackiness. Long live sweets and Wings of Fire! Type {{Mystery's Companion Award!}} in order to place this badge on your page.
B̪͎̔̌͗L̢͗͏͛A͔͚̾C͈̋͡K̮̉̇̀͏̡̹̈́̏̈́P̭̮̜͈̽ͥͫḪ̷̟̄͗ͧ͆̆ͯO̵͙̫̽ͤͬE̡͚̝͓ͧ̆ͬ̎͏̬N̵͖͇̿͗ͤ̇̚Í̧̾̐ͣX͞ ̸̫̀̏̆̊̔͟ ̸̫̭̀̏̆̊̔͟AͨL̬͖̪͛̆̐͂̓͢L̶̹͑͋̂Ĩ̲̬͈̂̑͒͜A͍̿ͣ͂̽͟N̾C̖̼Ë
Congratulations! Blackphoenix the aroace, genderfluid, soulless, sarcastic SkyWing NightWing has considered you worthy of her/his time, protection, and friendship. This also means that you have put up with their complete and utter randomness, so congrats to you. You have probably endured long fangirling/fanboying sessions (especially over Silver coughcough), book talks, rants, emo song lyrics, screaming, shipping dramas, randomness, and just her/him being a vexatious and idiosyncratic person in general. Yes, to compensate for all of the fandom horrors she/he has inflicted on you, Blackphoenix will give you this badge!!


-makes a hurricane of black glitter as welcome to the black parade plays in the background-

But there are a few perks about getting this badge:

1. You get Blackphoenix's approval. Why not?

2. You get to put this on your page. Isn't that awesome? You can fill the empty hole in your heart by slapping this badge onto your page (jk lol)

3. If someone dares be mean to you, Blackphoenix will immediately go into angry emo edgy dragon mode™ and relentlessly hunt down the bully (aka protect you from the meanness)

4. Although Blackphoenix is terrible with emotions, she/he will be there if you need comfort or help and stuff.


6. You get to use her/his trademarks like deathsthetic™, angry emo edgy dragon mode™, and more without being attacked by a ferocious OC

7. oh yeah you also get to visit his/her profile without being attacked by OCs

8. If you get this it means that Blackphoenix genuinely appreciates your companionship and loves to talk to you

9. Oh look more debates/rants/fangirling/fanboying/randomness

10. Dude Blackphoenix is your friend now what more do you want (jk)

also this means that you're allowed to play with blackphoenix's shapeshifting genderfluid asexual panromantic pet rock (aka Yeet McYeeterson Jr) without being accidentally stabbed by a blunt fork or attacked by one of Blackphoenix's insane haywire homicidal brooms


congratulations on getting this badge btw

To put this badge on your page, type { { {Blackphoenix Alliance} } without spaces.

Bye now! -magically yeets self out in a dramatic whirl of black-

This badge might get a few more images put in it. Idk. But I am afraid, my friend, that today is not that day.

Drawing (70)
Friend of the WOF lover
If you have this badge then it means that the WOF lover considers you her friend. This means that you probably have listened to one of her rants about autocorrect, tolerates(for the most part) her Darkstalker fangirling and deals with her weirdness. Congrats! To add this badge to your profile try typing in { {Friend of the WOF lover} } without those weird little spaces(I suck at coding by the way).

Yay! Raven is your friend!

This badge is a symbol of your friendship with Raven the NightWing-SkyWing! If you get this, it means that Raven enjoys talking with you, and appreciates your kindness towards her. This badge means that your friendship with Raven will last forever! Good job not minding her hatred towards: Glory, Peril, Kinkajou, Deathbringer, every RainWing, and Clay. If you have this, you also don't mind her obsessions with: Tsunami, Winter, Scarlet, Starflight, Fatespeaker, Darkstalker, Tourmaline, SkyWings, and NightWings. Raven will stick with you through the good and bad times, and will always defend you against the people who may insult you.

To add this to your page, just use the code {{Yay! Raven is your friend!}}.

Thumb 1b5a5cc3-85a4-4c70-bafa-0b1748860b57
Shadows Freind!
Hiii! If you happen to have this badge that means i consider you a freind! You should be honnered and if bad? Aaanywa for those of you who are excited this means you get extra hugssss, possiby cupcakes..idk though...and someone to protect you. If you want to show off the AWESOME AMAZING pride of being my freind then add Shadows Freind! in two curly brackets on each side.

Solstice's Friend!

Solstice and axis

If you received this badge, congratulations! You are now one of Solstice the Icewing's allies and get to tolerate her obsession with Icewings and scroll reading. Your requests for her mediocre art will also become her first priority! Yippee.

To add this badge to your page, put {{Solstice's Approval}} in the source code!

Moonivy’s friend

Congrats you are Moonivy’s friend. That's bassicly it, you a nice person and my friend. [Insert another nice comment here]. To add this to your page put {{Moonivy's friend}} in your source code.


Lemonshrike's Randomness Friend Badge

Hello there.

So, since I've been making new badges based on old templates, and since my old badge is outdated, and I'm learning HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, I thought that I may as well make one from scratch. So today (16/06/2019 AUS), I did. I know this isn't the best, and as I get better, I'll update this

If you have this badge then it means that the citrus trees have accepted you as their own, and will never give you to the berries! You are one of us, and you may get shipped with and nicknamed some form of citrus.

You are most likely a fan of at least one of: Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats, Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed, Riftwar Cycle, Belgariad, Star Wars, Summoner, Book of Lies, Deltora Quest, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Land of Stories, so be prepared to discuss those. You also probably dislike spoilers, wish you could read more, and lament being at school, or learning, or at least suffer from chronic procrastination. You almost definitely like Music, Last Post Wins, Writing and coding in at least six different languages, most commonly HTML4, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C++ and Python. You also say that anything even remotely long is a novel, when in fact you often read 100,000+ word books and not only know the difference, but know and enjoy exaggerating. Science is probably one of your loves, along with English, Mathematics and History.

And on that note, thanks for accepting this novelty novel badge with: {{Lemonshrike's Randomness Friend Badge}}.

Midnight's Friend

If Midnight the NightWing-RainWing gives you this badge that means you're his friend! To put this badge on your page put {{Midnight's Friend}} in your source code.



wow! lucky you, humanoid! Pathy actually thinks you might be a friend and kinda trusts you! post this badge with pride, as this means you actually are decent to her.

prepare for murder. and massacres. and cupcakes. and memes. and insanity. and destruction. and chaos. and really bad puns/jokes. and...//rambles for another 20 min//

aNYWAYS, basically, you're on the "I'm Pretty Sure I Won't Kill Them In Anger Someday" list. that's great! be thankful you're not on the "I'm Trying Super Hard Not To Snap Their Neck Right Now" list,'s pretty self explanatory. good luck, creature.

so what are ya waiting for? other than for me to finish blabbling. add {{Pathfinder's Trust}} to your profile!


Parkour's Friend



If you earned this badge, congratulations. You are now officially my friend. Why did you get this badge? Could be a variety of reasons, but I can tell you that anyone who earns this badge has one thing in common with everyone else who earned this badge: You are kind, respectful, and generally pleasant users to be around.

With that said, thanks for putting up with my constant mood swings, my weird obession with Liana, and my even weirder obession with rainbows. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being a nice person in general.

Now, enjoy this overdecorated badge that's completely unnecessary and just makes me look like I'm gay.


Free hugs
I get to annoy you
You get to lag up whatever page you put this badge on
I will hug you. Again.

Use {{ParkourFriendBadge}} to use this template. If you steal it for no reason whatsoever, get a life.

by BrisingrWolf the SkyWing
Coral's Friend!

Now she can trust you with everything, including a free skyfire necklace. Having this badge means suporting Moonbli, Sunnyflight, Lynxter, Darkstalker, and loving dogs. Also expect her to come to you to do something when she is bored. Be prepared for a lot of "Hi's" on your wall. To add this to your page put {{Coral's Friend}} in your source code.

Sassy's Ally!


Congratulations! You have earned this badge, which means Sass-Parilla identifies you as an ally. She will fight for you. She would die for you. And lastly, she has trusted you... with this badge!

To express your alliance, type {{Sass-Parilla's Friend}} in the source code!

Dashie’s Friend

Congratulations, SociallyAwkwardDashite considers you his friend. You have put up with his strong opinions and ocassionally weird tastes in music and he considers you his friend. Either on the wikia or irl.

If you receive this badge copy and paste {{Warrior's Friend}} into your page source code.
Rawr pfp


Congrats... You are a friend of DD!! That means you have: put up with my annoyingness, delt with my soup obsession, and are probably pretty cool. So yay! Now be prepared for long PM convo’s, hugs, soup..., random drawings, and hugs. Did I mention hugs? You can put this on your very own wall with {{DD friend}}

Blackout's epic gamer certification badge

If you're receiving this badge, that means I think you're a cool person! You are now open to random PM conversations, art trades and the ultimate status of: epic gamer. My life on this wiki wouldn't be the same without my friends, so thank you for just being you. Stay awesome!

If you would like to put this on your profile, put {{Blackout's Bromigo}}

moonwatcher beauty's friend! (´∧ω∧`*)
heyas! moony here! i'm just here to let you know that you have officially been bestowed with the honor of bearing my badge. it's a major accomplishment, so feel proud, smol human bean. hugs! ((also, hey, have a cupcake uwu.)) to put this wherever you please, just slap the text { {Songbird Beauty's Friend!} } in the source code, without the spaces between the brackets!

Friend of JWK116

Congrats! If you receive this badge, it means that JWK116 thinks that you are interesting, funny, or a good person(and most likely all three at once :D)! Whatever the case, I respect you and enjoy talking to you; whether it be through paragraphs of discussion, or spamming UwUs.

Feel free to put this anywhere you want by typing the code "{{JWK's friend}}".

A friend of OrangetheRainWing

Congratulations! If you receive this badge, you are Orange's friend! Everyone deserves a friend.Download.jpg.2.1

Note: Wearing this badge will not guarantee tribute from scavengers, as always. Type {{Orange's Friend}} to use it.

Jules' Friend!

Hello Friend/JulesMajik Wielder! If you receive this, you are Jules' Friend. You might love to code and/or love to read. Just know that she is here for you if you ever need to just talk. You might be a stalker and she really loves her stalkers because they are friendly nice and supportive. She might also not know you very well, but she knows that you are an amazing person. You are a wonderful person who has been really kind, helpful, fun, and overall awesome! Thanks so much for being there to answer questions and talking about books! You might have helped her with coding, talked, or even share the love of trying to save the planet.

Type {{JulesFriend}}.


I support Queen Blister.

If this person has this badge on their page then that means they supported Princess Blister while reading books 1-5.

Put {{Blister Supporter}} on your page to show you also supported Blister in the War of SandWing Succession.

Darkstalker Supporter

This badge represents your support of Darkstalker and your belief that he is not evil. If you will defend Darkstalker against allegations of cruelty or evilness then add this to your page by putting this code: {{Darkstalker Supporter}}

Art by strawberryrain
Darkstalker Needs Justice

This badge is for those were unsatisfied to what happened with Darkstalker in Darkness of Dragons. All those precious moments with his beloved didn’t need to be robbed from him and replaced with an upbeat dragon. You may believe it was unjustified that Darkstalker was turned into Peacemaker and all of his memories of his beloved Clearsight wiped. If you miss Darkstalker or dislike how Tui handled the whole situation, place this badge on your page with the code {{Return Darkstalker}}.

IMG 0712


Qibli is just plain funny and here are some of the reasons why. Do not attempt to disagree, or this badge will haunt you in your nightmares!!

1) Qibli actually knows what to say in different situations

2) His reactions are different every time

3) He can adapt his personality to each situation when he makes a joke

4) He compliments others and insults himself in the process (slightly)

5) His personality is just plain priceless

Please add {{Qibli=Hilarious}} to your profile if you agree with all this... OR ELSE!!

Tryot Cricket
Cricket is awesome!
This badge shows your obsession and devotion to the young HiveWing named Cricket. She is the best character ever, really! She is smart, beautiful, and is super special, as she can't be controlled by Wasp. Plus, she wants to help the SilkWings. To show your obsession towards this awesome character, just use the code {{Cricket is awesome!}}.
Fathom Fan
This badge is for everyone who likes Fathom! If Fathom is among your favorite characters, put {{FanOfFathom}} on your profile page or message wall.
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Created by climbTheStairs
Dinner Fans
If you liked the adorable fox named Dinner, place this badge on your page. This proves that you wish to see more of this adorable and clever little fox! Make it happen, Tui! Type {{Dinner Watcher}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Albatross Defender


Put this badge on your page if you think Albatross was innocent and friendly (until he cracked, that is). It was completely Lagoon's fault that he went insane!

Put {{Albatross Defender}} in the source code if you wanted to save Albatross from insanity and have him build more wonders for the Sea Kingdom.

MastermindTemplate Mastermind Lover!

Calling all Mastermind lovers! If you love Mastermind and will protect him from dragons who hate him for following orders, this badge is for you!

To add this to your page, just type {{MastermindLover}} into the source code.

Indigo and Blob by Windshear1
Blob Support!

This badge is for those people who love Blob and hope he is still alive! If you love Blob, add this badge by putting {{ Blob Support! }} in the source code!

Art by 88Aurora88
Starflight Protection Squad

This badge means that you love this genius dragon! He is loyal to his friends and is also brave, but doesn’t realize it. He tries to do the best he can and is a total adorable scroll nerd. If you love the blind NightWing, place this badge in your page. It proves you are willing to protect him from any insults against his name. Type {{Starflight Nerds}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Winter Needs Justice

If this badge is on your page that means that you think Prince Winter of the Icewings was treated unfairly and deserves a second chance. He has been cast out of his own tribe, his girlfriend likes someone else, and he will be in serious trouble if an Icewing sees him. Could things get worse? If you think Prince Winter needs and/or deserves a second chance this badge belongs smack dab on your profile where everyone can see it!

To show your support put {{Winter Needs Justice!}} in the source code.

Whiteout headshot by Windshear1
Whiteout Support
This badge is for those of you who support Whiteout and everything about her, and will defend her against those evil people that may call her "weird" or "annoying" or any other of those frustrating comments. If you love Whiteout, you can add this template by putting {{ Whiteout Support }} in the source code.
MastermindTemplate Mastermind Lover!

Calling all Mastermind lovers! If you love Mastermind and will protect him from dragons who hate him for following orders, this badge is for you!

To add this to your page, just type {{MastermindLover}} into the source code.

Clearsight Disapproval
To some, powerful seer abilities come with a price. For Clearsight, it was constant worry about everything, which would eventually tear apart the lives of her and her friends. If you disapprove of how much Clearsight worries, and believe everything could have ended better without that, add this badge on your page by typing {{Worrywart}} in the source editor.
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Created by climbTheStairs
Turtle on cover of Moon Rising
This badge is for people who absolutely despise Turtle and know that he is boring, weird, and stupid. Wouldn't Talons of Power have been such a better book if it had a different protagonist who didn't sneak around and do nothing at all?
If you hate Turtle, you can add this badge
by putting "{{IHATETURTLE}}" in the source code!
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Created by climbTheStairs

Defend The Hivewings!
Are you one of those people who think Hivewings don't deserve hate? I mean, think of Cricket! Why do people think Hivewings are cruel, mean dragons? Not all Hivewings deserve hate! Follow me, Hivewing-lovers! DEFEND THE HIVEWINGS! LONG LIVE CRICKET! LONG LIVE HIVEWINGS!
To place this badge anywhere, type {{Hivewing Defender}} in the source code.
HiveWing Rights Activist
HiveWings Rights Activist
This badge represents the loyalty You will show to protect, and defend the noble and unfairly treated tribe Of The HiveWings! It’s not fair to blame the entire Tribe for evil, and it’s not nice to say there are a terrible and power thirsty Tribe! (It's just Queen Wasp.) HiveWings! HiveWings!

To post this to Your Wall of Honor, just type in {{HRA}} on that source code! (We are not the Havering Residents Association)

NightWings Rights Activist badge
NightWings Rights Activist
This badge is a pledge to defend the NightWings' rights, showing complete loyalty to them, and preventing unjust actions to harm them, such as people calling them evil, or other derogatory terms.

To add this to your page, just use the code {{NRA}}. (We are not the National Rifle Assosiation)

SandWing Piece
Art by Joy Ang
Allies of the SandWings
This badge proves your allegiance to the tribe of SandWings. You are completely loyal to them and believe they are one of the best tribes. You are willing to protect them from words like if they are weird, dumb, or ugly, and any other unjust action to their name. Type {{SandWing Allies!}} in order to place this badge on your page.
MudWing Defense!

Add this to your page if you think MudWings don't deserve hate.

Type {{ MudWing Defense }} in the source code to add this to your page!

Typical RainWing by Sassy the Beagle RainWings suck!

This badge is for anyone who hates RainWings and their moronic personalities! They're dumb and they don't even care about each other! You must really hate RainWings to have this badge! To add this to your page, put {{RainWing Hater}} in the source code.

RainWings are Overrated
This badge is for anyone who thinks that the RainWings are overrated, even if they don't hate the tribe. You can add this badge to your page by typing {{Overrated RainWings}} into the source code.
Typical IceWing by Sassy the Beagle IceWings suck!

This badge is for anyone who hates IceWings and their snobby attitudes! They treat their dragonets badly and think that they're better than the other tribes! You must really hate IceWings to have this badge! To add this to your page, put {{IceWing Hater}} in the source code.

IceWing parents these days...

Put this badge on your profile if you feel sorry for the IceWing dragonets who are raised terribly by their extremely strict, non-loving (sometimes) parents!

Put {{IceWing Dragonet Pity}} in the source code to show your love for these dragonets, especially Winter!

Typical SeaWing by Sassy the Beagle SeaWings suck!

This badge is for anyone who hate SeaWings! They're just stupid fish with an incompetent queen! You must really hate SeaWings to have this badge! To add this to your page, put {{SeaWing Hater}} in the source code.

Thoughtout by Windshear
Thoughtout Support

This badge is for those of you who support the Thoughtout ship (Thoughtful x Whiteout). If you ship Thoughtout, add this badge by putting {{Thoughtout Supporter}} in the source code.

Claynami Supporter
Claynami by starigalaxy daytojz-fullview

Put this badge on your profile if you are a supporter of the Tsunami and Clay ship - Claynami! This is an awesome ship that deserves more attention. To put this badge on your page, put {{Claynami Supporter}} in the source code.

Art by 88Aurora88
Sunnyflight Love!
This is a badge for those who loved the pairing Sunnyflight and thought they would've been cute together. Darn you, Tui! You wish the pairing was canon, but still adore them to pieces. Long live Sunnyflight! Type {{Sunnyflight Love!}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Sunnyflight Lover!

This badge is for those who support the ship Sunnyflight! You love this ship to death, and wish it were canon, but sadly Tui had different plans for Starflight. But there isn't no reason we aren't allowed to still support this ship!!

If you love the Sunnyflight ship, put {{Sunnyflight Lover}} on your page!


By 88Aurora88


from Artifice the NightWing

Starspeaker Hatred!

Were you a Sunnyflight shipper?

Did you about throw the computer when you read that Starspeaker was canon?

Put this badge on your wall if you hate Fatespeaker for claiming Starflight! She's overbearing and annoying, and we need Sunnyflight so bad! The little golden hybrid was perfect for Starflight!

If you think Sunnyflight was perfect, put {{Starspeaker Hate}} in the source code.

IMG 0548
Art by Sahel
Claytermelon is OTP
MOVE ASIDE THE REST OF YOU PAIRINGS! The real star of the show is... CLAYTERMELON! Show your support to this wonderful pairing. It is truly a match that's just pure love. *Wipes a tear from eye* They grow up so fast. THEY ARE JUST TOO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! Type {{ClaytermelonOTP!}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Arcticfoe Supporter

If you found this badge, its purpose is solely for those who thought Foeslayer and Arctic coulda made a greater couple!

Put {{Arcticfoe}}  if you think they've shoulda stayed together :D!


Art by Coral the Niseaicewing

Moonbli LOVER!!!!!

This badge is for people who love Moonbli, the ship between the two dragons Moonwatcher and Qibli. If you think this ship is 100000000000... percent THE BEST, and if you love Moonbli with all of your heart, put {{Moonbli LOVER!!!!!}} on your profile or message wall. Moon x Qibli forever!


Winterwatcher For Life!

This badge is for those who support the Wings of Fire ship, Winterwatcher! For those of you think Winter and Moon would be great together. If Winterwatcher is your OTP, add this to your page by typing {{Winterwatcher Support!}}.


Lynxter Forever!

This badge goes to everyone that believes that Winter deserves love and that he and Lynx would be great together. If you think Winter and Lynx would be a cute couple, remember Lynx x Winter For Life! Add this to your page by typing {{Lynxter Forever!}} in the source code!

Darkness of Dragons Disappointment

This badge is for those were unsatisfied in some way for Darkness of Dragons. Whether it was the romance, character development, or how Tui handled certain situations, this left you craving for more. It may have been a great book in ways, but it left a gap of disappointment. Here is to hoping the next arc is better! Place this badge on your page with the code {{DoD Unsatisfied}}.

This is the Wings of Fire fandom, but we can still show our love for other series! If you enjoy reading or watching The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, or any other works of Tolkien, don't hesitate to add this badge to your page, with the code {{LOTR}}!
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Hamilton Fan!
This is the Wings of Fire fandom, but that doesn't mean you can show your love for the musical Hamilton about the first US Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton! So if you love listening to or watching this musical, don't hesitate to put this badge on your profile, by typing {{Hamilton}} in the source code.
Don't throw away your shot!
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Imagine Dragons

Hey there! You! Yes, you, the one reading this badge. Do you love Imagine Dragons? Okay, better question, can you name some of their songs not on the radio? If you can, great. If not, go listen to some, go! Now, if you will happily blast their music and sing along to every word, put {{Imagine Dragon Lover}} and show off your pride!

Sinner For Life!

Panic! At The Disco is an amazing band; their music is amazing, the lyrics are beautiful, they support LGBT+ through and through, the members are fun and we love them too much for our own good...

They swore to shake it up, and we swore to listen.

If you're a fan of Panic! At The Disco and will stand up and sing "hallelujah" at Brendon Urie's glorious forehead, type {{Panic! At The Disco Fan}} into the source code to put this badge on your page!
IMG 0543
The Rick Riordan Alliance!
Welcome to the Riordan Alliance! This means that you love all the series revolving around the mythologies from this creative author. Even if this is technically a WoF wiki, that doesn't have to stop you from showing your demigod/magician pride! Type {{Riordan Alliance}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Wings of Olympus
If you're a fan of Wings of Fire- the series this wiki's all about- and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and the Trials of Apollo series, then put this on your page with {{Wings of Olympus}} to show your support for Pyrrhia and Olympus!

Paws of fire by ask the jade winglet-d95vlbn

Art by Ask_the_Jade_Winglet on DA

Paws of Fire

Warriors or Wings of Fire? How to choose? For all those Wings of Fire fans who are also major Warriors fans, this is to show that you love them both. Add this to your page by putting {{Paws of Fire}} in your source code.

IMG 0542
Harry Potter Magic!
HARRY POTTER FANS UNITE! Place this badge on your page if you love the Harry Potter series. No, this isn't a trick by You-Know-Who to join the Dark Side. Show your love to this magical adventure, all you wizards and witches! Whether you are of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, you all are students of Hogwarts. Show your support to the Potter magic! Type {{PotterWings}} in order to place this badge on your page.
Pokemon-tcg-dragon-type-symbol.png.pagespeed.ce.YKgL4m9SxC PokéWoF
This badge is for all those PokéWoF fans (Pokémon/Wings of Fire). If you are a PokeWoF fan add the code to your page. {{PokeWoF}}

Illuminati Confirmed





In other words: If you want the company of the Illuminati, add this to your page by typing in the source code: {{Illuminati Confirmed}}

Badge-luckyedit LUCKY DRAGON STEALER Badge-luckyedit
I am a lucky dragon stealer. Fear the amazingness of badge stealing.

Lucky Post
CONGRATULATIONS! If you have this badge on your page, it is proof that you won one of the rounds of Last Post Wins! Looks like you managed to snag the title among the other 499 posts. Maybe you even won multiple rounds—stealing that lucky post from others and taking their chance of glory for your own. Place this badge in your page as proof of your success. Type the code {{Winner}}!
Trickers for Treats

Trick-or-treat! We are a part of a group of Wikians who don costumes while others have no idea who is who. We, in the name of the Halloween spirit, are here to spread some tricks! If you participated in the 2017 costume party, take this badge as your prize! Type {{Halloween Mischief}} in order to place this badge on your page.

I support Yxtqwf for content moderator!

"Wow, it's cold in here!"

I think User:Yxtqwf would be a good content moderator, and I have supported him in his 2019 self-nomination! To transclude this badge, type {{Stairs2019}}.
Stairs thanks you for your support.
I've actually been promoted! I am grateful to each person who supported my nomination—thank you so much, Midnight, Sass, Nix, Seahorse, Parkour, Coral, JWK, Sinai, Bramble, Duskseer, and Tyde!
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Parkour for Contentmod

To be used in the next promotions round...

Sassy for Threadmod!


Sass-Parilla is an amazing user who puts her heart and soul into this wiki. She really loves this place, and wants to make it better. Now, to help further the wiki even more, she's running for threadmod!!

Use this badge to support an amazing, kind, and all around great user by typing {{Sassy for threadmod!}} in the source code!

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 2.58.02 PM


Do you know the user Moonwatcher Beauty? Aka the kindest, funniest, most helpful and dedicated user on the wiki? No? Well, let me tell you a bit about why you should vote for her in the upcoming promotions! She's kind and supportive, and always there to help a user in need! She can make you smile even when everything feels awful (trust me, i know) and is brilliant at lightening up the mood of anyone and everyone she meets! Moon has tons of friends, and is constantly making new ones, and will always help settle an argument or dispute! She is a strong campaigner against bullying, racism, and other horrid things, and would be happy to help sort out any problems! In my opinion, and the opinions of many others, Moon would be an awesome threadmod!

If this badge or her millions of supportive friends have managed to persuade YOU to support Moon, just type {{MOON FOR MOD}} on your wall or anywhere else to support Moon!

Support Moon on her Nomination Thread too!

Crystal for Admin!


Have you met the user Crystaleyes the Rainwing-Nightwing-Mudwing? She's a thread moderator now, but if you have this badge, you know she would also make a great admin. She's active, supportive of all users, mature, hardworking, and overall a really great user - definitely the kind of user fit for the position administrator.

To express your support of an admin promotion for Crystaleyes, type {{Crystal4Admin}} in the source code!


Notification Club

If you answer (most of the time) EVERY notification you have and blow up everyone else's in the process, congratulations! People may beg you to spare them from their 40 notifications. You refuse though because you enjoy blowing up the notifications. It is just too much fun! Type {{Notification Royals}} in order to place this badge on your page.

Well, somehow you managed to find this badge on Mystery's page, among the other +200. Wow. Do you have your priorities straight? As proof that managed to scroll through all those badge, paste this on your page. Type {{Surprise!}} in order to place this badge on your page. And I guess...congratulations? Again, why are you scrolling through all those badges? Maybe tell me later. The fact that you actually willingly did that is a miracle in itself, so I guess you deserve an award. Take a bow! You earned it!


You scrolled all the way down to this point of Glacier's rather long profile page. Congratulations? I mean, why would you waste your precious time scrolling down until you find this badge and are rewarded with virtually nothing except a token in the form of something you can only see? Is this how you spend your life, doing meaningless activities? Eh, let's stop being so depressing. Good job!

If you found this badge, just put {{Congrats?}} in the source code of your profile.

Qibli Is Always There

Hehehehe... Thought I was forever gone when the wallpaper changed? MUWAHAHAHA. THINK AGAIN. I am ALWAYS watching you and staring into your soul... You can never escape me! With my devious grin, I shall stalk you forever. Watching you... Always. Now and forever. YOU SHALL ALWAYS REMEMBER ME.

If Qibli is stalking you, type {{Forever Watching}}.


Congrats! You saw the lizard on the Darkness of Dragons cover! You either thought the lizard was trying to be famous, photobombing Qibli, or spreading the news about its presidency campaign! It doesn't matter which reason, you still get to put {{LizardtheFamousPhotobomberPresident}} on your page!

Unicorntrapschildinrainbow So-Weirdo

It started out when SH wanted a dare. Treas dared her to talk to a non-living object, which happened to be a unicorn stuffed animal. The unicorn said, "Shut up." SH reported this, and then the situation evolved to a unicorn suffocating a child in a rainbow. Heron liked the idea and made an image, putting it on Treas's wall. It was titled "so". Heron linked the whole chat to it, and then so was born.

This badge is for all that respect so, or have been a part of it. There has been "so" "so 2" and "sO the sequel", along with MANY others.. Only members of so are allowed to have this badge, as this badge demands respect.

Only members of so are allowed to know the source code. So members: Don't share it. Non-so members: Don't ask. If a non-so member finds it: Don't you dare tell anyone. The source code is ((So...)) but with curly brackets! Trololololololololol......

If ace, aro, or anywhere else on the asexual spectrum, and even if you're only a supporter, you can show your pride by adding this badge on your page, using the code {{Ace}}! Be proud of who you are!
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A cupcake is gonna eat me—HEEELLLLPPPP!!!
You never saw it coming. Someone has set a cupcake after you—and it will get and eat you. Now, you will suffer a fate like many others before you. But before you run away forever, say farewell to the world, and inevitably end up being consumed by the evil cupcake, leave this badge on your profile, so others will know what has happened, and even try to avenge you. Quick, time is ticking! Type {{AHHH CUPCAKE!!!}} fast!
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<Coder of Pyrrhia/>
Add this badge to your page if you are a coder! From coding simple templates on Fandom to programming complex games, coding is a very interesting thing! Even if putting WikiText on pages is all you can do, you're still welcome to put this on your page! To use this badge, just type in the code {{CoderofPyrrhia}}.|
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IMG 0534
Writer of Pyrrhia
"If you wish to be a writer, write." -Epictetus. Add this badge to your page if you enjoy to write! Whether it is your own stories, poems, fanfictions, or just journals that allow you to pour out your emotions, then you are a writer! It doesn't matter how bad or great it is, as long as you have a love for writing. As proof that you are a part of this writer's club, type {{WriterofPyrrhia}} in order to place this badge on your page.
How many people see this?

The poll was created at 04:50 on May 11, 2020, and so far 7 people voted.


I'll finish writing this up later.

If you are part of the Procrasti-Nation, put this badge on your page by typing {{Procrasti-Nation}} in the source code :D

Gray-wolf thumb
Wolf Lovers!

Add this badge to your page if you love wolves and think that they're beautiful, magnificent creatures that should be protected! To add this to your page, put {{Wolf Lover}} in your source code.


DOn"t you HAT people who is to lazy so talk so theyis just post a bage instead?0r jsut to be annoting? Do yuo wamt a nice discusion with out having two see a big, badely formated, colorfull badge wit terrible grammer all teh time?
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Never gona give BAGDES up XDXD

IF YES!! THEN { { AntiBadge } } WITH OUT THE {{}} BRACKETS tO sToP tHe bAgEs!!!1!1!
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Wings of Fire Pledge

Click Expand to see the pledge!

I promise to remember Glory

when somebody hides their emotions.

I promise to remember Clay

when someone can eat great proportions.

I promise remember Tsunami

when somebody is bossy and takes the lead.

I promise to remember Starflight

when someone can memorize everything they read.

I promise to remember Sunny

when somebody is cheery and kind.

I promise to remember Blaze

when someone thinks they are so pretty and divine.

I promise to remember Blister

when somebody is clever and sly.

I promise to remember Burn

when someone likes fighting and dies.

I promise to remember Webs

when somebody steals an egg.

I promise to remember Dune

when someone lost their leg.

I promise to remember Kestrel

when somebody is loyal to their queen.

I promise to remember Morrowseer

when someone is scary and mean.

I promise to remember Riptide

when someone has secrets and lies.

I promise to remember Stonemover

who couldn't even fly.

I promise to remember Anemone

when somebody fears their powers.

I promise to remember Smolder

for his scavenger Flower.

I promise to remember Whirlpool

when one starves for riches and to be king.

I promise to remember Peril

for thinking she was a dangerous thing.

I promise to remember Thorn

who became the Sandwing queen.

I promise to remember Deathbringer

who, in the Ice Kingdom, was seen.

I promise to remember Fatespeaker

when someone proclaims about visions.

I promise to remember Kinkajou

for making brave decisions.

I promise to remember Foeslayer

for taking a forbidden chance.

I promise to remember Arctic

for falling in love at first glance.

I promise to remember Indigo

for always loving and protecting her best friend.

I promise to remember Fathom

who used his magic only twice in the bitter end.

I promise to remember Clearsight

when someone worries about everything

I promise to remember Darkstalker

who became the only NightWing king.

I promise to remember Moon

for always trying to see the good.

I promise to remember Winter

who was once misunderstood.

I promise to remember Turtle

who tried to blend in from behind.

I promise to remember Qibli

who made the right choice in mind.

Thank you, Tui Sutherland, for all the adventures.

Thank you, Wings of Fire, for all the fun.

Yes, I promise to remember everyone

in Wings of Fire till my days are done.

Type {{Pledge}} in order to place this badge on your page.


Credit: mysteryreader6626

The background gradient ("Blue Scales" free format), which has been modified, is by BrisingrWolf the SkyWing.


There are no Mary Sues in Wings of Fire.
Animus magic is very well written and has never been a problem.
Bumblebee should not exist.
Many antagonists such as Blister, Darkstalker, Hawthorn, and the othermind aren't actually evil.



Wren and Sky



I ship these:

Arcticslayer (before Arctic turned "insane")
Crickbli (don't ask)
Palmder (death to Smoldorn!)
Sunnyflight (Fatespeaker is annoying)
Tauhopper (very cute)
Thoughtout (seems quite perfect)

I am against these ships:

Sunlow (this sounds horrifying—Wildew (or Window) is 100% better)
Darksight (I don't think it could have worked out—Clearsight is too...Clearsight)
Clearstreak (ugh...Clearsight, just go away)
Fathigo (Indigo bad!)
Pertle (Turtle bad! Also the ages)
Smoldorn (Thorn was married to Stonemover and Smolder loved Palm)
Qwinter (it's kind of overrated)
I'd enjoy arguing with you about any of these ships, if you want to :D

The background gradient ("Flora And Its Glory" free format) is by Dannie Domini.
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