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"Darkness of Dragons is a terrible book. Don't read it ! It's awful!"
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This user stands with the othermind.
This user supports the Scorching.
This user is a supporter of the true ruler of the NightWings, King Darkstalker.
This user is a proud asexual.
As shown by this image, this user is garbage a content mod and can delete something for you.
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This user believes Blister should have been queen.
This user doesn't like Clearsight.
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This user ships Claynami.
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This user ships Sunnyflight and thinks Fatespeaker is annoying.
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This user wants Kinkajou dead for what she did to our king.
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I have another alt account, FallOffTheStairs.
I have been a part of this wiki for April 07 2017 03:01 !
July 30 2015 17:07 have passed since my first post here!

Here is a list of friends and other users I respect.

Here are all the badges I have made. If you'd like a badge, feel free to request one from me on my wall, and I'll gladly make one for you!

Here are some interesting things I've seen on the wiki.




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Instagram: @climbthestairs



Friend of Yxtqwf
Congrats, Yxtqwf (also known as climbTheStairs) now considers you a friend—you've gained his respect, one way or another! This means Yxtqwf thinks you're a great person and enjoys your company! If he gives you this badge, you can transclude it on your profile (or wherever you want) with the code "{{User:Yxtqwf/Friend}}". Here's some text to make it look like I wrote more since surely no one will bother reading all this with such an illegible font.
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Created by climbTheStairs
YXTQWF, aka stairs or Grudge, is the worst user ever! He reverts your edits, hates the good characters, has the wrong opinions, rickrolls you even though it isn't funny anymore, never replies...... The list goes on and on. This arrogant, annoying guy said he would leave, so why is he back?
His names are all so stupid too. Grudgeholderr is so edgy, and why is there an extra r? This moron corrects others' grammar, yet he himself cannot write? And what kind of names even are YXTQWF and climbTheStairs?!
To show your disapproval and hate (or if you just want another cool badge to line your neatly formatted row of badges) for stairs, type {{User:Yxtqwf/StairsYouSuck}} on your page.

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This user thinks Blister should have been queen
This user thinks Darkstalker was good

Template:Return Darkstalker

This user thinks Qibli is funny
This user loves Cricket
This user likes Fathom

Template:Dinner Watcher Template:Albatross Defender

This user likes Mastermind

Template:Blob Support!

This user loves Starflight
This user thinks Winter deserves better
This user loves Whiteout
This user likes Mastermind


This user hates Turtle

Template:Hivewing Defender

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This user supports HiveWing rights

NightWing Sigil.png
This user supports NightWing rights

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This user is an ally of SandWings

MudWing Sigil.png
This user is against MudWings hate

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Template:SeaWing Hater

This user ships Thoughtout

Template:Claynami Supporter

This user ships Sunnyflight
This user loves Sunnyflight
This user hates Starspeaker


This user ships Foetic
This user loves Moonbli

This user ships Winterwatcher
This user ships Lynxter

Template:DoD Unsatisfied


This user is a fan of Hamilton

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This user is a fan of Warriors

This user is a fan of Harry Potter

This user is a fan of Pokemon

Template:Illuminati Confirmed

Template:LDS Template:Winner Template:Halloween Mischief

I support Yxtqwf for content moderator!

"Wow, it's cold in here!"

I think User:Yxtqwf would be a good content moderator, and I have supported him in his 2019 self-nomination! To transclude this badge, type {{Stairs2019}}.
Stairs thanks you for your support.
I've actually been promoted! I am grateful to each person who supported my nomination—thank you so much, Midnight, Sass, Nix, Seahorse, Parkour, Coral, JWK, Sinai, Bramble, Duskseer, and Tyde!
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Created by climbTheStairs

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This user is asexual

Template:AHHH CUPCAKE!!!

This user is a coder

This user is a writer

Template:Procrasti-Nation Template:Wolf Lover


DOn"t you HAT people who is to lazy so talk so theyis just post a bage instead?0r jsut to be annoting? Do yuo wamt a nice discusion with out having two see a big, badely formated, colorfull badge wit terrible grammer all teh time? IF YES!! THEN { { AntiBadge } } WITH OUT THE {{}} BRACKETS tO sToP tHe bAgEs!!!1!1!
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Created by climbTheStairs

The background gradient ("Blue Scales" free format), which has been modified, is by BrisingrWolf the SkyWing.


There are no Mary Sues in Wings of Fire.
Animus magic is very well written and has never been a problem.
Bumblebee should not exist.
Many antagonists such as Blister, Darkstalker, Hawthorn, and the othermind aren't actually evil.



Wren and Sky



I ship these:

Arcticslayer (before Arctic turned "insane")
Crickbli (don't ask)
Palmder (death to Smoldorn!)
Sunnyflight (Fatespeaker is annoying)
Tauhopper (very cute)
Thoughtout (seems quite perfect)

I am against these ships:

Sunlow (this sounds horrifying—Wildew (or Window) is 100% better)
Darksight (I don't think it could have worked out—Clearsight is too...Clearsight)
Clearstreak (ugh...Clearsight, just go away)
Fathigo (Indigo bad!)
Pertle (Turtle bad! Also the ages)
Smoldorn (Thorn was married to Stonemover and Smolder loved Palm)
Qwinter (it's kind of overrated)
I'd enjoy arguing with you about any of these ships, if you want to :D

The background gradient ("Flora And Its Glory" free format) is by Dannie Domini.