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Valor is a scavenger village in Dragonslayer. It is an underground city, as the previous town was burned down, and is the hometown of Ivy.

Known Residents


Valor is an underground society built from tunnels near the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. According to Sunny in The Brightest Night, where Sunny was able to hear them underground, it stretches for miles. Multiple tunnels lead to an underground lake, where the water is supplied from. There is also a series of tunnels that form a school, which Ivy, Violet, and Daffodil have attended at age seven. One particular tunnel in Valor is named Dragonslayer Way, despite the fact that he didn't construct it; a group of women, mothers, and children excavated it, and the Dragonslayer took the credit. There is also a meeting hall where important gatherings and banishments are held, and multiple tunnels leading to separate homes, as well as the outside world where wingwatchers serve as warning messengers if a dragon were to approach the city.


In Valor, the ruler (previously Heath) was called the Lord. It was unknown if women could be lords in Valor, or just men. However, after the events of Dragonslayer, Commander Brook became the new lord of Valor, proving that women could indeed take charge of the city.

Water is supplied to the village from an underground lake, which students of the school take water from every recess. There are multiple positions, including wingwatchers, which are people who watch for approaching dragons. 


The Brightest Night

When Sunny was following Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter past Jade Mountain to the Kingdom of Sand, she hid in a forest nearby. In this forest, she heard some odd noises coming from the underground. At first, she thought they could be rabbits or groundhogs. She could hear these noises from farther away too, telling her it wasn't just a small area. It is possible that this underground area was Valor. Nearby the area where Sunny heard the noises, she saw a charred area of land, and upon closer inspection, realized it was a destroyed scavenger village.


Valor first formally appears in the third chapter, where as Ivy's hometown. It is one of the main locations throughout the book.


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