"RainWings are too stupid and cowardly to be dangerous. Most of you know I got this when I grabbed their queen - well, turns out, just one of their queens - stupid tribe - and she had no idea what she was doing, or I'd be dead. They have Pyrrhia's most dangerous weapon and they're too pathetic to use it."
—Vengeance, ranting about capturing RainWings, The Dark Secret

Vengeance was a scarred male NightWing with a rasping, wet, and hoarse voice[1]. He was shoved into a lava pool for disobeying the NightWing Queen's orders in The Dark Secret, but it took some time for him to fully die. Starflight notes that he thrashed around until his body sank to the bottom of the lava pool, showing that NightWings have at least some resistance to fire (much like Clay and other fire resistant MudWings).


Vengeance was said to be deep black, with several melted scales[1] and bubbles of flesh along his jawline[1]. His snout was transfigured by a long scar caused by Queen Splendor's venom[1] that melted one nostril entirely shut. According to Fierceteeth, he was ugly even before the accident.


Vengeance was a very aggressive and cold individual. He rarely spoke, and used intimidation on any captured RainWings. He was rather cruel, angry, and vengeful (hence the name), hating all RainWings for what one's venom did to his snout. That RainWing was later confirmed to be Splendor. He also seemed to care about his cousin, as he held a grudge against Deathbringer for killing Slaughter.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

It was mentioned early in the book that RainWings were missing, including Queen Splendor. When the dragonets were searching for Orchid, they found a dying sloth with a nasty bite on it. Later, they heard something out at night that sounded like a monster. They heard bones crunching, then they found that the sloth was gone. Vengeance was the kidnapper of Glory and Queen Splendor. He is mentioned, though not by name, when Glory is taken to the NightWing Island. During his attempt to capture Splendor, she accidentally sprayed him with her venom, scarring his face and giving him an intense hatred for all RainWings.

The Dark Secret

He interrupted the council meeting where Starflight was being interrogated about the RainWings' plan. He then claimed that he knew more about RainWings than anyone else. Greatness accused him of disobeying orders by kidnapping Glory, even after Deathbringer had warned them not to. He rebuffed by explaining how Deathbringer allowed Clay to pass through the tunnel and had Deathbringer arrested. However, Queen Battlewinner decided that Vengeance must be executed for capturing Glory, and he was thrown into a lava pool. Vengeance struggled to escape, but the guards used spears to keep him submerged until he eventually burned to death. Later, Starflight wondered about Queen Scarlet and how she could still be alive, as Glory's venom didn't hit her directly in her eyes. He noted that if she was alive, she would probably look like Vengeance.

The Brightest Night

When Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter were watching Queen Glory and Deathbringer, Preyhunter snarled - " I knew it," "I knew Vengeance was right about him. Deathbringer is a traitor."



Fierceteeth mentioned him when explaining that no one knew what RainWings could do, as it was not in any scrolls. Fierceteeth also mentioned that he was ugly even before he got sprayed in the face with venom.


Vengeance was one of the two dragons Deathbringer had to choose from to kill, in order to get permission to leave the NightWing Island. When Deathbringer tracked him down to assassinate him, he was unable to check if Vengeance was sleeping in his cave or not due to two other dragons playing a game in the entranceway. Because of this, Deathbringer decided to kill Vengeance's cousin, Slaughter, instead. This was likely what brought Vengeance's hatred of Deathbringer as seen in The Dark Secret.


"It doesn't matter, [...] RainWings are no match for us."
— about the RainWings (The Dark Secret, page 19)

"Yeah, I noticed, [...] And yet I know more than any dragon about RainWings and what they can do. [...] And I can tell you this was a fluke. RainWings are too stupid and cowardly to be dangerous. Most of you know I got this when I grabbed their queen - well, it turns out, just one of their queens - stupid tribe - and she had no idea what I was doing or I'd be dead. She didn't even mean to spray me. They never do. [...] They have Pyrrhia's most powerful weapon and they're too pathetic to use it."
— about the RainWings (The Dark Secret, page 19)

"Deathbringer. [...] Oh, yeah. How is your pet, Greatness? I've heard a very interesting story about him."
— to Greatness, about Deathbringer (The Dark Secret, page 19)

"This dragon, [...] This pet assassin of Princess Greatness was actually conspiring with the enemy. He is the one who brought the MudWing here and he helped them both to escape."
— about Deathbringer (The Dark Secret, page 20-21)

"Yeah, I have witnesses, [...] One of the guards she attacked on the way out saw you helping them. And the guards you distracted from the tunnel so the MudWing could come through-- they can tell us all about that."
— to Deathbringer, after being asked if his accusations had any proof (The Dark Secret, page 21)

"Wait, [...] What he did was worse! I just grabbed a RainWing, same as always! How could I know - she didn't look no different than the others!"
— when Princess Greatness declared his death (The Dark Secret, page 22)

"Bosh. All RainWings are the same. Besides, Queen Battlewinner doesn't like her orders questioned."
— before taking Glory's gag off (The Hidden Kingdom (Graphic Novel), page 139)


  • Vengeance is one of two characters to die by lava, the other being Viper.



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