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"Yes. Very poetic. But I don't recall anything about an underwater attack focused on North Beach in the next month."
— Vigilance to Allknowing, Darkstalker

Vigilance was an adult female NightWing queen who was introduced in Darkstalker. After Clearsight's warning, she fled to the NightWing Island along with her tribe.


Vigilance had sharp,[1] pitch-black eyes.[2] She wore an ostentatious crown, and her wings were loaded with diamonds.[3] Arctic described her as regal and radiant.[3]


Vigilance was sharp,[4] glowering,[5] suspicious,[6] intimidating, and shrewd. A large amount of her apparent menace came from the fact that she spoke very little, allowing the dragons around her to fill in all the gaps with their own nervous chatter. She was also deeply paranoid, killing off perceived threats long before they were genuinely dangerous. She was anxious and shortsighted, and she was not very susceptible to flattery, as she found compliments highly suspicious.[3] She enjoyed trifling with nervous dragons by remaining silent.[7] She loved conducting business whenever it might seem peculiar to other dragons,[8] and adopted an aura of furiousness[9] and chilly stillness when she was displeased.[10] She often spoke in hisses, and was completely willing to eliminate entire tribes if given the chance.[11] Her smile was thin and sinister,[1] and she was not prone to expressing effusive gratitude.[12] She was described as foolish[4] and idiotic.[13]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

She was mentioned in the scroll The Animus Histories as the NightWing queen Darkstalker planned to overthrow.

Talons of Power

When Darkstalker showed Moonwatcher and Kinkajou around the lost city of night, they looked at Queen Vigilance's caves. Darkstalker mentioned that he was surprised the Queen was able to take a lot of the treasure with her when she fled.

Darkness of Dragons

A self-created illusion of Clearsight mentioned to Darkstalker that he could not be king since Vigilance was the ruler of the NightWings.



Vigilance was the queen of the NightWings. When Arctic told her that his son, Darkstalker, was an animus, she brought Fathom to the Night Kingdom to help Darkstalker learn to be more careful with his powers. She then hired Clearsight as a seer to help her foresee every possible future the NightWings will be facing, which greatly took up Clearsight's time. When Allknowing told Queen Vigilance about Darkstalker's plan to kill her and take the throne, she attempted to have him assassinated by Quickdeath. This failed and led to Clearsight yelling at the queen, which in return almost put her into arrest. Vigilance was part of the crowd when Darkstalker murdered Arctic, and presumably fled to the NightWing Island along with her tribe after Clearsight's warning.



Vigilance was briefly mentioned when Foeslayer thought about the magic bracelets the IceWings possessed, and how she sent four members to their kingdom so that they would reveal that they had four magic bracelets, not three, as they claimed.

Family Tree

Several Dragons
Several Generations


"Ah, […] Seers. Always so illuminating. You may speak."
― to Clearsight (Darkstalker, page 218)

"Yes, […] Very poetic. But I don't recall anything about an underwater attack focused on North Beach in the next month."
― to Allknowing, comparing her prophecy to Clearsight's prophecy (Darkstalker, page 219)

"You work for me now. Move into the palace tonight."
― to Clearsight (Darkstalker, page 220)

"Call a war council meeting. […] I want everything you know about this attack written out by morning."
― to a NightWing general and Clearsight (Darkstalker, page 220)

"Hmm, […] And of all my death scenes, which comes the soonest?"
― to Clearsight (Darkstalker, page 305)


  • Vigilance was awake at all hours.[8]
  • Vigilance often held parties.[14]


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